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Chapter Directory 1041 Eternal Tree Life Into Tree
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆4终极斗罗  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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"It's almost enough." Tang Wulin said in a deep voice.

     Although his heart is toward his son, the eternal tree is the core of the parent star’s life. It consumes too much and will affect the entire parent star’s ecological environment.

     The treasure hunter grinned and slapped his hands, and the color of the air in the air instantly spread out and drifted towards the ancient golden tree.

     When the colorful airflow penetrated into the ancient golden tree, the ancient golden tree shook slightly, and the original golden body suddenly exuded a strange energy fluctuation. The faint color halo flashed away. The water of the entire lake of life also fluctuated slightly.

     this is……

     Both Poseidon Pavilion Master and Tang Wulin felt it, and Yi Lao also felt some. The life level of the Eternal Tree seems to have improved a little at the moment.

     You know, this is something the Eternal Tree can't do by itself!

     Everyone's eyes became different when they looked at the treasure hunter. They certainly understand what this means. If there is enough life energy to be transformed into the tree of eternity by the treasure hunter, the tree of eternity may be transformed again. Of course, this is the theoretical situation. Because the required life energy will be astronomical, it is not what the lake of life can do.But even if the life level of the Eternal Tree is only improved a little, Douluoxing's absorption of energy in the universe will become improved! This is undoubtedly a great thing for the Tree of Eternity. Of course, it needs to be accumulated over 10,000 years. These sources of life energy are the most important property of Shrek College. Can improve cultivation and save lives. Naturally not all can be consumed. But if it helps the eternal tree to improve the level of life within a certain range, it will become faster when it accumulates the energy of life in the future.

     Between the moments, everyone is thinking about electricity.

     The treasure hunter raised his head proudly. When he was in God Realm, he was the great steward of all the fairy grass. Manage the existence of fairy grass nursery for Dragon God.

     The tree of eternity is the core of life on Douluoxing, but in God Realm, this level of vegetation is not uncommon. Although the treasure hunt is far from being at its peak, it can still be done if it wants to help the Tree of Eternity.

     The colorful little dragon transformed by Lan Xuanyu sank silently into the bottom of the lake. The treasure hunt beckoned, turned into a light, and chased away.

     Tang Wulin floated down on the shore, looked at the lake of life, which was more than a foot lower, and said to the Neptune Pavilion next to him, "What do you think?"

     Poseidon Pavilion frowned slightly, saying: "A certain degree of transformation will help."

     Tang Wulin nodded, "The elevation of the eternal tree's life level is very important in the long run. I didn't expect that the little guy in Xuanyu's ability was so strong."Poseidon Pavilion said: "When he finishes his cultivation, let's calculate and see. The lake of life can't consume too much. It's like a bank of all the parent star lifeforms. Once consumed to a certain extent, it triggers all living things. The panic will cause the life system to collapse. The lake of life is about one foot deep, and it cannot be less than 70% at most. The academy still has the possibility to call it at any time. Therefore, the eternal tree itself can be upgraded at most one foot in depth. However, , This process of transformation wasted too much."

     "This time, let's not take an example. The next time Xuanyu breaks through again, think of other ways." Tang Wulin said.

     Poseidon Pavilion said: "Don't go there with the two eyes of ice and fire. There is a large part of life energy in the water of the lake of life from there. You let him change the place to scourge. It is best to go to the scourge of Tianlongxing ."

     Tang Wulin twitched, but nodded.

     Lan Xuanyu is actually not too damaging, but there is a treasure hunt beast! In the process of its transformation, it is the horrible consumption of the tree of eternity. If not for the last improvement in the level of life, the Poseidon Patriarch wanted to slap it to death.

     "Dragon Star." Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly, as if thinking about something.

     "Let your son scourge. This kid is a disaster star. Wherever he goes, he will scourge wherever he goes. I heard Xiao Shu said that last time he was also scourge on Sen Luoxing's side. Both Daming and Erming The seniors all squeezed their noses. This is your son. I am afraid that I will be killed long ago."

     "As long as I am alive, no one can hurt him." Tang Wulin said lightly."You really don't plan to come back to regain control of Poseidon Pavilion? The throne has been reserved for you, no matter whether it is our college or Tangmen, there is no opinion."

     The Poseidon Pavilion meeting does not actually belong to Shrek College, it is equivalent to the highest decision-making meeting of Shrek College and Tangmen.

     Tang Wulin shook his head, "There is no need to get out of the way. The Federation is already afraid of us. I don't want to do too much. I just want to stay with them. If you can, nothing is best."

     "You have become lazy." The sea god pavilion's voice said strangely.

     "Perhaps. I just want to enjoy some family happiness now. Don't forget, I'm over ten thousand years old now." Tang Wulin's face showed a smile.

     "Are you reminding me of being old? What's wrong with more than ten thousand years old? The old lady never feels that she's old!"

     "Well, I never think you are old, because your temper is no different from that time. You are the craziest woman I have ever seen, and there is no one like that. I am afraid of you."

     "Do you want to die, Tang Wulin!" said the master of the Poseidon Pavilion, gritting his teeth.

     "I went back to practice." Tang Wulin flashed, and disappeared next to her in the next moment.

     "Humph!" The main lord of the Poseidon Pavilion snorted, and then disappeared, leaving Yi Zichen standing there with some helplessness on the shore.

     Deep in the lake of life.

     The colorful dragon with a length of more than 12 meters stretches the body, and the colored wings behind it open and close, constantly absorbing the rich life energy to supplement itself.Gradually, the huge body began to converge inwards and revert to a human form. It is Tang Wulin.

     At this moment, his chest and abdomen were completely covered by colorful scales, and even more than half of his back was covered with colored scales. The breath of energy emitted from the body is very stable. A faint color airflow surrounds the body.

     His right arm had turned golden, and brilliant golden scales covered it. But the light on his left arm flickered erratically.

     The treasure hunter once again quietly drilled out of Lan Xuanyu's body. This time, it wasn't just him who was drilled, the silver light flashed, and the fleshy empty insect also drilled out.

     She and the treasure hunter glanced at each other, and the treasure hunter pouted at her, and then flung on Lan Xuanyu's left arm. The soft silver light suddenly released from it and merged into Lan Xuanyu's arm.

     The silver scales drilled out silently, and soon they became covered with silver scales. Void Worm seemed to be a little tired, fell from Lan Xuanyu's hand, hugged by a treasure hunter, the light flashed, and he returned to Lan Xuanyu's brow and disappeared.

     Lan Xuanyu had a dream.

     In his dream, he seems to have been fighting continuously, and suddenly he became a powerful Hercules, and suddenly he became an element master who released the power of countless elements.I have been fighting for a long time, and finally exhausted. Heartbreaking pain came, he seemed to have broken into dust. It was at this moment that a wonderful force rejoined his body. It is like the initiation of Daigo, moisturizing everything about him. The violent pain instantly transformed into comfort, and the sublimation at that moment made him whole into a blank.

     Moved the finger gently, the consciousness gradually returned.

     When Lan Xuanyu opened his eyes, what appeared to him was clear green. Lan Xuanyu blinked, he was...