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Chapter Directory 546 Silent Ten Tail
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After the recovery of Jūbi (Ten-Tails), everyone on the battlefield looked at it. At this time, Jūbi (Ten-Tails) was in an unconscious state, with no action, just lying there quietly.

     "Kurama, this big guy doesn't seem to be that strong! No, it should be said that Chakra, who didn't feel it, has failed the resurrection?"

     "Idiot, aren't you in Sage Mode? Use Spiritual/Mental Strength to perceive that the power of Jūbi (Ten-Tails) is not as simple as Chakra. He is part of the world and the nature of Chakra itself."

     Naruto was obedient and perceived the existence of Jūbi (Ten-Tails), and then Naruto's face instantly became ugly.

     If the Chakra of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) is a pond, the power of Jūbi (Ten-Tails) is equivalent to a sea, and the gap is too big.

     Naruto swallowed and said, "Just...just kidding! How can such a monster exist."

     "This is Jūbi (Ten-Tails), and it is still in an incomplete state. Jūbi (Ten-Tails) should slowly absorb the natural Chakra, then change its body shape, complete the evolution, and finally become the sacred tree. Look like."

     "Then what should we do?" Naruto continued to ask.

     "No way, contact Yamanaka Ryo! See what he says."Naruto nodded, communicated with the coalition headquarters, and reported the situation here with Yamanaka Inoichi.

     Yamanaka Inoichi relayed Naruto's words to Yamanaka Ryo. Yamanaka Ryo thought for a while and said, "Brother Minato, sister Kushina, you should go to Naruto first! Shisui should be on the way now, you just need to delay as much as possible before I pass. The evolution of Jūbi (Ten-Tails) is just fine."

     "Okay, I see!" Hafeng Minato nodded, and teleported to Naruto with Kushina.

     At the same time, the figure of Yamanaka Ryo also disappeared from the coalition headquarters.

     "You are here!" Shikkotsu Forest, Katsuyu said after sensing the arrival of Yamanaka Ryo.

     "Hello, it seems you have guessed that I will come."

     "You came to me to be related to the resurrection of Jūbi (Ten-Tails)! What do you want to know?" Katsuyu asked directly.

     "I want to know if Kaguya, resurrected with the current Jūbi (Ten-Tails), can I handle it." Yamanaka Ryo opened Rinnegan, integrated Xiaolin's power, and presented his strongest state in front of Katsuyu ontology.

     At first, Yamanaka Ryo thought that Kaguya could be dealt with by his own strength, but after sensing the Powerful of Jūbi (Ten-Tails), Yamanaka Ryo hesitated. Although according to the plot, Kaguya must be sealed by Naruto Sasuke, but Yamanaka Ryo Don't want to put hope on others.That's why he came to Katsuyu ontology and wanted to get an answer from Katsuyu ontology.

     Katsuyu did not perceive the state of Yamanaka Ryo but directly said: "In fact, you already have the answer in your heart, don't you? Now that you have the answer, just let it go. You are the most talented young man I have ever seen. It’s stronger than the pillars back then, so I’m more confident."

     "Confident? Haha! That's right, confident! Thank you, I think too much!" Katsuyu did not give Yamanaka Ryo's answer, but gave him something more important than the answer. Yamanaka Ryo's concerns have been thorough. Put it down.

     "It seems that I don't need to say more, so I wish you success."

     "Thank you!" Yamanaka Ryo left Shikkotsu Forest and returned to the coalition headquarters.

     As soon as Yamanaka Ryo returned, Yamanaka Inoichi immediately reported to him: "Far, Fourth Raikage has processed all the White Zetsu, and is now rushing to Naruto's position with the coalition forces."

     "Where is the medical brigade?"

     "Emergency treatment for the wounded on their side has also been completed. Do you want them to go to Naruto too?"

     "No, it is better for the medical team to be in the rear. Let Suzune and Sakura pass! Give the command of the medical ninja to Shizune.""Okay, I understand. By the way, there is one more thing. The Lord between the pillars contacted me just now and said that I can still feel the breath of Eight-tailed Jinchūriki, so let's find a way to rescue it."

     "Is Killer B not dead? I see, leave it to me!"

     Yamanaka Inoichi was taken aback for a moment, and then asked: "Far, you are not going to the battlefield anymore?"

     Yamanaka nodded: "When all the coalition forces arrive, my responsibility of command will be fulfilled, and I will rush to it when the time comes. After I leave, Brother Shikaku, Brother Inoichi, and the staff headquarters will ask you for help. The battle is under your unified command."

     "Far, isn't this not so good? You are after all..."

     "Okay, Inoichi! Stop talking. There is nothing wrong with the decision of Yuan. You can also perceive the existence of Jūbi (Ten-Tails). It is better to go directly to the battlefield now. It is enough to have us in the headquarters. "Nara Shikaku said.

     Nara Shikaku had said so, and he could only nodded in agreement.

     At the same time, Naruto and his wife have arrived at the battlefield where Naruto is, and Shisui has also followed closely behind sb or sth on the battlefield.

     "Is this Jūbi (Ten-Tails)? Really big!" Shisui sighed as he looked at Jūbi (Ten-Tails) lying there.

     "Shisui-senpai? Why are you here? Aren't you with Fourth Raikage?" Sasuke asked strangely after seeing Shisui."It was sensei who asked me to come and help. Jūbi (Ten-Tails) feels like he is not asleep now, so let's attack directly!" Shisui suggested.

     "Senior Shisui was right. I wanted to test offensively and see how this big guy reacted." Naruto immediately agreed.

     "Master Minato, what do you think?"

     "Then listen to you and try it!" After speaking, Minato threw the Flying thunder god Kunai at the place where Jūbi (Ten-Tails) was, and then teleported to Jūbi (Ten-Tails), leaving behind it. With the mark of Flying thunder god, he teleported back to Naruto.

     "Okay, let's start now! Use your strongest technique to attack, and I will help you move over, so that you won't be blocked by others."

     Everyone looked at each other and nodded, and began to prepare for their own surgery.

     Naruto’s Rasenshuriken, Sasuke’s Adding Earth Life, Shisui’s Bashaqiong tomoe, Kushina’s Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball), together shoot like Jūbi (Ten-Tails).

     When Otsutsuki saw this, Yanagishi wanted to stop him, but in the next second these skills disappeared, and at the same time a huge explosion occurred on Jūbi (Ten-Tails).

     Jūbi (Ten-Tails), who had been silent for a long time, was suddenly attacked, let out a sharp roar, his ten tails stood upright, and then slammed them against the ground.

     Along with the shaking of the ground, Jūbi (Ten-Tails) once again returned to silence, and the wound on his body healed with the speed visible to the naked eye."What the hell is this guy doing? This is the reaction to being attacked." Shisui murmured.

     "Jūbi (Ten-Tails) has been absorbing the natural Chakra, and the surrounding natural Chakra is pouring into the body of Jūbi (Ten-Tails). If this continues, I am afraid that Jūbi (Ten-Tails) will evolve as far said. ." Bofeng Minato said solemnly.
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