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Chapter Directory 471 Dedara's Raid
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Otogakure (Village Hidden by Sound) is a village established after Orochimaru left Konoha, but the high-levels of Konoha have a good relationship with Orochimaru, and Ninja of Otogakure (Village Hidden by Sound) helped Konoha during the Chunin exam. The two villages get along very pleasantly.

     Right now Kimimaro took the initiative to come over to show his favor, and Kakashi would not hold a stand, smiled and shook hands with Kimimaro, and introduced him to the Ninja of Konoha by the way.

     "Mr. Kakashi, do you have any thoughts about Sanbi (Three-Tails) in your village?"

     Kakashi shook his head: "We are only on the order of Hokage-sama to confirm the situation of Sanbi (Three-Tails). As long as Sanbi (Three-Tails) does not pose a threat to Konoha, we will not be nosy.

     What, Otogakure (Village Hidden by Sound) has an idea for Sanbi (Three-Tails)? Need our help? "

     Kimimaro waved his hand and quickly said: "Mr. Kakashi misunderstood. We have no interest in Sanbi (Three-Tails). We are here to confirm the situation of Sanbi (Three-Tails)."

     Kakashi said with a smile: "Since everyone has the same purpose, we might as well cooperate to complete the task as soon as possible."

     After thinking about it, Kimimaro agreed to Kakashi. After the two sides reached a consensus, they began to detect Sanbi (Three-Tails).

     After busying all day, people on both sides determined that Sanbi (Three-Tails) is now in a deep sleep state, and normal sounds and movements will not wake him at all. As long as Sanbi (Three-Tails) is not close to him, there will be nothing. Action."It seems that Sanbi (Three-Tails) is not a problem. He was found to be uncomfortable sleeping and turned over."

     Kakashi nodded and said, "Well, the threat of Sanbi (Three-Tails) can be eliminated for the time being, but after all, it is Bijuu (Tailed Beast). I suggest that two or three people be left here for patrol and surveillance. It’s good to respond as soon as possible."

     "Well, it's safest to say that." Kimimaro agreed and said to Guren: "You have always been responsible for this, Guren, and now you have the task of monitoring Sanbi (Three-Tails)."

     "Yes, Lord Kimimaro!"

     Kakashi also turned to Anbu Ninja on the side and said, "You team will stay here and be responsible for monitoring the situation of Sanbi (Three-Tails)!"

     After arranging the manpower for surveillance, both parties left. What they didn't expect was that Deidara and Obito appeared the day after they left.

     It turns out that before Konoha Otogakure Ninja came, Deidara had arrived early to confirm the existence of Sanbi (Three-Tails) and reported the information about Sanbi (Three-Tails) to Nagato.

     After getting information from Sanbi (Three-Tails), Nagato immediately asked Obito to help and capture Sanbi (Three-Tails) back.

     But while Obito was still on the road, Ninja of Konoha Otogakure came to Sanbi (Three-Tails) ahead of him.Deidara knew that it was not so many Ninja's opponents and chose to avoid it.

     Fortunately, Ninja of Konoha Otogakure all left after eliminating the threat of Sanbi (Three-Tails), leaving only some Ninja in charge of surveillance.

     After Obito arrived, Deidara shot directly and took advantage of the air superiority to forcefully wound Sanbi (Three-Tails) with a clay bomb. Then Obito took the injured Sanbi (Three-Tails) and Deidara to a nearby cave.

     After a few days, the people of Akatsuki sealed Sanbi (Three-Tails). Since then Akatsuki has captured Ichibi (One-Tail), Nibi (Two-Tail), Sanbi (Three-Tails), Yonbi (Four-Tails) ), Gobi (Five-Tails), Shichibi (Seven-Tails), only Rokubi (Six-Tails), Hachibi (Eight-Tails), Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) are left.

     The location of Rokubi (Six-Tails) has definitely been confirmed, and Nagato is also ready to set off to capture Rokubi (Six-Tails), and just at this time, White Zetsu stops Nagato from acting.

     "Zero, don't worry, just now my spore sensed that someone was coming towards where Deidara and Afei were."

     Nagato frowned and asked, "Is it the enemy?"

     "It's very likely. The four of them are headed by Itachi's younger brother Uchiha Sasuke, and the rest are Orochimaru's subordinates. It should be a bad person."

     When Deidara heard the words, his eyes lit up: "Itachi's younger brother? Interesting! Zero, they left it to me and Afei."Nagato, who hasn't expressed his opinion, said: "Deidara, don't underestimate the enemy. As far as I know, Itachi's brother also owns three tomoe Sharingan.

     His three subordinates: one is the orphan of Uzumaki Clan, who perceives the huge Chakra of Ninja itself; the other is Ninja from the Hōzuki clan, whose hydration can ignore most physical attacks; and the other contains the breath of natural Chakra. "

     Nagato frowned upon hearing this, and after hesitating for a while, he said: "I heard absolutely nothing, these three are not easy, let alone Uchiha Sasuke! You and A Fei are good to stop them, don’t do unnecessary things. ."

     Deidara agreed very happily, but he agreed, but Deidara didn't intend to obey.

     As soon as the meeting ended, Deidara immediately squeezed a big bird with explosive clay and flew into the air, looking for Sasuke's trace of them.

     Obito sighed and could only follow.

     At this time, Sasuke and his party had just eaten lunch and were resting. After Deidara hovered for a while, they found Sasuke and the others.

     Deidara's eyes lit up: "I found you! Uchiha Sasuke, I hope you like this first meeting present!" Deidara made a few small spiders out of explosive clay and dropped them at the location of Sasuke.As the explosive spider slowly fell from the air, Karin, who closed his eyes beside Sasuke, suddenly opened his eyes and looked up to the sky.

     Perceiving Karin's abnormality, Sasuke frowned and asked, "Karin, what's the matter?"

     "Above, something has fallen. There is not much Chakra contained in these things, but it feels dangerous to me!" Karin pointed to the sky and said.

     When Sasuke heard the words, he immediately opened Sharingan and saw an explosive spider in the sky.

     "This is Doton (Earth Style) and Katon (Fire Style)? No! You guys run away, this thing will explode!" Sasuke picked up Karin and teleported to a distance.

     Suigetsu and Shigego also quickly dodged in the direction of Sasuke's teleport upon hearing this.

     A few people just left, there was a loud noise behind them, and the huge blast directly pushed the four people out, and a big pit was blown out where they were just now.

     Suigetsu got up from the ground, patted the dirt on his body, and then glanced back: "Suck! What...what is this! It's too scary!"

     When Sasuke saw this, his expression became serious. He turned on Sharingan and stared at Deidara in the air. After a while, Sasuke took a deep breath and said to Karin: "Karin, you take the two of them away first. This person is not something you can handle. "

     "Are you okay by yourself?"

     "Hmm! Don't worry!"Karin nodded and left with Shigeo and Suigetsu.

     Deidara ignored the three who fled, and his target was Sasuke from the beginning.

     Deidara opened his palm and let the mouth in the center of the palm swallow a large amount of explosive clay, using the explosive clay to create a clay dragon.

     The clay dragon flew on Sasuke's head and dropped the little dragons at it.
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