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Chapter Directory 486 Payne Six
    Chinese Name: 鳶荌眳堈芴  Author: 珨藐腹貌(Y貝 l邢 f迆hu芍, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Looking at the body of Pain Sandao, Jiraiya's expression was a little complicated, and his mood was particularly dull. Finally, he sighed and turned and left.

     Before I walked far, Pain's voice suddenly rang in Jiraiya's ear: "Jiraiya sensei, didn't you teach me that you can't take it lightly at any time!"

     Jiraiya's face changed drastically, and without any precautions, Shurad身 (Asura Path) chopped off an arm.

     (Ps: Jiraiya was attacked by Shurad身 (Asura Path) and broke a hand. The plot has been criticized by many Hokage fans. As everyone knows Sage Mode has super perceptual ability. There is no reason why Shurad身 (Asura Path) cannot be found, even if Jiraiya finds it. No, the two Sennin (Sage) can also find it. But no one found it because many Hokage fans think that Jiraiya was forced to die by Kishimoto ignoring the setting, and then the glass was broken.

     Jiraiya endured the severe pain and rushed out of the pipe, while Jigokud身 (Naraka Path) took the opportunity to resurrect Pain Sandao.

     After a while, Pain Rikud身 (Six Path) gathered, six pairs of Rinnegan, and the three killed were brought back to life, giving Jiraiya and the two Sennin (Sage) a great shock.

     At the same time, Konoha Village, Hokage's Office, Tsunade stood in front of the window and looked out in the direction of Amegakure (Village Hidden in the Rain).

     "Tsunade-sama, are you worried about Jiraiya-sama again? You can rest assured that Jiraiya-sama will return safely." Shizune exhorted."That guy won't be back!" Shizune was taken aback by Tsunade's words. "That's what I said when I bet with him. After all, I will lose every bet!"

     Shizune smiled and didn't say anything, but Tsunade remembered the parting scene that day, and she remembered every word of Jiraiya clearly.

     "This guy, a man or a man, knows to be cool. When he comes back, he should never be cool anymore." Tsunade muttered to himself, the smile of her mouth reflected on the glass.

     Amegakure (Village Hidden in the Rain), Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) looked at Pain Rikud身 (Six Path) with a strong alert: "There are actually six people! What the hell is Pain!"

     When Jiraiya saw the person headed by Pain Rikud身 (Six Path), the whole person was shaking: "You...you are Yahiko! What the hell is going on! Isn't Yahiko dead?"

     Tend身 (Deva Path) watched Jiraiya's indifferent answer and said, "Yahiko is indeed dead, and Pain is standing here, God!" After saying that Pain Rikud身 (Six Path) moved together and surrounded Jiraiya.

     Jiraiya ignored the others and rushed to Tend身 (Deva Path), trying to see the appearance of the person in front of him.

     Tend身 (Deva Path) gave a cold snort and kicked Jiraiya into the air. Shurad身 (Asura Path) shot countless missiles from his hand, chasing after him.

     Jiraiya climbed onto the wall and dodged Shurad身 (Asura Path) missiles. Tend身 (Deva Path) immediately destroyed the wall upon seeing it, and Jiraiya also fell into the sea.After diving into the sea, Jiraiya psyched up the stomach of a toad, and then quietly swam to Pain's feet. Fukasaku found someone and Shima Sennin (Sage) to stick out their tongues at the same time, and pulled Chikush身d身 (Animal Path) into the stomach of the toad in the sea.

     There is only Chikush身d身 (Animal Path) in the stomach and one Pain, which is not Jiraiya's opponent at all. Jiraiya hides in the dark, looking at the timing, when Rasengan slaps Chikush身d身 (Animal Path) on the belly, Chikush身d身 (Animal Path) immediately speaks He vomited blood and fell into the stomach acid.

     "My child, dad, did you kill it?"

     "Well, I was hit directly by Jiraiya's Rasengan. The organs in the body should have been smashed, let alone fall into the stomach acid of the toad. It should be dead."

     Jiraiya thought the same way. He slowly approached his stomach acid and wanted to fish out the body of Chikush身d身 (Animal Path). Ninja's body often contained a lot of information.

     What they didn't expect was that Chikush身d身 (Animal Path) actually crawled out of the stomach acid and used a black iron rod directly through Jiraiya's chest.

     Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) helped Jiraiya pull out the iron rod inserted in his body and asked: "Jiraiya, are you okay?"

     Jiraiya shook his head, Shima Sennin (Sage) on the side looked at Pain with a solemn expression and said: "Soaking in the stomach acid for so long, but still able to move, what is Pain!"

     As soon as Shima Sennin (Sage) spoke, the headband of Chikush身d身 (Animal Path) fell off due to the corrosion of stomach acid, exposing the scar on his forehead.Looking at the scar on Chikush身d身 (Animal Path)'s forehead, Jiraiya's memory revived. He remembered the scene of his fight with Chikush身d身 (Animal Path).

     "Boss, big sister, I think I understand what Pain really is, I have to go back and verify it, big sister, you should leave first! I will go back with the boss!"

     "Jiraiya, you are crazy! If you go back, you will definitely die. We have got Pain's corpse. It is the wisest to leave now." Shima Sennin (Sage) immediately objected.

     "Fucking kid, don't say anything, go back first! I'll go with Jiraiya."


     "It's nothing, don't you know what kind of personality Jiraiya is?"

     Shima Sennin (Sage) was speechless for a while, then disappeared from Jiraiya's shoulder with a sigh.

     "Boss, if you encounter danger in a while, please..."

     "You can relax, I won't make fun of my life."

     Jiraiya nodded, and left the toad's stomach with Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) and returned to the sea.

     Jiraiya looked at the faces of the other Pain Wudao, and instantly affirmed his guess that these people are his former opponents, and they are all dead.

     In other words, the so-called Pain is just a puppet, and none of these people is Pain's body.After Pain Wudao discovered Jiraiya, he immediately launched an attack. Jiraiya understood Pain*s secret, but unfortunately it was too late. Facing Pain Wudao, he was not an opponent at all. In the end, Jiraiya stayed on Fukasaku Sennin (Sage)'s back just like the original. After the death message, the whole person sank into the sea.

     Pain didn't know that when Jiraiya sank into the sea, Yamanaka Ryo, who had been hiding in time and space, rescued Jiraiya.

     Jiraiya was seriously injured. Yamanaka Ryo teleported him directly back to Orochimaru*s laboratory. Orochimaru saw a trace of worry flashed in the eyes of the seriously injured Jiraiya, followed by anger that Yamanaka Ryo had never seen before. .

     Orochimaru's help is needed to treat Jiraiya. Yamanaka Ryo quickly calmed his emotions: "Uncle Snake, calm down. Now the most important thing is to save Uncle Jiraiya."

     "Well, I know!" Orochimaru took a deep breath, calmed down quickly, and the two immediately plunged into the intense rescue work.

     At the same time, in an unknown cave, White Zetsu appeared from the ground and said to Obito on the side: "Pain is over too, Jiraiya is dead."

     Obito's face under the mask changed drastically. Because of Minato, Obito's impression of Jiraiya is very good, and his attitude is quite respectful.White Zetsu is a little strange. Konoha lost a big deal. Obito didn't seem to be happy. White Zetsu whispered, "Obito, what's wrong with you?"

     "Nothing, just remembered something about Jiraiya, what about Sasuke? How's the situation?"

     "The injury has been cured, and it is estimated that I will wake up soon."
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