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Chapter Directory 556 People Are Not As Good As Dogs. This Is ...
    Chinese Name: 九重神格  Author: 辰机唐红豆(Chén jī táng hóngdòu, ChenJi Red Bean)
    Original: | Translation:

After all, it is in the space of one's own consciousness, so many things are actually the existence of the birth and death of a thought - including the Nine Nether Meditation Diagram.

     At the moment when Old Demon Yin was cut off and Dao Xin was about to collapse, Hong Xiaobao suddenly had an unprecedented level of enlightenment.

     Tao, what is Tao?

     What I want, what I love, what I pursue, what I can't give up, what I can't forget, etc.! All this is my way!

     Do not seek to become a demon into a god, but to be free and unfettered for a lifetime.

     I want freedom.

     I want to have the freedom of free choice.

     I also want to have the freedom not to choose.

     Since the ways of the predecessors are not suitable for me, why don't I go out of my own way?

     A great man once said: There is no way in the world, but there are more people walking, so there is a way. That being the case, why don't I be the one who took the first step?

     Who can guarantee that my path must be wrong? Who can guarantee that the path that the predecessors walked must be right?

     Therefore, Hong Xiaobao created such a meditation picture.

     This is his freedom!

     This is his way!

     As for whether this kind of Tao will be recognized by the world, is there any rule of effect, etc.

     hyicare?Anyway, I put all my life requirements on it, and I will make all efforts for it in the future, that's enough. Do you admit it, what is it to me?

     This kid, is this messy?

     Old Demon Yin was dumbfounded.

     He had never seen such a meditation chart.

     He has never seen such a way.

     He couldn't even determine whether this was a meditation chart or a fantasy chart.

     Since ancient times, the spiritual minds of monks in the world have always pursued purity, but this kid has done the opposite. It seems mottled and impure, but when it is gathered together, there is something in it that is inexplicable, and it feels very




     It's still very old Demon Yin suddenly popped out a vocabulary-harmony!


     Very harmonious!

     As if it should be the case, even if any part of it is missing, his Tao will become incomplete.

     Wonderful kid, weird way

     This is the first time that Hong Xiaobao has violated the will of Old Demon Yin, but at the same time, it is also the first time that he has walked out of his own way! At this moment, Old Demon Yin suddenly had a kind of pig that he raised, and finally felt like he would be able to pick up the cabbage.

     Very emotional.

     But it is also very gratifying.For this kind of Hong Xiaobao, even Old Mo Yin cannot tell where he will go in the future. Maybe it will fly into the sky, or it may be wiped out by everyone.

     But no matter what, at least for now, his step is stable. This discovery reassures Old Mo Yin a lot.

     But at this time, the old withered demons and others outside the spiritual space were very thoughtful and terrified.

     It's been seven days, Master

     The giant sword monk murmured softly, the first time he practiced the meditation chart, he had settled for a full seven days and seven nights, and he has not awakened yet. Isn't he going to be okay with Little Master?

     Yuan Ziyi and others also look at each other in dismay, looking at the old demon with questioning eyes.

     They didn't care much, they were just curious.

     Because they have all practiced this picture, they all know that no one has ever practiced for so long for the first time.

     Practicing a meditation chart is actually like hitting iron.

     Use the Dao Law in the picture to temper one's own divine consciousness, remove distracting thoughts, and condense the Tao mind to achieve the purpose of growth.

     Whenever you first practice, in fact, most of them are the masters who walk around in a dashing manner, and wait until they are familiar with the environment before in sequence, step by step. They thought this cheap little uncle would do the same, but

     The first time it was hammered for seven days!I'll go, so how powerful is that ability to persist for so long?

     Shut up! At this time, facing everyone's questions, Old Demon screamed, but he didn't have a word of explanation.

     Because he really doesn't know how to explain it.

     Just like the disciples, the old demons almost thought that Hong Xiaobao was not in concentration, but fell asleep. But soon, the facts shattered this conjecture.

     Just three days ago, Hong Xiaobao's breath suddenly died out!

     Yes, it's gone.

     It was as if Dao Xin had collapsed and died out.

     Just when everyone thought that he had fallen into the trap, and was about to lose and Dao vanished, Hong Xiaobao's in vivo suddenly burst out with an extremely strong killing intent.

     This killing intent is so strong

     In split second, Old Demon almost thought that it was Patriarch Jiuyou's true body coming, and almost didn't kneel down on the spot.

     And the snakes, insects, rats, ants, birds and beasts within a few kilometers died instantly, really terrifying.

     Then the killing intent disappeared again. The disappearance without trace, as if it had never appeared before, replaced it with a peaceful atmosphere.In this breath, full of the taste of freedom, full of the taste of human fireworks. If it is said that at the end of the cultivation practice, it is the ultimate dust, then this breath is the other extreme-entering the world.

     It is so intoxicated by make people, and missed by make people so much.

     In a trance, the withered old demon seemed to remember his running under the sunset that day, that was his lost youth

     He wanted to interrupt, but he didn't dare.

     But let it go, and don't worry.

     In the end, there was no other way. The old demon only fortunately placed a full ninety-nine-eighty-one seals around Hong Xiaobao's body. In addition, he personally went out and guarded Hong Xiaobao for seven days and seven nights, and even a mosquito was not allowed to approach him.

     After an unknown period of time, the giant sword monk suddenly said: Master, look!

     Old Demon withered had noticed it a long time ago, so he turned around and looked around, only to see that the semi-finished life source of Hong Xiaobao suddenly appeared again.

     This time, it appeared very simply and directly, and did not struggle for a long time like the last time it was difficult to give birth.

     In an instant, it became a husky cough, it was a wolf, well, it was a wolf that looked very much like a husky. Only slap big, very mini. But in the Kikube area, there are three white tails, which look a little weird.As soon as it took shape, the little guy screamed, grinning, as if to say: Don't mess with me, I'm super fierce!

     Then he fluttered and suddenly opened his mouth and bit.


     The ninety-one heavy seal went through a hole in an instant, like a bite of a pancake.

     Then click again

     In the blink of an eye, the seal was eaten half alive by it.

     In theory, the seal was broken like this, and it had already collapsed completely, but now it violates this common sense.

     That little guy eats as much as it is, definitely not a tiny bit. If you detect it with divine intent, you can even sense a row of clear teeth marks on the edge of the gap, as if it was really a small pie.

     The old demon suddenly yelled and laughed: The little guy has a good mouth!

     The junior brother, this life source, is happier, although it is a bit strange, but it is born from the heart, at least it also shows that he is safe now, and he is finally relieved.

     Then, the old devil suddenly took out a bone-like magic weapon and recruited it like walking a dog: tweeted~

     Seeing this situation, the giant sword monk beside him couldn't help but look hot.

     The ninth-rank yellow magic weapon, the bone of the beast king, can stun demonic beasts below the ninth rank. After asking for many times, the master refused to give it to him. Now he actually uses it to feed the dog?

     But what made him beep the dog even moreThe little guy sniffed and sniffed, but he didn't want it!

     It shook its head and cast a very arrogant look in a very humane way, as if to say: spicy chicken!

     Ma Ye

     I'm in a posture, I've never seen such a wonderful life source method, I'm going to be refined!

     The old devil was taken aback for a moment, and he was happy: Don't you like it? How about a different taste? As he spoke, he took out a serious mysterious sword.

     When the giant sword monk saw him, his eyes were hot again, and his saliva almost flowed out.

     Chi Yan Sword!

     Master's weapon before being promoted to Xuansheng!

     Did you feed the dog again?


     People are not as good as dogs series

     At this moment the little guy sniffed, and finally moved. Seeing it rushed forward like lightning, the Old Withered Demon's hand was empty, the Scarlet Flame Sword had been swallowed by it, and then it immediately spit out.


     The sword was spit out, but the spirit of the weapon disappeared and turned into a useless sword. If it is recast in the furnace, it should be able to be beaten into a stainless steel plate.

     Oh yo yo yo, the little guy not only has a good mouth, but also has a bad appetite. Ha Ha Ha, the old devil laughed with joy.

     Ah, so cute! I'll try it too.

     Yuan Ziyi's girl's heart had already been cute, and she took out a bunch of things as she said: tweeted~!She didn't have the authentic mysterious magic weapon—the only Zijin bell that could be obtained was pitted by Hong Xiaobao. But as Hong Xiaobao's most popular disciple of the old demon before, there are also many babies in everything in disorder.


     elixir, it doesn't eat.

     Ore, it does not eat.

     Demonic beast, the inner alchemy, it doesn't even look at it.

     Cultivation art Cough, forget it.

     Finally, I saw a spiritual crystal that Yuan Ziyi brought out easily—yes, that day Hong Xiaobao rewarded her at the first meeting present, but the little guy suddenly wailed, his eyes gleaming.

     Then open your mouth and bite

     Lingjing didn’t eat it, but returned to Hong Xiaobao’s side, then lay down and covered it tightly with his body. He grinned at Yuan Ziyi. The three tails were erect, as if to say: Don’t mess with me. , I'm super fierce!

     Yuan Ziyi:

     Really hammered!

     It looks like a master!

     What kind of body there is, there is what kind of face, and the girl is just a gluttonous money fan, and he is really blinded by this cute and cute face.

     At this moment, Hong Xiaobao moved suddenly, his eyelids trembling.The little guy looked at Hong Xiaobao and then at the people in front of him. He seemed to realize that there was no oil and water to squeeze, so he opened his mouth and swallowed the leftover part of the seal. This hiccup turned into a streamer and sank into Hong Xiaobao's in vivo.

     As soon as it disappeared, Hong Xiaobao just opened his eyes and sighed--

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