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Chapter Directory 1888 The New Book "Xianmo Editor" Distributes Fairy Cloth!
    Chinese Name: 史上最强师兄  Author: 八月飞鹰(Bā yuè fēi yīng, August Flying Eagle)
    Original: | Translator:

The new book is uploaded, and I sincerely ask everyone for your support!

     The following is a brief introduction and link to the new book:

     Title: Fairy Editor


     Zhou Hao got an immortal editor, and all living things in the world can be used as materials.

     Blood shadow god phoenix, Jianmu god precious iron, counter-clockwise dragon...Fusion editor edits a brand-new fairy demon that did not exist before, and turns into a fairy demon creator.

     However, there seems to be something wrong.

     Zhou Hao: "Are you really a fairy beast demon god?"

     Work No. 1: "Are you really a fairy beast demon?"

     Work No. 2: "We are not, are you?"


     Work No. N: "Cuckoo..."


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