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Chapter Directory 632 Eve Of The Finale
    Chinese Name: 网游之盗版神话  Author: 失落叶(Shīluò yè, Lost Leaves)
    Original: www.17k.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The battle of defending the city is finally over. Several companies are happy and sad. Some people hang up many times without getting equipment, and some people get very good equipment without hanging up once, even artifacts.

     I don’t have time to look at the detailed rules. The system will be updated. It is said that part of the area originally occupied by the undead will be reduced to a neutral zone, which means that the map will be open to players a lot, including the Canyon of the Undead outside Silvermoon Valley.

     Xu Lin, Xin Yu and others went to busy reopening the NPC in the guild station. The Paradise Lost station was the front of Silvermoon City. It was bloodbathed the first time the undead army pressed the land, and even the outer walls were knocked down. , But it doesn’t matter. It takes less than 10 million to rebuild the city wall. The most important thing is to preserve the key resident npc!

     After talking to Xin Yu, I went offline. It was already one o'clock in the morning. I have been fighting until now. I don't know if Murong Shanshan is asleep.

     Putting on his clothes and going out, when he came upstairs to Murong Shanshan's room, he found that Li Qing was making tea there. After being chopped by the Lich King, he did not go online again. It turned out that this little girl ran here.

     I stretched my head to look, and asked in a low voice, "Shan Shan is asleep?"

     Li Qing smiled: "Well, I'm already asleep, don't accompany her tonight, shall we go with my sister?"

     "I……"I walked in, grabbed the tea, and said, "Qing'er, you are also tired. Go back and rest. There is me here."

     Li Qing finally refreshed, put down the quilt and went out, and by the way locked the door of the room.

     I looked inside, Murong Shanshan was lying on the bed, not resting, with his eyes wide open, facing the computer screen, his little hand was touching the laptop keyboard.

     "Shan Shan..." I whispered softly.

     "Huh?" Murong Shanshan raised his head to face me, but I knew that those beautiful eyes couldn't see anything.

     "Have you slept yet?"

     "You haven't come back, I can't sleep." Murong Shanshan replied softly, and then said: "The monster has attacked the city and finally defended it. I have been listening to Feier's live commentary just now. Haha, I didn't expect the attack intensity of the undead natural disaster. It will be so high. If it weren't for the help of NPCs, I'm afraid Silvermoon City would be lost."

     I nodded: "Yes, the Lich King group is too tough. Fortunately, the Lich King himself did not come, but sent a sword and a mirror image. Otherwise, even the ice orchid and the dragon knight will cover them. Can't live."

     With that said, I took off my shoes and put some water to wash my feet. Organize and publish in. 1.Murong Shanshan smiled and pulled my arm and said, "Lin Fan...that Feier said that you have a dragon as a mount, did you say that you took Xinyu to the sky? !"

     I looked back and smiled, stroking her greasy shoulders and said: "What's the matter? My Shanshan is jealous?"

     "I didn't!" Murong Shanshan tilted his head and smiled, and then said: "After my eyes are cured, why don't you introduce me to Binglan, I am also quite a knight, okay?"

     I was shocked: "Then start explaining and it's a long story. You have to take the task from Drake, and then go through a series of tasks to learn the dragon riding skills, and then upgrade to dragon riding dance, and then have the chance to become a dragon knight..."

     Murong Shanshan chuckled: "Yes, so I have to take it step by step. I am not afraid of difficulties, and there is a dragon knight to help me with the task. What else should I worry about?"

     I smiled and said, "Well, what Shanshan says, I'll do what I do. Come on, let me kiss you first!"

     Murong Shanshan immediately avoided, grabbed the quilt and put it in front of his chest and said, "No! Mom said, you can't let boys kiss casually..."

     "I rely on..."

     ...In the evening, I still stayed with Murong Shanshan. Last time I slept on the sofa. This time, Murong Shanshan asked me to sleep next to her, but he didn't let me "touch" her because she could only "touch" me.

     It was late at night and Xinyu, Xu Lin and others were all asleep. After turning off Murong Shanshan's computer, I raised my pillow and leaned on the bed, watching the shadows of the trees outside the window and the moonlight.

     Murong Shanshan doesn’t seem to have much sleepiness either. She leaned against me in her pajamas, pressed her face to my chest, and whimpered, “I always feel that our future will not be very smooth. Maybe, my eyes It really can't be cured..."

     "Don't be stupid, why can't it be cured?" I felt a pain in my heart, and said, "The doctor my aunt contacted must be very medically ethical. It will not only touch women like some barefoot doctors in China. Although it is precise, the success rate of the operation is still very high as long as you use your heart, isn't it?"

     Murong Shanshan nodded vigorously and said with a weeping smile: "Well, I really want to see you, I really want to see my mother, I really want to see the snowy sky again, if everything goes as I wish, I promise, I will never be willful again in the future. ..."

     As she said, she stretched out her hand and touched my face lightly, and a slippery feeling came from her face.I reached out and hugged Murong Shanshan's shoulders, and said, "The things Shanshan wants to see are there, just wait for your eyes to regain. Everything will not end, even if the game is over, we are just beginning, and life will continue. ."

     Murong Shanshan nodded lightly and fell asleep without knowing it.

     Under the moonlight, that snow soft face was very pleasant. I couldn't help but marvel at what a girl Shanshan was. She could have it. I really don't know what virtue she accumulated in her previous life.


     The next day, the girl named Ye Xin didn't come. I heard that she didn't go to the hospital to work, so she didn't transfer to us, but everyone didn't pay much attention. Anyway, Murong Shanshan will go abroad for treatment tomorrow.

     In the early morning, several people from tt came, and Ye Qiu said excitedly: "Good news! Good news!"

     Murong Shanshan was drinking porridge, then looked up and asked, "What good news?"Ye Qiu said excitedly: "Yesterday, we won the defense of the city, but some cities did not succeed in defending the city! Among them, there are two subordinate second-tier cities in France, and one is even more exciting, haha! Japan! The only main city, the City of Stormy Wind, was led by a dozen Lich King and the death knight when defending the city yesterday, and it was directly "smashed"! I heard that the Lich King who attacked our Silvermoon City was an illusion, but it was attacked. The one in Japan is real!"

     Murong Shanshan immediately "exposed" his true "color" for fear that the world would not "chaos", in high spirits smiled and said: "Really? Now, don't Japanese players have a place to stay?"

     Ye Qiu nodded again and again: "Yeah, yeah, so cool! Players from all over Japan are now crowded in a few small cities, d, the road is not accessible, the original City of Wind has been transformed into a super large psychic by the undead. Tower, a super-large cemetery was built using the corpses of Japanese players outside the psychic tower. Many high-level abominations and frost dragons were bred in the cemetery. This morning, the small Japanese organized a counterattack against the storm. The spirit tower was killed by four dead knights, and almost killed a second-tier city in Japan into a corpse farm..."Everyone around immediately laughed, and ai said, "After Shanshan's eyes are healed, we should organize a leveling team to go to the City of Storm, and kill the monsters in Little Japan!"

     Everyone is Jushuang. At this time, Ye Qiu said: "There is also a gossip. It is said that Yueheng Company intends to make Yueheng this game popular for about five years. They are now developing another game "Linglu". , I heard that it is a Chinese-style game that will be released in about five years. I think that Yueheng will soon decline at that time, and then we will all go to Lingyi!"

     I said: "That must, that must!"

     Murong Shanshan smiled and said to me: "Then, let's enter the new game separately, don't contact each other, and see if you can find me, okay?"

     Ye Qiu also said, "Yes, yes, yes, I found the words that show that the heart is connected, there is destiny, and I can't find it..."

     "Chop you off if you can't find me!" I said viciously.

     Ye Qiu smiled: "I'm anxious again..."

     At this time, someone suddenly came in outside, a man in a suit and uniform. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Ah Yue!

     "Huh? Why did Youlan** come here?" Ye Qiu quickly recognized A Yue.

     Ayue pursed her mouth and said, "I just heard that Shanshan's eyes were hurt, so I came here. Don't be offended..."After speaking, Ayue walked to me and said: "Why so careless..."

     I can only smile, but I can't say anything.

     Within a few minutes, Xu Lin walked over from the front building and brought one. Xu Lin hurriedly approached and asked in a low voice, "I said I knew you and Shanshan, so I brought her here. Why, I never Have you seen this number?"

     Xu Lin stepped aside, standing in front of us pretty well, I couldn't help but be surprised: "Hongye?"

     That's right! It's really the red leaf at Beijing Yueheng headquarters!

     "Hehe, it's been a long time!" She smiled slightly.

     Murong Shanshan had already heard it, and was pleasantly surprised: "Sister Ye? Is it Sister Ye?"

     Hongye walked over immediately and shook Murong Shanshan's hand affectionately and said, "Sorry Shanshan, I just received a call from my aunt, so I hurried over. I didn't book a plane ticket. I took the train all night. get off……"

     Murong Shanshan looked very happy, and immediately said, "It's good if you can come. You must be very tired. Arrange for you to sleep first, OK?

     Hong Ye shook his head and said, "No, you will go abroad for treatment tomorrow. I want to accompany you for a while!"

     So, we all went out on the occasion and let Hongye stay with Murong Shanshan.In the afternoon, Murong Xuan came, gave me her passport and air ticket, and told me to go to Shanghai at night, and after staying there overnight, she would fly abroad directly. ! ~!