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Chapter Directory 186 Bai Xian Cheng Zi
    Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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The huge death word dice dropped, the moment the golden tortoiseshell disappeared, and the popping popping sound resounded through the mountains, Lu Xiao left his consciousness, and saw a spectacular scene from the perspective of God. Inside the Tongtianmen, Su Yuntian and Wang Xiaotian's heads almost burst at the same time! With a puff, without warning, blood splattered from his temples, and their eyes were filled with despair, and they looked at each other for the last time. It is not just the head that explodes, but also the limbs and body. In a blink of an eye, the ground was full of explosive remnants. The two Mahayana masters had no resistance under the "Death"" character" die, and died very thoroughly, leaving no soul.

    Among the mountains, within the scope of the big tortoise shell technique, all animals were killed by seedlings, flying in the sky, crawling underground, swimming in the water, taking the same action without prior consultation. The moment the fifth-level tortoise shell technique takes effect is really cruel. Just like the rain hitting the bamboo forest, there was a crackling sound, echoing among the mountains.

    Haotianmen, none of the cockroaches survived. Things like mice hidden on the ground are also clean.

    The people of Haotianmen ran away, and only Su Yuntian and Wang Xiaotian remained, and the big Haotianmen, only two people were willing to be buried for it. Lu Xiaoyi must say, the realm is really ruthless. Therefore, we have to change.At the exit of Tongtianmen, a burst of white light shone, and a hundred fairies instantly appeared in this space. The rich bloody smell makes these fairy people who are accustomed to the aura full of aura very uncomfortable, look at the minced meat around them, and take the same action without prior consultation. These immortals could not help secretly being surprised. The three people who died were obviously all from Haotianmen, and one of them must be the master of the door, otherwise it would be impossible to find here and kindle Xinxiang.

    The owner of Haotianmen, at least the top master in the realm world, the inexplicable dies here, can't help but shock.

    Opening up God's perspective, Lu Xiaoyi certainly saw these people. But he didn't worry about it, but looked at his left hand. There was a "death" just now, and his hand was petrified. While preparing to go on, a magical scene appeared. The hand recovers little by little, from the arm all the way down, restoring normality section by section.

    "Xuanwu Great God, what's the matter?" Lu Xiaoyu asked strangely, and Xuanwu Great God's answer came quickly: "Amazed? You are a divine body, and will naturally recover. But don't be too happy too early , Throwing out of death three times in a row, even if you are a demigod, you can’t escape death. By the way, not to mention this, you look at the following, Baixian Lower Realm, do you want me to help?"

    "Is the script replayed five thousand years ago?" Lu Xiaoyu asked with a smile on his mind. The Xuanwu Great God swore and appeared in front of him, and he smiled and answered: "Yes, but I was a spirit at that time. The solution. Only the open eyes of them approached and killed the patriarch at the time."

    Lu Xiaoyi's big tortoiseshell technique has been completed, and naturally will not be like the patriarch before."All right, I will meet them when you go down. You better hide a little farther so as not to be brought disaster to the fish in the moat." Lu Xiaoyi's deeds start, and he can reach them instantly within the range of action. The Xuanwu Great God who had recovered his true body had to hide from tortoiseshell art, and flew out of the scope of action. Then from the perspective of God, watch Lu Xiaoyi's performance.

    "Who?" At the gate of the sky, Lu Xiaoyi suddenly appeared, and Baixian was shocked. A master appeared without warning, basically unable to realize that this kind of thing never happened to the fairy. But this happened now.

    This place is quite special. Lu Xiaoyi stands among the crowd. Everyone dare not cast magic weapons and spells easily. For the person who appeared suddenly, Baixian could not face each other with a sword, and did not immediately made a move, just surrounded it.

    Standing among the hundred immortals, Lu Xiaoyi had a smile, a beautiful face, and a perfect figure. Standing among a group of immortals, he still felt like standing tall. All are fairies, and seeing such a flawless handsome guy, some people will feel ashamed.

    "You no need to be so troublesome, go out and find me, and I'm here. My name is Lu Xiaoyi, the patriarch of the contemporary Protoss." Lu Xiaoyu greeted everyone in a circle, and Baixian was shocked. , Encountered the patriarch of the Protoss. In some people's memories, five thousand years ago, they relied on the giant tortoiseshell technique to block the hundred immortals, and threw a death and threw the past of thirty immortals. The only flaw is that the patriarch could only cast 24 times a day, which gave the fairy a chance to kill him."Under the real Aoba, do you not take the fairy world in your eyes?" The real Aoba, headed by him, stood up and said. In fact, he had no idea at all. The giant tortoiseshell technique was too perverted. He had seen it before.

    "Everyone spends a lot of money, hacking him to death." Dao Xin lively roared, the first shot, a sword stabbed Lu Xiaoyu's chest fiercely. Lu Xiaoyi didn't hide at all, just looked at him with a smile. Where the god body can be hurt by a real person. But seeing a sword stabbed in the body, the sword body has been bent into a bow shape under the influence of strength, but Lu Xiaoyi didn't hurt her fur at all.

    This time, Baixian was scared. Daoxin's real sword is a magic weapon. Between Heaven and Earth, there is no physical body that can die under the sword. Lu Xiaoyu's body resisted with a blow, and he smiled slightly at the real person: "I will give you a chance to go back to Immortal Realm, and don't come down anymore in the future." As he spoke, he raised his right hand and flicked his chest gently. Sword body.

     after “dīng” sounds crisply, under divine power, it should have been a flying sword that cannot be easily destroyed by any weapon between Heaven and Earth. After one finger bounced, Daoxin is like a red iron in his hand, The sword took off, but it didn't fall down as a whole, but in the process of falling, it broke into pieces. The crash sound fell to the ground and turned into a pile of broken iron.

    What is this technique? Actually ruined a magic weapon of the fairy family?

    Everyone was dumbfounded, holding a guy in his hand, but no one dared to attack, who dared to correct, his magic weapon could be spared? It is really not easy to refine a magic weapon, let alone this flying sword, it is the Life Source Magical Treasure of Daoxin."If we don't go back, how are you going to stay?" Aoba Yeren dared to speak out, after all, he was the leader.

    Lu Xiaoyi heard a long sigh, looked around, and laughed aloud: "How many years have you been accustomed to being high. Dominated the best resource between Heaven and Earth, Floating City, and set the so-called Forbidden area. As everyone knows, you were also born to your father and mother. When you were born, you were also born with the brand name U umbrella. I'm sorry, everyone, let's play a game together."

    All the immortals were shocked for a while, making games? what game? Is this the time to play games? Isn't this guy going crazy suddenly? It's a pity that Lu Xiaoyi didn't give them time to understand and read a mantra: "There is no god like me in the world!"

    The appearance of the big tortoise shell technique this time is a bit amazing. There is an array here. The formation under the Xianjia cloth, under the golden light of the big tortoise shell technique, was eliminated without a trace. After a brief earthquake, the mountain did not collapse, but the gate to the sky collapsed.

    The huge tortoiseshell covered the sky, and Baixian collectively stood up for the ceremony, and no one was spared. Lu Xiaoyi from the perspective of God, but saw another world, that is Floating City. This place has always existed, just because the fairy world has made hands and feet, covering the passage and the sight. Xuanwu Great God knows that, in the knowledge he taught to Lu Xiaoyi, Floating City exists.From the perspective of God’s perspective, the sight of the road is naturally not obscured by the giant tortoiseshell, and can be seen with closed eyes. Above the sky, there is a mountain floating between the mountains, and there is a city piled with white jade. That is the so-called fairyland!

    Many years ago, the immortals of the Immortal Realm joined forces to construct a huge formation, which obscured the sight of the lower realm. Now, this formation has been smashed into scum under the fifth-level tortoise shell technique. The so-called gate to heaven is actually a passage to Floating City. Now this channel is opened again. Lu Xiaoyi also saw Floating City.

    "Everyone, the game you saw is called Big Tortoiseshell." The only thing that can move and talk freely is Lu Xiaoyi. Bai Xian stood there and looked very funny. Lu Xiaoyi walked back and forth in the middle. He smiled at the group of immortals who were forced to pay attention. He raised his hand and pointed at the Tai Chi picture in the tortoiseshell: "Everyone has seen there. The dice in the middle is called a life dice. You can understand that this is a cheating method. That’s right, I’m cheating, but you can’t help it."

    Bai Xian don't say anything against it, you can't move your eyes, only your own mind. But now all these hundred fairies have the same question in their heads: what is this special thing all about?

    "I chose to dice less words and add a hundred times." Lu Xiaoyi smiled and made a decision that he thought was interesting.As soon as the voice fell, a click, the dice with few words fell, the Tai Chi figure began to rotate, and the circle turned around. Baixian looked younger, turned again, younger, and again..., Lu Xiaoyi looked These fairies became younger and younger, their white beards were gone, their white hair was gone, they became middle-aged, they became youths, they became teenagers, and after a hundred laps, the game was over. . The golden tortoiseshell disappeared instantly, as if nothing had happened.

    "Wow! Wow!" Tongtian door, remembered a cry of a baby.

    Standing in the middle of a group of babies, Lu Xiaoyi looked at the fairy magic weapon falling all over the floor, with a smug smile on his face.

    At this time, the Xuanwu Great God appeared again. Looking at the baby on the ground, he frowned and said, "What are you doing, you are arguing to death."

    Lu Xiaoyi tilted his head and looked at him: "Are you disobedient?" Xuanwu immediately arched his hand: "Serve, why not?"

    "Well, just be convinced. By the way, this scene is called Bai Xian Cheng Zi, how do you feel?"

    Xuanwu nodded vigorously: "No problem, what you say is what you say. I said, you should hurry to find someone to get rid of these children, my head is big."

    "Let's go out and talk, they are safe here." Lu Xiaoyi's last look, Shenxing moved into the Xianjie Floating City instantly, and sent a message to Qiao Huan'er to let her bring enough people, pick up the magic weapon, and put The children are taken away.

    Xuanwu followed, he was a god, and he didn't care about these fairies. Lu Xiaoyi was standing on the square in Floating City. At this time, hundreds of immortals were watching the things in the lower realm, but they saw a scene of a hundred immortals.At the moment when Lu Xiaoyi appeared, Xuanwu also appeared. When the two stood side by side, hundreds of immortals witnessed everything happening in the lower realm, but no immortal dare to resist.

    Lu Xiaoyi did not speak, with a confident smile, quietly looked at the group of fairies.

    Poof, I don't know which fairy was crushed by this huge pressure, and my knees were soft and I knelt down directly. Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, the whole body was moved in one stroke, the scene was like a domino, and hundreds of fairies knelt on the ground.

    Lu Xiaoyu raised his chin and looked at the fairy in this place with a faint opening: "You listen to me. Starting today, you are not allowed to close the passage. People in the lower realm can come up and you can go down. However, the fairy should not interfere in the lower realm. Business."

    "I'll wait for the Oracle!" hundreds of immortals answered loudly, just like they had been trained.

    At this moment, Lu Xiaoyi stood in front of hundreds of immortals, Monarch Overlooking the World!


    A year later, at the foot of the Motian Mountain, in a huge mountain villa. Hundreds of children in a yard surrounded Lu Xiaoyu who hurriedly came, one after another was calling: "Dad, father, mother Qing Qing is going to have a younger brother?"

    These are the products of Lu Xiaoyi's Bai Xian Cheng Zi, who had planned to find someone to raise. She didn't expect Meng Qingqing and Sun Wanwan to have a great motherhood, colluded with Qiao Huan'er, and brought her children at home. These children call the three women mothers, and the little children the father.Lu Xiaoyu patiently dealt with these dolls and strode across the yard into another small yard. The house inside was the delivery room, and a woman shouted: "It hurts, Lu Xiaoyi, you bastard, you are the one who harmed me, gave birth to a child, and I will kill you." Hearing this, he didn’t dare to pay it back, he had to shout loudly, "Qing Qing. Persevere, perseverance is victory!"

    The Xuanwu on the side twitched his mouth: "It's really troublesome, you have to give birth." Lu Xiaoyi stared at him sideways: "Off your fart, I say you're a god, nothing is going to run like me? I How does your wife have children?"

    Xuanwu was speechless. At the critical moment, Sun Wanwan appeared with a big belly on her side, there was still one Qiao Huan'er supported.

    "Oh, my Wanwan, what are you doing here?" Sun Wanwan stroked her belly with a satisfied face: "I'm going to see how Qingqing was born. By the way, I will rehearse it."

    Lu Xiaoyi repeatedly said: "You should go back, don't wait for Qingqing to be born, you'll get into trouble first."

    Sun Wanwan smiled softly: "I'm fine, rest assured."

    Lu Xiaoyi had no choice but to let him, Qiao Huan'er approached Lu Xiaoyi, gave him a grudge of white eyes, stretched his hand on the waist softly, twisted it, and threatened to get Lu Xiaoyi to go to you one night In the eyes, this is just a stop. At this time, Meng Qingqing gave a high-pitched cry in the delivery room.

    Lu Xiaoyi is strange, there is a cry of a baby inside, wow!

    "Birth!" Lu Xiaoyi rushed in excitedly, but was caught by Xuanwu: "Tell you something.""What's the matter? Don't choose when you have something, don't stop me from looking at my son." Lu Xiaoyi was very upset and immediately turned her face.

    Xuanwu laughed: "I'm leaving, the mission on this continent is completed." Lu Xiaoyi heard this and instinctively asked: "Where are you leaving for?" Xuanwu laughed: "There are in Floating City No one has ever been to a secret realm. I know there is a world called Falan, and I plan to see it."

    "Falan? Okay, I know, and you'll get off. Wait a minute, why is there something in your eyes called scheming that succeeds?" Lu Xiaoyi asked, and Xuanwu disappeared with a snap, no answer at all. .

    "Nerve!" Lu Xiaoyi said to himself, strode into the delivery room: "Qingqing, I'm here."

    Meng Qingqing had already sat up, holding her baby and was feeding her breasts. When she saw him, she turned her head angrily: "Well, why don't you stay outside for a while." Lu Xiaoyi accompanied her with a smiley face: "A friend said goodbye, I delayed Take a look."

    Talking, suddenly Lu Xiaoyu stared at the child in Meng Qingqing's arms with a stunned expression, and couldn't help but roar: "Turtleman, I haven't played with you, so you can't catch a family."

    Everyone took a closer look. The newly born child didn't open his eyes. He was eating with his breast milk, and a golden tortoiseshell floated on his forehead.

    (End of the book)

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