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Chapter Directory 457 The Origin Of Reincarnated Eyes
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yamanaka Clan, Hanayo, who had just used Tenseigan eyes power in Suzune’s room, was lying on the bed experiencing her first fetal movement.

     Suzune and Yamanaka Ryo are now outside, guarding Hanayo.

     "Brother, why does Sister Hanayo have Tenseigan?" Suzune asked strangely.

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said, "It's very simple. I injected Hanayo with your cells yesterday."

     After thinking about it, Suzune shook his head and said, "Even if I use my cells, is it possible? I remember that sister Hanayo said before that if they want to turn on Tenseigan, they must use Byakugan / White Eyes (rolling back the eyes) of the Hyuga clan. That's fine."

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and continued: "Well, in a sense it is true. Otsutsuki Clan people who are proficient in Inyoton / Onmyoton (Yin-Yang Release), as long as they get the Byakugan / White Eyes ( rolling back the eyes), there is a high probability of getting Tenseigan, but this is not the only way to start Tenseigan.

     Remember I told you that the ancestors of the Hyuga clan, Otsutsuki Hamura and Senju, and Uchiha Clan’s ancestor Otsutsuki Hagoromo are brothers, and their bloodlines are all derived from Kaguya.

     The cells in your body are Shodai Hokage (First Hokage) cells. Combine your cells with Hanayo to get Kaguya's Chakra.

     Hanayo is proficient in Inyoton / Onmyoton (Yin-Yang Release), Kaguya's Chakra will make up for the shortcomings of Hanayo Byakugan / White Eyes (rolling back the eyes), so she can turn on Tenseigan. ""It turned out to be so, what happened to the brother and sister Hanayo now?"

     "It's okay, this is the price of her success."

     Hanayo Tenseigan's first fetal movement lasted for two days, and Hanayo woke up from a deep sleep in the morning of the third day.

     The pain in the eyes has disappeared. Hanayo rubbed his eyes and opened them slowly. Tenseigan's light blue pupils appeared, but the blue in Hanayo's through holes was deeper than a few days ago.

     After experiencing the first fetal movement, Hanayo's eyes power is much stronger than three days ago, and she has become more proficient in controlling Tenseigan.

     Hanayo then closed Tenseigan, put on his clothes, and came to the door.

     As soon as he opened the door, Hanayo saw Suzune and Shisui guarding the door.

     Hanayo was a little embarrassed and bowed to the two of them and said, "Sorry, I worried you!"

     Shisui breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's fine if you are fine."

     Suzune nodded: "Yes, you are fine."

     "Hanayo, are you hungry?"

     When Shisui said this, Hanayo felt empty in his stomach.

     Shisui noticed Hanayo's expression and smiled and said, "After sleeping for three days, and Tenseigan's fetal movement consumes a lot of physical energy, it is normal to be hungry. Let's go! I invite you to eat ramen and have barbecue at night.""Okay!" Hanayo smiled brightly and let Shisui take her away from Yamanaka Clan.

     "I really saw Luluoyou, I was so worried about you in vain." Suzune murmured.

     "What? Seeing that the young couple is envious? Then you can find one by yourself!"

     Yamanaka Ryo's voice suddenly rang behind Suzune, shocking Suzune.

     Suzune turned around, rewarded Yamanaka Ryo for a Byakugan / White Eyes (rolling back the eyes), and returned to his room.

     For the next few days, Shisui played with Hanayo in Konoha. At first, the people of Uchiha Clan couldn't understand Shisui and Hanayo being together, but these remarks were stopped by Uchiha Futama/Fugaku.

     The people of Uchiha Clan learned from Uchiha Futama/Fugaku that they are not from the Hyuga clan who are now with Shisui.

     After learning that Hanayo is not a member of the Hyuga clan, the Uchiha Clan clan opened one eye and closed another, ignoring Shisui and Hanayo.

     At the same time, at Hokage's Office, Tsunade had a headache with a lot of documents, and it happened that Konoha Hospital sent someone to send an application form.

     Tsunade glanced at the application form and said, "Shizune, I remember that Yamanaka Ryo is the director of Konoha Hospital!"

     Shizune nodded: "Well, it is true, but Ryo-sama has rarely visited Konoha Hospital since taking office. Rin is now in charge of it.""This guy, my old lady works here, he enjoys life outside, Shizune, please tell him, from tomorrow, no, from now on, I will go to Konoha Hospital to work."

     "Yes, Master Tsunade."

     After a while, Yamanaka Clan and Yamanaka Ryo received an order from Tsunade relayed by Anbu. He sighed and walked helplessly towards the Konoha Hospital.

     In the afternoon, many medical ninjas at Konoha Hospital saw Yamanaka Ryo who had been absent from work for a long time.

     "Hey! I'm not dreaming! Why is the dean here?"

     "The Dean? Isn't the Dean Rin-sama?"

     "At first glance, you are a newcomer. The dean of the Konoha Hospital is Yamanaka Ryo, but he is absent from work all year round and hardly comes to work.

     "Oh, I see."

     This kind of conversation happened many times on the first day that Yamanaka Ryo returned to Konoha Hospital. Even if Yamanaka Ryo was thick-skinned, he felt embarrassed. He hid in the office all day and did not come out until the wind became quiet the next day.

     Unknowingly, Yamanaka Ryo has been on a week's shift at Konoha Hospital. Although he is at work, there is nothing to deal with. Rin alone manages Konoha Hospital in a clean and orderly manner.Just when Yamanaka Ryo was so bored that he was about to get moldy, he sensed that a few acquaintances had arrived at Konoha Hospital. Yamanaka Ryo's eyes lit up and he teleported to them.

     Yamanaka Ryo saw Kakashi's embarrassed appearance in ragged clothes and couldn't help but molested: "Yo! Kakashi, what's wrong? Why is it so miserable?"

     "Far? Why are you here?" Kakashi saw Yamanaka Ryo a little strange.

     "Ahem, I'm here to work."

     Kakashi was taken aback, and then asked the nurse next to him: "Miss nurse, did Sun rise from the north today?"

     Yamanaka Ryo blushed and turned his eyes to Naruto and Sasuke on the other side.

     Looking at the two men with bruises, Yamanaka Ryo frowned and asked, "Hey! What are you doing? How did it happen?"

     Neither of them spoke, nor used any other actions, but just sat there blankly.

     Yamanaka Ryo realized that things might not be so simple, and quietly established a Spirit(ual) / Mind (Mental) link with Kakashi: "Kakashi, what's the matter with you?"

     "It's not us, it's Naruto and Sasuke. They fought today, and the reason is still unclear."

     "What about you? How could this be done?""These two little ghosts couldn't stop at the end of the fight. I forced Sasuke's [Chidori] and Naruto's [Rasengan].

     It's just I didn't expect that these two little ghosts' full shots were already so strong, that's why it became like this. "

     "Are you injured?"

     "Only they can't hurt me."

     After having a brief exchange with Kakashi and figuring out what happened, Yamanaka Ryo let him go back.
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