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Chapter Directory 728 Supreme True God, Pioneer In The Age Of Gods (True Finale)
    Chinese Name: 法神降临  Author: 墨乡(Mò xiāng, Mo's Village)
    Original: | Translation:

"Om~" In the whistling of the energy of the sea of Void, the light and dark dominator that had just accelerated stopped again.

     The opponent in his eyes was just a little boy wielding a huge sword in his hand. He might have hacked himself to death, but in the next moment, the opponent instantly grew into a peerless one who has experienced vicissitudes and defeated countless opponents. powerhouse.

     He clearly felt the pressure and had to treat it with caution.

     At this moment, Link's attitude is set up on high, like a god standing in the heaven, bowing his head, looking down at him compassionately, waiting for him to confess his sins.

     For a moment, there was a hint of cowardice in the master of light and darkness, he even wanted to kneel down and surrender, but this weakness only lasted for a moment, and then he cleared headed over, and the fierceness in the deepest part of his heart burst out!

     "Roar~~~ No one can judge me! No one can punish me! I am the supreme ruler of light and darkness! I am the devourer of Void, I am the master of the destiny of hundreds of millions of living beings, whoever I want to live will live! I Whoever wants to die, die! I can glorify any life, and I can torture any life, including you, Feierde Lord!"

     At this moment, the Lord of Light and Darkness revealed the lowest logic of his divinity.

     He is the master, the destiny of everything!Link's road is running in the opposite direction with him. He is the pioneer of the age of the gods. His existence is to guarantee the freedom of choice for every life.

     The two sides have the most essential conflict.

     On the other side, seeing that he did not retreat from the dominance of light and darkness, Link sighed slightly in his heart: "It is a small probability event after all that a soldier will be defeated without a fight. In the real world, a deadly fight is the only option."

     Mind moving slightly, he left Feiloma Plane and rushed straight into the sea of Void, rushing towards the Lord of Light and Darkness at an extremely fast speed.

     "Good job, let me see what you have learned from the future!" Lord of Light and Darkness roared and rushed forward.

     The two sides are still separated by infinite distance, but the wills of the two sides are constantly fighting fiercely. From the large scale of the sea of Void, the two true gods are like knights charging each other on the ancient battlefield.

     The power of the two true gods has reached the limit of the gods. When sprinting at full force, the power is surging, and the momentum is violent. Wherever they pass, the energy and white mist of the sea of Void is directly washed away by a wide and clear path, which is dangerously negative. The energy trap and the Void vortex were all directly shattered by the energy turbulence. There were many horrible Void beasts along the way. They sensed the movement and wanted to come up for a meal, but they just arrived, but they didn’t react and were wild. The turbulent flow of energy was shattered.At this moment in the sea of Void, the Lord of Light and Darkness and Link are the most dangerous existences!

     From a large-scale light in the distance, you can see that the sea of Void seems to be split by two great swords, and the tips of the two great swords are approaching fast.

     I don't know how much time passed before the two ‘great swords’ finally collided together.

     "Wow~" Two terrifying turbulences composed of chaotic time, space, and energy flew out in all directions. All the energy white mist around the collision point was pushed out, and an absolute Void appeared.

     In this Void, there is no energy, no time, no Space, nothing, there are only two horror beings in Combat.

     Because everything has been destroyed, no one knows what happened in this terrifying absolute Void. Everything in it has entered an ‘unknowable’ state.

     The only thing that can feel the terrifying situation a little is the Void white mist frenzy that continues to spread outwards. Where this tide passes, there are a large number of Void vortices, negative energy traps, and Void lifeform(s), which can be seen from a distance. Like the tide pushing fish in the ocean.

     The distant Plane was all affected by this Void white mist. The Void oscillated one after another. I don't know how long it took. This Void energy white mist reached Feiloma Plane.When the white mist tide washed over the Plane, the Plane vibrated violently. Inside the Plane, terrible storms appeared all over the world, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and downpours were everywhere, earthquakes occurred in many areas, and many Volcano erupted, and the sprayed dust almost obscured the sun. .

     This scene is like the end of the world.

     Whether it is a Beastman, a human race, or a High Elf, they all huddled in a safe place, praying that all this turmoil would end as soon as possible.

     However, the gods did not hear the prayers of mortals. The turmoil continued. Countless mortals died. Even the Plane had many cracks. The violent Void energy poured into the Plane, and a large number of Void lifeform(s) hid in the relatively calm Plane. Take refuge.

     Feiloma Plane became more and more chaotic.

     Led by Feierde, the Magicians propped up huge magic shields around the harbour to resist the crazy tsunami wave, while the Elemental Magicians desperately calmed down the anger of the earth and made every effort to slowly release the energy accumulated in the earth's crust.

     They are able to cope with the turmoil for the time being, but the energy of Magician and Magic Tower is fast consumption, and disasters seem to be endless.

     The Feierde parliament has put the relocation issue on its agenda.

     Cities are dead, people are alive, they must move quickly before Feierde magic's defense system collapses.

     Dawn Island.After losing the protection of the World Tree, the Elf King disappeared for no reason. Many elders in the Council of Elders also suffered countless deaths and injuries due to the integration of Plane. The Dawn Island has no heads. The sea around Dawn Island is constantly invaded by waves. The island has earthquakes every day. Spider webs are generally densely packed.

     At this time, Dawn Island was like a hell. The High Elf had killed and injured nearly half of the population, and these proud ancient races had completely collapsed.

     They wanted to escape, but were trapped on the island by the tsunami, and even the Storm Silver Sparrow could not ride through the terrifying waves.

     At this moment, High Elf can only wait for death in despair.

     Other places in Feiloma Plane, such as the Golden Plains and Aragu Continent, were all similar scenarios, and the entire Plane almost collapsed.

     In the turmoil, many old forces collapsed, new forces are still in the ruins and have yet to rise, and the order in the Plane has completely collapsed.

     This is not the only case for Feiloma Plane. All the interiors of Plane affected by this turbulence have been affected, and the history of Plane has turned a corner.

     Countless scholars in Plane have recorded this turmoil. In later generations, this period has many names. Some call it the "Tide of Destruction", some call it the "Scourge of Domination", and some call it the "Beginning of a New Era". , Some people call it "The Twilight of Ancient Gods".The turmoil in Feiloma Plane lasted about three years.

     Three years later, Plane's population dropped by 80%, many races were directly extinct, many forces disappeared in the long river of history, many Kingdoms collapsed directly, and the remaining complete organization was just a very few. The Feierde Magician Council was considered the one with the most strength.

     Three years later, the clouds were raining and the golden sunlight shone through the thick clouds. In the Gwent Forest, Elliot walked out of the room and stood on the roof of the Magic Tower and looked into the distance.

     In the distant sky, a thick dark cloud cracked a hole, and the golden sunlight from the hole poured down like a waterfall. At this moment, the whole world became very peaceful.

     Facing such a spectacle, Elliot had a glimmer of enlightenment in his heart: ‘Great one, have you finally won? ’

     He didn't expect an answer, but a messenger came, and a woman wearing a dark red robe and a crown of starlight and black crystal suddenly appeared beside him.

     The woman's body reveals the huge destruction of Aura, but her expression is serene and tranquil. The golden waterfall in the distance is reflected in her eyes, and her eyes are streaming with water like stars: "My Master has defeated the ancient nightmare. "

     "Are you... the god of destruction?" Elliot looked at this strange woman strangely."That was the name of my god in the past. Now, I am just a follower of the great one." The woman turned her head and smiled at Elliot: "Master asked me to tell you that the Lord of Light and Darkness has been defeated, but he is the true God. The Divine Fire will never go out and can only be dissipated. Today, his Divine Fire is scattered in every corner of the Void Sea. Only by spreading the belief of freedom to countless Planes can he be prevented from rebirth."

     Hearing this news, Elliot was happy and worried. What was happy was that Link had won, but what was worried was that he had a long way to go. He was afraid that he had taken the wrong path.

     After a few seconds of silence, he asked: "Can I still see the great?"

     The woman smiled: "The powerful enemy has also been defeated. His power has been scattered in every corner of the Void Sea along with his beliefs. Look at the sun, look at the world, and his shadow is everywhere. When you ignite what belongs to Your own Divine Fire naturally knows where he is."

     Elliot sighed lightly, feeling a little regretful, but even more looking forward to the future: "I understand."

     When the voice fell, the woman beside him disappeared.

     At this moment, his disciple came and knocked on the door. After entering the door, he brought a message: "Teacher, Your Majesty is gone, and I have left a letter to you."There is only one person in the Feierde Council who can be called Your Majesty, and that is Feierde Lord’s wife Red Dragon and Queen Grace Sara.

     Elliot accepted the letter, opened it to a few glances, and nodded: "I understand, let her go, tell Elder Dragon Race, this is the case, don't pursue it."

     The queen has gone with Link. This is her choice. Neither he nor Dragon Race has the right to interfere.

     "Yes, mentor."

     After his disciple left, Elliot whispered: "My old friend, we should meet again soon."

     . . . . . . . . . .

     North of the Golden Great Plains, on the border of the Transverse Mountains.

     A man, riding a thin horse, was walking on a narrow mountain road. Not long after he walked up, a smooth stone wall appeared in front of him. The man kept riding straight in.

     The mountain wall disappeared instantly, and a valley of birdsong and fragrant flowers appeared in front of him. There was a small house beside the valley stream. There were two women beside the house, sitting side by side on a rock, smiling at him.

     The woman on the left is Celine Lotus, the woman on the right is Red Dragon Queen Grace Sha'er, and the man is Link after defeating a powerful enemy and losing his strength.

     The power is dissipated, just to live an ordinary life, if necessary, as long as he sends a call, he can be restored to the peak in an instant.After seeing the two women, Link smiled slightly: "I'm back."

     "Welcome home."

     (End of book)
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