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Chapter Directory 473 Art Is An Explosion (Part 2)
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

As soon as Sasuke mentioned Sharingan, Deidara's expression immediately became savage.

     Deidara has been pursuing his own art since he was a child. As he often said, art is an explosion!

     In Deidara's view, everything is not as important as his own art, but the art he pursues is eclipsed by Itachi's Sharingan.

     Even he himself was amazed by the beauty of Itachi Sharingan. In his memory, this was the first time he recognized that there were other beautiful things besides explosions.

     But Uchiha Itachi ignores his art. Just like his obsession with explosions, Itachi also respects Sharingan. There is no explosion in Itachi's eyes.

     Therefore, Deidara has a hatred of Itachi, or a hatred of Uchiha Clan Sharingan, a detest bitterly of "ignoring his artistic eyes".

     It is precisely because of this that Deidara rushed over to prove his art when he heard the news of Sasuke.

     But Sasuke's words just now reminded Deidara of the look in Itachi's eyes that day. What's more, at this moment, Sasuke looked at him as calm as Itachi at the time, without any fear or surprise in his expression.

     "Uchiha Clan, Sharingan, damn! My art is not that simple!"Speaking, Deidara unbuttoned Akatsuki's robe, revealing the strange pattern on her chest, and then bit the thread on her chest pattern with her mouth in the center of her palm.

     Sasuke frowned and muttered to himself, "This is the mouth? The same as the one on his palm!"

     Deidara sneered and stuffed a large amount of explosive clay into her chest mouth. As the explosive clay was ingested, Deidara's body gradually became black.

     Deidara controlled the clay dragon to fall to the ground. His body gradually became transparent as he fell. Only the core of the explosive clay swallowed in his chest became darker and darker.

     Sasuke didn't know what Deidara wanted to do, but instinctively told him that Deidara is very dangerous and must flee immediately.

     It's a pity that everything is too late. Deidara smiled and said, "Fly, I'm sorry! You may be involved! Art is an explosion! Drink!"

     Along with Deidara's detonation, white light burst into the core, and the white light quickly expanded into a five-pointed star, and then burst towards the surroundings.

     The huge blast wind instantly swept everything around, trees, rocks, and Sasuke who was escaping.

     Seeing that it was about to be affected by the explosion, Sasuke gritted his teeth, hand sealed with both hands, preparing to psychic out of Manda, and hid in Manda to resist the explosion.Just when he hand-seal, a burst of ice mist visible to the naked eye suddenly appeared in the surrounding space, and the areas where the ice mist touched were frozen.

     As the ice fog spread, the explosion was stopped, and Deidara at the center of the explosion did not completely explode the clay and his body was not exploded, saving his life.

     Sasuke looked at everything around him dazedly, then cautious and solemn reached out his hand and touched the frozen space.

     As soon as Sasuke's hand touched the ice cube, Bingjie climbed directly onto his arm, and the next second Sasuke was frozen like Deidara into an ice sculpture.

     "Why are the children so uneasy now? They have low hands and have to touch my ice, do you think Obito?" The ice mist in the frozen space gradually condenses into a figure, and the figure is not frozen on a small piece over there Speaking of space.

     Obito walked out of the Kamui space and looked at the ice mist in front of him with a look of ghosts. After a while, the ice mist completely formed. Obito reluctantly said: "Far, you seem to be stronger."

     That's right, Bing Mist is the Yamanaka Ryo who just perfectly combines the power of Rinnegan and Xiaolin with Ice Element.

     Yamanaka Ryo pointed to his eyes and smiled and said, "After all, I opened these eyes."

     Obito then noticed that Yamanaka Ryo's pupils were not like Mangekyō anymore, but ice blue, with ripples in the pupils."Far, are you Rinnegan?"

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded: "I found a way to start Rinnegan more than a year ago, and I started Rinnegan at Uncle Snake's base this year."

     "No! Far away, shouldn't Rinnegan's wink be purple? Why is your ice blue?" Obito asked.

     "It's because I combined Rinnegan with my own Hilton (Ice Style)."

     "Combine with Hilton (Ice Style)? Why do you want to combine with Hilton (Ice Style)? Don’t you have a small Jūbi (Ten-Tails)? Now that you have Rinnegan, according to Uchiha Madara, you should be able to become Rikudō (Six Path) Mode, right?"

     "Well, it is indeed possible, but I think this is more suitable for me. My power in this state should be stronger than when I use Rikudō (Six Path) Mode."

     "It turns out that this is the case. Can you deal with Kaguya in this state of yours? If you are not confident, don't take the risk. Now we will go to get rid of Akatsuki, seal the fellow Black Zetsu, and let everything end." Obito Suggested.

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said, "Don't worry Obito, even if I can't kill Kaguya now, it's enough to seal her, let alone Naruto and Sasuke."

     "Naruto and Sasuke?"

     "Yes, the two of them are the reincarnations of Asura and Indra, the sons of Rikudō Sennin (Six Path's Sage). Rikudō Sennin (Six Path's Sage) will help them at a critical moment.And my goal has always been not Kaguya, but Otsutsuki Clan behind Kaguya. This family is always a threat to the ninja world. "

     Obito sighed and said, "I knew you would still be stubborn, and I will do what I want.

     By the way, there is one more thing. Nagato is planning to raid the village. What are you going to do about this? "

     "Me? I plan to watch the show! Nagato attacks Konoha, but when the protagonist of this era is the most handsome, I am only responsible for protecting the safety of the people in the village, and leave the rest to the protagonist!"

     "The protagonist? Who is the protagonist?" Obito asked strangely.

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said, "You'll know then. Okay, let's go first! Deidara and Sasuke will leave it to me."

     "Yeah." Obito nodded, entered the Kamui space and left.

     After Obito left, Yamanaka Ryo snapped his fingers, and the ice in the frozen space instantly dissipated. Only Deidara and Sasuke were still frozen.

     Yamanaka Ryo walked to Deidara's side and resisted him teleporting to Orochimaru's Otogakure (Village Hidden by Sound), before leaving Sasuke by the way.

     When a person was frozen, he remembered the moment before the ice was frozen, so as soon as the ice was released, Sasuke quickly slapped the hand that touched the ice."Huh? Why is there no ice? I clearly remember..."

     Just as Sasuke was looking at his right hand, Karin came from a distance and the three people called his name. It must have been the explosion that shocked them. They were worried about his safety before they found him.

     Sasuke sighed, then withdrew his thoughts and shouted at the three of them: "I am here!"

     The Karin trio heard Sasuke's voice and ran over immediately.

     "Sasuke, are you okay?" Karin asked with concern.

     "Alright! Did you see anyone over there when you came over?" Sasuke pointed to the center of the explosion and asked.

     "Where is anyone? There is only a huge pothole, are you wrong?" Suigetsu said after thinking about it.

     Sasuke was taken aback, closed his eyes and recalled the scene before being frozen. According to his memory, he did see Deidara being frozen.

     But there was neither Deidara nor ice in front of him, and Sasuke was a little confused for a while.
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