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Chapter Directory 444 He Zhaomeiming's Deal
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Terumī Mei was a little shaken, but it was about the Shinobi Psychic Scroll and a lot of money. She really didn't want to lower her head. After hesitating for a long time, Terumī Mei said, "Yamanaka Ryo, can you go out first? ."

     "Of course, I will wait for you outside." Yamanaka Ryo opened the door and walked out.

     As soon as Yamanaka Ryo left, Terumī Mei asked quickly, "Qing, what is going on with Konoha?"

     Qing said with a smile, "Master Mizukage, what I just said is the real situation of Konoha. The people in the village are protected by Tsunade's summoned beast Katsuyu, and they have been rescued in time by medical ninja. The casualties should be very small.

     As for Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninja, she is like Senju Hashirama back then. The Mokuton (Wood Style) used can absorb Bijuu (Tailed Beast) Chakra and easily suppressed Rokubi (Six-Tails). The most terrifying thing is She knows Sage Mode. "

     "Sage Mode? Are you sure?"

     Qing nodded: "Well! When the Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninja used Mokuton (Wood Style), his face appeared similar to the Sennin (Sage) facial makeup of Senju Hashirama recorded in the village."

     "Mokuton (Wood Style) in Sage Mode? Alas! Doesn't that mean that she has the same power as Senju Hashirama back then?"After thinking for a while, Qing said: "This should not be enough. According to the village intelligence, the Wood Dragon of Senju Hashirama is more than ten meters long, and the Wood Dragon of Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninja is only a few meters. From this point of view, her strength should be judged. Is far inferior to Senju Hashirama."

     Terumī Mei breathed a sigh of relief, but Ke Qing's next sentence once again silenced her: "Although it is not as strong as Senju Hashirama now, it might be possible in the future, because this Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninja now looks only 17-8 Years old."

     It took a long time for Terumī Mei to come back to his senses, and said with a serious expression: "Qing, if we unite with the other three Great Ninja Villages, is there a chance to kill this Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninja?"

     Qing was taken aback by Terumī Mei's thoughts and hurriedly stopped: "Master Mizukage, calm down, now we can't unite with other Shinobu village."

     "Why? Will other Ninja villages tolerate the next Senju Hashirama?"

     "Stone Ninja and Cloud Ninja of course not, Sand Ninja is not necessarily. Mizukage Master According to our information, Sunagakure's advisory elder Pakura and Yamanaka Ryo have a special relationship. Although Rasa is there, it is difficult to guarantee that Sand Ninja and us are of one mind. of."

     Terumī Mei's face became more and more ugly when she heard this. After a while, she sighed and said, "Rasa is no longer there, see for yourself!" Terumī Mei handed Qing a copy of Scroll.Qing opened a quick glance: "Master Mizukage, you can't do anything with Konoha now. Sunagakure is already Pakura. Even if the three Ninja villages, Konoha and Sand Ninja, can handle it."

     "Damn it! Can you only compromise with Konoha?"

     After hesitating for a while, Qing said: "In fact, it is not necessarily, there should be other solutions to the matter."

     "Other methods? What is it?"

     Qing whispered to Terumī Mei about his thoughts, and Terumī Mei's eyes lit up, and after thinking for a while, he agreed to Qing's approach.

     After the two discussed, Qing went outside and called Yamanaka Ryo in.

     Yamanaka Ryo glanced at Terumī Mei's expression and said with a smile, "It seems that Mizukage-sama has made a decision."

     "I can agree to your conditions, but we also have conditions."

     "Talk about it." Yamanaka Ryo said with interest.

     Terumī Mei smiled. As Qing said, Konoha didn't mean to go to war, just wanted some money to make up for the loss.

     "My condition is very simple: first, let Heye hand over how to use the Shinobi Psychic Scroll, and second, go to Kumogakure to help us get back the Shinobi Psychic Scroll."After listening to Terumī Mei’s words, Yamanaka Ryo finally understood the purpose of Kirigakure’s visit to Konoha. They had already determined the location of the Ninja Sword and Psychic Scroll, but they didn’t know why they lost the method of using the Ninto Sword and Psychic Scroll, so they went to Yamanaka. Clan, I want to find out how to use it from He Ye.

     For Konoha, the method of using Ninja Sword Psychic Scroll is completely worthless, and it does not matter if it is given to Mist Ninja, but to Kumogakure to get Ninja Psychic Scroll, Yamanaka Ryo's heart refuses, he doesn't want to step on the muddy water.

     Thinking of this, Yamanaka Ryo said: "Can I agree to the first condition, can I agree to the second condition! I'm sorry I refuse."

     Qing had long guessed that Yamanaka Ryo would refuse, and gave Terumī Mei a wink. Terumī Mei changed his style and said: "You disagree, I can cancel the second condition, but the first condition has to be changed. We I hope you can help find all the ways to use the Shinobi Psychic Scroll."

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said: "It seems that you have already arranged Kumogakure over there. You have absolute confidence to get it back! No matter, I will help you. I agree to your terms. It’s just this time..."

     "Time doesn't matter, as long as we first tell us how to use the part of the psychic scroll that He Ye knows, we will hand over the money to Konoha immediately, and at the same time ensure that He will not be harassed again." Terumī Mei said quickly."Okay, then our deal will be concluded. I will be a human immediately after I go back. The use of Shinobi Psychic Scroll will also bring your people back, so goodbye!" Yamanaka Ryo disappeared after speaking. .

     After Yamanaka Ryo left, Terumī Mei slumped on the chair, weakly and without strength said, "That's it!"

     Qing nodded: "In this way, our goal is achieved. As for a little money, if Yamanaka Ryo can help us retrieve all the methods of using Ninja Sword and Psychic Scroll, Konoha can accept as much money as possible."

     "Yeah! Then we wait for the good news from Yamanaka Ryo, hope he won't let us down."

     In Konoha Village, Yamanaka Clan and Yamanaka Inoichi are looking out the door anxiously. During the time when Yamanaka Ryo went to Kirigakure, Yamanaka Inoichi has been agitated sitting or standing, for fear of his accident.

     Yamanaka Ryo is very aware of Yamanaka Inoichi's concerns, so he teleported directly back to Yamanaka Clan, intending to explain the situation to Yamanaka Inoichi first.

     Yamanaka Inoichi breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Yamanaka Ryo return safely.

     Then Yamanaka Ryo told Yamanaka Inoichi about the purpose of Kirigakure's visit to Konoha and the deal he and Terumī Mei had reached.

     Yamanaka Inoichi didn't have any comments after hearing it. It was enough for him to protect his family and He Ye.After that, Yamanaka Ryo asked for how to use Ninja Sword and Psychic Scroll from Waha, then teleported to Hokage's Office and told Sakumo Hagaki about the matter

     Hagii Sakumo balanced the pros and cons, and finally agreed.

     After finalizing Kirigakure, Sakumo Hagaki handed Yamanaka Ryo a Scroll and said: "The people from Iwagakure are coming tomorrow, and you and Kakashi are the ones who receive them."
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