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Chapter Directory 1083 Nine Songs
    Author: Unknown
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"Isn't it saved when I heard the piano sound?"

     "Yes, I won't be saved when I hear it."

     "The people in Yaotianfu said that only the last three days in the secret realm, the person with the highest score can get the artifact. But now it seems that the people who come in can't even support this day!" Zhang Shao was confused.

     "Who are the people who came?" Jian Sheng asked back.

     "Um... scattered repair?" Zhang Shao pondered, and it became clear at a glance.

     "Yes, all of them are loose repairs, and all died in it, and no one will care. Yao Tianfu would not have planned to give you these loose repair artifacts." Jian Shengdao.

     Zhang Shao and his wife laughed at their innocence at this time, and actually thought that someone really wanted to give away the artifact.

     "Senior, then what is the purpose of you coming in?" Zhang Shao asked doubtfully.

     "Follow me, and you will know later." Juggernaut walked ahead and led the way deep into the secret realm.

     The three have been walking, the sky turns dark in this secret realm. When the moon was high, they came to a mountain.

     No, it is more like an altar than a mountain.

     When I came to the top of the mountain, there was a brightly lit pavilion. At the all around position, a multi-colored streamer poured into the pavilion.

     Before the Juggernauts entered the pavilion, two people came here. Yao Xi, moon robbery.

     "The seniors ran to see my little tricks, really made me overwhelmed by favor from superior?" Yao Xi said.Although Juggernaut was about to enter this secret realm, she could not stop it. However, the Juggernaut came in and would not have any impact on her plan. Therefore, she does not panic now.

     "Small trick? It is indeed a trick. People are upstairs! I want to go up to see her situation, do you want to stop it?" Jian Sheng said.

     "Senior is going to see it, I will not stop it naturally. I just come to remind the senior specifically, if you want to force her away, it may kill her." Yao Xi reminded "good intentions".

     Regarding Yao Xi's kind reminder, Jian Sheng just walked up the pavilion with a cold sigh.

     Yao Xi did not stop, for the Zhang Shao couple on the side, she was just glanced at, and finally no longer looked at people, but locked her eyes on the knife behind Zhao's.

     When the sword saint came to the pavilion, he found that Yu'er was trapped by a rope of spells. She seemed to be in a coma herself, and the energy from the outside flowed into her along the rope of the spell.

     Juggernaut did not approach, nor did he cast these spells, but just looked for a while quietly, and left here.

     When he walked down the pavilion, Yao Xi smiled and said: "Senior is really a calm person, I know you will not mess up."

     "I advise you to say that for what you do, I hope you won't regret it in the future." Jiansheng icily said.

     "Many thanks Senior caringly, caring for the moon, opening the door for the senior." Yao Xi said with a smile.

     If it was just the Juggernaut, he had to leave here, but there was no need to help open the door. The door was only for the Zhang Shao couple.Robbery opened the door, and the Juggernaut did not have the idea of fighting with the two masters and servants. He took the Zhang Shao couple and left.

     After the three of them were gone, Yueyue asked Yao Xi: "Miss, Juggernaut really can't save people? Or is he deliberately doing anything else?"

     "He can't solve it. Although he is awesome, he is not proficient in everything. Even at it's peak, he can't crack the Jiuqu curse." Yao-Xi self-confidently said.

      each person has their own speciality, what she arranged on Yu'er is not what the sword saint is good at. Therefore, she has this confidence.

     After the three saints of the sword saint left, the sword saint took the Zhang Shao and his wife out of Yao Xi's realm and left.

     Although he wants to invite Zhang Shao to join the Han, Zhang Shao will definitely be happy. However, he didn't need it.

     Zhang Shao couple two people's strength, he took to Dai County, they are only suitable for two small pawns.

      The future of themselves is controlled by themselves.


     After Jian Sheng returned to Daijun, Liu Yi came to him.

     For what he saw in Zhanghai County, Jian Sheng also told Liu Yi literally.

     "You can't save Yu'er? Senior, can she only become a puppet controlled by Yao Xi?" Liu Yi asked.

     "Maybe this is the case, but there are other possibilities." Sword Saint solemnly said.

     "Other possibilities?" Liu Yi was somewhat anticipated. What other turning point could this have?"The nine-curse mantra that Yao Xi placed on Yu'er was a secret skill created by an apprentice of Tai Haoxuan. That disciple was also cleaned up by Tai Haoxuan. Although I don't know where Yao Xi obtained this secret skill But, this secret technique Tai Hao Xuan can crack, can sense." Jian Shengdao.

     "Senior said that Yao Xi shot Yuer, Tai Haoxuan knew. He didn't make a rescue, is there any other consideration?" Liu Yi speculated.

     "Almost, after all, Yuer was created by Taihao Xuan. Taihaoxuan cannot be completely ignored, and Yuer may be an important move for him. Each of them also has their own ideas, and I don’t like these. Convenient to join." Jiansheng Road.

     Liu Yi supported the amount and muttered: "Hope is so, just, Yao Xi needs more a strong help over there."

     He is now in a hostile relationship with Yao Xi, Yao Xi is a little stronger there, and he is naturally uncomfortable.

     "Maybe these are the tests for you. How can you grow up as soon as possible without facing a strong enemy?" Jian Sheng laughed.


      at the same time, in Daqin.

     Kong Xiu and Fu Fuzi, oh no, Fu Qingxi. The two left Fushan and rushed east.

     The appearance of the two of them naturally caught Da Qin's attention immediately. Long Yuan immediately asked Qin Muzhao, he was going to track these two guys.

     The last time he ate deflated in Fushan, he suffocated his stomach.

     Qin Muzhao did not hesitate about Longyuan's request, and he directly agreed.One is that he doesn't want his subordinates to suffocate all the time. The second is that for Kong Xiu and Fu Qingxi, he did not intend to track down too deeply. Let Longyuan know about it. It is impossible for Longyuan to find something too deep.

     After obtaining permission from Qin Muzhao, Longyuan left the Imperial City and rushed to the direction of Kong Xiu and the two.

     One day later, Longyuan caught up with Kong Xiu and the two.

     At this time, Kong Xiu and them also arrived in the east of Daqin, only one or two counties away from the East China Sea.

     Longyuan did not rush out in a hurry because of the last thing, but followed first cautious and solemn. He needs to confirm that there is no master guarding the two people before he plans to go out.

     The time dragged a little, and gradually, Kong Xiu and Fu Qingxi came to the shore.

     In Canglong County of Daqin, Kong Xiu came here as a port to the sea. Confucius went to rent a boat and prepared to go to sea.

     Long Yuan, who was watching from the back, murmured: "What do these two guys want to do, and what they want to do is that they don't need a ship to go to sea."


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