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Chapter Directory 501 Three Generations Of Naruto Vs Tiandao
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

When the Konoha riots just broke out, Anbu Ninja and Sarutobi Clan’s clansmen arranged for Third Hokage to evacuate. Third Hokage directly refused. He took out the armor that had been placed for many years and planned to do his best to protect the village.

     Originally, Third Hokage was planning to go to Suzune, because he saw the most movement there. When halfway through, Third Hokage discovered that Anbu Ninja was constantly being shot into the air on the way to the Hokage building.

     Third Hokage saw the Katsuyu Body Clone everywhere in the village and knew that Tsunade had used all of the Chakra to channel Katsuyu. The current Tsunade is extremely fragile, so Third Hokage changed his goal and rushed to the Hokage building. Just now Third Hokage stopped Tendō (Deva Path).

     Third Hokage, Nagato and Konan have met for the first time, but the two have heard too many legends about him. Whether it is from Jiraiya or the information collected by Akatsuki later, they all reflect the wisdom and power of Third Hokage.

     In the face of Third Hokage, even the old Third Hokage, Nagato and Konan did not dare to be careless.

     It's the same with Third Hokage. Along the way, Third Hokage found that the two men solved nearly half of Anbu Ninja.

     Most of Anbu Ninja have the ability above Special Jōnin, and they will be easily solved by the two people in front of them."Konan, do it!" Tendō (Deva Path) said coldly.

     Konan nodded, and the flying pieces of paper slowly gathered into a pair of wings. Konan was floating in the air, and countless blade-like pieces of paper swept toward Third Hokage.

     Third Hokage's complexion was extremely solemn, waving the Golden Cudgel against the attack of the paper. When Pain saw this, he pulled out an iron nail from a nearby house, and then used the repulsive force to shoot the iron nail at Third Hokage's between the eyebrows.

     "Ape Demon!"

     "I see!" After years of cooperating with Sandaime (The Third), he could understand what he meant. Third Hokage let go, Golden Cudgel turned himself, and Third Hokage took the opportunity to hand seal in front of Golden Cudgel. An earth wall was erected, and the paper and iron nails were blocked by the earth wall.

     "Sarutobi, Earth-Style Wall won't stop for long, take the initiative!"

     Third Hokage nodded, and Golden Cudgel walked around the dirt wall and suddenly became bigger and swept directly towards Konan and Tendō (Deva Path).

     After getting bigger, the Golden Cudgel was too thick, and the monkey demon made a sudden move. Tendō (Deva Path) had no time to dodge. He snorted, and a powerful repulsion bounced the Golden Cudgel away.

     At this time, Third Hokage's technique is also ready, which is a hybrid Ninjutsu of Fūton (Wind Style) and Katon (Fire Style).Tendō (Deva Path) has just used Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push) and has a CD of 5s. Katon (Fire Style) of Third Hokage arrived in front of Tendō (Deva Path) in just 2s. Konan shot countless pieces of paper from the air. To stop the flame from advancing, but when the piece of paper hits the flame, it is instantly ignited, which further fuels the fire.

     Tendō (Deva Path) has no choice but to use Banshō Ten'in (Universal Pull) to move a nearby house over to block the flames, but what he didn't expect was that the ground under his feet turned into a mud puddle just after blocking the flames. , His body is slowly descending, and there is a lightning drop from the sky at the same time.

     Seeing that the lightning was about to strike Tendō (Deva Path), Third Hokage also smiled, but the next second Pain burst out with a repulsive force, breaking free from the quagmire, and bounced the lightning at the same time.

     "Sarutobi, he just used this technique to block my attack." Said Sarutobi also said.

     "Just now I saw that he used gravity to move the house, and repulsion to bounce off the attack. It seems that his technique should be related to gravitational repulsion.

     And when facing my Fūton (Wind Style) Katon (Fire Style) mixed Ninjutsu at the beginning, he did not choose to bounce off with repulsion, and his companions are still using help to resist. That means that the Ninjutsu with his repulsion should not be continuous use. "

     Sarumo nodded: "I think it's the same. From the very beginning when I bounced off my attack, it took about 5 seconds to bounce off your Huang Quanju and Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style).""5s? The analysis time of the two of us should have exceeded 5s, which means that his repulsion can continue to be used. Let me try, is our analysis correct." After finishing Third Hokage throws at Tendō (Deva Path) After leaving the shuriken, when the shuriken arrived in front of Tendō (Deva Path), it turned into dozens of shuriken in a flash.

     Tendō (Deva Path) had already guessed the purpose of Third Hokage at this time, but the mobile sword was too close to avoid it, but he could only use Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push) to bounce the shuriken away.

     "Ape Demon, leave it to you!"

     The Golden Cudgel grew bigger again and swept towards Tendō (Deva Path). This time, there was no repulsive blocking, and the attack of the monkey demon sent Tendō (Deva Path) flying.

     "Sarutobi, as expected, his attack has..." Before the voice of the monkey demon, he discovered that a huge chameleon appeared behind Third Hokage, and a woman wearing Akatsuki clothes was standing on the chameleon head.

     "Sarutobi, be careful!" The Sarutobi hurriedly reminded, but it was too late. Third Hokage was pulled by the chameleon's tail, and then a black iron rod appeared in the woman's hand and third Hokage was nailed to the ground.

     Seeing this, the monkey demon hurried to Third Hokage, but a huge gravitational force came from behind, pulling the monkey demon towards him little by little.

     Chikushōdō (Animal Path) took the opportunity to pull out another black iron rod and pierced it at Third Hokage's throat.Aerial Yamanaka Ryo They witnessed the battle. Third Hokage is in a critical condition. Neither Jiraiya nor Hafong Minato can sit still. Hafong Minato’s Flying thunder god Kumo has already shot out from time and space.

     Yamanaka Ryo sighed, frozen Minato's suffering, and pointed to Chikushōdō (Animal Path) behind him and said, "Uncle Jiraiya, Minato, don't worry, look at that!"

     Jiraiya and Hafeng Minato followed the instructions of Yamanaka Ryo and found the flagwood Sakumo behind the chameleon.

     "It's Sakumo-senpai! When did he come?"

     "Just now, when you were going to rush out, don't worry, there will be no trouble with Uncle Sakumo."

     Things are just like what Yamanaka Ryo said. Sakumo Hagaki used Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra to stimulate the cells to increase the Speed to the fastest. A thousand pounds hangs by a thread and cut down Chikushōdō (Animal Path). Arm, saved Third Hokage.

     "Sandaime (The Third), old adults should go home and rest! Don't participate in this kind of fighting and killing." Sakumo Hagii said as he helped Third Hokage pull out the black iron rod, and helped him. Up.

     Third Hokage said with a wry smile: "Tsunade is here, I'm not at ease, sorry Sakumo, for causing you trouble."

     "Sandaime (The Third), have you found anything after playing with these two guys for so long?""That woman should only be a user of Kami Ninjutsu (Paper Style). There is nothing to pay special attention to. The man's technique should be gravitation and repulsion. Repulsion can bounce off all Ninjutsu attacks, but it cannot be used continuously. There are about 5s in between. interval."

     "5s? Enough! Where's the guy behind?"

     Third Hokage shook his head. He didn't even know when Chikushōdō (Animal Path) came.
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