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Chapter Directory 431 Hard Rock
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Kakashi put away the seal Scroll and banged on Naruto's head hard: "Naruto, if your Rasengan hit Neji's Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven just now, it won't be a matter of winning or losing."

     Naruto didn't understand Kakashi for a moment.

     "I just said that your Rasengan will kill Neji. Neji is our companion. You almost got into a big disaster!"

     Naruto understood what Kakashi meant, and then looked at his hands in surprise. Naruto didn't expect that Rasengan, which was integrated into Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) Chakra, would have such a powerful force. He just wanted to break Neji's Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven only.

     Kakashi touched Naruto's head to comfort him: "Okay, okay, this is just an accident. But as a punishment, Hayate, I gave up for Naruto in this exam.

     "Wait a minute, Lord Kakashi, thank you for saving me, but if you lose, you lose. I won't make any excuses. You won Uzumaki Naruto this time." After Neji bowed to Kakashi, he turned and left. The duel arena.

     Moonlight Hayate glanced at Kakashi. Kakashi nodded helplessly. Moonlight Hayate immediately announced that Naruto had won the exam.

     Looking at Neji's back, Kakashi murmured to himself: "As expected of being a child of the Hyuga clan, the tutoring is really good!""Kakashi, you mean my tutor is not good?" Kushina's voice suddenly came from behind Kakashi.

     Kakashi was taken aback and broke into a cold sweat. He turned to cautious and solemn and explained: "Then...what, Kushina sensei, I just said casually, don't mind."

     Kushina smiled and ignored him. She squatted down and touched Naruto's head and said, "Naruto, you did a good job. Mom is proud of you." After that, she stood up and pulled Naruto away.

     Kakashi gave a dry cough and said to Moonlight Hayate: "Hayate, go ahead with the exam!"

     At the top of the stand, Rasa and Onoki looked serious.

     "Hokage, I didn't expect that your son is already so strong. The instant that I just saw was really amazing, and that cut is quite the style you used to do." Onoki said with some envy.

     "Yeah! Hokage, Kakashi's instantaneous body should be comparable to Fourth Raikage? With this Speed and calm judgment, Konoha has another great Ninja." Rasa also expressed his appreciation for Kakashi.

     Sakumo Hagi smiled and said, "He's not far off!"

     "Hokage is really humble!" Onoki said strangely.Rasa just laughed and didn't answer. Kakashi's performance just now was so amazing that it made Rasa's thinking a little shaken.

     Rasa originally wanted to loot a burning house, but based on Kakashi's performance just now, this idea is obviously unrealistic. Kakashi is too strong, and Rasa himself is not sure of defeating him, let alone Sand Ninja's other people.

     Thinking of this, Rasa pretended to glance at Onoki unintentionally, and to his surprise, Onoki was not nervous at all and seemed very calm.

     ‘What exactly is Onoki’s trump card? Why is he so calm? ’Rasa was confused again. After hesitating for a long time, Rasa still did not make up his mind and was ready to wait and see.

     And just when he hesitated, the battle between Shikamaru and Temari in the duel was over. This battle let everyone see what IQ crushing was, and when Shikamaru was about to win, his face suddenly turned red and suddenly Panicked.

     Temari seized the opportunity to get rid of Shikamaru's control, Shikamaru looked at Temari with a guilty conscience and chose to admit defeat, and then fled the duel.

     The audience in the stands was very upset about the tiger's head and snake's tail exams, and they were all going to win. Why did they choose to give up at this time?

     Asuma's face is also ugly: "What the hell is this guy Shikamaru doing? I'll check it out!"Red was also curious why Asuma would admit defeat and followed suit.

     The Genins below were also surprised by Shikamaru's behavior. Chōji didn't say anything. Ino grabbed Shikamaru and asked, "Hey! What are you doing? Why give up."

     Shikamaru sighed. He knew that these people would not be satisfied if he didn't come up with a reasonable explanation. After thinking about it, Shikamaru said: "Because my physical strength is not enough to support me in the fight."

     Genins looked at Shikamaru and found that his face was just a little red. Ino also deliberately sensed Shikamaru's Chakra volume and found that there is no difference in normal times.

     Chōji said helplessly: "Shikamaru, your lie is too false."

     Shikamaru was about to explain, and Asuma's voice came from above: "Shikamaru, after thinking it over, you must give me a satisfactory answer today."

     Shikamaru was taken aback for a moment, then looked at the crowd very entangled, and finally sighed helplessly: "I can say the reason, but I can only tell Asuma sensei one person."

     "Why? We want to know too!" Naruto roared aside.

     "Naruto, shut up!" Shikamaru glared at Naruto and said seriously.

     Asuma looked at Shikamaru a little strangely. Shikamaru usually doesn't show this expression: "Okay, Shikamaru, come with me."Shikamaru followed Asuma to the outside of the stands, and explained the reason with Asuma in a low voice.

     Asuma was taken aback when he heard the words, then smiled, touched Shikamaru's head and said, "Shikamaru, it seems you have grown up too!"

     After speaking, Asuma turned and left, leaving Shikamaru flushed and standing there.

     The next test is Chōji vs Iwagakure Genin. Chōji's overall strength is stronger than Iwagakure Genin. Iwagakure Genin also knows this, so Iwagakure Genin chose the safest way for him to win with flexibility.

     Because of the family secret technique, Chōji's actions are indeed not agile. Iwagakure Genin quickly gained the upper hand, and then he guided Chōji into his own trap step by step. In the end, Chōji no strategy left to try, trapped by Yellow Springs marsh. , Can only choose to admit defeat.

     Since then, there are only two Chunin exams left, one is Shino vs Iwagakure Genin, and the last one is Sasuke vs Gaara.

     Shino and Iwagakure Genin just boarded the duel, Onoki's guard and Konoha Anbu Ninja returned almost at the same time.

     Onoki's guard walked to Onoki and said, "Master Tsuchikage, everything in its place and ready, please prepare to leave."

     Anbu Ninja teleported to Hagigi Sakumo and told Hagigi Sakumo what he had just seen.After hearing the report, Sakumo Hagi looked at Onoki with a green face. Onoki smiled and said, "Hokage, you must know what I want to do! Now what are you going to do?"

     "Huh! Of course I will leave you first!" Sakumo Hagi drew a short knife and looked at Onoki indifferently.

     Upon seeing this, Anbu Ninja took out his weapons and prepared to fight alongside Hagi Sakumo.
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