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Chapter Directory 436 The Most Stupid Decision
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Outside Konoha village, Ichibi (One-Tail) Chakra broke out completely, and the sand under the ground gathered towards Gaara. After a while, a monster like a small hill appeared in front of Jiraiya.

     When Ichibi (One-Tail) came out, he didn't announce his return with excitement as before, but glancing to left and right everywhere, still chanting: "Where? Where?"

     I still know Ichibi (One-Tail) Jiraiya. After all, since the Second Ninja World War, he has prevented Ichibi (One-Tail) from going out of control many times, and he is considered an old opponent.

     But now Ichibi (One-Tail) looks like Jiraiya has never seen it before.

     Jiraiya frowned and turned to one side. Rasa asked, "Do you really don't know why Ichibi (One-Tail) runs away?"

     Jiraiya's question interrupted Rasa's thoughts, and Rasa immediately replied: "I really don't know."

     Jiraiya sighed helplessly and called out Gamabunta, planning to stop Ichibi (One-Tail) with Wen Tai.

     On the other hand, Rasa slowly backed away and left the fighting range of Jiraiya and Ichibi (One-Tail). He wanted to solve Jiraiya, but not now.

     He wants to wait until Jiraiya and Ichibi (One-Tail) fight both sides suffer, and find a chance to take action, so that Jiraiya can be solved, and Ichibi (One-Tail) can be sealed again, one move, two gains.

     Jiraiya didn't know what Rasa was thinking. His entire attention was focused on Ichibi (One-Tail).In the original book, Naruto psyched up too much and could fight Shukaku for a short time, but at that time it was Gaara who used the [Feign Sleep Technique] to temporarily put Shukaku's consciousness in charge of the body.

     And now, Ichibi (One-Tail) is in the stage of complete Bijuu (Tailed Beast). Such Ichibi (One-Tail) requires Jiraiya and Wen to work hard to get it done.

     The only good news is that the current Ichibi (One-Tail) is run by itself. If it is Bijuu (Tailed Beast) controlled by Jinchūriki, then you need to enter Sage Mode to fight.

     At the same time, in the village of Konoha, Kirigakure and his party were stopped by Konoha's guards.

     "Kirigakure folks, do you need any help?" Uchiha Futama/Fugaku asked with a smile.

     Qing neither servile nor overbearing replied: "It's nothing, we just don't want to participate in the conflict between Guicun and Iwagakure, and the training ground is about to collapse. We can't let us wait for death there!"

     "It turned out to be so, I'm really sorry, Quan, you took a small team to send Kirigakure guests to each other and leave Konoha!"

     Qing brow frowned and said: "There is such a big incident in your village right now, there is no need to waste manpower here, we can go by ourselves!"

     "No, no, everyone at Kirigakure is our distinguished guest. We still have to ensure your safety."

     The green complexion sank: "It seems that your village can't trust us?""We don't want a new branch grows out of a knot, please cooperate with everyone from Kirigakure."

     After the two had been wrangling for so long, Yu Gao on one side became a little impatient. He turned Uchiha Futama/Fugaku and said faintly: "Cooperate? It's up to you? Qing, you get out, these people I will solve!"

     Qing Wenyan quickly stopped him: "Master Yugao, don't be impulsive! We..."

     "Stop talking nonsense, didn't Terumī Mei say that we should wait for an opportunity? Now Konoha is mostly destroyed, and Jinchūriki on Sand Ninja's Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) is also hit by your Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique). What are you still worried about?"

     Yuko's words startled Uchiha Futama/Fugaku: "What did you say? Ichibi (One-Tail) Jinchūriki hit Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique)?"

     "Huh! There is nothing to conceal until now. Just now Jiraiya and Rasa have left Konoha holding Ichibi (One-Tail) Jinchūriki, and lost their ally, Sand Ninja.

     Sakumo Hagi was dragged by Kitsuchi. Uzumaki Kushina needs to be wary of Gobi (Five-Tails). Yamanaka Ryo has so many body clones and lost his combat effectiveness. Not to mention Tsunade. It’s good if we don’t kill her. Now that your Konoha’s main combat power has been held back, what do you do to make me cooperate! "

     After talking about Yu Gao's body, red Chakra bubbles appeared, and then the whole person was wrapped in red Chakra, directly using the second stage of Bijuu (Tailed Beast) power.Uchiha Futama/Fugaku looked at Yu Gao with a blue face and said: "Rokubi (Six-Tails) Jinchūriki! Humph! You Mist Ninja really have lost money!"

     Qing saw this and sighed. In fact, until Yu Gao said everything, Qing hadn't made up his mind whether to stand on the opposite side of Konoha, Yu Gao made the decision for him.

     "Patriarch Fugaku, please get out of the way! You can't stop Master Yuko. We just want to get our things back."

     "Your stuff? What do we have in Konoha from your Kirigakure?"

     Qing smiled and said, "Now I have to ask you Yamanaka Inoichi, the patriarch of Yamanaka Clan, don't you know that his wife is our Kirigakure?

     Patriarch Fugaku Yamanaka Inoichi and his wife were in the Third Shinobi World War when they got married. We, Mist Ninja and Konoha, were also at war. You can’t wonder why Third Hokage would stand one's ground against the opinion of the masses and agree to their marriage? "

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku was taken aback when he heard the words, and then fell into contemplation. It is true that things were strange back then. Now it seems that Third Hokage will agree that Yamanaka Inoichi marries Kirigakure’s Ninja for a reason.

     "It seems that Chief Fugaku has already figured it out, so please let it go! There is no need to hurt your Uchiha Clan and Hyuga clans for a Yamanaka Clan.""Huh! Hyuga will never let us! Ryo-sama told us your favor amounts to being given a new lease on life. Saying anything today will not let you harass Ryo-sama's family." It turned out to be a member of the Hyuga clan. Speaking of the sub-family.

     Uchiha Izumi ignored the members of the Hyuga clan and snorted coldly: "Huh! If you don't let Hyuga, will Uchiha let it?"

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku heard this and smiled and said: "You heard it too!"

     "Since you are looking for death, I don't blame us, Master Yu Gao, leave it to you!"

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku laughed and said: "Haha! Green, are you too confident, Jinchūriki is invincible in your eyes? Have you forgotten Uchiha's Sharingan and Senju have been circulating in the Ninja World since the Warring States Period Mokuton (Wood Style) is the nemesis of Bijuu (Tailed Beast)."

     Qing said disdainfully: "The nemesis? That is the legendary Mangekyou Sharingan can do it! Yamanaka Ryo is not here, how can there be Mangekyou Sharingan? As for Mokuton (Wood Style), do you Konoha and Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninja? "


     "Who said Konoha doesn't have Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninja?" The sudden appearance interrupted Uchiha Futama/Fugaku.

     I was a little surprised to see Suzune Uchiha Futama/Fugaku: "Suzune? Didn't you go to deal with Stone Ninja's backhand?""It has been resolved. A total of two people, one killed, and the other brother said I can't kill, let me control him. It's really tired after carrying it for so long, Uncle Fugaku, this guy has been handed to you." Suzune put his shoulder on Hidan threw it to Uchiha Futama/Fugaku.

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku took Hidan and handed it to the guards behind him, asking them to seal Hidan’s Chakra.

     "Suzune, it's not easy for you to solve these two people, you first step back, and these people will be handed over to me." Uchiha Futama/Fugaku said.

     Suzune waved his hand: "Uncle Fugaku, I'm not so squeamish yet, and I have Mokuton (Wood Style), the most important thing is Chakra, and this matter involves us, Yamanaka Clan, let me give it to me!"

     Qing had never seen Suzune, frowned and asked, "You Yamanaka Clan? Who are you? Are you a member of Yamanaka Clan?"

     Suzune ignored Kirigakure’s group and said, “It doesn’t matter who I am. What’s important is that I heard you have trouble finding me, Yamanaka Clan. Now I tell you that you have made the stupidest decision of your life. "
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