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Chapter Directory 583 Season Finale
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The patriarch of Otsutsuki Clan's face changed drastically. He didn't understand why his soul was damaged.

     In his opinion, with the nourishment of his soul for thousands of years, let alone the wind and snow, even if it is hit by some attacks, there should be nothing wrong.

     Yamanaka Ryo saw his thoughts, smiled and said: "This world was originally opened up by my eyes power Spiritual/Mental Strength, a space between illusion and reality.

     Although this space has evolved into a complete world, the characteristics of the ice world have not changed.

     Except for me and the people who have been protected by me, any soul in this world will be eroded by endless wind and snow.

     Unexpectedly! Mr. Patriarch, your last trump card will become your own reminder. "

     After speaking, Yamanaka Ryo's soul snapped his fingers, and a blizzard blew up in the world of ice.

     The wind and snow containing eyes power and Spiritual/Mental Strength began to erode the soul of the chief Otsutsuki.

     Yamanaka Ryo's soul also launched an attack along with the blizzard.

     The two souls are entangled together, and the soul fighting is nothing but a simple hand-to-hand fight.

     The soul of Patriarch Otsutsuki is much stronger than that of Yamanaka Ryo. After all, Patriarch Otsutsuki has existed for thousands of years, and the quality and toughness of the soul are not comparable to that of Yamanaka Ryo.However, in the world of ice, Yamanaka Ryo has the home court advantage. Under the erosion of the blizzard, the soul of Patriarch Otsutsuki gradually fell into a disadvantage.

     At this time, the patriarch Otsutsuki was a little panicked. He knew that if this continued, his soul would be completely destroyed by the wind and snow and Yamanaka Ryo of this world.

     So patriarch Otsutsuki started to think of ways to get his soul back to his body, and Yamanaka Ryo would naturally not let him do what he wanted.

     The world of Yamanaka Ryo, the world of ice, can control everything in this world. After discovering that the patriarch Otsutsuki wanted the soul to return to the body, Yamanaka Ryo controlled the ice and transported the body of the patriarch Otsutsuki to other places in the world of ice.

     Seeing that there is no hope of returning to the body, the chief Otsutsuki decided to fight to the death and rushed towards Yamanaka Ryo desperately.

     Yamanaka Ryo did not panic at all, while the wind and snow controlling the ice world weakened the soul of the chief Otsutsuki, while dodge the attack of the chief Otsutsuki.

     A few hours later, the soul of Patriarch Otsutsuki had shrunk by more than half, and he could no longer support it.

     After more than half an hour, the soul of Patriarch Otsutsuki, like his body, froze into an ice sculpture.

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled when he saw it. He snapped his fingers, and the ice and snow in the world of ice converged into an ice hammer. He manipulated the ice hammer to directly smash the soul of the head of Otsutsuki.When the Otsutsuki patriarch's soul shattered, Rinnegan's Dojutsu (Eye Technique) was also relieved, and Yamanaka Ryo returned to his body.

     As the soul returned, Yamanaka Ryo immediately sat down. The battle with the patriarch Otsutsuki just took too much Spiritual/Mental Strength, and now he must hurry up to recover.

     And the soul of the head of Otsutsuki, after being knocked into pieces, lost his consciousness, and soon became pure Spiritual/Mental Strength.

     Most of this Spiritual/Mental Strength is absorbed by the ice world to make up for the part of Spiritual/Mental Strength previously drawn by Yamanaka Ryo.

     A small part of it was absorbed by Yamanaka Ryo to help him recover as soon as possible.

     Soon Yamanaka Ryo's condition has basically recovered. He teleported to the body of Chief Otsutsuki, pulled the Ice Mist Sword from Chief Otsutsuki's between the eyebrows, and then relieved Chief Otsutsuki from freezing.

     After the body of the patriarch Otsutsuki was lifted from the ice, he grew old with the naked eye speed. In less than a minute, he changed from a young man in his 20s to an old man about to die.

     After a brief perception, Yamanaka Ryo found that Otsutsuki's body is now safely decayed, and Tenseigan's eyes power has also begun to dissipate and be absorbed by the ice world, and the only one with power is Rinnegan between the eyebrows.Yamanaka Ryo thought for a while or took down the nine tomoe Rinnegan of the head of Otsutsuki between the eyebrows. Rinnegan was taken off and the body of the head of Otsutsuki instantly turned into a residue.

     Yamanaka Ryo sighed, built a simple grave with snow and ice, buried the pile of debris, and then left the world of ice.

     At this time, the battle between Hafeng Minato and the others had ended, and the two elders of Otsutsuki Clan died and injured one.

     After Yamanaka Ryo came out of the ice world, everyone immediately surrounded him.

     "Sensei, did you win?" Shisui cautious and solemn asked.

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded: "He will be left in the ice world forever by me. The greatest threat to the Ninja world has disappeared."

     Everyone smiled upon hearing the words, and Naruto jumped up with excitement.

     "Far, what do you plan to do with Otsutsuki Clan's people?" Hakaze Minato asked.

     "All killed, how?" Sasuke suggested.

     "I don't agree!" Hanayo immediately objected: "Apart from Otsutsuki Clan, there are so many ordinary people in this world, and they are all innocent.

     After killing the people of Otsutsuki Clan, those ordinary people will be killed by people from other worlds because they don't have the power to resist foreign enemies. "

     "What does the life and death of ordinary people in this world have to do with us?""It doesn't matter. We don't kill them, but they die because of us. It's too cruel."

     "Okay, okay, stop arguing." Yamanaka Ryo sighed and stopped the quarrel between the two.

     "I think Hanayo is right. It is really inappropriate to kill all the people of Otsutsuki Clan. After all, there are so many ordinary people protected by them. However, the ambition of wild wolves of Otsutsuki Clan has always been coveted by the ninja world, and I am I don't want to just let them go.

     So I decided to foster someone who would not be a threat to us to become the new Otsutsuki Clan clan. "

     "Isn't there a threat to the Ninja world? Far, you mean him?" Hakaze Minato pointed to Otsutsuki Yanagishi.

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded: "Otsutsuki willow style has been modified by Kotoamatsukami (Distinguished Heavenly Gods). He is already our puppet. I will replace him with Rinnegan, the head of Otsutsuki. With this kind of eyes, Otsutsuki willow style strength It should be enough to command Otsutsuki Clan.

     As for the remaining two elders, let them all be killed! What's the accident in the province? "

     Everyone heard the words look at each other in dismay, and after a brief discussion, they all agreed with Yamanaka Ryo's opinion.After reaching a consensus, Yamanaka Ryo replaced the Otsutsuki willow style with Rinnegan, and Hafeng Minato teleported over to kill the remaining Otsutsuki water style, and then everyone returned to the Ninja Academy and killed the Otsutsuki style.

     Yamanaka Ryo also solved Otsutsuki Momoshiki style and Otsutsuki Urashiki. These two are not good things, and they solve the problems left behind by the province together.

     After getting everything done, Yamanaka Ryo gave Otsutsuki Ryoshi an order to disappear into the starry sky with Otsutsuki Clan and the world.

     Then everyone returned to the teleportation center and planned to use the teleportation channel to return to the Ninja World.

     What they didn't expect was that the transmission channel was actually closed by Kaguya.

     "Brother, what's the situation? This woman won't go back, right?" Suzune asked worriedly.

     Yamanaka Ryo shook his head: "I don't know the specifics, but it's better for us to go back as soon as possible."

     "The passage is closed, how do we get back?" Naruto asked.

     "Using Otsutsuki's original method, let's go to the moon first! Then use the passage on the moon to return to the Ninja World." Yamanaka Ryo thought for a while and said.

     Hafeng Minato nodded: "That can only be done. Let's get ready to start!"

     After some preparations, everyone returned to the moon with the cooperation of Yamanaka Ryo and Hafeng Minato.Without staying on the moon, everyone teleported directly back to the ninja world.

     After returning to the Ninja World, Yamanaka Ryo sensed the situation and found that the Ninja World was peaceful before without any commotion.

     Yamanaka Ryo breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It seems that Kaguya closed the passage only because of fear of Otsutsuki Clan, and she did not violate the agreement.

     Alright, leave the rest to me! Minato, take them back to the village! "

     "Okay, then I beg you." After finishing talking, Minato teleported back to Konoha with everyone.

     Yamanaka Ryo teleported directly to Kaguya's space.

     In the space at this time, apart from Kaguya, the Hagoromo brothers were there, so when Yamanaka Ryo teleported over, he saw Hagoromo brothers and Kaguya sitting together like normal mothers and children.

     There were smiles on the faces of the three of them, as if the previous conflicts and conflicts no longer exist.

     Yamanaka Ryo was a little bit surprised. I don't know what happened to make Kaguya such a big change.

     Otsutsuki Hagoromo on the side saw Yamanaka Ryo’s doubts and said with a smile: “Mother and the patriarch of Otsutsuki Clan have some connection. When the patriarch of Otsutsuki Clan died, his mother felt it immediately.The mother's fear of the Otsutsuki patriarch is the biggest reason for her so many mistakes. Now that the patriarch of Otsutsuki Clan has died, the mother's heart knot has also been untied. "

     "It turned out to be so, that's just right, I originally planned to use my Plot Armor! Now it seems that I can save it.

     So Kaguya, is the agreement between us okay..."

     Kaguya nodded and took the initiative to strip Jūbi (Ten-Tails) from her body. Yamanaka Ryo said with a sigh of relief: "Kaguya, physical matters, please wait a moment, maybe you still need..."

     "No, I don't need a body anymore. I just told Hagoromo and the others that I will watch the changes in the Ninja world with them in another world." After saying that Kaguya's soul left Uchiha Madara's body, Then disappeared with the Hagoromo brothers.

     Uchiha Madara, who had regained his body, looked at Yamanaka Ryo sluggishly. Yamanaka Ryo sighed and sent Uchiha Madara one last time.

     At this point, all the hidden dangers and problems in the ninja world have been solved, and Yamanaka Ryo felt that the whole person was relieved in an instant.

     After taking a deep breath, he teleported back to Yamanaka Clan, where there are people he loves, and those who love him are waiting for him to return.Yamanaka Clan, Yamanaka Nori, and Pakura prepared a large table of delicious food. Suzune, who had just returned home, was gorge oneself. At this time, Yamanaka Ryo suddenly appeared in the room and looked at his family with a bright smile: " Mother, Pakura, I am back!"
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