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Chapter Directory 522 Hope For The Future
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

"No, bastard! Don't think I can't teach you when I die, do you want a long-lost duel? This time I will kill you first!"

     Wu Wu sneered: "Hehe! If I remember correctly, you died before me, but I watched you breathe.

     And now we are in a state of being restrained by the Bestowing Technique, there is no way to move freely at all, you can also play tricks. "

     Hōzuki was trembling with anger, but there was nothing to refute.

     "That over there, you are Sandaime (The Third) Raikage! I remember you had succeeded Sandaime (The Third) Raikage before me, when did you die?" Wu Chao Sandaime (The Third) Raikage asked .

     "I was in Third Shinobi World War."

     "Third Shinobi World War? It seems that the world is not peaceful after we die!" Hōzuki was not in the mood to get angry after hearing this, and his attention turned to Third Shinobi World War.

     "Raikage, do you know who won the Third Shinobi World War?" Wu continued asked.

     Sandaime (The Third) Raikage shook his head: "I don't know. When I died, the Third Shinobi World War was not over. According to the situation at that time, it should be that the situation between Konoha and Stone Ninja was better.Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage was killed by Yamanaka Ryo, Yondaime (The Fourth) Kazekage was also pinned down, Stone Ninja's words killed me, Onoki should be able to take the initiative in the battlefield in the future, more things I don’t know. "

     The three said as they walked, they soon saw a dense white Zetsu army in front of them.

     "What is this?" Hōzuki was taken aback and said to himself.

     "These white humanoid monsters all feel close to Jōnin's Chakra volume. I feel that the people who control these monsters may have summoned us." Wu said.

     The four continued to advance, and soon left the range of the White Zetsu army and reached a desert.

     "Country of Wind is not far ahead. Is the target of the person calling us Country of Wind?" Sandaime (The Third) Raikage frowned and said.

     "I don't think it's that simple. The person in front of Chakra Attribute is very complicated, and there are not many puppet masters, and it doesn't feel like Country of Wind." Wu said lightly.

     On the other side, Yamanaka Ryo and a group of staff members sat around the desk to discuss the battle plan. Under the desk, the excellent perception Ninja headed by Yamanaka Inoichi was talking to the teams and collecting intelligence on the battlefield.

     But just now, Yamanaka Inoichi and others suddenly felt dozens of special Powerful Chakras.Yamanaka Inoichi's face changed drastically, he closed his eyes quickly and began to perceive the specific situation nearby. After repeated confirmation, Yamanaka Inoichi solemnly told Yamanaka Ryo of the information.

     When Yamanaka Ryo saw the information, he probably knew it. Tsunade had told him the death of Yakushi Nonō Naiyu and the disappearance of Yakushi Kabuto.

     At that time, Yamanaka Ryo guessed what happened to Yakushi Kabuto, but didn't know how Yakushi Kabuto had no Snake, how he learned Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation), and whether he learned Sage Mode.

     Yamanaka Ryo told Yamanaka Inoichi of his guess and asked Yamanaka Inoichi to help pass the information to the Ninja coalition forces.

     Yamanaka Inoichi is a little surprised how Yamanaka Ryo is so sure that these Chakras are the people of Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation), but out of trust in Yamanaka Ryo, Yamanaka Inoichi did not ask much and relayed the information truthfully.

     "Far, how did you know that a strong man in the past was beaten by Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation)?" Pakura asked in a low voice.

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and established a Spirit (ual) / Mind (Mental) link with Pakura. Combining the original work and the information he got from Tsunade, he told Pakura about Yakushi Kabuto.

     Pakura did not hear any flaws and believed what Yamanaka Ryo said, but after knowing that there was an army of Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation), Pakura became more worried about the situation of the war.

     "Far, do you think we can win this war?""This war must be won by us, believe in my strength, and believe in the strength of the Ninja coalition forces.

     Think about what Minato and Gaara said to the Ninja coalition forces before, we let go of the hatred of the past for a better tomorrow.

     Hope is right now. As long as we win this war, a new ninja world will be born, and then we will have no obstacles. "

     Pakura's expression became blurred when she heard the words, and her thoughts returned to the day when the Ninja coalition was assembled.

     That was the first time that Ninja of various Ninja villages stood on the same land apart from the war. People who used to hold weapons and stood together with each other in a strange atmosphere.

     Everyone is guarding against the people around them, guarding against Ninja in other villages. The Ninja coalition forces are like a sheet of loose sand, without the slightest cohesion, let alone combat effectiveness.

     Under this circumstance, Minato and Gaara stepped forward, acknowledging the reason and moving with affection. After a mouthful, the Ninjas temporarily let go of their hatred and are willing to face the common enemy together.

     This is a good start. Bofeng Minato believes that the Ninja coalition forces will live together in the war, and believe that people who were once enemies will be able to forget their hatred someday. At that time, she and Yamanaka Ryo will fight Combination won't make everyone oppose it anymore.Thinking of this, Pakura's expression became firm: "Far, I understand! It is us who will win this war, for the entire Ninja Realm, for our tomorrow, we must definitely win!"

     After receiving the information from the headquarters, the Ninja coalition forces were a little nervous. After all, they were about to face a strong man who was once famous in the Ninja world, and the first to encounter the Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation) army was Bofeng Minato. Leading the brigade.

     "Hafeng Minato? How could it be you! Haven't you already..."

     Minato had no idea. The first thing he faced was Konoha who had been assisted by Hokage. He scratched his head awkwardly and said, "Danzō, long time no see!"

     "Hey! What's the matter? Has Hafeng Minato been caught by Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation)?" Hidan on the side, carrying his bloody March sickle, pointed at Hafeng Minato and asked.

     "Hehe, look at Minato's eyes before asking such stupid questions. His eyes are obviously different from ours, not those of Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation)." Yuki said with a cold smile.

     "Asshole! How do I know what my eyes look like? Do you guys want to fight?"

     "Enough Hidan! Don't engage in such meaningless quarrels," Kakuzu said on the side."That's right, didn't you say that you wanted to avenge Konoha Ninja? Now the opportunity is here! Look at the people in front of you, how many of them are Konoha Ninja, let go and kill!"

     Hidan turned his attention to the Ninjas of Konoha. The Ninja coalition forces immediately became vigilant. Kakashi used the Spiritual/Mental Strength of Yamanaka Inoichi to tell everyone about Kakuzu and Hidan.

     "Hidan, let's start!"

     "Haha! Damn Konoha Ninja, my uncle is here!"
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