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Chapter Directory 477 Zhongshan Yuan's Plan
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Rōran's memory gushes from the depths of the two people's minds. Because the memory has been sealed, there is nothing missing or forgotten.

     Slowly reading this memory, Kushina's eyes are getting redder, and Bo Feng Minato's mood is also a little depressed.

     Yamanaka Ryo didn't bother them, came out of the room, and stood at the door waiting for the two to calm down.

     After a long time, Minato's voice came from the house: "Far, sorry, I kept you waiting."

     Yamanaka Ryo just pushed the door in. The two men's emotions have stabilized, but Kushina's eyes are a little swollen, and she has cried at first glance.

     "Far, you said before that we will return to Konoha after a while, when is it?"

     Yamanaka Ryo estimated the time of Pain’s attack on the village based on Obito’s previous information: “About two to three months from now, you should be there when the hero appears.”

     "The hero comes on stage? Who is the hero?"

     Yamanaka Ryo did not directly answer Kushina’s question, but explained the reason: “I received an intelligence a few days ago. The intelligence stated that the leader of Akatsuki was going to attack Konoha to capture Nine-tailed Jinchūriki.”

     As soon as Yamanaka Ryo's voice fell, the faces of Hafeng Minato and Kushina instantly turned ugly."Don't worry! Listen to me. In addition to the leader of Akatsuki, there are also black White Zetsu, the masked man who attacked the village on the night of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), and Kami Ninjutsu (Paper Style). Ninja."

     "The masked man will also go. It seems that the village is in trouble." Bofeng Minato was quite afraid of the consequences to Obito, and his expression became more serious when he heard Obito was going to Konoha.

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said, "As for the mask man, Minato, you don't have to worry about it at all, because the mask man is your disciple Uchiha Obito."

     "Obito! How could it be? I obviously saw him being..."

     "It is true that Obito was held down by a boulder, but he was rescued by the real Uchiha Madara. During that time, Uchiha Madara cured him and taught him how to use Ninjutsu and Sharingan, Inyoton / Onmyoton (Yin-Yang Release).. He even opened Mangekyou Sharingan for Obito, which allowed Obito to grow from a Jōnin to a level comparable to the shadow of a village in just two years."

     After listening to Yamanaka Ryo's words, Hafeng Minato's mood became more and more depressed, and his expression was full of self-blame. After a while, Minato sighed and said, "Oh! What if he knows that he is Obito? Obito has already stood on the opposite side of the village. ,I...""Who said Obito stood on the opposite side of the village? Minato brother, the reason why Obito did that on the night of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) is because he was sealed by Uchiha Madara, and then tampered with his cognition. , Obito will then attack Konoha.

     I have helped Obito lift the seal some time ago, and he is the same Obito now. "

     Bofeng Minato trembles when he hears this, and you can tell how excited he is from his expression.

     Obito can be said to be a thorn in Bofeng Minato's heart. For so many years, Bofeng Minato feels that he is most sorry for Obito. It was his sensei incompetence that made Obito die on Kannabi Bridge.

     Now that Obito is still alive, the thorn in Minato's heart is finally pulled out.

     Hafeng Minato took a deep breath and said, "Since the masked man is Obito, then Akatsuki is not a threat to us at all. We can do it directly, get rid of Akatsuki and end all this!"

     Yamanaka Ryo shook his head: "It's not time yet. Next, Minato, what I want to talk about is my thoughts and plans. In fact, I plan to let Akatsuki collect Bijuu (Tailed Beast)."

     Bofeng Minato and Kushina were taken aback for a moment. They looked at each other and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

     "Far, why? Now we obviously have the ability to end all this.""There are two reasons: First, I want to get the specific location of Otsutsuki Clan from Kaguya. The existence of Otsutsuki Clan is a huge threat to the ninja world, and I want to help the ninja world solve this hidden danger completely.

     The second is for Pakura. I think there is too much resistance in the world like being with her. Just imagine that it is possible for the high-level officials of Konoha village and the second-in-command of Sunagakure to get married? "

     "This..." Bofeng Minato thought for a while and shook his head helplessly.

     "So, I want the Ninja world to face a powerful and desperate enemy together. Through this enemy, everyone in the Ninja world can understand each other as Uncle Jiraiya said. In such a world, Pakura and I will not be together. What resistance is there."

     In fact, Yamanaka Ryo hasn’t finished what he said. The reason why he did this is because of the combination of Shikamaru and Temari in the original book. One is a Hokage consultant and the other is Kazekage’s sister. They have the status of play a critical role in their respective villages. , But they are still together and have a very happy life. The facts of the original work are here, and he must be able to.

     After listening to Yamanaka Ryo's words, Hafeng Minato looked down for a long time, then gritted his teeth and said: "Far, I support you! You can solve Otsutsuki Clan is a great thing for Ninja, and what Jiraiya sensei said I want to see the world too."Kushina also smiled and said, "Yuan, you are my disciple. If you are a master, you should help realize your disciple's ideals."

     The three reached a consensus on this matter, and then their topic returned to the topic of Akatsuki's attack on Konoha.

     "Far, I remember that you mentioned Akatsuki to me before. It is an organization of Country of Rain independent of Amegakure (Village Hidden in the Rain), right? The leader seems to be the three disciples of Jiraiya sensei." Speaking of.

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded: "Well, it’s them. But the situation has changed a little. Originally, Akatsuki was pulled up by three disciples of Uncle Jiraiya, but the former leader Yahiko was killed by Hanzō of the Salamander, Akatsuki’s. The leader became two other people: Nagato and Konan.

     Nagato owns Rinnegan, relies on Rinnegan’s power to kill Hanzō of the Salamander, merges Amegakure (Village Hidden in the Rain) and Akatsuki, and then cooperates with Obito to recruit S-rank Missing-nin (Rogue Ninja) from various villages. The current Akatsuki. "

     "Far, the Taijutsu (Body Techniques) Ninja who is in charge of teaching the Genin in the Orochimaru-senpai base is also called Yahiko!" Minato Hakata said suddenly.

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said: "It is indeed him. I resurrected Yahiko by resurrecting you, but for my plan, he didn’t let him go to Nagato and the others. After Akatsuki’s attack on the village is over, I will let him go back. .""Yuan, how many things you guys have done that I don't know. It seems that everything in front of you is in your plan."

     "Hey! Be it!"

     "Then specifically what do you plan to do?"

     "Let the main combat power of the village leave first! Only when you are desperate can you highlight the importance of heroes."
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