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Chapter Directory 1036 Zero Interesting Things (end Of The Book)
    Chinese Name: 灵气逼人  Author: 卧牛真人(Wò Niú Zhēnrén, Lying Cow Taoist)
    Original: | Translator:

"of course."

     Promise laughter became a flower, "My brother this was originally so very powerful."

     "and so……"

     The corner of the mouth of the little palace lord tilted, and said, "How can a so formidable man make you alone?"


     The promised eyebrows twisted, and he was about to turn and spit at the small palace lord, who had jumped directly from the edge of the roof in a series of silver bell-like laughter.

     When promised to lie on the rooftop to see, only to see a colorful flower, blooming in midair.

     "Hey, where are you going?" the promise shouted.

     "Of course I went to find Chu Ge and hug his thigh!"

     Xiao Gongzhu responded, "It seems that he is getting more and more powerful. The women who want to hug his thighs don't know how many. Although everyone is so familiar, you can a pavilion near the water to get the moon first, but you still have to bite it. To share the biggest piece of cake, are you right?"

     "No go!"

     The promise stomped straight, a strand of dull hair pulled down again, and fluttered in front of the round eyes.


     The owner of the palace in midair grimaced at the promise, and then said, "When I hug him thigh, help you grab one? As the so-called don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' field, Chu Ge only has two Thighs, just one of our two sisters, one each, without the other woman’s share, is that bad?"

     "Good you big headed ghost!"

     Promised to take a sip in the air, tie up his hair, shake off his high heels, and rushed over towards the stairwell, "Brother is mine, no one is allowed to grab!"

     ...While the two girls were playing, the aunt Bai was cooking ravioli on the other side of the city.

     With the demolition of Xingfu Xincun, the "Sister Wonton Shop" has changed its new address and expanded in size. The only constant is the clean and tidy environment, and the deliciousness of not one thread loose cooking exclusive secret recipe.

     Although I have cooked countless bowls of ravioli in my life, every time I cook, Bai Yi still treats this bowl in his hands as a unique and unmatched artwork.

     Therefore, when the tall figure, both familiar and unfamiliar, appeared at the door of the kitchen, amidst the smoke, Aunt Bai was at a loss for a while, and did not recognize it.

     When she finally recognized the person, the spoon in her hand could not help but loosen and fell into the boiling water boiling pot.

     "Jun'er, you are back!"

     Aunt Bai wept.

     "Mom, I'm back!"

     The young man with a shiny metallic skin strode into the kitchen.

      wherever one goes, all the metal around him—scissors, kitchen knives, spatulas... all banged, as if by his exuberant life Magnetic Field Disturbance.

     The two mothers and sons hugged together.

     "Great, it's great!"

     Aunt Bai looked at Xu Jun, and then looked at the surrounding environment of clear window and clean table, and through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, seeing the bustling street view of endless stream of horse and carriages, could not help murmuring, "really didn't expect, our family can live such a good life, after two days, when Chu Ge returns..."

     "Relax, mom."

     Xu Jun smiled, his eyes full of hope, "When Chu Ge comes back, there are a lot of better days waiting for us to live hard!"

     ...At the same time, outlying waters of Lingshan City.

     The Master of Red Lotus slowly stopped/stood from the sea water.

     Like a strange rocky rugged mountain, the peak of the horns rises from the sea.

      Behind him, there are dozens of monsters that are slightly smaller than the size of one, but they are also arrogant and domineering, and they slowly emerge from the sea.

     They all sensed the moisture of the rain, the magic of nano-machinery, and... the cosmic force from Kunlunzhou.

     In an instant, it seemed that all the monsters had opened their minds, and a lot of information poured into their brains, telling them how to live in harmony with humans and create a brand-new... civilization.

     "Chu Ge?"

     Lord Red Lotus heard a call from the far south.

     This call seemed to cross the boundaries of Time and Space, sounded directly in his mind, and he couldn't help but stunned.

     Immediately, he grinned.

     "Chu Ge."

     The king of monsters is very surely nodded, his eyes are full of surprise and joy, and his large mouth covered with fangs spit out the praise of genuine and sincere, "You kid, really... amazing!"


     The same scene occurs all over the earth.

     Countless strong men stand in the air, staring staringly at the direction of Kunlunzhou.

     They all heard Chu Ge use the life field to excite the earth's magnetic field and "broadcast" the "heart" of the world, summoning them to jointly explore and uncover the mysteries of the ancient times.

     Even, not only the earth, but even the Immortal Realm and the Illusory Realm, there are countless powerful people who have received vague messages.With the continuous activation of nano-machinery, the environment in many places of Xiuxian Realm and Illusion Realm has also undergone changes in sky and the earth turning upside down.

     In Xiuxian Realm, the floating mountains floating in midair have cracked after violent shocks. When the collapsed and fall apart mountains and the broken stones all collapsed, they appeared in front of countless dumbstruck cultivators. But it is a piece of glittering and translucent, but the scale is as large as unimaginable crystal.

     Inside these crystals, there are countless octagonal dangling, shiny runes, as if there are thousands of deep and unmeasurable mysteries.

     In the illusion world, hundreds of trees have been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years. In the legend, they are giant trees used to support the world. They suddenly burst out the most gorgeous flowers, showing a more inconceivable beauty than "the iron tree blooms".

     And among the branches of these giant trees, countless vines hung down one after another, and the vines spirally wrapped around the trunk, as if turned into a ladder, inviting people to climb to the top of the tree hundreds of thousands of feet high, to explore the inconceivable sky dome.

     "The world has changed."

     Regardless of the immortal or the magician, the two worlds' Xeons looked at the incredible scene, and they all felt that the future of a brand-new was slowly opening in front of them.

     And the breath of a strong man who did not know where it came from was suppressing them, daring not act blindly without thinking, and even deeply doubted his own strength of being intensely proud of sth.

     But, in addition to strength, what other way do they use to meet a new future?

     Immortals and mages look at each other in dismay, and began a long thought.

     ...The central part of Kunlunzhou.

     Chu Ge floats in midair. Through nano-machines, some scenes from all over the world, including the Immortal Realm and the Illusion Realm, can be seen absolutely clear.

     He grins, quite satisfied with such a start.

     What should I do next?

     Is it to accept the cheers of the Earth Army and listen to the inconceivable screams of President Yu of the very association, or go to the king of monsters and the master of red lotus to play wrestling, or go to repair the fairy realm and illusion realm, and scare the Nascent Origin there? Old Monster and Advanced Magic teachers or something.

     Or, go for a vacation on the beach in Lion City, barbecue, surf, and relax.

     Or go back to my hometown and Xu Jun and promise them to reunite and eat a bowl in Meimei, no, ten bowls of big meat ravioli baked by Aunt Bai?

     Chu Ge looked at the burning sun in the sky, spitting a red sea with gold scales rolling, and the world was gorgeous, as if it contained endless fun and hope.

      In this world, there are very many very many interesting things.

     What to do next, don't worry, think slowly.

     He always thinks about it.

     ["Aura Aura", the end of the full text]

     The story of "Aura is awesome", come here to the end of a phase here, la la la, sprinkle flowers to celebrate!

     In fact, if you really want to write hard, there are still a lot of things you can write about cultivating the Immortal Realm and the Illusory Realm.However, given that Chu Ge is already so strong, there is no What does it mean sweeping all the way down, nothing more than simple repetition-"Lingu" is not a story about how little people get power to sweep through the sky, but Telling the story of human beings and civilization, how to know yourself and treat strength in front of formidable strength, right?

     After the end, I still have to apologize to my dear readers brothers and sisters, because "Ling Yu" is written in the middle and late stages, and the whole person is really very tired.

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     After thinking about it for a while, I still have to give myself one or two months of leave. I don’t want to think about anything. I have a good rest and have a good rest. I will continue to adjust my body. After all, the people who are running around have no time to spare!Then next, anyway, the "Fourth Cultivation" rumor will be updated one after another, and then give the old cow one or two months to take a breath, change his mind, and wait for spring and blossom, let's open a new book!

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