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Chapter Directory 536 Two Pairs Of Reincarnation Eyes
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After learning that Yamanaka Ryo had Rinnegan, Onoki became frightened, and it took a long time to come back to his senses: "Yamanaka Ryo actually has the legendary pair of eyes, you Konoha hides so deeply!"

     "It's not our Konoha hiding deep, it's deep hiding deep, we only recently learned about it." Jiraiya explained.

     "Senior Jiraiya, you just said that Yamanaka Ryo Rinnegan is more powerful than Akatsuki's previous leader. Have you seen his Rinnegan's Dojutsu (Eye Technique)?" Gaara asked

     Jiraiya shook his head: "I haven't seen Rinnegan's Dojutsu (Eye Technique), but I have seen him in a fusion state of Rinnegan and Hilton (Ice Style). When he was in this state, Pain's attack was frozen for an instant. ."

     Gaara nodded and didn't ask too much. In silence, everyone turned their eyes to the battle between Yamanaka Ryo and Uchiha Madara.

     The damage caused by the two complete Susanoo was too great, because the terrain of the battlefield between the two had been changed.

     The battle between the two has been evenly matched so far. Uchiha Madara Susanoo's knife is covered with Frost, and Yamanaka Ryo's Susanoo has several visible knife marks.Uchiha Madara’s emotions became more and more exciting with the battle with Yamanaka Ryo. He didn’t expect that besides Senju Hashirama, there were people who could confront him head-on. He could meet opponents like Yamanaka Ryo when he returned to this world, which made Uchiha Madara was extremely excited and eager to defeat Yamanaka Ryo.

     In comparison, Yamanaka Ryo is a lot calmer, he is just enjoying the battle, just enjoying.

     However, the attitude towards the battle does not affect the victory of this battle. Uchiha Madara wants to win, and Yamanaka Ryo never thought that he would lose.

     The two seem to be fighting evenly. In fact, in the Susanoo collision, Yamanaka Ryo has condensed the moisture in the air in Uchiha Madara Susanoo into small ice crystals, and now Uchiha Madara’s Susanoo is scattered with a large number of small ice crystals.

     These Uchiha Madara did not know it. When he next attacked, Yamanaka Ryo smiled and directly activated the ice crystals inside Uchiha Madara Susanoo.

     The scattered ice crystals instantly condensed, freezing Uchiha Madara Susanoo's arm, and the knife that slashed at Yamanaka Ryo also froze in midair.

     Uchiha Madara was taken aback for a moment, and then he noticed the ice crystals inside Susanoo. His face was a bit ugly. He didn't expect that Yamanaka Ryo would actually do things from inside Susanoo.The arm was frozen, and Uchiha Madara had nothing to do for a while. Yamanaka Ryo took the opportunity to condense the ice and snow into an ice bow, with the Chakra line as the bowstring, and shot a large ice arrow against Susanoo of Uchiha Madara.

     The Frost Arrow swelled immediately after touching Susanoo of Uchiha Madara, freezing Susanoo of Uchiha Madara in the blink of an eye.

     Yamanaka Ryo lifted the ice giant and Susanoo upon seeing this, and then snapped his fingers. The huge ice cube instantly shattered into ice crystals. Uchiha Madara and his Susanoo disappeared as the ice cube shattered.

     After a while, confetti flew, and pieces of confetti piled up like Uchiha Madara.

     After Uchiha Madara recovered, he was not at all angry. Instead, he looked at Yamanaka Ryo and said with interest: "Your ice is really strange. It can pass through Susanoo's Chakra and freeze the moisture in the air inside Susanoo. It makes me not even more so. What I thought was that I couldn't get rid of your ice for the first time."

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and didn't say anything. Uchiha Madara's face sank when he saw it: "Don't think you have won." Mangekyō who talked about Uchiha Madara changed and gradually became Rinnegan.

     "Okay, let's start the second round!"

     As soon as Uchiha Madara's voice fell, Yamanaka Ryo felt that he was kicked and flew out of the place.Yamanaka Ryo frowned and entered Sage Mode, but he still didn't find anyone attacking him.

     "Limbo (Border Jail)? Unexpectedly, Uchiha Madara can use his Dojutsu (Eye Technique) without real Rinnegan. This is troublesome." Yamanaka Ryo murmured.

     Not far away, Uchiha Madara noticed the facial makeup of Sennin (Sage) on Yamanaka Ryo's face with disdain, and continued to control the figure in the dark to attack Yamanaka Ryo.

     After being "sneak attack" several times, Yamanaka Ryo's anger also rose. He stood still and closed his eyes, and a chill began to exude around his body.

     Uchiha Madara sneered: "Want to freeze my Limbo (Border Jail) with Hyatt (Ice Style)? It's naive."

     But the next second, something Uchiha Madara never expected happened. Limbo (Border Jail) was frozen instantly when he approached Yamanaka Ryo, and then his connection with Limbo (Border Jail) was forcibly severed.

     Uchiha Madara's face changed drastically, and he kept trying to communicate with Limbo (Border Jail), but unfortunately it didn't work.

     "How is this possible! Limbo (Border Jail) is Rinnegan's Dojutsu (Eye Technique), how can ordinary Hyton (Ice Style) freeze Limbo (Border Jail), this..."

     Uchiha Madara hadn’t spoken yet, but Yamanaka Ryo’s voice rang behind him: “Of course normal Hilton (Ice Style) can’t, but mine can.”Uchiha Madara gave a cold snort and turned to look at Yamanaka Ryo. At the moment when he turned around, Uchiha Madara saw the ice blue Rinnegan in Yamanaka Ryo's eyes.

     Uchiha Madara showed a surprised and even panicked expression for the first time: "You...Rinnegan! How is this possible!"

     "The stone tablet is right there, anyone can see, is it weird that I can turn on Rinnegan?" Yamanaka Ryo deliberately led the topic to the stone tablet.

     After Uchiha Madara saw Rinnegan of Yamanaka Ryo, he had already retired: ‘Unexpectedly, this kid also turned on Rinnegan. His Hilton (Ice Style) should incorporate Rinnegan’s power. It’s not good for me to continue.

     Obito should have collected seven Bijuu (Tailed Beast) over there. It is really impossible to start the plan in advance. With Jūbi (Ten-Tails), Yamanaka Ryo is nothing to be afraid of. ’

     Thinking that Uchiha Madara no longer intends to spend time with Yamanaka Ryo, he urges Rinnegan to use Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push) with himself as the center. A powerful repulsive force bursts instantly and swept the entire battlefield.

     The power that Rinnegan exerted on Uchiha Madara is not comparable to that of Nagato. The repulsive force rolled up endless yellow sand towards the Ninja coalition and Jiraiya and they swept away.Uchiha Madara's attack came suddenly, and Yamanaka Ryo never expected him to launch such an attack. Yamanaka Ryo didn't have much defense for a while. In order to protect the Ninja coalition and Jiraiya, Yamanaka Ryo gritted his teeth and froze the nearby space.

     Uchiha Madara had long thought that Yamanaka Ryo would take action to protect the Ninja coalition forces. He stopped attacking as soon as he sensed the fluctuation of Yamanaka Ryo's eyes power and took the opportunity to leave.

     Then Yamanaka Ryo absorbed this repulsive force and lifted the ice of the space, leaving only a big hole where Uchiha Madara was just now.

     Yamanaka Ryo snorted coldly, teleporting back to the Ninja coalition headquarters with an iron face.
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