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Chapter Directory 633 We Are Myths [The Finale (with This Testimonial Attached)]
    Chinese Name: 网游之盗版神话  Author: 失落叶(Shīluò yè, Lost Leaves)
    Original: | Translation:

After the splendor, life will eventually return to dull.

     We are going to live in Shanghai at night. Xin Yu and Lu Xuehan originally planned to send us there, but Murong Xuan refused. She felt that Yufan’s company could not have no one. In the end, she asked Xu Lin to send us by name. I don’t know what she intends , But Xu Lin happily agreed.

     Both Hongye and Ayue stayed in Suzhou. They wanted to wait for Murong Shanshan to return, and wanted to see how Murong Shanshan's eyes improved.

     Xu Lin asked me: from start to finish, have you ever regretted it?

     I told her: Originally, Young and Frivolous, I would say that I do not regret anything, but in fact, how can I not regret many things I did wrong, but I have never regretted all the experiences in the past two years, although I feel a little guilty about Xiao Yu, but after all, it was the path she chose. I can love her silently, but I can't stop her.

     Love can be gradually forgotten. If it is forgotten, it means that love is not enough carved in bones and engraved in the heart, so I love Xiaoyu not deep enough. If it was Murong Shanshan who abandoned me, then I might never forget it in my life. I also admire the poignant love in exchange for thousands of years of anticipation and waiting, but I am not a god, so I can live with my beloved People are already very satisfied together.

     Xu Lin asked me: Do you regret what we did that night?I told her that I do not regret it, because I am not qualified to regret it, that is not something I can control, and now, I am trying to make up for Xu Lin, although I don't know how to make up.

     As a result, Xu Lin smiled and told me that she didn’t need to make any compensation. She was already very satisfied when she was able to watch my happy life with a few little girls. If she could choose, she would only be our sister instead of being jealous with Murong Shanshan and others. Little lover.

     I told Xu Lin that my lover is actually good, and if she likes it, I can barely accept it.

     Before Murong Shanshan left, Lu Xuehan took her hand and was reluctant to let go. Lu Xuehan was not worried that Murong Shanshan would leave, but that I would not return to China once Murong Shanshan's eyes were not healed. I don’t know how good foreign countries are, but I have adapted to everything in China. I don’t think I will stay in a strange place.I said to Lu Xuehan, An Xin is waiting for me at home. No matter what happens in the future, as long as we are together, we should be happy. I don’t know how happiness is defined, but I can eat at a table every day and see each other’s smiles. When you are lonely, someone can snuggle, when you are lonely, someone can accompany you to drink, and when you are old, it is not a person watching the sunset alone, that is the greatest happiness. Therefore, we should be happy together, although we will be happy because of each other. Eat little vinegar.

     Lu Xuehan smiled and said to me that if you define it this way, you will be happy, because she doesn't care so much, we have experienced so much, and jealousy has been reduced a lot. Being jealous means that you still care, which in itself is a kind of happiness.

     Xin Yu laughed at Lu Xuehan as a silly girl, but Xu Lin said Xin Yu was a silly girl.

     When Xu Lin asked about the future, Xin Yu said: When you choose the direction, you will keep walking. It is like a long-distance runner. Don't look at the people around you. When you meet the person you should meet, So I stopped to have a sip of water, and Xu Lin was the person who delivered pure water on the way. As for the ultimate goal, it was not important at all. The purpose of life was not important. The most important thing was the scenery along the way.

     Li Qing thinks Xin Yu's words are very philosophical, and Xu Lin said Xin Yu's nonsense.Things in the game are temporarily put a paragraph, Swords and Roses and the station of Paradise Lost are both cornucopias. While bringing me wealth, it also brings a lot of challenges. Silvermoon City has begun to surge like a gathering storm again. I don’t know how long the current balance can be maintained. Some small guilds will start to grow up without us neglecting. The 12th branch of Swords and Roses after poaching more than 100 masters from the main league Actually independent.

     Murong Shanshan said that she didn't want to care about those things, but if her eyes were healed, she would return and kill those traitors.

     I feel very happy, and I can bring Murong Shanshan everywhere in the future. She can arrogantly provoke thousands of others, and I am responsible for the arrogant ending. It is my duty to put all the opponents down!

     At 7 o'clock in the evening, Hongye left Suzhou. Hongye seemed to have something to say to me, but she had no chance, so she could only wait to go back and say it again. Ah Yue just stood there smiling "Yin" or "Yin".I lived in Murong Xuan’s villa at night. I prepared a good dinner and cooked many dishes that Murong Shanshan likes to eat. Xu Lin sat a little restrained next to Murong Xuan. I’m used to it. It’s not the first time I have come anyway. So I fed Murong Shanshan something to eat. Murong Shanshan felt a little sad, so he stretched out a small hand and grabbed the greasy food and stuffed it into my mouth. As a result, I not only had to deal with the food that was almost stuffed into my nostrils, but I also helped Murong Shanshan clean his hands.

     Murongxuan said jealously, "Since she was a child, she has never fed her mother before~"

     Murong Shanshan blinked his eyes and said, "Mom, if you are too old to eat, I promise to feed you one bite of the soup!"

     Murong Xuan couldn't help but smiled: "Forget it, mom is not that old yet!"

     Xu Lin was a little embarrassed by the side and said nothing.

     I can't sleep well at night, it's raining outside, and the autumn rain is lingering, but the pattering voice also seems quiet.

     Xu Lin stood in front of the window and looked outside thoughtfully. After a long time, he said, “It’s really like a dream. Tied together..."

     I smiled and said, "We are the myth."

     Xu Lin chuckled and remained silent.

     ...I arranged for Xu Lin to sleep, and I went to Murong Shanshan’s room. She closed her eyes, took my hand, smiled and said, “I’m so excited, I will be treated tomorrow, maybe, I will be able to see it in three days. Something~~"

     I smiled and nodded, and said, "It must be possible. God has been blessing us. Shanshan's eyes will be fine."

     Murong Shanshan smiled lightly and hugged my arm until I fell asleep.

     Looking at her peaceful and beautiful sleeping face, I was lost in thought.

     For more than a year, we have experienced so many things from scratch in the game. At this time, we are all the best among players. In the process of harvesting, there have been laughter and tears, but we have supported each other even if we face each other. No matter how difficult and how sad we are, we will laugh and cry because we love and depend on each other.

     There are still too many things to be done in the future, but it doesn't matter, as long as we are still together, there will be no problem.

     It was late at night, and the autumn rain outside still didn't stop.


     The next day.

     Wake up early to pack, Xu Lin drove Murong Shanshan and me to the airport with Murong Xuan.This is probably a good day to go out. There are a lot of people at the airport. Some people recognize me and Murong Shanshan, so they point them, but I don’t care, and Murong Shanshan can’t see it either, just pulling me with a smile on his face. Arm.

     Time is up, it's time to board the plane.

     The sky outside the airport was blue. Xu Lin took a deep look at me and exhorted: "Then, I'll go home first. You also bring Shanshan, go home early..."

     "Ok, I know."

     At this time, the sky was thunderous, with a "ding~" sound——

     System reminder: "The Myth of Online Games Piracy" is officially finished. Congratulations to the author of Lost Leaves, Godhead +1!

     Murong Shanshan looked at the sky with a slight smile, as if he had seen something. The gentle sun gleamed on her face with a holy brilliance. Murong Shanshan smiled and murmured: "That fool has finally upgraded. ..."

     ……Full text version to read, update, faster, all in 16, computer station:. 16. Mobile station: à. 16. Support literature, support 16!

     The fleeting years are like water, and time is like a song. This word has been used by me.

     Two months later, in a villa in Suzhou——

     Murong Shanshan: "Lin Fan, hurry up and get online! Someone in our guild was hacked in Silvermoon Valley, and took hundreds of kids to kill with me!""Okay!! But as a reward, how about a kiss?"

     "Hee hee, wait until the killing is over~~ And oh, it snowed in the afternoon, go shopping with me to see the snow scene!"

     "Well, good, put on more clothes, I will feel distressed if I catch a cold~~"

     "Hee hee, it's numb~~ Let's kill people first!"


     Xin Yu looked at her snow-white legs and exclaimed: "Oh, how did my destruction leggings disappear?"

     "Is it too low to last and not repaired, is it automatically damaged?"

     "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Lin Fan, I want artifact leggings......"

     "Well, I'll abuse the Lich King in a while! It's all your leather armor, but as a reward..."

     "Well, I'll get Shanshan and Xuehan drunk for a while... You come to my room tonight..."



     Xu Lin stared at me angrily: "Lin Fan, why did someone molested the customer service department with someone who reported me to the technical department?"

     "Huh? Sister Lin, what happened? I'll teach these bastards later!"

     "Come on, I heard them say that you instigated it, and if the gambling customer service department king's underwear is blue, the gambling money seems to be food for a week?""Oh, sister Lin, don't be deceived by them. This is a false accusation of "naked". What is the relationship between us and how can we be separated by others?"

     "You are ashamed to say that you kissed me last time in the office, Xin Yu is still chasing me!"

     "It's you who kissed me..."

     "I said you are you!"

     "Well, it's me..."




     "Shan Shan said to go to your room to sleep with you tonight, don't close the door, okay?"

     "No, I will be scared if I don't close the door!"

     "It's okay, I will help you keep the door!"

     "Huh? Lin Fan, you're a rascal! Why do you have to three people together..."

     "Hey, that... anyway, it's settled, don't lock the door!"



     "Qing'er, go get a bottle of soy sauce and come back. This is one hundred yuan. Finding the money is counted as a tip. It's your reward!"

     "The prostitutes don't want your money, I want other rewards!"

     "Damn, what else do you want?"

     Li Qing pretended to be shy: "Well, the fruits are all upstairs held by Never Surrender to sleep... This lonely night, can you... kiss me?"

     "Rogue..." (End of the book)[End of this testimonial]

     [The myth of online game piracy] After a year and five months, the book is finally finished!

     The book is 2.69 million words long. In other words, the number of words is almost two of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Of course, it does not have the essence of the Three Kingdoms at all, haha.

     Here, talk about the issue of piracy. Many book friends said that supporting me at the pirate station is just like supporting, but in fact, what Leaf needs most is the substantial support. For example, everyone will cheer me up, one click, one Flowers, a VIP, will influence the position of Ye Zi's book on the ranking. Turn on the computer, go to the website, and click to vote for a flower. It does not take much time, but it is the greatest support for the author. Therefore, genuine ones should still be supported.

     The new book "Urban Evil Sword Fairy", because no money was collected in the past few months, so I went to increase the traffic of the pirate station and the probability of poisoning. Why not come to Ye Zi's shelter to support it! The Evil Sword Immortal is a real mythical story. Currently, Evil Sword Fairy is being updated stably and quickly!

     Well, it seems to be off topic, let's talk about the myth of piracy.At the beginning, I was rejected at a certain point, probably because of the heroine's setting. Xin Yu became the biggest obstacle to my signing, Khan! Fortunately, after accepting me who was at an impasse at that time, I let the myth continue to be written.

     At least 5,000 words are updated every day. I have been relatively pursue unremittingly for more than a year. During get off work, I sit in front of the computer for dinner every day. During the outbreak, there are at least 10,000 codewords every day, and I usually can’t rest until about 2 in the morning. The next day, I had to get up early and squeeze the bus to go to work. The company's mm laughed with panda eyes and was miserable.

     After the myth of piracy began to update, there was less time to hang out with my wife, so that she often complained to me: Do you love me or Murong Shanshan? !

     Therefore, some days can not be updated on time, that is to accompany his wife.

     Some book friends are very demanding, and some book friends are very tolerant. Ye Zi thank you, because you like piracy myths and have the same dreams as Ye Zi, so what else should you care about?

     The game time is always so beautiful and worthy of nostalgia. I looked back suddenly and realized that I was no longer the ignorant boy who was "fascinated" in the game. It seemed that a man who was running three should not be immersed in that naive dream. Well, the myth of piracy of online games has fulfilled my dream of online games for many years, and I am grateful!Murong Shanshan, Xin Yu, Xu Lin, Lu Xuehan, A Yue, Hongye Chuyu, fire, Ye Qiu, sai, fine, seven, lin, Red Blood, Never Surrender, Guozi, Li Qing, Liu Yun, joly, Ribu Luo, Young and Frivolous, Nangong (this mm also appeared in the new book Urban Evil Sword Fairy), Lin He, Drake, Binglan, these familiar and unfamiliar ids will always stay in their dreams. The pirated myth is One of my dreams is also an immortal classic in my heart!

     Remember, that gentle and lovely Lu Xuehan?

     Remember that Xin Yu crying in the street?

     Do you still remember Murong Shanshan who waited in the car on a snowy night but didn't have the courage to knock on the door?

     Do you still remember the stubborn mmXu Lin who was unwilling to rob Lin Fan and willing to leave his hometown?

     Remember, Lin Fan, the little boy who was dazed and searched everywhere in the city?

     Xin Yu's tears tell me what is strong, Xu Lin's tears tell me what is tolerance, Lu Xuehan's tears tell me what helplessness is, and Murong Shanshan's tears tell me how beautiful love is.Between the origin and the death, by the quiet Yingyue Lake, the quiet grass in which the banshee Fulin is still telling her miserable love. In the peaceful small village, the graves of Amy and his father are early Already overgrown with weeds, Lieutenant Lin He has probably turned into a pile of dead bones. Will anyone go back to mourn him? Will anyone remember his name? At the moment when the first rain of red leaves disappeared, someone was crying, and no one saw the tears of catwoman’s reincarnation. On the mountain where Ice Orchid lived, under the shade of the trees, the sword in front of the grave was flashing sharp point, Ying Fei and Diwu, but who was it? Remember the persistence...

     Dependent arises, everything is like dreams and illusions, fate dies, everything is broken as before.

     It's over. When I typed the final three words, I was suddenly very reluctant to give up all the roles that lived in my heart, and to leave this fascinating online game dream. However, it still has to end, because life has to go on.

     Well, the piracy myth is really over...

     Finally, I will give you a little poem——

     Resist bad game, refuse pirated games.

     Moderate game benefits the brain, addicted to the game beverages.

     Arrange your time reasonably and enjoy a healthy life. ! ~!
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