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Chapter Directory 761 End Of The Book
    Chinese Name: 全能魔法师  Author: 地球撞火星(Dìqiú zhuàng huǒxīng, Earth Hit Mars)
    Original: | Translator:

When a book came to an end, the book was published on September 1, last year, and it is now finished, almost exactly a year, and there is almost no break in the period. During this time, I have been focusing on this story. Although I don’t want to be like most people’s endorsement, it’s like watching my son grow up, but it feels almost the same. It’s a pity that he didn’t give him a perfect ending. The last story is too procrastinating. Hurry, far from writing the desired effect.

     It is too hypocritical to say this, and there is obviously no way to convince the public if there is something painful, but if you have an understanding of the writer industry and know that the cannon is a full-time writer, you will definitely understand the pain in the book. After finishing the new book, you must publish the book. You can only feel the hardships on the street. Originally, I wanted to write a little more in the last month and try to perfect this ending. I am ashamed to all my book friends... I really want to thank all the book friends who have always supported this book without giving up the book and insisted on seeing this completed testimonial.The new book has changed the type. I have done publicity before. If you are interested, you can take a look at it. If you want to see your thoughts, I won’t say much here, but I want to talk about another book. This plan, one of the ideas is a sequel to the all-round magician, followed by the chapter that tells his story, it should be easier and more experienced in terms of style, but the cannon finally chose an undergraduate fantasy , Because I want to try several types, if there is leisure in the future, I may continue the story on Aigen-Dazs continent. I hope that by then I can have more mature writing and rhythm control, to tell you better story.

     That's it, I hope you don't rush to remove the book after finishing this book, because you are going to write a few small tales to make up for the last bad news and shortcomings, about telling the stories of several girls such as Debbie, this will be serious Write, free of charge, I hope you can look forward to it, counted as compensation for rotten tail.

     Finally, bye. (To be continued.)