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Chapter Directory 422 New Contractor Of Miaomu Mountain
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After Jiraiya fell, the summoning contract of the iron-armed toad was lifted and returned to Mount Myōboku.

     Naruto walked over, kicked Jiraiya, and found that he was motionless, really fainted.

     "Wow! Kurama, it really works, how do you know his weakness?"

     Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) laughed and said: "Haha! Thanks to Kushina. When I lived with her, Kushina always complained to me. Minato's sensei is arrogant, Ero, and likes to peep into the women's bathhouse.

     This kind of person has no resistance to beauties, so using your [Harem Art] to deal with him can't be more suitable. "

     After a long time, Jiraiya woke up. He looked at Naruto with bright eyes, and said excitedly: "Boy, you are such a genius!"

     Naruto snorted coldly: "Huh! Old man, do you still need to say that I am a genius? You should wipe your nosebleed first!"

     Jiraiya smiled awkwardly, turned around, and cleaned up briefly.

     After cleaning up, Jiraiya put on a stern expression and said, "Boy, you are very good. You will be my disciple from now on, but as a condition of apprenticeship, I need you to perform for me every day. That technique of yours once."

     Naruto curled his lips and said, "Perform? I don't want it! What if you lose too much blood and die?""This Sennin (Sage) is not that easy to die! Also, if you agree to my request, kid, I will give you a particularly powerful technique right away."

     "A particularly powerful technique? What is it?" Naruto immediately asked after hearing this.

     "It's the Summoning Technique just now. You have also experienced the defensive power of the iron-armed toad. In addition to the iron-armed toad, my summoned beast can also fight Bijuu (Tailed Beast)."

     Naruto heard that he had a surprise. He himself was Jinchūriki. He knew that Bijuu (Tailed Beast) was powerful. When he heard the summoned beast that could fight Bijuu (Tailed Beast), Naruto was moved.

     However, under the teachings of Kushina and Yamanaka Ryo, Naruto's will is still powerful. In the face of temptation, Naruto still maintained his sense. Instead of immediately agreeing to Jiraiya, he first communicated with Kyuubi (Nine-Tails).

     "Kurama, is what this old man said true? A summoned beast that can fight Bijuu (Tailed Beast)."

     Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) nodded: "It is true. Jiraiya is the contractor of Mount Myōboku. The toads in Mount Myōboku are very large. This toad can indeed resist Bijuu (Tailed Beast) in a short time.

     But it is only able to resist, it is impossible to defeat Bijuu (Tailed Beast). "

     "It's also great to be able to resist Bijuu (Tailed Beast) in a short time. This technique sounds pretty good." Naruto said excitedly.After combining the opinions of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), Jiraiya finally agreed to Jiraiya’s terms. Jiraiya channeled the toad in charge of the summoning contract and asked Naruto to write his name on the summoning contract and press his handprint. Since then, Naruto is as formal as Jiraiya. Became a contractor of Mount Myōboku.

     At the moment when Naruto and Mount Myōboku signed a contract, Great Toad Sage of Mount Myōboku suddenly woke up from a deep sleep.

     Great Toad Sage opened his eyes and muttered to himself: "I didn't expect to be able to feel his breath after many years." After speaking, he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

     Outside, Jiraiya taught Naruto the seal of spiritism, and then instead of talking to Naruto, he took out his notebook and wrote something.

     Naruto practiced many times on his side. After he was familiar with the seal of the Summoning Technique, Naruto's hands were hand-sealed, cautious and solemn were injected with little Chakra. After a white mist, a tadpole of leap and frisk about appeared on him. before.

     Jiraiya on the side laughed when he saw that Naruto's first psychic summon was a tadpole.

     Naruto also felt embarrassed. After glaring at Jiraiya, he hand-sealed again. This time Naruto entered all the Chakra in his body. After the thick white mist dissipated, one by one toad appeared.

     "Jiraiya, tell me what to do? Is there something to record?"Jiraiya shook his head and pointed to Naruto, who pointed to one side and said, "I'm sorry, but there is nothing wrong. This is my newly recruited disciple practicing Summoning Technique. I didn't expect him to call you out."

     Scroll Toad followed Jiraiya's instructions and turned and saw Naruto.

     "Huh? This kid looks so familiar! I seem to have seen it somewhere."

     Jiraiya smiled and didn't explain, Scroll didn't ask, and after greeted Naruto, he returned to Mount Myōboku.

     "Boy, my performance just now was pretty good, I can channel Scroll Toad, but that's not enough.

     You know that there was a guy who used the Summoning Technique for the first time, and he summoned a very remarkable existence in Mount Myōboku. You are still far away! "

     Naruto curled his lips when he heard the words, and continued to practice hard.

     After that, Naruto summoned Toad Dragon, Toad Loyalty, and Iron Arm Toad.

     After many times of channeling, Naruto felt that he had almost mastered this technique.

     After discussing with Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), Naruto borrowed some Chakra from Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), and then both hands sealed it. This time Naruto’s psychic produced a lot of white smoke, which gradually dispersed as the smoke gradually dispersed. Go, a huge red toad appeared in the forest.Gamabunta glanced at the sleeping Jiraiya, combined with the words of the iron-armed toad and the others, immediately understood that he should have also been channeled by the new contractor of Mount Myōboku.

     Thinking of this, Gamabunta said to Naruto above his head: "Hey! The kid on my head, get out of me while I'm still not angry!"

     Naruto was taken aback for a moment, and then solemnly said, "Why go down? I called you out. Am I not your master? You should listen to my orders."

     Wen Tai laughed after hearing this: "Haha! It's been a long time since I heard such funny words, but you listen carefully, kid, the contractor and us are not in a master-slave relationship. We are equal. What's your name, kid?"

     "My name is Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto!"

     Wen Tai was shocked when she heard Naruto's name, and asked with a weird expression: "Uzumaki (Vortex)? Are you a member of Uzumaki Clan?"

     Naruto nodded, "Well! I am a member of Uzumaki Clan, and my mother's name is Uzumaki Kushina."

     "Kushina? Ahem! No wonder, no wonder I have the ability to summon me at a young age. Since you are Kushina's child, you are my little brother from today. Call me whenever I need to fight in the future. I will Help you."

     "Great! Then thank you boss!" Naruto said with a smile.The sleeping fox catches no poultry...unless you have more than one tales
Gamabunta nodded, then canceled the summoning contract and returned to Mount Myōboku.

     Mount Myōboku, when Wentai came back, he told Fukasaku and Shima Sennin (Sage) that Minato's son had become a contractor of Mount Myōboku.

     Both Sennin (Sage) expressed their support for this, and Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) was born to meet Naruto.

     Naruto didn't know all of this. At this time, he and Jiraiya were showing off his cultivation results.
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