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Chapter Directory 1058 A Touch Of Sweetness (the Finale)
    Chinese Name: 网游之纵横天下  Author: 失落叶(Shīluò yè, Lost Leaves)
    Original: | Translation:

In the north-central part of the mainland, a glacier that will be silent for thousands of years stands tall, and Cold Wind roars with a shallow dragon roar, seeming to tell legends and myths that were once epic.

     Under the glacier, a beautiful young girl is holding the head of the evil spirit, with a smile at the corners of her mouth, her eyes are like stars, she is motionless, like the entire glacier, as deadly silent.


     In a blink of an eye, half a year passed.

     The battle on the Spirit of Grief is far from halting. Abyssal Ruin’s death is not the end. Another terrifying evil spirit has appeared-Huo Wu Fenghua Penina, the evil and powerful Nether Soul queen at the former site of the Hell Castle A new cemetery was built on it and became the biggest enemy of the Silver Moon Alliance.

     Fei Ya is led by the Queen, Annie is the general, and the Silver Moon Alliance continues to fight for survival and dignity.

     After the destruction of the City of Helm and the Fire Dragon City, where they evolved into the Dragon Whisper Glacier, which is not close to anyone, the Player in the United States can only shrink to the City of Heroes, and the City of Flash continues to contend with China, while the Indian Legion led by the Barbarian Throne has 18 times West came out of Yan City, seized Dawn City, and fought White Clouds City one after another.

     Seven Starlight volunteered to lead the soul return shirt to withdraw from the barren land and fought in Icewolf City, becoming a prince, but also possessing the strength to check and balance the barbaric throne.In addition, Xue Yue has also gone through the necessary stages of every trump card Guild. The main members gradually fade out. Sad and Silky Calm Breeze and Flying Fire have gone to business. Carefree Shadow and Snow Meets Grass have finally rubbed the spark of love. I officially got married in Beijing last month and also faded out of the game.

     Rubiks Cube of Destiny went to the hotel where the old lady was running, and Nangong Lexi went to the University of Suzhou with a whimsical postgraduate entrance examination, and vowed to be self-taught and come to Bluestar to apply for employment. Then I will explain that whenever I see a sister named Nangongle If Xi comes to apply for the job, all will stay.

     Chaotic Dance of Spring and Autumn graduated, went to a family business for an internship, and rarely played games. Almost all the main players were gone, leaving two sisters, Fleeting Time of Fiery Flower and Icily Stellar, one as Xue Yue Union/Guild Master, the other was Dream Returns To Xue Yue Union/Guild Master. After half a year of silence, Xue Yue had only more than a dozen leagues left, barely entering the ranks of the top ten guilds in China.

     I have no intention of continuing to fight in the game. After all, the glorious era created by Xue Yue will always come to an end. The most powerful territory in China occupies half of the entire map, and we have not coveted more, bite off more than one can chew!


     "Shusheng[Bookworm], you are finally online..."In Tiankey City, Icily Stellar, wearing a set of S7, walked over with a smile and said: "Good guy, this time I haven't been online for a full week. I thought you forgot all of us."

     "Hehe, how can I see you?" I looked at her equipment and said: "S7, not bad, I heard there are only 5 sets of servers."

     "That is!"

     "I should do something for Ling Xue..."

     "Forget it, Ling Xue hasn't been online for half a month."

     "Ah, busy, too busy."

     Icily Stellar nodded to express understanding, but came up again, smiled in my ear and asked: "That...Ice Tea Beauties/Beauty has been away from home for almost half a year, have you come back?"

     I felt sad: "No, that girl really doesn't want us at all..."

     "Well, maybe it's really like she said, World has no permanent banquet."



     Saying goodbye to Icily Stellar, I turned into a high-altitude flight. Soon after, I came to a piece of Icebound World, which is the Dragon Whisper Glacier.


     Floating on top of the mountains and rivers, I slowly sat down, Moon Sorrow was placed on my leg diagonally, and the whole person was lying on the ice in a large font.

     "Bing Lan, it's been half a year, are you okay?"The voice echoed on the empty ice field, and no one answered.

     I smiled bitterly: "Bing Lan, you answer me, okay?"

     Still, no one answered.

     At this moment, with a bang, a white light flew out of my arm and turned into a human form, which was Ling'er, the phantom girl.

     "Brother, why do you come here so often?" Ling'er asked softly, sitting cross-legged beside me.

     I pressed my cheek on the ice and said: "Because, there is a sister who is sleeping here, I...I'm afraid she will be alone, so I come here every month..."

     "Oh." Ling'er seemed to understand, "Brother loves that sister very much?"


     I whispered softly, but I heard a smile like a silver bell in the ice, like a dream.

     "Bing Lan, is that you?"

     I was leaning on the ice, but I couldn't catch the laugh anymore. The laughter was like a cry of a girl, and a trance like a dream, fascinating.


     I sighed and sat up. At this moment, a Dragon Knight flew over and said loudly, "Master Dragon Conjuror, this is the expenses of Dragon Territory this month!"

     I took the order, good guy, it's hundreds of millions of gold coins again!

     With a swipe of the pen: "Go, find the capital of Tiankey City!"

     "Yes, my lord!"Loyal Dragon Knight, always listen to what I say.


     A man and two women in the streets of Shanghai in a quiet afternoon.

     "Shall we go for an afternoon tea? The morning meeting caused me to have a headache. Huh, Murong Shanshan is a real shit. It doesn't save face at all. It is harder to get a 0.1% share in her hands than to beg for food!"

     Ling Xue said angrily, wearing a dark blue uniform.

     I couldn't help laughing: "Finally, didn't you want to arrive?"

     "That's Lin Fan coming forward, or else, hum..."

     I turned around and looked at the other uniform Beauty/Beauty beside me: "Xiang Xiang, do you like coffee or milk tea?"

     Rice Flower Fragrance thought for a while and smiled: "Milk tea!"

     "Well, Ling Xue, let's go over there. There is a new one. I heard that the national chain is very strong. It has been opened in Shanghai for two months. We haven't visited it yet."

     "Alright!" Ling Xue smiled and nodded, then said: "Next month, my sister and Qin Yun will also come back from the United States, haha, finally everyone can get together again, it's just a pity, Ice Tea since she returned to Hangzhou Since then, I haven’t shown up. It’s been half a year, and the phone calls rarely come..."

     "The little girl, who knows what's going on..."

     ...Entering the tea shop, the beautiful waiter dressed in green uniform greeted us, ordered a few signature refreshments and then sat down.

     But at this moment, laughter came from the next table: "Hey, isn't this brother Shusheng[Bookworm]? Why are you here too..."

     I turned around and took a look. It turned out to be Zi Yue, Summer, and Rain Falls Quietly.

     "Good guys, this is how you three dealt with it during work hours in the afternoon?"

     "Hehe, aren't you here too?"

     "Humph, come and sit together."

     Zi Yue yelled: "The chair is a little bit back, it's too crowded..."

     I stared and said: "Mother, don't use your chest to push the glass door, how can it not be crowded..."

     Ling Xue and Rice Flower Fragrance laughed from ear to ear.

     At this time, the tea house foreman came over and said with a smile: "Sir, we have N new-style refreshments here. Can you order free orders at the front desk?"

     "Oh, is it so?"

     My eyes glowed and I followed her to the front desk, but she turned around and said, "Free ordering requires the approval of the general manager. That... the general manager's room is on the left hand side and turn right and the third one..."


     I was slightly surprised, what general manager of this, is there a mystery inside?

     So, cautious and timid came in and knocked on the door.

     "Come in."It's a girl's voice, and it's quite familiar.

     I pushed in.


     A delicate body rushed into my arms, and a familiar scent puffed my nose. I almost didn't need to look at it to know it. I couldn't help but be pleasantly surprised: "Ice Tea, you... why are you here?"

     "Why do you say so much, haven't seen me in so long, and celebrate with you?" Ice Tea raised his face and looked at me with a smile.

     I immediately lowered my head and gave a light kiss on her lips, taking care not to overdo.

     "Let's go, Ling Xue, they are all outside. Everyone misses you very much. Who knows that you are hiding here without saying a word. It's really bad..." I groaned.

     Ice Tea Laughing and Smiling: "Recently, I have been running around all over the country. It was only two days before I returned to the main store in Shanghai. I originally planned to give you a surprise. Who knows that your animal has a keen sense of smell, so I came here by myself. !"


     I held Ice Tea in my arms and kissed her white face again: "Okay, let's go, go out to meet the guests."

     "Cut..." Ice Tea was very resentful.

     When they came outside, Ling Xue and several people were also very surprised. They all jumped up happily, and then hugged Ice Tea and kissed them indiscriminately. This made Ice Tea even sigh "I will be kissed for the rest of my life".

     ...A week later, Shanghai International Airport.

     "Why haven't you come yet?" Ling Xue looked at his watch: "Is it late, it's impossible..."

     Ice Tea said: "Don't worry, it will be here soon."

     Soon after, with the roar, a Boeing 747 landed slowly, and two beautiful figures appeared.

     Ling Xue Ice Tea greeted them, and several Beauties/Beauty hugged them, very affectionate.

     Ling Yue let go of Ice Tea, came to me, and sighed: "It's been so long, it means nothing."

     I spread my hands and smiled: "I have dinner..."

     As he said, he took Ling Yue into his arms and smiled: "Thanks outside..."


     In the scorching summer, a torrential rain, a few people turned into chickens, hiding in the Mercedes-Benz business, watching the thunder rumbling outside, everyone couldn't help but laugh.


     The shining thunder and lightning intertwined into two big characters in the air-the end!

     "Di! You have a new short message..."

     Ling Xue took out his mobile phone and pressed OK. It clearly reads: "Dear customer, on the occasion of the completion of Unparelled Across The World of this online game and the author's Lost Leaf God +1, all customers with a top-up of 100RMB can be used. Receive a piece of'washing white' soap, please go to major outlets to handle this business, 10086 thank you for your use and support!"I asked: "What's the matter?"

     "Harassment-harassing text messages."

     Ling Xue quickly deleted the information and smiled: "Where to eat at night?"

     "Go to Suzhou!" Ice Tea suggested: "Dragon Soul and Lin Shuang's wedding will be held the day after tomorrow. Let's kill them together and eat him for three days!"


     The Mercedes-Benz commercial flight also disappeared in the rain, leaving only a faint taste of happiness on the empty highway.

     (End of the book.)

     After this testimonial——

     [Unparelled Across The World] After a year and seven months, I finally finished it!

     The book is more than 4 million words long. It can be said that Unparelled Across The World has almost exhausted Ye Zi’s creativity. When I look back, I am infinitely lamented. I walked together. Without the support of 17K book friends and mobile book friends, there would be no Unparelled Across The World success today.

     The game time is always so beautiful and worthy of nostalgia. I looked back suddenly and realized that I was no longer the ignorant teenager who was addicted to the game. A man who was running three seemed not to be immersed in that naive dream. Well, Unparelled Across The World of online games has fulfilled my dream for many years, and I am grateful!Ling Xue, Ling Yue, Ice Tea, Qin Yun, Zi Yue, Suyoung girl er of Last Year, Rain Falls Quietly, Faint Fragrance of Rice Flower, Dragon Soul, Sky Punisher, Carefree Shadow, Seven Starlight, Lonely Grave, Rubiks Cube of Destiny, Chaotic Dance of Spring and Autumn Savage Throne, Dark Roar, Brave Heart, Nangong Lexi, Fei Ya, Annie, Wind Chaser Karen, Bing Lan, Abyssal Ruin, these familiar and unfamiliar IDs will always be Stay in the dream, Unparelled Across The World is a dream and an immortal classic in my heart!

     Do you remember Ling Xue who was spoiled and willful? Happiness and sadness in a heavy snowfall.

     Remember the Ice Tea of the proud rascal? The bright red blood traces her strength and love.

     Do you remember the gentle and elegant Qin Yun? The separation again and again made them more loath to part.

     Remember that strong and steady Ling Yue? The promise of a lifetime made her feel heartbroken.

     Remember that beautiful and powerful Bing Lan? For everything she loves deeply, she would rather live the Protector on the glacier forever.

     Remember that silly Shusheng[Bookworm]? Still staying at Longyu Glacier, day after day, year after year.

     The tears of Ice Tea tell me what strength is, the tears of Ling Xue tell me what love is, the tears of Qin Yun tell me what tolerance and helplessness are, and the tears of Bing Lan tell me how sweet and sour separation is.Between the origin and the extinction, in the small wilderness village, the body of the undead Mira has sunk into the soil, but the shattered cloak is still telling the sad love. On the battlefield where the corpses are everywhere, Lin Qiu's corpse has long been Turned into Dust, in a cave on the seabed, Lin Ke, the undead who insisted on creating Armor for Annie, has probably become dead bones. Will anyone go back to mourn him? Will anyone remember his name? The moment Bing Lan was freezing himself, someone was crying, and no one saw the tears in the ice. Under the shadow of the Dragon Territory, the sword in front of the grave was flashing sharp point, Ying Fei and Diwu, but who remembers that time? Persistence...

     Dependent arising, everything is like a dream, like an illusion, fate, everything is broken as before.

     It's time to end. When I typed the finale, I was suddenly very reluctant to give up the characters that live in my heart, and reluctant to leave this obsessive online game dream, but it still has to end. Because life has to go on.

     Okay, I admit, the above paragraph is a myth of Clone piracy...The online game under Yezixia will be published on ( on January 1, 2011. It is updated twice a day. The title is "World Warriors of Online Games". Well, the title is a little bit, but the content It is guaranteed to look good, and this "World Warriors of Online Games" will always be read for free, no VIP subscription is required. I hope everyone will enter the genuine website, add clicks to the leaves, add flowers and collections, thank you for walking with the leaves to Unparelled Across The World At the end.

     Finally, I will give you a little poem——

     My deceased has chicken millet and invited me to Tian's house.

     Tree edge of the village together, Aoyama Guo oblique.

     Open the noodle farm and talk about the wine.

     When it comes to Double Ninth Day, the chrysanthemum will come.

     (Well, I start to miss Ice Tea...)

     PS: Sitting on thousands of miles, three thousand harem beauties! Recommend an online game "Online Games: The Beauty of the Country".
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