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Chapter Table Of Contents 1930 Postscript
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆4终极斗罗  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
    Original: | Translation:

    We have been in Final Douluo for more than two years, and finally finished it. With the help of the postscript, I would like to talk to you about some of my mental journey in my creation, let’s talk about in the heart. Every time I finish writing the period of a book, I will be deeply reluctant to give up. I guess after watching the end, everyone must be sad and have a lot of thoughts. I also expect to receive the blade again...
    But this ending is indeed what I wanted Okay for a long time. Probably I wrote more than half of the period in Legend of Dragon King, and I have already thought about it.
    According to my original plan for the Douluo series, Final Douluo is the last one, otherwise it would not be called by this name. I even thought about it and retired after writing Final Douluo. I have written books for seventeen years, and I have written almost five ten millions words, and I am really tired. There are two to three hundred books, and I haven't counted them. So, at that time, I thought, after I finished writing Final Douluo, I would put a complete stop to the Douluo series, and I would not write it. I would like to accompany my wife and children properly and give them more time. Maybe write some short stories later.

    Later, you also knew that Muzi was gone. Her departure was really a huge blow to me. It has been more than two years, but the scenes still haunt me. I formerly thought that with the passage of time, I will gradually get better. But I found out later that I even had to admit that because her departure had hit me too much, my emotions never recovered, and I was even somewhat depressed. I think I am already a very strong person, but maybe because I love too much, that's why I am so carved in bones and engraved in the heart. Just like Tang San and Xiao Wu, if I can really rebirth, then I must go to my Muzi.
    However, we are all materialists. Although I write fantasy, I also know that rebirth is just our dream. I have to raise two children to grow up. I also support five old people at present. They all live with me. Muzi is gone. This is my responsibility. Therefore, I can only place my affection on my work. In.
    After reading this end, I believe everyone also knows what my Doulo Continent 5 is about to write. In fact, writing five is more for myself. It has been more than two years since Muzi left, and I need to boost my emotions. I have always been a very sunny person. I also hope that my book can bring more positive energy to everyone.

    Without my wife, there will be no home, but I still have you and our Tang Sect family. I will try my best to write for you for a few more years and put more emotions in the book. When I wrote about Xiao Wu's departure, I wrote it with tears, and what reverberated in my emotions was the period when Muzi left me.
    I can’t do anything about it to give myself and Muzi a perfect ending, but please rest assured, at least Tang San and Xiao Wu will have it.
    Tang San rebirth, a brand new Xiao Wu will also appear(ance). This is also a hope I have placed on myself. I also hope that I can be rejuvenated with the Douluo Continent five-energy obtain freshman.
    Let's talk about creation.
    After writing the four Douluo series, I am actually quite satisfied. According to my original plan, the four were written about Cold Weapon Era, Thermal Weapon Era, High Science and Technology Era, and Interstellar Era in the world of Douluo Continent. This creation plan has been completed. I love Douluo deeply, just like you guys do. I probably started to create Douluo at the end of 2008, and it took me 13 years to write here. Douluo will write a few more in the follow-up, I actually don't know it myself, just look at the status. At least the fifth part will be finished. As for whether there are six, seven, eight, or nine, I think it can be done and cherish. If you like it and I am in good condition, then I will continue to write it down.

    Douluo Continent Five is undoubtedly called: rebirth Tang San.
    I have already thought of this name. Everyone must be wondering what kind of world Tang San and Xiao Wu went to. In fact, I have already told you, but you don't know it.
    The Shenlan Qiyu series has been published, and the huge worldview of Shenlan Qiyu is of course not only the seven short stories of sustaining the seven gods. Yes, the world of Tang San and Xiao Wu rebirth is there. And it was the Ice Age that I did not write in detail in the Shenlan Qiyu series. It was also the most miserable era for human in the world.
    No matter how much, I can't spoil it. Please join me in looking forward to the moment when Tang San and rebirth Xiao Wu meet again in that world. That was also the time to ignite the fire of hope in my heart. So I assure you that the ending of Douluo 5 will never be a tragedy anymore, it will definitely end in a happy ending.
    Before Douluo Continent Five, as usual, I would write another biography, and write a fun biography. It can be regarded as a compensation for the sadness that everyone saw at the end of Douluo IV. The name of this rumor is called "Douluo Continent Shrek Heavenly Mission".

    Why is it called this name? Introduction I probably thought about it, it should be like this: God King is also very boring, what should I do to solve the boring God King? Therefore, God Realm's numerous (representatives) God King, on the suggestion of Tang Wulin, decided to go to Shrek Academy to be a teacher(s) in the lower realm. Shrek Academy, where a group of God Kings is the teacher(s), imagine that God of Life, God of Ruin, Mad God, Death God, Radiant God King, Strength God, God of Evil, God of Kindness, Zither Emperor, God of Emotion wait/etc numerous (representatives) If God King comes to be the teacher(s), wouldn't it be that we have the Shrek heaven group?
    The Douluo Continent series will be written later. In my imagination, five, six, and seven should all be in the world of Shenlan Qiyu. Five is rebirth Tang San, six and seven will not be disclosed. If I can write eight and nine. Then it has something to do with the Shrek Heavenly Mission, which will be very interesting. Because five, six, and seven are on the side of Shenlan Qiyu, and I can't bear our Shrek, so I will write about our Shrek Academy in a rumored way from time to time, I hope everyone likes it.
    Okay, let's just say so much.

    Finally, I will make an advertisement. I will write an urban book as a schedule every year at present. If you are interested, you can also read it. So far, there have been books such as "I am willing to love the whole world for you", "Embrace Lies and Embrace You", "Protect Time, Protect You", "A Layer of Light Yin Transformation", "Ice and Snow Love Panda" and other books, everyone is interested You can take a look.
    Finally, the physical book "Douluo Continent Shrek Tian Tuan" has been published, and many readers have already read the physical book. It is said that everyone likes it. I will also serialize it at the starting point later, I hope you like it.
    Then there is "Douluo Continent Vrebirth Tang San", which will be officially launched today.
    Rebirth, Xiao Tang.
    (End of this chapter)
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