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Chapter Directory 1057 Chapter 72 Longyu Glacier
    Chinese Name: 网游之纵横天下  Author: 失落叶(Shīluò yè, Lost Leaves)
    Original: www.17k.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

"Go back to hell, you devil!"

     Accompanied by a clear voice, Abyssal Ruin's body disappeared, and even the black heart was also wiped out.

     Standing behind Abyssal Ruin, it was a young girl carrying a sharp sword with tears on her cheeks. She held a black spirit and cried, "I'm sorry..."

     The guilt in his heart made Bing Lan cry, and the Holy Spirit in the palm of his hand, Mingyu’s black deity turned into a trace of black air and completely evaporated. As the number one powerhouse in the mainland, he finally returned to dust and dirt. It's gone.

     Annie stood up and said loudly: "Bing Lan, the heart of the saint! The source of all evil, and... the saint is about to step out of hell, don't..."


     "Hey, is this the continent that used to be?"

     At this moment, a sharp sound penetrated everyone's hearts.

     At the barrier of the entrance of hell, a head poked out, blood-red hair burning like flames dancing frantically, a pair of brown eyes without a trace of color, like Nether Soul, but also like a poisonous snake, with shoulders faintly exposed The armor of the place, the scale armor is like a blade, and a shocking energy appears in the human world, far better than the supernatural power of Bing Lan and Abyssal Ruin!Holy One, the Holy One has really come! It's just that one after another magic spell was wrapped around his body, which was the sealed Effect, but these spells could no longer imprison him, and he was being stricken by Laceration.

     Bing Lan clenched her silver teeth, and a black spar appeared in her palm. As if she had made a decision, she walked towards the saint step by step.

     Suddenly, Bing Lan turned around and looked at me with teary eyes: "Sorry, I...I actually...actually...I..."

     She couldn't cry, her beautiful eyes were covered with mist, and she looked at me crying and whimpered: "We...let's say goodbye, you have to remember...remember me...I used to, used to be so...I..."

     Suddenly, Bing Lan walked towards the saint, and suddenly covered the saint's head with a snow-white palm.

     The saint raised his head high and laughed: "Little girl, although your Strength is good, it is not enough to stop me, hahaha!"

     Bing Lan looked angry, biting his silver teeth, and said: "I would like to freeze you demon with HP, and be silent with me in the glacier forever!"


     Bing Lan crushed the heart of the saint in his hand, and at the same time turned to look at us, and said loudly: "You leave soon!"Everyone was shocked, Annie hurriedly pulled Fei Ya to fly, she had already noticed Bing Lan's actions.

     Ling Xue, Ice Tea, Ling Yue and Qin Yun also followed suit.

     only I rushed to Bing Lan quickly, and said loudly: "Bing Lan...you, what do you want to do?!"

     Bing Lan looked decisive, her beautiful eyes were full of attachment and reluctance, she murmured: "Take care of yourself, remember... remember your responsibility, manage Dragon Territory well, goodbye, my dearest person ..."


     A strong storm suddenly broke out with Bing Lan as the center. At that moment, I clearly saw that thick frost was condensed on Bing Lan's beautiful eyes!

     In the next moment, I was pushed up high. It was a trace of Strength when Bing Lan died. She released the HP Forbidden Curse...

     The earth rumbling, the saint's head was twisted off, and Bing Lan looked up at me with the saint's head, with a faint smile on his mouth.


     Frozen for thousands of miles, the earth suddenly turned blue, Bing Lan’s divine power echoed in the air for a long time, and the glacier became thicker and thicker. Gradually, I could no longer see Bing Lan. We were already thick. The iceberg is isolated.On the big map, the three main cities, including Helm City, Fire Dragon City, and Clear Wind City, have all been implicated and all turned into glaciers. Nearly one-tenth of the Spirit of Grief continent is frozen by hard ice.


     Standing on top of the glacier, I stupidly looked at the blue to black glacier, and suddenly entered into a transformation state, and my iron fist hit the iceberg heavily!


     A few icy debris shattered, leaving only a shallow trace in my punch. These frosts are not ordinary frosts, but the barriers protected by the divine power of Bing Lan, even if they are artifacts, they cannot be shredded.

     "Boom boom boom..."

     I thumped on the frost with a punch and a punch. Although I was desperately suppressed, I felt a warm current on my cheeks, and I knelt on the glacier weakly, muttering, "Bing Lan... Are you like this...what the hell is this?"

     In the air, a page of parchment scrolls fell down, clearly recording--

     There are 47 sacred dragons, 679 pterosaurs, 1184 earth dragons, and 2638 others.

     Food: 18747450 gold coins/month

     Cleaning: 8410000 gold coins/month

     Weapon loss: 11097480 gold coins/month


     Tears blurred my vision, I picked up the parchment, and my mouth slid like a dried fish. I wanted to cry but couldn't cry."Bing Lan, if you are real, that would be great..."

     "I'm standing in front of you, I can talk to you, and I can touch you. Isn't that true enough?"

     Familiar dialogue echoed in my ears. I thought everything was illusory, but the feeling of heartache was so clear and heart-wrenching.

     "Shusheng[Bookworm] ......"

     A snow-white hand is on my shoulder, it is Ling Xue.

     I lowered my head and slowly carried the parchment paper into my arms. At the same time, my title had changed. Dragon Conjuror, the unique and unmatched person on this continent is me.

     However, he could not feel a trace of joy.

     Qin Yun also fell, and said softly: "Shusheng[Bookworm], let's go home..."


     I stood up, and the tears before it turned into frozen blue ice cones and spilled all over the floor.

     At this moment, the system bell rang--

     "Ding! ~!"

     System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the Quest [Spirit of Grief], obtained a number of Experience (Level capped), obtained 7.5 million Prestige value, obtained 40 Luck value, and obtained the epic holy relic: [Moon Grief] !

     ...I smiled miserably. What if there are more rewards? If a person is unhappy, even if it is given to the whole world? In exchange for these rewards with Bing Lan's HP, I would rather none of this happened.

     Inside the package, the divine artifact glowing with moonlight appeared, Moon Sorrow, after the saint’s heart was broken, the violent energy contained in Moon Sorrow disappeared. Now it is a peerless magic weapon, and it is right. A little compensation for my Bei Mingjian broken.

     At the same time, another ring of System Announcement echoed in the air——

     "Ding! ~!"

     System Announcement: Congratulations to Player Easily Angered Bookworm, Cool Breeze Flying Snow, Ice Tea, Purple Rhythmn, Cool Breeze Embraces the Moon for completing the Quest [Spirit of Grief], the new version of the Holy One is officially opened, and the top ten Spirit of Grief-BOSS is renewed Conferred gods, the rankings are respectively——

     1. Huo Wu Fenghua Penina

     2. Spirit Dance Xuewei

     3. Pereira, the Fire Giant

     4. Bloodhand Linster

     5. Evil Messenger Longte

     6. Misty thundering Michael

     7. Vatra the Sky Shadow

     8. Hell Thunder Dragon Dailin

     9, the dark night shadow dancer Feng Yu

     10. Spirit Control Master Liu Ge


     "Hehe, I have finally re-appointed the gods again, it's another journey to destroy the gods!" Ice Tea said with a faint smile.In the sky, Annie slowly descended, and said softly: "Master Bing Lan used HP to form this iceberg. In this case, the saint is also equivalent to being permanently banned. A bad luck on the Spirit of Grief mainland has passed. However, , You have also seen that at the moment when the plane of hell opened, many evil spirits have escaped, and many of them are experts at the Abyssal Ruin level. Therefore, we must continue to use the HP Protector continent."

     I nodded without saying anything.

     Fei Ya smiled at me and took off back to White Clouds City with Annie.

     I opened the map again, and a new big map has been formed here, named "Dragon Whisper Glacier". When I saw this name, I couldn't help but feel a sore nose. This is the domain that Bing Lan has established with HP...

     In fact, this result may have been predicted by Bing Lan a long time ago, but she did not expect everything to come so quickly, and it seems to me that my journey should come to the end of a phase.

     "Let's go back to Tiankey City..." I said lightly, and several sisters returned to the city together.


     When I came to the city, I took out the Sorrow of the Moon. This is a long sword with a gorgeous and elegant streamline, with the supernatural power of the moonlight floating on the surface, and the rank is beyond my original Beiming Sword——

     [Sorrow of the Moon] (Tianmai Artifact)

     Attack: 450000-1054000

     Strength: +48000Stamina: +47500

     Agility: +45000

     Intelligence: +43000

     Additional: Increase the user's physical Attack power by 1050%, and with 800% moonlight attribute damage

     Additional: 40% chance to ignore Defense, and a great chance to cause 50 times damage

     Special Effect :【Moonshang】

     Gem Slot Number: 40

     Introduction:? ? ?

     Additional conditions: drops of blood cannot be dropped after recognizing the master, and cannot be traded

     Level Requirement: Tianyu Level 285

     Bind Player: Easily Angered Bookworm

     Need Title: The End is Coming

     Required Prestige: 4050, 0000


     This mysterious artifact is even hidden in the Introduction, maybe it will appear in the next version, right? In addition, when the Player is bound, I am the only one in the world who can use it.

     The powerful attribute is staggering. The Attack attribute is 3-4 times that of Beimingjian. If you use this weapon to reach the grind level, I am afraid that you can't kill it without a spike.

     Wearing the Swire artifact Eternal Set Equipment and holding the Sorrow of the Moon in my hand, I can only use S6 or even S7, I believe it is not a problem.

     The system was maintained after half an hour, which was in the middle of the night.


     In the lobby of the villa, no one slept, and a group of people sat on the sofa in the cold and bright moonlight."Shusheng[Bookworm], still in a bad mood?"

     Ling Xue snuggled in my arms and asked with a smile.

     I shook my head: "I'm still working, what's the matter?"

     "It's nothing."

     Ling Yue held the cup and said, "Next month, Qin Yun and I will go to the United States. The business situation there needs to be supervised. You and Little Xue will be responsible for the development in China."

     "Leave next month?" I looked at the time: "A few days have passed?"

     "Yeah." Ling Yue pursed his lips and smiled: "Why, don't you want to?"

     I nodded: "Well, I really don't want to."


     Ling Yue smiled sweetly, but then said: "In addition, Xue Yue Studio officially announced its dissolution. Xiang Xiang, Summer, Little Rain and Zi Yue entered Bluestar jobs, and Ice Tea seems to be leaving."


     I turned to look.

     Ice Tea nodded and sighed: "We have been together for nearly two years. We have been together for a long time. Perhaps, it's time to leave.

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