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Chapter Directory 3612 Postscript: Life Is Like A Dream
    Chinese Name: 茅山捉鬼人  Author: 青子(Qīngzi, Green Son)
    Original: | Translation:

I finally wrote the ending...

     No matter how many perseverances, there will always be this day. As Shaoyang said, there is always a feast in the world.

     (It's not easy to leave a comment every day and scold me, everyone. Thank you.)

     From July 2015 to today, it took four and a half years and more than 7 million words.

     This is the longest book I have ever written in my life. Before this, I hadn't had a book with more than 200,000 words...

     Regarding the ending, I left a suspense, combined with the previous paragraph: Looking at the ending of Shaoyang and Lengyu together, you will definitely discover the truth, or there is no absolute truth, depending on which ending you are willing to believe-willing to believe Shaoyang Who was the last with.

     Those of you who can read this postscript are the most loyal readers of "Mt. Mao ghost catcher". For everyone, I am very grateful and ashamed.

     Back in the day, I published this book with the attitude of giving it a try. It was your follow-up reading, which gave me the confidence and motivation to write down, and supported the good results of this book-from 2016 to 2018, three consecutive years of supernatural suspense. The sales champion of the works set a total sales record that has not been broken so far.

     Qingzi himself has gained a lot of honors because of this book.I admit that I drifted by, thinking that oneself is quite capable, but fortunately, I adjusted my mentality in time. Up to now...I dare not say that I can take everything down, at least I can treat many things calmly.

     Shaoyang has been cultivating, looking for the way of oneself, and for me, is this book a process of asking questions?

     What I regret is that this book is too long after all. In the middle, especially when it is written later, there are many inadequacies. The reasons are, first, the lack of ideas. When this book was first written There is no outline. The story and the characters are all in my mind. Many of the foreshadowing, suspense, and reversal that you see are not carefully designed, but I thought of it temporarily.

     The problem is... I originally designed to write only about 3 million characters, but I couldn’t stop writing later. I was too ambitious, but it turns out that it’s not feasible to rely on this kind of urgency to support a too long work. Yes, it has failed everyone's expectations. I sincerely review it, and I will definitely correct it in the next book.

     Second, the design of the second part was an unsuccessful challenge for me-I wanted to write about Ye Xiaomu's growth process in detail, and bring everyone back to the original horrifying campus feeling.As a result, everyone’s voices were too loud for Shaoyang and Dao Feng, and I couldn’t hold back oneself. I invited the two brothers back in advance, which led to stealing the limelight from Ye Xiaomu and a group of three generations of disciples. They play, this is the biggest regret of this book. If you switch to Ye Xiaomu's back pass in the future, you must think about it carefully.

     Third, many foreshadowings and characters did not explain, such as Chen Lu, Perceiving Profundity, etc. This is really not forgotten, but after writing, I found that there is no stage for them to play, of course it is possible to add drama, but again It would give everyone a feeling of hydrology.

     (Orange: Don't explain, you obviously just dug too big to fill in...)

     Fourth, about the update.

     I don’t make any excuses for this, but my codewords are indeed very slow. This is related to my writing and publishing for many years before (not using daily updates), but it is indeed faster. There were 8,000 words a day and then 6,000 words. At that time, I was writing with a sigh of relief, and even the funeral at home was not interrupted. Later, I vented and I couldn’t get up anymore...Of course, there were personal reasons here. There were so many things to be busy every day. , Squeezing the time of writing.

     After all, it is my reason. I solemnly apologize to everyone here. You scolded me for so long, and I listened. Sorry everyone, let everyone down.Fifth, about the ending

     (Orange: I don’t have much drama in the ending, bad review)

     It seems that the ending of every book has been scolded, but from the author's point of view, this ending is not the best, but it is already the best ending I can think of——

     For several years, I often imagined what oneself would write the ending, but in the end, it surpassed all my imagination. Then I understand that this thing is where water flows, a canal is formed, let nature take its course.

     Sixth, about the new book

     I will still write a mysterious and suspenseful story in the new book. Although at first it seems that the style of Mt. Mao will be a bit different, a reasonable explanation will be given later. After all, the plane war of the Ghost Capturing Alliance has just begun.

     Here (the book "Mt. Mao ghost catcher") will be followed by a serial prequel, telling the story of Dao Feng's ten-year disappearance and his grievances with Feng Xinyu, Yang Gongzi and others.

     But it's not the main text anymore, and I'm not sure when I can think of the whole story, so let me rest and think about it for a while.

     The new book will probably be released next month. At that time, the book title and address will be published in the group and the public account. I haven't added the public account and the group. Search: Just follow Qingzi V5 or qingziv5, 1 group 31830781, 2 group 239688988, 3 group 561483523, 4 group 788583280.

     Can't tell see again/goodbye.Thank you for creating the world of Mt. Mao with me, and then completing a wonderful journey with me.

     If you want to return, Qingzi is here to talk to you individually.

     Reading can’t cover you, you don’t have a subject, it can’t help you find a target, and it can’t cure all diseases, but at least... even if this book once brought you a trace of happiness, ten or twenty years later, when you remember I can think of this book if I read it.

     If you want to go with Qingzi, let us take a break, continue on the road, and write our new story!

     Attain the dao!

     I would like to commemorate the nearly 2,000 days and nights of Mt. Mao ghost catcher.

     (I think I will dream of Shaoyang and Dao Feng for a long time)

     Along the way, thanks to your care.

     Qingzi brings all the members of the Ghost Capturing Alliance to everyone's early years!

     (I will start the new book as soon as possible, and I will come here to update the information at that time)