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Chapter Directory 1228 The Finale 【End Of The Book】
    Author: 死翼耐萨里奥(Sǐ yì nài sà lǐ ào, Deathwing Nesario)
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Soon these tasks are automatically completed, because Rody, who controls the strength of the national army, only needs the following a pre-set order to let the airborne soldiers or dragons solve the demon, and can continue to complete the task.

    In the past six months, he has completed more than 360 similar tasks. Although each task does not give much experience, but the accumulation of sand is enough to advance the second Advancement Profession to 55.

    At this level, Rodi's "Elemental Summoner" skills have been learned with a system of more than forty pages, but Rodi did not spend too much time to study this profession, and even talent points have been left I didn't go to add it: First, it was busy with government affairs, and second, because more practical skills are like the profession of "monster hunter", you need to combine and explore yourself.

    But Roddy admitted that he really has no talent for being a mage. His archery skills are actually practised by arrow after arrow, but these magic skills can only be released under the guidance of the system.

    He belongs to the state of "knowing what it is but not knowing it". According to the text, Xuanke also made up. Once he carefully discussed two sentences with Melin Sela, it would immediately appear in its original form.

    So when the battle is gradually smoothed out, he occasionally listens to lectures on elemental spellcasting-according to estimates, his "Elemental Summoner" level can reach level 59 by the end of this year, and also faces the insurmountable Barrier.

    So in the face of the task prompt now appearing, Rodi just clicked on it and was going to close it when he was ready to glance at it. But when he clicked on it, he realized that it turned out to be a red task.Roddy, who has experienced the storms and waves, is no longer surprised by the difficulty of the task, but the tasks for a long time are basically "green" or even "gray", the difficulty is extremely low, and suddenly a red one pops up, he has to spend a few Seconds, read the contents carefully.

    The name of the task did make Rodi raise his eyebrows: the words "Battle of the Planes" already explained the core content of this task, and the following introduction is quite horrifying:

    "The invasion of demons has become the norm. When you are used to this norm, it is often the beginning of falling into a trap.

    The cunning of the enemy is far beyond your imagination. When the war involves the battle of the planes, its complexity is not comparable to that of ordinary nations. Now, the real challenge has come-the enemy has moved towards the plane that invades you. Take a solid step, find clues, and be prepared to respond! "

    Task goal: find clues (unfinished)

    Task reward: 12000 experience

    As the beginning of a series of tasks, the task reward is so little, it is really called "trick". Roddy frowned for a moment and realized that the so-called "clue" actually did not bother him-there is a national machine, and the information surface covered by the "intelligence bureau" is enough to allow any clues to come to him, so He closed the page directly and got up to go to the next cabinet meeting.

    But when he walked to the door, Roddy found Edith just outside the door. The latter raised his finger and pointed to the meeting room opposite: "There is something wrong with Talia, maybe you should ask."

    "Ok."Without asking the second sentence, Roddy walked over. Edith knew all the things that happened inside the magic tower, so some discussions she knew the result without showing up.

    When Edith did not intend to participate, Roddy did not intend to force the other party to participate with him. As she pushed through the door and walked in, Rody was seeing Talia sitting in the middle of the room, and he answered the questions of the dragon lords in front of her face with earnest expressions.-Hearing the movement, she turned to look at Rody, who waved her hand. Instructed to ignore him, then walked to the seat next to him and sat down, listening to the current conversation:

    "...According to previous experiments, I speculate that these demons should have some special signal receiving organs in their bodies. They can effectively execute the commands of the "superior", and often even ignore their own psychological factors-such as fear and Their own physical desires... In the course of research, I accidentally discovered that a certain instruction can even make Doom Guard always restrain his hunger, completely unmoved in the face of food, and usually it will swallow clean the first time. …"

    "So, do you think you can start from this aspect to influence the devil?"

    "Yes, Lord Krups, I think we can not only affect each other’s appetite, if it is to directly suppress the other’s desire to kill, even more one step further, I think that under constant adjustment, after all, it can be Find a way to control the demons!"

    Talia had just finished speaking, but the elders beside him showed a rather disdainful expression, and one of them chuckled softly: "If only this is good..."But this was obviously mocking, Talia closed her lips-she really is not qualified to challenge each other, no matter from strength or status, let alone a few ridicules, even if you were scolded by a dog blood sprinkler today Suffer. So all she can do at this moment is silence, waiting for the judgment of these "big brothers".

    Talia has already made psychological preparations for direct dismissal, and immediately a magician expressed his opinion: "Theoretical discovery is one thing, and application to practice is one thing. Everyone has been doing research for a lifetime, knowing a lot Things can be said-you can "command" the devil, just think about it. I have looked at your theory and logical process, there are supports, but if you want to explore in practice, the resources consumed are not Generally more..."

    After a pause, he shook his head: "I'm not very optimistic."

    "me too."


    There was a sound all around, but most of them were negative responses. Talia lowered her head and heard what she should have said. There is nothing to prove.

    Krups took a quick look around, and Victor, who was in the list, expressed support: "I think this is a new direction, you can try it, but not as a focus."

    Except for him, only Two Elders expressed support, and the rest did not say anything-after all, not everyone has a say in this regard.

    Klupps took a quick look, Roddy, and asked, "Does the Prime Minister have any opinion?"This is not an inquiry from the past, but awaiting opinions seriously-in terms of "demon", Rody, who has the knowledge of "demon control", is even more professional than the dragons.

    Talia apparently heard about it, suddenly raised her heart to her throat, and looked nervously.

    Roddy didn't know that the group of elder lords in front of him was cooperating with himself. He coughed and said seriously: "We have been advancing the way to fight the demon head-on, but I have no clue how to fundamentally solve the problem of the demon- Now the research ideas of Researcher Talia have given me some inspiration. Although it seems ridiculous and unrealistic, in theory, this is a direction that is really possible to give the answer."

    When it comes to this, Talia can even hear his heart beating violently,

    "I will give you resources and manpower. If you can ensure periodic results, the follow-up support is unlimited."

    After Roddy finished, Talia immediately excitedly bowed: "Thank you for your support!"

    This matter was so settled, and then when she explained what she dreamed about, the people present were all stunned, but no one said it, only Krupps responded briefly, and let the tower Leah went back first.

    But everyone knows that this time things are really in trouble.