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Chapter Directory 888 The Final The Eternal End
    Chinese Name: 幻想降临现实  Author: 宝可梦(Bǎo kě mèng, Pokémon)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"You should get up if no one wants it."

     "You should get up if no one wants it."

     "No one wants you to get up..."

      Lin Xi opened his eyes and the bell rang for more than 10 times before recovering from a state of blankness. He pressed the alarm, he lay quietly on the bed for a while, and then got up.


     Today is a day off, no classes, but for Lin Xi, almost all the days are almost the same. It has been 4 years since the parents died in the accident. The same level of life, one person, he is used to loneliness. .

     After casually eating something, Lin Xi picked up the phone and boredly watched the news.

     "Shock! Evolutionism is questioned!"

     The sensational headline makes people speechless, clicked in and looked at it, but it is pheasant news who does not know where, saying that humans did not evolve from apes and monkeys, but seemed to appear on the earth suddenly, just like there is an invisible Hand, manipulate behind the scenes.

     Lin Xi, who doesn't care about everything, saw a little interest after seeing this irresponsible speculation. An idea suddenly came to mind:

     "Well...maybe, our universe was born after a broken universe...the last universe left human DNA coding information..."

      Lin Xi felt inexplicable about his thoughts, shook his head, and transferred the news to the entertainment interface...

     "Famous cosplay Zhu Wanying, Hanfu ancient style beautiful cos interpretation"

     "The Sound of the Sound of the Ningning Little Fairy Anchor"

     "God of War Xiao Qiang, defeating Aikido master Taro Yamamoto and continue the Bubai myth"This is a big event that has been booming for half a year. Chinese Sanda fighters: Xiao Qiang, after winning the championships in various domestic competitions, they went abroad and beat Thailand’s Muay Thai champion, South Korea’s Taekwondo black belt Oh, and Japan’s Judo champion and Kendo. Grandmaster, Sumo Yoko... almost swept across Asia.

     Next stop: America!

     Challenge heavyweight champion: Herakleman.

     The picture shows a muscular, tall man, who is obviously an extreme figure, but facing the camera, he draws a scissors hand, showing a funny expression, with a grinning mouth, teeth seem to be shining.

     "I want to be the strongest man on earth!"

      Lin Xi remembers that six months ago, after Xiao Qiang embarked on a challenge journey, he shouted that sentence was mocked by national media and netizens, saying that he was arrogant and arrogant and now defeated one opponent after another. , It is all beautiful words.

     "In other words, this kind of news is too disrespectful in the entertainment bar..."

     Some speechless murmurs, Lin Xi put the phone down, sat in bed and went into a daze state, waiting for a recovery, it was already 2 hours later.

     "Go out and walk around, yes, that should be here."

     Continuing to stay like this, Lin Xi wondered if he would "lonely die". He put on his down jacket, opened the door, and immediately a cold wind blew in, pouring into the neckline, and could not help shrinking his neck: "It's cold."

     The falling snow and goose feathers dyed the world white.

     "A lot of snow..."Lin Xi looked at the deserted streets. In the cold world, the pure world, and the empty world, there seemed to be a deep loneliness spreading.

     Tighten the clothes tightly, opened the umbrella and walked into the snow.

     After leaving the community and reaching the streets of the business district, although it was Sunday, there were still no pedestrians on the road because of the cold and heavy snow. Lin Xi shrunk his head on the snow, leaving one footprint after another, and then arrived at his destination.

     "House of the Second Element"

     This is a small shop selling two-dimensional items: posters, hand-made, cos clothing, comics, etc. The most famous point is that there is a noose hanging from the beam in the store and looped. In the words of the proprietress:

     "This is the door to the second dimension."

     Very large posters are posted on the walls, Black Rock Shuer of Black ★ Rock Shooter, Mai Shiranui of The King of Fighters, Final Fantasy Tifa, Dead or Alive Xia, Misaka Mikoto of Super Scientific Electromagnetic Cannon, Shirai Kuroko, Warriors of the Three Kingdoms Lv Qiling, Yuyuko of Lotus Land Story, Kang Na of the Dragon Maid, and the punch of Superman...

      Lin Xi's eyes were attracted by a girl leaning on the sofa and reading the manga.

     The girl may be 2o years old when looking at her appearance, or she may be a little younger. Her half-length hair is dyed maroon, her wheaten skin is full of vitality, but she rarely wears it on heavy snow days. Her jeans are wrapped around her slender legs. The top fully reveals the flat chest.

     "Ho Ping..."Next to the girl, there was a big sword of Fenrir's Six Swords-sensing the vague aura emitted by the girl, Lin Xi carefully walked around that area, and when he turned the shelf, he immediately saw a bald head, wearing Wearing a yellow dress, dragging a red cape behind.

     "One punch Superman!"

     "It's Xiaomeng."

     Say hello to an elder sister who dyed her hair in flame red, dressed in black leather, and incomparably mature. In fact, the biggest reason why this secondary store is attractive is not the dazzling secondary goods, I am afraid this is the store manager.

     " name is Lin Xi...not a little dream..."

     "Ah? But isn't it a dream to put Lin and Xi together? And don't you think this title is cute? Is it, small, dream, sauce? Let the sister hug."

     "Don't always tease me, Sister Hongying."

     Scrambling out of his arms, Lin Xi's face has turned into a red flutter, he quickly changed the topic: "That, Hong Ying sister, I am here to do it, you said last time to buy this week, and this big brother , Cos is so good!"

     Teacher Saitama, who was completely alive, came to reality, and the young man who heard the admiration, raised her hand embarrassedly and grabbed the bare head: "I am going to participate in the cos conference...The hair has just been shaved, I feel so uncomfortable. ...Not to mention, I am leaving."

     "Wait a minute."

      Su Hongying grabbed a hat from the shelf and pressed it on the young man's head: "It's snowing outside. Bring a hat or you'll catch a cold."

     "This... Although grateful, but..."The young man's mouth twitched: "This is The Legend of Zelda Link's hat..."

     "Ah, don't you like it?"

      Su Hongying suspiciously took the hat back: "This is based on The Legend of Zelda. The magical villain hat, the boutique hat Oh made, since I don't like it, then change it." She grabbed another hat from the shelf. , Pressed on top of the youth.

     "The hat of an undocumented knight comes from the world of one-man Superman, how do you like it."

     "It makes no difference at all!"


     Silently watching the youth leave in tears, Lin Xi walked over: "Sister Hongying's character is really bad... that, is it here?"

     "Well, here it is."

     Draw a box from under the table and open it. Immediately, a girl wearing a white wedding dress with blonde hair and green eyes showed up and a girl wearing a black suit with blonde hair and red eyes showed almost the same appearance.

     "White saber, black saber, the bride and groom's wedding is limited to hand-made! But I spent a lot of effort to get it for you, how do you like it?"

     "Ah, thank you so much!"

      Lin Xi felt that his heart would fly out of his throat with joy. He held the 20 cm high hand carefully and carefully checked the details of the hand: "No flaws, perfect! Thank you Hongying sister ."

     "Now, is it okay to say thank you?"

     "In return, give your sister a kiss."

      Su Hongying pursed her lips and leaned in.

     "Ahaha, Sister Hongying is really kidding." Lin Xi quickly raised her hand and pushed away her head."It's not cute at all. Xiaomeng will never find a girlfriend like this! Oh, then, I can't get married, and then I will live alone and die miserably."

     "It's no problem, just have me to accompany me, but I am-otaku."

     Lin Xi, who was in a good mood, also made a joke. He put his hands away and put them back in the box, hugged the box in his arms, and picked up the phone: "Thank you, how much money to sweep."

     "Is Xiaomeng satisfied with these two hands? Since I like Saber so much, I have something that boys like Oh, Saber and others have high pillows. They can hold them at night to do strange things, and This set...comic book... The non-sale items that will be unlocked only if I brush the favor of the boss lady above 80."

     "What?" Lin Xi looked at it with some curiosity. When he saw the cover of a comic book that Su Hongying had brought out, and his saber appeared, his face immediately turned red: "Sister Hongying, don't always tease me! "

     "Who made you too cute? Oh hehehehehe...Isn't you really talking about this comic? Really don't want or?"


     "What a pity."

     Putting the comic book away, Su Hongying seemed to remember something. His eyes rolled around and said, "Oh, when I bought a limited edition of Saber for you, I got a cherished one: little saber."

     "Little saber?"

      Lin Xi tilted his head suspiciously, and when he saw the hand taken by Su Hongying this time, his eyes lit up immediately.This is a hand-made theme similar to Hatsune Deep Sea Girl, a little girl bathed in a small hot spring model, with blond hair, blue eyes, small face and body, only body around A small piece of white bath towel.

     "It's a little h, but it's so cute... Was it like that when Saber was a kid?"

      Lin Xi held the hot spring model in his hands as if holding a treasure. Looking at the young saber on it, he didn't find it at all. Su Hongying next to him had an expression of luck and patience and a smile.

     "Well, brush with Saber's wedding attire."

     "These three hands are very precious. Oh, give you a book and put it in your back, otherwise it will be bad if you hold it in case of falling."

     "Okay thank you."

     "Sister Hongying." Lin Xi turned his head around and saw three girls.

     It seems to be a second-element cook who went to school in a nearby middle school, only 14 or 5 years old, and was very impressed-because the three girls are very cute, the melon seed face is called Wang Feifei, the goose egg face is called He Rui, and there is a weak The little girl is called Ning Shuixin.

     "A guest is here, Sister Hongying. I'm gone. I'll come again next week."

     Carefully bypassing the flat-chested girl who is still leaning on the sofa and watching cartoons, Lin Xi walked out of the second-dimensional house, and as soon as she went out, she collided with a person full of arms: "Uh..."

      Lin Xi's eyes twitched a few times. This is a girl with pink nose and delicate lips. She is more beautiful than many girls, but...

     "Women of women?""Ah, people...I...I am not a girl or a woman...I was originally a girl...sorry, sorry, please don't talk nonsense...I am... Su Xiaowan is really a girl... "Looking at the incoherent words, the guy who is about to cry, Lin Xi is full of black lines.

     "Really? That... your chest fell to the ground."

      Lin Xi pointed to two buns that were frozen and frozen in the snow.

     "Ah, hate..."

     The "girl" burst into tears and ran into the distance with turbulent tears.

     "Boy, just make the cute boy cry at random, this is not a gentleman's style Oh." A voice came from the side, talking about a very handsome man, but Lin Xi instinctively felt that this man very dangerous.

     "However, compared with the girly boy, it is more pure and clean, like a crystal boy, it is more precious... It seems that I have found a treasure."

     The man pulled the neckline down slightly:



      Lin Xi didn't even have time to get an umbrella, and fled with his schoolbag on the ground.

     "Huh, Huh... There are strange people now, but there are so many... It is said that there was a boy who participated in the exhibition, cos became a girl, and something bad happened... Damn, no umbrella, snowflakes fell into the neck Going, it's so cool... Well, it's almost noon, go to eat something, and then go home after the snow is small."Searching on the street with sight, Lin Xi found a "Zongjia Conscience Restaurant" posted on Oh Yue, on the left is "more dishes, more meat", on the right is "delicious, not expensive", except for the restaurant's rolling shutter , There was no sliding door inside.


     Looking around, there are no other restaurants. Lin Xi walked into it, and was a little surprised as soon as he stepped in. The interior space was not small, and unlike the typical food stalls, the decoration was exquisite, and there was no greasiness on the tables and chairs. The ground is also dust free and very clean.

     There is a fireplace in the corner, burning flames. Although there is no sliding door to cover the snow, it is not cold at all.

     "Why don't the restaurant open the door?" Lin Xi muttered strangely.

     "Because the boss said that the installation of the gate will create a gap between people and become indifferent between people."


     Seeing the welcoming waiter, Lin Xi was taken aback again. The two were a fat Jianzhi like a ball, a thin bamboo pole, like the thin-headed and fat-headed tuo in Lu Dingji.

     "What did you eat?"

     There was some anxiety about the waiter’s enthusiasm, and it seemed to feel Lin Xi’s alert. The waiter Fatty patted his chest and said: “You are here for the first time, you will know it next time, don’t worry, the dishes in our restaurant are real Home cooking, cheap and delicious!"

     "Our boss Zong Hou, the craftsmanship is a must. Even the uncle of the nearby migrant workers likes to eat here, you can rest assured that ordering is not expensive!"

     "Uh... ok, you guys... what's more delicious? I'm not good at eating meat, it's better to be clean.""It's so delicious, but it's very cold now. I don't like meat. How about giving you a tofu stewed fish soup? Drink a few bites of hot fish soup on a snowy day. It's delicious, and fry a vegetable head. Qing, add up to a total of 18 yuan... wait, you can't eat too much by yourself?"

     Looking at Lin Xi's slightly slim body, the thin waiter said: "Our restaurant is full of food, you definitely can't finish it, the boss doesn't like the guests to waste... so, tofu fish and greens will give you a small portion, collect 10 yuan for you?"

     "Uh, yes..."

      Lin Xi was also the first to encounter a restaurant that was worried about the guest’s inability to eat. He sat down on a chair and now there are no other guests in the snowy day. Soon the dishes were served. He picked up a spoon and took a sip of fish soup and put it in the mouth. Swallowed, and immediately a warm current melted in his throat.

     "good to eat!"

     "Hahaha." There was a hearty laugh, and Lin Xi saw an uncle walking out of the kitchen.

     The uncle wore a very treacherous big back, shiny and shiny, wearing an apron with an unlit cigar in his mouth.

     "As long as the people who come to our shop have eaten, none of them said that it was not delicious! I Zong Hou, regardless of craftsmanship or character, that is nothing to say! Boy, since I feel that it is delicious, I finish eating it, and it is shameful to waste food." The uncle saw several people appearing in front of the shop and hurriedly greeted, "Old cows, old pigs, rhubarb, come here, still working in the snowy day?"

     The three people in front of the restaurant are obviously migrant workers, wearing brown earthen clothes and stained with spotty wall paint. The burly man led the head smiled and said: "All indoors, do more, earn more, a family Have to feed.""Fry for three servings of rice with rice, and take it away in a box."

     "What a box, come in and eat! It's such a cold day to roast a fire by the fireplace!"

     "No, no! We are dirty, it's not good to dirty the tables and chairs."

     "What's the matter! The table and chairs are cleaned every day, they are dirty, let Zhen Tian and Wang Wei clean up again, people grow from the soil, who is not dirty? Even Old Zong, I have a little cleanliness, Don’t dare to say that you are cleaner than others, come and come!”

     "Today there are special dishes, cheap, full, and go back to work."

     Looking at the uncle pulling the three migrant workers into the restaurant, Lin Xi couldn't help but smile. The boss was really enthusiastic. He was eating quietly. The three uncles next to him seemed restrained at first, but they soon let go By the way, after many visits, I know the character of the boss.

     Ordered a special hot pot, a bottle of Erguotou, the three of them ate while talking.

     "After the wave is over, it's time for the New Year."

     "Yeah, I made a lot of money this year. When I get home, I will buy a son or something for my son... It seems to be a new learning robot, let him study hard!"

     "Yes, yes, education must be done well. We just eat the loss of no culture. The children must be nurtured. At that time, we will be able to get a little light from the children when we are old. Where it will not be looked down on!


     Listening quietly to the conversation of the three uncles of the migrant workers, Lin Xi ate all his food, thanked the two waiters, carried his hand-made handbag on his back, left the shop, and entered the cold wind.

     He saw a bald head.Not a young man of former cosplay Saitama teacher, but an old monk, wearing a shabby robe with large brown patches, holding a wooden cane in his right hand, and holding a small wooden bowl in his left hand. The old monk was very thin. Long Whitebeard, dragged all the way to the abdomen.

     Snowflake dyed him like Santa Claus.

     "Such an old man, in such a cold snowy day, do I have to come out and beg?"

      Lin Xi had some pity in his heart. He turned the wallet out. In addition to the credit card, he only had a few dozen pieces of change. When he walked over and was about to put the change into the bowl, the old monk's hand shrank back.

     "The little donor, the bowl of the poor monk, puts hundreds of meals, not money. It is a warning to our monks that the Buddha left us begging for food and not holding money."

     "Uh, sorry, I thought the monks were asking for money."

     The old monk chuckled: "Little donor, you are a prejudice against the Buddhist door. The monk you see is not necessarily a Buddhist."

     "The devil King Boxun once said to the Buddha: By the end of your Dharma period, I asked my disciples to be mixed into your monk's treasures, wear your cassocks, destroy your dharma, distort your classics, destroy your precepts... those bodies The monks are full of greed and chasing Lilu, not real monks."

     "That... Master, I was taught." Lin Xi didn't know what to say, folded his hands, and saluted the old monk."Amitabha... The poor monk's name Oh ɑ髏 doesn't dare to be a master, but is a monk of the Pure Land Sect, little donor, I see your eyes are pure, the body is introverted, and is a good person with merit. At the end of the Dharma era, such a person is commendable. Little donor, I think you have a relationship with my Buddha, why not avoid the red dust and escape into the empty gate?"


      Lin Xi quickly stepped back a few steps: "Sorry old monk, I'm not interested in being a monk... Well, there is a restaurant of Tujia cuisine over there, the owner is very good, you go there to beg for food, don't disturb you, 88."


     The old monk Dinghui sighed helplessly, watching Lin Xi run away as if to leave. He wiped the snow from his head, walking on the crutches, holding a wooden bowl, and walking slowly in the snow. Stepping on the snow, he made a "creaking, crunching" sound.

     "The Qing bowl looks clear and wins, the weather is late to leave the temple; Zhumen is the main road, and the wind and snow stand for a long time; it seems like the heart of the moon is always clean, like a mess, and the pedestrians are not light, the ancient Buddha is like this."

     "Senzaya, Senzaya..."

     The back of the old monk in the snow gradually disappeared.


     There was a cry of the girl in the ear. Lin Xi, who was scared away by the old monk, ran across two streets and was hit by a girl, but fortunately, it was not Su Xiaowan, the old lady of the women's clothing.

     The girl who fell to the ground, her little white face was full of pain and Wrath.

     " can't walk without looking at the road, it's running under the snow, my nose, uh..."

     "Sorry, uh, Xu Miao?"Lin Xi was surprised for a moment. This is his classmate, a star in the school, a superior family, a gentle personality, a long and beautiful, and many boys are pursuing.

     "It's you!"

     The girl got up from the ground and recognized Lin Xi. She quickly put away the anger on her face and put on a cute expression of a good girl: "Well... that, you are in the same class... yes, your name is……"

     "Lin Xi ."

     Perceiving that the other party seemed to be embarrassed by the performance of being angry when falling down, Lin Xi smiled gently: "I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention to the road just now, are you okay?"

     "It's okay."

     "Then... I'm gone, bye."


      Lin Xi turned around and walked to another path. A middle-aged man walking out of the pastry shop with a big bag asked Xu Miao: "Daughter, is that kid your classmate? It looks pretty good, Is it your boyfriend?"

     "Haha, how is it possible, your daughter, I am so good, surrounded by a group of boys every day in school, how can I see a lonely, introvert guy who doesn't like to talk normally...Dad, you are trying me again! Rest assured, no I won’t fall in love when I go to university... Of course, there won’t necessarily be a man who matches me when I go to university, hum!"

     The middle-aged man looked at his daughter, proudly resembling a little swan, and shook his head helplessly.Originally it was warm when I left the hotel, but now Lin Xi feels some cold again, the snow does not stop on the sky, but it becomes smaller Xuduo, slightly fine snow, quietly, quietly falling, walking In this pure white world, a deep loneliness lingered in my heart.

     In the distance, singing came.

     "Now, it seems to hear your voice, towards me falling down in loneliness; now, it seems to see your figure, towards me waiting with closed eyes..."

     "Is Lin Mingmei remembering love? No, the voice is not as sweet as Lin Mingmei, but more ethereal. It is the new debut singer, Xin Xin." Lin Xi thought secretly, turning around a corner, he put his head on The falling fine snow shook off and raised his head, and a little girl standing by the road came into view.

     "Yesterday I was sad because of tears, my heart, now..."

      Lin Xi's eyes looked at her, and she seemed to have a sense. The little girl also looked at them, and the two eyes met at this moment.

     A little girl close to 10 years old, with pure white long hair, milk-like delicate skin, and a pair of bloody eyes.

     "Is it cosplay? No, the color of the hair is not like dyeing, it is albinism? And there are eyes, this is a heterochromatic pupil, is there a mutation in the chromosome? It is strange...but, it feels... seems Some familiar..."

     In the singing, Lin Xi and the little girl looked at each other quietly.

     "Remember? The moment when your eyes collided."

     "Remember? The moment the hand touched it."

     "That was the beginning of the first love.""I-love-you, so."

     "No longer alone..."

     Pure white world, dancing snow, ethereal singing, teenagers and girls staring at each other...

     At this moment, it seems eternal.

     (Ps: It’s finally over... Um, there is a lot to say, but I don’t know what to say...

     First of all, let's talk about the writing of this book. Readers familiar with me should be able to feel that I am a person who is easily affected by my mood. Perhaps it is a personality defect. Once something happens, it is easy to enter the autism. , In a state of ignoring anyone, violently abandon.

     In writing the book, one thing happened, which caused a huge blow.

     Originally writing was a happy thing, but after that, the enthusiasm cooled down and turned into a task, as if it was suffering. For a long time in the middle of this book, I didn't want to write a book, I wanted to give up, but I persisted.

     Moreover, looking back now, at least the overall is quite satisfactory, barely entered the fine novel, although not hot, it can be considered to reach the bottom line.

     In fact, there is still a difference compared to the content scheduled by the outline. Just like some people say that the protagonist's strength in the later period has increased too fast, and the content is incoherent. The reason is very Jordan. I originally planned to write more than 1,000 chapters, about 3.5 million words, which is reduced About 500,000 words of content.

     No matter what happened, it is over, a new beginning out of the shadow, a new hope, um... now, I feel full of power again. This book is very slow and not fast to update, but I can proudly say that no matter what chapter is broken, I haven't written it in a perfunctory manner.Well, it’s not worth boasting... In short, over the past year, I wrote a book and anesthetized myself by playing games. I played a lot, a lot of games, and accounted for most of the time... It’s also an accumulation of new books (this It's sophistry.)

     Every author has a style that is good at, I am good at the sense of the picture, writing Blood Ebullition, novels suitable for animation, not good at talking about love and conspiracy and the like... there is no way to squat to a house without going out. , Without the influence of society, do not know how to write, so the next book will learn from strengths and avoid weaknesses, original two-dimensional.

     That's right, it's no longer infinite, end-time, etc., because writing these kind of contributions is not pleasing, and I will be scolded... I want to create my own secondary world!

     New book ideas, ideas, how to write and what to write are very complete.

     I feel that I have a strong grasp of the plot (proud), at least 500,000 words of content have been lost, and they have not collapsed. The pits dug in advance have also been buried.

     I haven’t communicated with the editor during the book opening period. I think it’s more likely to be November 11th, because it’s everyone’s holiday, but it may be later, no later than November 15th, In short, I will no longer be autistic or play games (shame face). I will come back and start a fresh start.

     That's it! )