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Chapter Directory 467 Strong Water Stop
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The wind and sand in the desert gradually buried the fainted Pakura, and Sunagakure suddenly became a mess because of the loss of the backbone.

     In desperation, the Ninjas of Sunagakure invited Rasa and Chiyo's mother-in-law out of the mountain.

     Neither Rasa nor Chiyo knew about the battle last night. Sand Ninja's retired seniors usually live in seclusion outside the village.

     As soon as Rasa and Chiyo returned to the village, he immediately commanded the Ninjas of Sand Ninja to start looking for Gaara and Pakura.

     A large number of Sand Ninja left the village and started a carpet search, but unfortunately they did not find a clue for the whole day and night.

     The atmosphere in Sunagakure became more and more solemn, and the hearts of Rasa and Chiyo became more and more disturbed.

     Just as they were frowning, Anbu of Sand Ninja ran in and reported: "Yondaime (The Fourth) Lord, Ninja of Konoha is here!"

     Rasa looked at Chiyo, Chiyo nodded, and Rasa immediately said, "Let them in!"

     After a while, Yamato took Naruto and Sakura to the Kazekage office.

     "Thank you all of Konoha for coming, we..."

     Before Rasa's words were over, Chiyo snorted and said, "This is Konoha's assistance? Konoha won't be unpopulated, right?""Please don't worry, Chiyo-sama. The three of us are just in the lead, and there will be people coming from behind, and Chiyo-sama looks down on us too much?" Yamato opened his palm, and a piece of wood slowly extended from his palm.

     "This is Mokuton (Wood Style)! It's Mokuton (Wood Style)! It's me who failed to speak, thank Konoha for your help." As soon as I saw Mokuton (Wood Style) Chiyo's attitude changed a lot.

     Yamato smiled and said, "Konoha and Sand Ninja are allies. It's okay to help each other. Just now I saw that your village was a little messy. I wonder if we can help?"

     Chiyo sighed and said, "Oh! We don't have anything to hide now. Kazekage and Pakura, the fifth-generation mee of our village, have disappeared. Maybe..."

     Yamato's face changed a lot when he heard this. He doesn't care about Kazekage of the fifth generation. He cares about Pakura. You know that Pakura is Yamanaka Ryo's wife. In case of any accident...

     Thinking of this, Yamato immediately said to Naruto: "Naruto, can you let Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) help find Master Pakura?"

     Naruto scratched his head and asked strangely, "Pakura? Who is that?"

     Yamato looked at Rasa and Chiyo, gritted his teeth and said, "Pakura is Ryo-sama's wife."

     "Uncle's wife? You mean that beautiful aunt? I understand!" Naruto closed his eyes and communicated with Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) inside.Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) can't remember what Pakura's Chakra feels like, and can only use the dumbest way to search the surrounding desert for signs of life.

     Half an hour later, Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) found a weak life response under the desert west of Sunagakure. Ninja of Sand Ninja followed the guidance of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) to dig out the Pakura buried by wind and sand.

     After sending Pakura back to Sunagakure, Sakura immediately started treatment and finally saved Pakura's life.

     After another long time, Pakura slowly opened her eyes, with a little confusion in her eyes. After a while, Pakura thought of Gaara, her face changed drastically, and she struggled to get up from the bed.

     The people who heard the movement rushed in immediately, and saw that Pakura was waking up, and everyone was relieved.

     "Pakura, how do you feel?" Mother-in-law Chiyo asked.

     "Master Chiyo? Why are you... Forget it doesn't matter, Master Chiyo go and save Gaara, he was taken away by Scorpion and a weird guy who could throw clay bombs."

     Hearing the name of the scorpion, Chiyo's face changed drastically: "Huh! This bastard! He did this kind of thing again!"

     "Master Pakura, do you know which direction they ran in?" Yamato asked.

     Pakura turned his gaze to Yamato, only to find the three of Konoha.

     After thinking for a while, Pakura said, "I think I must have fled to the west.""Western? Naruto, Sakura, let's go!"

     Hearing Yamato's name Naruto, Pakura was taken aback, then turned his gaze to the boy with the Konoha headband and muttered to himself: "Really, I haven't seen such a big change in more than two years."

     "Pakura, take good care of your injuries, and leave it to us to recover Gaara! Captain Yamato, I will go with you."

     Yamato hesitated: "Master Chiyo, are you thinking about it?"

     "Haha! Don't worry, I'm not old enough to support your hind legs."

     "Master Chiyo, you misunderstood, I didn't mean it."

     "Let's go!" After Chiyo took the lead and left, Yamato sighed and ordered Naruto and Sakura to follow.

     Yamato and his party met Kay and his third class as soon as they left Sunagakure. They were also ordered by Tsunade to support Sand Ninja.

     The eight people moved in the direction Pakura told them.

     At the same time, in a cave, the members of Akatsuki gathered to extract Ichibi (One-Tail) from Gaara's body.

     At this time in Gaara's body, Shukaku and Gaara were fighting desperately. Unfortunately, all of this was useless. A few hours later, Shukaku was finally stripped from Gaara's body, and his soul was dragged into Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path). His Chakra was also absorbed a little bit by Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path).When a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, a man and a woman chatted suddenly in the cave.

     "Shisui, it's so dark here! Why did they choose to seal Bijuu (Tailed Beast) here?"

     "It's probably because they can't see it!"

     "Oh, it turned out to be like this!"

     The two chatted on their own and walked slowly towards the cave.

     Nagato snorted coldly after hearing the words, "Huh! Uchiha Shisui? Scorpion, Deidara, stop him! Don't..."

     "Stop me? Just rely on them?" Before Nagato's words were finished, a series of afterimage flashed past and came to Gaara's side.

     "It doesn't look good!" A green skeleton arm appeared around Shisui. Shisui controlled his arm and smashed it severely at Nagato Gaara's place.

     Nagato sneered, ignoring Shisui's attack, Susanoo's fist pierced Nagato's body and hit the rock wall of the cave.

     "It doesn't seem to be an entity! What about it!" Shisui opened Mangekyō, and a green giant appeared to directly block the Chakra of Akatsuki.

     "Zero, the soul of Ichibi (One-Tail) and most of Chakra have been sealed, the rest is irrelevant, there is no need to stalemate here." Konan on the side said.Nagato took a deep look at Shisui and said: "Deidara, Scorpion, find a way to evacuate by yourself, let the others leave first! The seal is over."

     After talking about Nagato and Konan, they disappeared. The others also left, leaving only Deidara and Scorpion.

     "Hello! Senior Scorpion, can we deal with this monster in front of us?"

     Scorpion shook his head and said, "According to Sunagakure's records, this technique is called 【Susanoo】. It is Uchiha Clan's taboo Dojutsu (Eye Technique). It is called the power of gods. Don't do useless things, try to escape!"
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