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Chapter Directory 1084 Ancient Emperor
    Author: Unknown
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Using a ship to go to sea is a complete waste for cultivators. The speed of this ordinary ship cannot exceed the speed of their flight. Once an attack is encountered, the ship will be destroyed on the spot.

     Longyuan couldn't understand this strange behavior and had to choose to keep up.

     Longyuan this was originally so dragon, he wants to sneak in the sea, naturally it is very easy. He changed a fish in the sea, and then followed Kong Xiu and Fu Qingxi.

     The ship traveled slowly for one day period, and took out a jade card in the hands of Fu Qingxi on the ship.

     At the moment when the jade sign appeared, a vortex immediately rose at sea. The vortex inhaled the ship, including the two, and the dragon lurking behind did not have time to rush over, and the vortex disappeared.

     The sea returned to calm again, and the dragon's back turned into a humanoid figure, flying above the sea, his face full of unwillingness and regret.

     He regretted that he hadn't dealt with Fu Qingxi before, but now he lost it, and it's not good to explain to Qin Muzhao.

     He glanced at the sea for a long time with his own consciousness, and finally found nothing strange, and could only leave here with regret.

     Fu Qingxi and Kong Xiu were absorbed by the vortex onto an island.

     The mountains on this island are also thousands of meters away, and the clouds above them linger. They had just appeared, and a weirdo with a beast-shaped body flew down the mountainside.

     "You guys are who sent?" the weird voice asked in a rough voice.

     "Master Fuzhuang." Kong Xiu replied.

     "Please follow me." After listening, the weird man politely led the way.On the way up the mountain, Kong Xiu always felt that this mountain was a bit strange. It seems to be a fairy mountain surrounded by fairy clouds, but walking in it, he felt vaguely and murderously.

     However, he is not easy to ask this weirdo. This time Fu Yin asked him and Fu Qingxi to come, and he didn't tell him a lot of things, but just explained to Fu Qingxi. He still does not know who he is coming to see now, so he can only wait to see the owner of the island.

     Walking to the top of the mountain, the weirdo led them into a hall.

     "Master, the guests are here." The weirdo reverent and respectful to the north of the hall.

     Kong Xiu looked there and found that there was a woman in silver armor sitting there. Behind the woman's seat is a huge broken knife.

     If the woman's face is frost and snow, her double pupils are silver, and her hair is also shiny silver. Shuang Shuang Ying Zi, anyone who reads it will admire it, not blasphemy.

     "Well! Go on!" The woman simply waved his hand to the weirdo.

      "Yes!" The weirdo took orders and retreated.

     "Fu Qingxi has seen the predecessor of the ancient emperor, this is Confucius who newly joined us in Fuyue Mountain Villa." Fu Qingxi walked forward to the courtesy.

     "It turns out that you are the girl, come and sit down, just here I am waiting for the excitement, look at the excitement and talk about it!" the woman said.

     During her talk, she waved her hand and added a seat.

     A seat was obviously only for Fu Qingxi. For Kong Xiu, she didn't seem to see it.

     In just a short while, Kong Xiu roughly understoods the weirdness of this ancient emperor.

     "Senior, please ask you to take this seat, the younger will just stand and watch." Fu Qingxi replied.It would be too embarrassing for Kong Xiu to sit down and let Kong Xiu stand. She did not want Kong Xiu to be in such a situation, so she made this choice.

     Ancient emperor this kind of person thing, how could not see her mind.

     She chuckled lightly: "Girl, I didn't expect you to be so short-handed. Just now I'm comfortable, this little brother is also invited to take a seat."

     In the speech room, there was another seat beside the original seat.

     "Let's go!" Fu Qingxi said to Kong Xiu.

     "Well!" Kong Xiu had no extra words. He knew that he was not qualified to talk to this one. The ancient emperor could only write down his actions in his heart.

     However, Fu Qingxi was kind to him, and he also took note.

     After they took their seats, someone pushed two people in.

     The two who were put in carried shackles, and of course the shackles were not ordinary shackles. The above is a lawcaster, and the person with shackles loses his spiritual power.

     After bringing the two prisoners in, the ancient emperor ordered people to release their shackles.

     The moment the two's shackles were released, their spiritual powers began to recover. The strength of these two prisoners shocked Kong Xiujian.

     Both of them have reached the peak of enlightenment, and may even be stronger.

     People of such strength are just two ranks of prisoners. Why were they captured by the ancient emperor, and now they are asked what they do, people can not help but wonder.

     "Go!" The ancient emperor simply ordered.

     I saw that the two prisoners summoned weapons in their hands and immediately killed them like the other."Compete?" This is Kong Xiu's first thought.

     However, the next way the two fight, let him find that he thinks too well. This is not a competition, this is a fight, both of them are killing tricks, and they will be riddled with scars after a while.

     Despite riddled with scars, they did not stop, and the ancient emperor only looked at it indifferently. Obviously, this kind of thing didn't happen much here, she has already accustomed to.

     The strength of the two prisoners, both have the ability of Move Mountains and Drain Seas, but in this inside the palace, in addition to hurting each other, they can not damage the palace.

     They squashed to the end, and one fell in the pool of blood and could no longer stand up. The breath became weaker and weaker, and finally disappeared.

     The one who survived was standing on the verge of collapse at this time, but, in his eyes, there was Fire of Hope.

     He knelt down at the ancient emperor and said, "Ouyang Duo visits his master."

     "Go down and wait!" The ancient emperor waved his hand and sent Ouyang Duo the prisoner out of the main hall. As for somewhere, Confucius did not know them.

     A flame burst from the ancient emperor's fingertips and flew towards the corpse on the ground. In an instant, the corpses and blood were completely burned by the flames. A gust of wind blew out from the hall, blowing away the fly ash.

      Inside the palace restored its previous appearance, the ancient emperor looked at Fu Qingxi and said, "Girl, what's the matter you came over?"

     "This is what my righteous father asked me to hand you over." Fu Qingxi took out a jade slip.

     As soon as the ancient emperor waved, Yu Jian flew into her hand.Yu Jian fell into her hands, and she immediately read the information. After a while, she put away the jade jade and said to Fu Qingxi: "You go back and tell your righteous father, thank you for his reminder. As for his help, I will solve it for him as soon as possible. However, he also don’t forget To help me."

     "The juniors will bring it back." Fu Qingxi said.

     "Then I won't keep you anymore. After all, in this place, you are not used to living." The ancient emperor directly issued a guest order.

     "The juniors say goodbye." Fu Qingxi and Kong Xiu got up and retreated.

     Walking out of the palace, weirdos sent them down the mountain. At the edge of the island, the reappears vortex, the two stepped into the vortex and reached the calm sea in the next moment.

     Outside, Confucius with some doubts asked: "What are the two prisoners of the ancient emperor's going on?"

     "The ancient emperor can become a subordinate of the ancient emperor if he can defeat one hundred prisoners in a row. The Ouyang Duo should be engaged in the 100th battle today," Fu Qingxi explained.