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Chapter Directory 491 Chirabi
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After a two-day trek, Sasuke and his team came to the Land of Thunder.

     After arriving in Thunder Country, they did not rush to Kumogakure, but first collected information about Hachibi (Eight-Tails) in Thunder Country.

     With Mangekyō in hand, Sasuke easily used Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) to control Cloud Ninja who was patrolling in the Land of Thunder, and learned from him that Hachibi (Eight-Tails) was in Yunlei Gorge.

     Yunlei Gorge is located at the entrance of Kumogakure. It is the only way for the Kingdom of Thunder to enter Kumogakure. It is also the home of Killer B and Hachibi (Eight-Tails).

     As the perfect Jinchūriki, Killer B possesses extremely terrifying strength. Together, Fourth Raikage and Nibi (Two-Tail) are not Killer B's opponents.

     That's why Fourth Raikage gave such an important position to Killer B and Hachibi (Eight-Tails). Killer B has never let him down for so many years.

     But the recent actions of Akatsuki changed Fourth Raikage's attitude, especially after Nibi (Two-Tail) was arrested. In order to protect Killer B, Fourth Raikage ordered him not to leave Yunlei Gorge and arranged for Ninja to monitor Yunlei at all times. Gap, this makes Killer B feel very upset.

     After Sasuke and his team arrived near Yunlei Gorge, Sasuke took out Akatsuki's robe from the Seal Scroll and threw it to the three Karin.

     "Sasuke, shall we wear this?" Shigego asked."Well, we are here to capture Hachibi (Eight-Tails). You have heard that person's words just now. The people of Kumogakure have great respect for Hachibi (Eight-Tails).

     We just went in so hastily. If we take Hachibi (Eight-Tails) away, it will have a bad influence on Konoha and Otonin, so Akatsuki is required to carry this pot. "

     "It turned out to be like this, but it's useless to wear a coat? Our appearance and the Ninjutsu we use can't be changed." Suigetsu said while wearing a robe.

     "Ninjutsu really can't change it, but the appearance can be." Said Sasuke took out the White Zetsu Chakra from Orochimaru.

     "This is what Orochimaru gave me when I left Otogakure (Village Hidden by Sound). He said that with this Chakra, you can change into whatever you want without being discovered by Perception Ninja."

     Suigetsu's eyes lit up, and Chakra, who took over White Zetsu, said with interest: "So amazing? Orochimaru-sama still has this kind of thing."

     Shigego on the side was also a little curious. He took the Chakra from White Zetsu and covered it on his Chakra, and then turned into a passerby with Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique).

     When Karin saw this, he closed his eyes and sensed Chakra, who was Shigeo, and found that he had really become another person.

     "It's really useful, Shigeo's Chakra has completely changed."After getting Karin's affirmation, Sasuke and the others also used White Zetsu's Chakra to change their appearance, and then headed towards Yunlei Gorge.

     Akatsuki's robes were so conspicuous. Before Sasuke and the others approached, they were discovered by Cloud Ninja, who was hiding in the dark and was in charge of surveillance.

     He immediately signaled Killer B in Yunlei Gorge and ran towards the village.

     Sasuke gave Junggo a wink, Junggo nodded, followed Cloud Ninja and knocked him out.

     Then Sasuke and his party of four entered Yunlei Gorge, and happened to run into Killer B, who had finished his practice, and walked out holding the lyrics book.

     "Are you the Eight-tailed Jinchūriki?" Sasuke asked.

     Killer B glanced at them, put away the lyrics, and walked over slowly.

     With the approach of Killer B, Sasuke and his team felt a powerful pressure, especially Karin who perceives Ninja. In addition to Killer B, she also perceives the horror Chakra of Hachibi (Eight-Tails), and her face instantly turned pale.

     Sasuke noticed Karin's anomaly, moved a little to the left, and blocked Karin.

     "Hey! Bi, the clothes of these four guys seem to be the clothes that your elder brother showed you Akatsuki who specially captured Bijuu (Tailed Beast)."

     "Akatsuki? Is the organization that took Mokujin away?"

     (Ps: To prevent someone from saying that I have a word count, Killer B’s mantra is not added.)"Well, these 4 people dare to come to you, they should have a certain strength, you have to be careful."


     I said I knew it. In fact, Killer B didn't pay attention to Sasuke and his party at all.

     "Suigetsu attacked to the right, Shigeo attacked to the left, Karin is behind the palace, let's start!" As soon as Sasuke's voice fell, Suigetsu drew the knife behind him and slashed towards Killer B.

     Killer B didn't dodge, and reached out a hand to easily catch Suigetsu's slash, and then kicked Suigetsu into the air.

     Upon seeing this, Shigeo launched the curse seal and rushed forward. Killer B swung Suigetsu's knife and easily knocked Shigego back.

     "This guy is very strong, Suigetsu, you guys retreat, I'll come!" After saying that, Sasuke drew out the knife and teleported to Killer B.

     Killer B suddenly thought of something. He avoided Sasuke's attack on his side and took out the lyrics and kept writing and drawing.

     Sasuke's face became more ugly, and Killer B's appearance clearly despised him.

     Killer B dodges left and right, while avoiding Sasuke's attack, while recording the rap he suddenly thought of in the lyrics book.

     "Thanks to you, my uncle thought of a wonderful rhyme. Now my uncle is in a good mood, let's play with you." After finishing Killer B, he pulled out the seven short knives behind him in a very strange way. The seven knives were clamped with various parts of the body."Sasuke be careful, this guy uses a knife very well!" Hearing Suigetsu's reminder, Sasuke opened Sharingan.

     What Sasuke didn't expect was that even with the help of Sharingan, he still looked so weak when facing Killer B. Killer B's knives were fast and complicated. The seven short knives alternated with each other, and he had to be careful of his physical attacks.

     For a while, Sasuke fell into the wind, and Killer B's dagger cut wounds one after another on his body.

     Killer B's offensive became more and more fierce, but Sasuke had no choice but to fight and retreat. Unfortunately, his retreating Speed was too slow, and Killer B soon got stuck and kicked.

     Sasuke got up from the ground. Through the previous battle, he knew that Taijutsu (Body Techniques) alone was not an opponent of Hachibi (Eight-Tails), so Sasuke used both hands to seal his hands and plan to use Chidori a blitzkrieg strategy.

     With the help of Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra to stimulate the cells, Sasuke's Speed has been greatly improved. The lightning flashed in front of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) in the blink of an eye, and attached the Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra's sword. Hacked down.

     It's a pity that Sasuke forgot a little. Hachibi (Eight-Tails) is Kumogakure's Ninja. He is proficient in Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style). Chidori is really strong, but Ninja from Kumogakure still seems a little insufficient.

     Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra also appeared on Hachibi (Eight-Tails), and Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra was also attached to the short knife.The collision of Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra is obviously better than Killer B. Sasuke's body is paralyzed by Killer B's Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra.

     Killer B took the opportunity to pierce his short knife into Sasuke's body and knocked Sasuke into the air again. Sasuke was seriously injured and his body was paralyzed by Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra.

     Killer B follow closely behind sb or sth rushed up and wanted to kill Sasuke. Suigetsu rushed over and blocked Killer B's attack when Suigetsu saw it. Junggo went in to curse seal and knocked Killer B away.
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