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Chapter Directory After Reading This Testimonial
    Chinese Name: 少女大召唤  Author: 如倾如诉(Rú qīng rú sù, Plaintive Talk)
    Original: | Translation:

That's it!

     For a whole year and a half, with 5.35 million words, this book finally ushered in the day of its completion!

     how to say it…

     not easy!

     It's really not easy!

     Just because, in this year and a half, Ruqing has never taken a day off, never missed a change, every day is 10,000 words and four chapters updated, and has been writing for a year and a half. When I was sick, I went to the doctor, I was busy at home, and I stayed up late and stayed up for more than forty-eight consecutive codewords. I even came across a nonchalant one. When you want to give up very much.

     However, it is very to rejoice. After so many twists and turns, Ruqing finally persisted, not only kept himself from asking for a day off, not missing a record, and persisted to the day of finishing the book.

     Therefore, Ruqin knows how difficult it is, and some friends who can understand Ruqin also know how difficult it is.

     Here, Ruqing would like to say a sincere word with those friends who accompanied Ben all the way to the end. Thank you!

     Thank you for your continued support!

     Thank you for your unremitting efforts to be with you!

     Thank you steadfAST loyalty colleagues!

     Thank you for your tolerance and commitment to Ruqing!Thank you so much!

     Now, Ruqing is finally able to go out proudly. When chatting with others, he straightened his chest and said the last sentence — — I am the author who has written a book of more than 5 million words!

     It's really... thinking about it, it makes people feel like they want to laugh and cry.

     As for the feeling after finishing the book, I was greatly relieved and a little bit disappointed, but when I thought of the next book, my whole body was filled with enthusiasm again.

     Here, let’s report Ruqing’s plan to your friends first!

     Xin Ruqing is going to upload it on March 1st!

     For a year and a half, Ruqing wants to take a break for a while, so I ask my friends to forgive me. Let Ruqing be lazy, take a rest for two or three weeks, and wait until the Chinese New Year. From now on, starting in March next month, it will be time to meet you again!

     And the new name Ma, Ruqin didn’t really think about it, so I leave a suspense here first. After the new name is released, Ruqin will reveal it in the penguin group, Bali, and Benli, and summon my friends. Friends embark on a new journey together!

     At that time, please friends to continue to support Oh~ ~ ~Then, I heard that after the book is finished, I can still vote for this book. I hope that friends and friends can vote for this book. Ruqin will remember everyone's good ~ ~ ~

     That's it, my Darling friends, let's download this in March, see again/goodbye!

     I wish you all a good year ~ ~ ~ Happy New Year ~ ~ ~)