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Chapter Directory 487 News Of Death
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After learning about Jiraiya accidentally from Anko, the Minato couple felt very heavy, especially Hafeng Minato.

     He has been an orphan since he was a child, and was fortunate to be accepted by Jiraiya as his disciple to teach Ninjutsu. In Minato's mind, Jiraiya is not only a sensei, but also his father. He can live today and thanks to Jiraiya, it can be said that Jiraiya is his most important guide .

     Kushina knew Bofeng Minato’s concerns, and softly persuaded, “Minato, don’t worry. Isn’t it a guarantee? There will definitely be nothing wrong.”

     Hafeng Minato took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down: "I'm fine, Kushina you can relax! And there is no time to worry, what we have to do now is to temporarily block the connection between Jiraiya sensei and Mount Myōboku."

     After talking about Minato, Minato took out a Scroll. The Scroll depicts the special Fūinjutsu (Sealing Techniques) that can seal time and space.

     Bofeng Minato hand-seals with both hands and uses Scroll to set up a time-space barrier around Orochimaru's laboratory, isolating the connection between the laboratory and the outside space.

     At the same time, Mount Myōboku Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) and Shima Sennin (Sage) called most of Mount Myōboku's toads to search for Jiraiya in the ocean near Amegakure (Village Hidden in the Rain).

     Because from the psychic scroll, Jiraiya's name hasn't turned black yet, that means he is still alive.Having just assembled a good team and ready to set off, Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) found that Jiraiya's name had turned black.

     He sighed and said to Shima Sennin (Sage): "Boy, fucking, don't be busy, Jiraiya is already..."

     Shima Sennin (Sage) was taken aback for a moment, and then said with a bit of disappointment: "Really? It's too late? That kid, dad, you prepare, go to Konoha and tell Tsunade the news to them!"

     "Well, for the information about Pain, Jiraiya's revenge will also be reported. Minato and Far from knowing where are, Reverse Summoning Technique can't be summoned. We need to find a new contractor to let him learn Sage Mode. Revenge for Jiraiya."

     "As for the new contractor, old man, you might as well consider Uzumaki Naruto." Wentai suggested.

     "Uzumaki Naruto? Who is that?" Shima Sennin (Sage) asked.

     "Naruto is Jiraiya's disciple, the son of Minato and Kushina, and Ninjutsu who has studied with Yuan for a while."

     "It turns out that this is the case, then this kid is indeed the best choice. Wentai, you and I will go to Konoha!"

     "Got it!" Wen Tai nodded immediately.

     After a white mist passed, Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) left Mount Myōboku with a group of toads and came to Konoha.The large number of toads suddenly shocked the members of the guards who were patrolling. Fortunately, Hyuga Hizashi, who led the team today, knew that the toads were the summoned beast of Jiraiya, so he went to Hokage's Office to report the situation as soon as possible.

     After Tsunade heard that a toad came to the village of Konoha, he was a little uneasy.

     "Shizune, help me call Kakashi and Yamanaka Suzune. By the way, Naruto, I remember him practicing in the Death Forest! Call here too."

     "Okay, I'll arrange it right away."

     After a while, a crowd of toads and Konoha's Ninjas all came to Hokage's Office.

     "Do you have any news to tell us this time?" Tsunade asked directly.

     Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) nodded, with a bit of grief in his tone: "Jiraiya, he died in battle!"

     Fukasaku Sennin (Sage)'s words sounded like a thunder from a clear sky to Tsunade, and the whole person was stunned. The following Kakashi and others could not accept the sudden bad news for a while.

     After a while, Tsunade came back to his senses, held back his tears, and bit his lip to keep himself awake: "Fukasaku Sennin (Sage), can you tell me the specific situation at that time?"

     Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) told Tsunade every detail of the battle between Jiraiya and Pain, as well as the ability of Pain that they were exposed to.

     After listening to the battle, everyone present looked a little solemn.Kakashi thought for a while and said, "Sage Mode’s Jiraiya-sama is stronger than me. He lost to Pain. I should also... Suzune, what about you?

     "Me? At least I won't lose, so why are you going to get revenge?"

     Kakashi shook his head: "We don't need to go, it is estimated that Pain will come soon. Akatsuki's purpose is already clear to everyone today. Now there is only Hachibi (Eight-Tails) in the Ninja World, and Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) has not yet arrived. In their hands.

     Far away in the village, Lord Jiraiya was killed, Shisui also left a few days ago, and now it can be said that our village's defense force is the weakest.

     At this point, I think Akatsuki should also know that they will not give up this opportunity. "

     Suzune snorted coldly, "Come here, who is afraid of whom? My brother is not here, there is me, there is you, there is Tsunade-sama, it is not good, and the retired Sakumo-sama, he dares to come and don't want to leave!"

     "Suzune, you are too naive, do you think Pain is the only one here? Akatsuki is not that simple."

     While everyone was discussing intensely, Naruto pushed in and broke the dull atmosphere. Everyone looked at him, making him scratch his head embarrassedly: "Then...what, everyone is there! "

     "Fukasaku Sennin (Sage), he is Uzumaki Naruto, the last disciple of Jiraiya." Tsunade introduced."Is that him? Looks like Spirit (ual) / Mind (Mental)."

     Naruto asked strangely, "Mother-in-law Tsunade, who is this old frog?"

     "Naruto, this Fukasaku Sennin (Sage), one of the two elders of Mount Myōboku, is the sensei of Jiraiya. You can't be so rude."

     Naruto was taken aback and looked unbelievable: "It's actually the sensei of Ero Sennin (Sage)?"

     Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) laughed when Naruto was called Jiraiya: "Haha! Is Ero Sennin (Sage)? It's a nickname for him."

     "Well, grandpa, what's the matter with you in Konoha?"

     Fukasaku Sennin (Sage)'s expression instantly became serious, and the state of the people around him was a little abnormal.

     Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) was about to say that Tsunade interrupted him and said first: "Naruto, Jiraiya, he died in battle!"

     Naruto, like Tsunade, who had just heard the news, was stunned. After a while, Naruto questioned Tsunade: "It was his mother-in-law who asked him to go!"

     Naruto's question pierced Tsunade's chest like a sharp blade, making Tsunade's face paler.

     "If Ero Sennin (Sage) were Hokage, he would never let his mother-in-law go, absolutely!" Naruto turned and left Hokage's Office after speaking.Tsunade took a deep breath, suppressed the grief in his heart, and said to Fukasaku Sennin (Sage), "Fukasaku Sennin (Sage), sorry! Naruto is still young and ignorant!"

     Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) waved his hand and said, "It's okay, no one can accept something like this from someone I admire.

     There is another thing Jiraiya seems to have discovered Pain's secret during the battle. Unfortunately, his throat was injured and he couldn't tell me directly, so he left a secret signal behind me. This should be the key to defeating Pain. "
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