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Chapter List 5473 Chapter 54745
    Chinese Name: 最强升级系统  Author: 大海好多水(Dàhǎi hǎoduō shuǐ, Lots of Water in Sea)
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    But thinking about it, Long Fei is still very clear about the current situation.
    This is a natural barrier, and what kind of power it is, even Long Fei himself can't tell.
    This kind of power is not invincible, at least in Long Fei's view, as long as he has absolute power, he can easily break it and enter it.
    But it is not necessary.
    He took a shot and wasted a chance to show up. If he was really tough with Dian Ling by then, they would not be able to hold on to Li Hanyue at all.
    "Damn, it's a bit difficult." Long Fei thought in his heart.
    Looking at the Thousand Realms Hall close at hand, Long Fei was a bit big.
    There are only two paths before him. Either do it yourself, or let Li Hanyue reunite with the dead.
    But for them, integration will fall into a period of weakness.
    After entering this world like this, there are also many inconveniences. If you really encounter people who are doing things, it is also a trouble.
    For a time, Long Fei felt helpless.
    "Long Fei, someone is coming." Suddenly, the spirit of the world spoke.
    Long Fei was taken aback.
    Because at this moment, he didn't have any perception.
    "Because that power has been transferred from me." The spirit of the world explained.

    Long Fei nodded, secretly saying so.
    Sure enough, at the moment when the voice of the spirit of the world just fell, several figures appeared here.
    The headed person looks extremely noble in a satin suit.
    His age is about 30 years old, and his combat power is also very impressive, worth more than 200 billion.
    Seeing this, Long Fei's eyes paused slightly.
    Eyes also fell on this person.
    "It turned out to be like this. Tianyuan, this guy is the spirit of the world just like you. But the difference is that this guy is dominated by the evil of heaven and earth, and he must have swallowed the other half." Long Fei said.
    Tianyuan is the name of the spirit of the world.
    Of course, this name was also given by Long Fei.
    Tian Yuan was startled and looked at the opponent abruptly, with a touch of pity and sorrow in his eyes.
    She is kind, so she is very sensitive to this matter. If it hadn't been for Long Fei, her current fate would not be much better, and she would probably become a heart demon in the womb, completely dissipating in this world.
    At the same time, that person's gaze also noticed Tian Yuan, and then his gaze fell on Li Hanyue and several people, looking up and down.
    Then, greed appeared in his eyes.

    "Zé Zé, pure goodness, there are also a few elements that incorporate evil, and they are still so charming..."
    The man opened his mouth, his tongue flicking across the corner of his mouth, with a wretched look on his face.
    In an instant, Long Fei felt upset.
    In front of him, dare to show evil thoughts towards his women?
    Can you still be a good person?
    "I want to kill him!" Long Fei said.
    Of course, this sentence can only be heard by a few people.
    A ray of light appeared in Li Hanyue's eyes, because of Long Fei's words, she felt satisfied in her heart.
    The same goes for Mu Nanyou, with an alternative smile on his face, as if he wanted to see if Long Fei would make a move.
    It was Tian Yuan, and now there was an ambiguous feeling on his face, as if he felt inexplicable satisfaction because of Long Fei's words.
    But such a posture fell in the eyes of the person who had just arrived, but it was honey self-confidence, thinking it was Tian Yuan, Li Hanyue and others sending a signal to themselves.
    Suddenly, he put on a proud expression.
    He thought that Tian Yuan and others were showing admiration for him.
    "Hahaha, interesting. Little lady, wait, when I get to this world, I will find you." The man laughed.
    But at this time Tian Yuan and the others directly ignored it.

    I even feel baffling, I don't know why this person suddenly expressed such a sentence.
    But they did not ask.
    In the emptiness, Long Fei looked frosty.
    This is trying to dig the foot of the wall, and it is still in front of him.
    Unbearable, absolutely unbearable!
    For a time, Long Fei's mind has already begun to design this person's 10,000 ways to die.
    If it wasn't for wasting the opportunity to show up on such a small character is too wasteful, Long Fei slapped him to death.
    Also at this moment, the expression on the man's face suddenly stopped, and he looked up at the void, and immediately a halo appeared on his head.
    "I am Wumeng, the lord of the world of Wumeng Realm, and I have been inspired to come to the Great Thousand Realm." Wumeng said.
    Suddenly, a gleam of luster suddenly fell on the heaven dome, covering Wumeng. As if to verify the body, the light rotates up and down.
    But at least for a moment, the light disappeared.
    Immediately, a passage suddenly appeared in the world in front of Wumeng's eyes.
    As if a door was opened.
    Wumeng led the people behind him to step into it with one step.

    However, when the figure was about to disappear, he suddenly looked at Tian Yuan and the others: "Well, depending on how you look like, you don't have this pass at all. It's better to be my woman, and I deliberately consider bringing you in." Wumeng Speaking of.
    There is a playful look on his face.
    As if he had already eaten a few people, he didn't seem anxious at all.
    Tian Yuan and the others shifted their gazes one after another, but it was only a glance, and then there was no reaction.
    Especially Mu Nanyou, with a disgusting expression on his face, after a glance, he curled his lips slightly, as if to say where the idiot came from.
    The expression on Wumeng's face was stunned, and his smile solidified.
    "What do you mean? Didn't you wink at Lao Tzu just now? You are pretending to be cold again?" Wumeng said coldly.
    In the void, Long Fei looked cold.
    Too mentally retarded.
    There is no shortage of this kind of existence at any time.
    Of course, Long Fei understands that it is definitely not an idiot to be able to swallow the origin of a world and merge into one. The only thing that can be said in the past is that he has been set up on high for too long, so he has always been centered on himself.
    Think that what you think is fundamental.
    No one dared to disobey at all.

    So now I see the reaction of Tian Yuan and others, and I can say such idiotic words.
    But for Long Fei, the reason is not important.
    The important thing is that it is a sin to give birth to his woman, and it is not a pity to die.
    Wumeng looked at them with a sullen expression, and saw that there was no reaction at all, and the anger on his face was suddenly born.
    "Okay, very good. You'd better go back to your own world obediently now, don't let me meet you in the great world, otherwise I will let you know what despair is." Wumeng said.
    After speaking, his figure led everyone to disappear into the passage.
    "Master, is this person an idiot?" Munanyou asked. Even now, she was confused and didn't know what had happened.
    "I feel that he is hostile to us. If you encounter them in the Great Thousand Realm, you must be careful." Tian Yuan said.
    She still belongs to that kind of cautious attitude.
    "Fear of a hammer, I met them in the Great Thousand Realm, and I was the first one to kill him." Long Fei said bitterly.
    It can't be tolerated absolutely.
    Long Fei directly expressed his attitude.
    The next moment, he directly threw a halo.

    "What power did I think it was? I also have this halo!" Long Fei said.
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