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Chapter Directory 1674 Fallen Evil God (The Finale)
    Chinese Name: 大主宰  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
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Chapter 1500

     The space is being drawn in infinitely. The world here is in a chaotic posture. The void and the raging winds are raging. Even the strong saints, they dare not step on it easily.

     In chaos, space fluctuates.

     A black light flew out, and finally turned into a silhouette. It was the evil god that day.

     At this time, he has a sullen face and sullen eyes. He looks at the chaotic void. Here, it is the end of the Great Thousand World. Going forward, you will meet the world film. Before tens of thousands of years, he led the Outer Territory Evil Clan, enter from here and come to Great Thousand World.

     I just didn't expect that after tens of thousands of years, he was forced to leave again from here.

     "Damn, Mu Chen, Yan Di, Wu Zu, my god of evil will not easily easily admit defeat, I will come back again!" God of evil said coldly.


     And just at that moment when his voice just fell, the space in front of the god of heaven was suddenly broken, and a stream of light burst into it.

     That light stream was not eye-catching, but it made the face of God Evil God drastically change, because he felt Aura of Ruin and suddenly struck.

     Heavenly evil god a roar, the rolling magic light condenses, instantly transforming into hundreds of millions of defenses in front of him.


     However, the light flow passed by, and all defenses were destroyed in an instant. However, in a short time, the light flow appeared in front of the god of evil spirits. At this time, he saw that it was a bright and crystal ball of light.

     Through the reflection of the light sphere, he could also see his face with shocked expression.However, waiting for him to have any reaction, the light ball that brought him a kind of have one's hair stand on end breath was looted, and he shot heavily on the evil eye of his eyebrow.


     When the light ball hits, it doesn't have any world-shaking abnormal sound, but it has black blood splashing, because the light ball directly smashed the evil eye and was deeply embedded into it.

     Heavenly Evil God's body solidified, his face covered with the color of hard to believe, he shook his palm and touched his eyebrows, his evil eyes shattered, the light ball gradually shattered, and then, that gathered Great Thousand World The angry fighting intentions of countless creatures rushed into his body.

     "How can it be ..." mutter to oneself.

     In front of him, the space was undulating, a silhouette came out of the air, it was Mu Chen, his eyes stared at the Heavenly Evil God indifferently, indifferently said: "Even though beings are small, they can also destroy you."

     God’s face changed, and black blood flowed from the blood hole of his eyebrows, making him look extremely ugly. He felt the raging destructive power in his body, and immediately sighed and said to himself: "I didn’t expect , My god of evil, actually planted in this Great Thousand World..."

      He raised his head, even without eyes, but still looking at Mu Chen, said: "Your Great Thousand World, the luck is really heyday, I am afraid it will not take long, and with you, this Great Thousand World will have three guardians Hey, hey, it’s really amazing..."

     "This Great Thousand World, very unusual."Mu Chen's eyes were dull, staring at the God of Heaven, and said: "Heaven, God, you raged for tens of thousands of years in my Great Thousand World, and set off two catastrophes, making me Great Thousand World people are in a terrible situation. Today, also It's time to pay the debt."

     The God of Evil God smiled indifferently, and said, "The ants are killing and killing the ants. Why should I care? If you lose today, you should naturally have such a disaster. But if you want me to regret it, you look down on me. "

     Heavenly Evil God Pausing, the corner of his mouth seemed to show a sense of regret at this time, whispered: "I originally wanted to occupy this Great Thousand World, and strengthen me Outer Territory Evil Clan."

     "Unfortunately... a wish that eventually became empty."

     Just as the voice of Heavenly Evil God fell, a crack suddenly appeared on the surface of his body, and then quickly spread to fill the whole body.


     At the next moment, the body of the god of heaven suddenly exploded, and the endless magic energy wreaked havoc.

     Mu Chen looked at the thick magic energy, anxiously moved, an intuition rushed from the heavenly spirit cover, turned into an ancient tower to drop from the sky, and sucked the magic energy into it.


     The Black Tower landed on a barren continent amidst chaos, with a flash of aura, blocking the continent and making it imperceptible.

     What was suppressed in the floating tower was the devil qi repaired by the god of heaven for life. If it was allowed to spread, it would pollute spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth, so it could only be suppressed and gradually purified.

     But this time, God of Heaven, after all, fell completely.Mu Chen stared at the Futu Tower. After a long time, it was only after the sleeve robe waved, and the aura of light fluctuated, projecting the scene here into every corner of the Great Thousand World, a loud voice reverberated.

     "The God of Heaven has been laid, my Great Thousand World, the disaster has disappeared.

     "From now on, those who have persecuted me will be punished."


      Great Thousand World, in that continent, ear-splitting cheers suddenly broke out at this time, countless people knelt down, under the Might of World Extermination, they were like ants, only to bear with their bodies, But fortunately, there are thousands of people who don’t die. At that most biting moment, they finally have the Peerless Supreme Talent, step forward bravely, and sweep away the evil.




     In the world, countless cheers rang out, causing the world to shake.

      In Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, countless students are also shouting with arms, and their hoarse throats are unable to stop their enthusiasm. They looked at the great shore figure refracted in the void, and their eyes were full of fanaticism.

     "This guy...I don't know if I can touch his footsteps in this life." Shen Cangsheng looked up and sighed.

     "As long as you don't give up, there is hope in the end, and hard work is." Li Xuantong lightly smiled, said.

     The two looked at each other and both laughed. I still remember when I was in this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, at that time, even if they were stronger than Mu Chen, how could the young man ever be afraid? It is still a step-by-step chase, and they are surpassed and far behind.

     Mufu."My son, it's really awesome." Mu Feng stood in front of the hall, looking at this scene with a smile, and then said to Tangshan and other people beside him, these all are his old friends in the North Spirit Realm, before Great Thousand World is not very peaceful, so they will bring them to Mufu for peace.

     Tang Shan and others saw his joyfully satisfied appearance, but he couldn't help shaking his head. Your son has now become the first person in this Great Thousand World, and you are also embarrassed to come and show off to them?

      Spirit Demon Continent.

     Luo Liyu put his hand behind his back, leaning his face slightly, looking at the void.

     The space in front of her was undulating, and Mu Chen's figure emerged.

     "Ouch, the big hero is back?" Luo Li tenderly laughed, teasingly said.

     Mu Chen smiled, stepped forward, extended the arm, grabbed the girl's slender and soft waist, and said softly: "I was really scared before, I'm afraid I can't protect you."

     Luo Li smiled softly, and also extended the arm around Mu Chen's waist, whispering: "Mu did a really good job, and I am also proud of you."

     "And, now you are already a real powerhouse."

     "Your promises were made."

     Mu Chen looked down, looking at the flawless pure white face, said with a smile: "Then, when will we get married?"

     Luo Li pretty face slightly red, but in the clear eyes, there is also a slight expectation: "anytime is fine ."

     Mu Chen looked at the carved in bones and engraved in the heart in front of her face, in a trance, and saw the cold and persistent girl who first met in that spiritual road.

     "Luo Li.""Huh?"

     "It's great to have you in this life."

     "I as well."


     The disaster ended and Great Thousand World returned to peace.

     After the evil spirits succumbed, Outer Territory Evil Clan ran wildly, but although they were slashed by the Great Thousand World army, there are obviously some capable people in Outer Territory Evil Clan. In the end, they used some lower planes as channels. Escaped from Great Thousand World.

     But these are already stray dogs, and if they lose the sky evil spirits, they are afraid that they will not become great weapons.

     After expelling the Outer Territory Evil Clan, Mu Chen operated the Strength of World, purified the area once occupied by Outer Territory Evil Clan, and removed all the magical energy from it, so that the spiritual power between the world and the earth could be gained in time. Tens of thousands of years later, it once again enveloped the other half of the Great Thousand World.

     And such a vast and endless region was opened up, which naturally triggered a lot of interest disputes. Super Powers of all parties started to compete with each other in order to compete for more regions and resources.

     However, for these competitions, Mu Chen never intervened again, because he knew that the battle would never subside, because this is the rule, if the Great Thousand World really has no competition at all, then this World, I am afraid that it will eventually decline. .


     After a year of rest, Great Thousand World, the ruin caused by the magic disaster faded away, and the entire Great Thousand World began to burst out with more vitality.

     And at this time, an unprecedented wedding was also held in the Heaven Luo Continent, Mufu under the watch of countless creatures throughout the Great Thousand World.

     "First bow to heaven and earth ."

     "Second bow to parents ."In the pastoral main hall full of joy, the red lanterns were burning, the sound of joy spreading for thousands of miles.

     In the hall, on the high seat, the elders of Qing Yanjing, Mu Feng, Luo Tianshen and other parties sat down, full of smiles, looking at the two kneeling young figures below.

     On those two sides, Emperor Yan, Wu Zu and their two wives were also present. Others were also great and famous characters in the Great Thousand World. This big marriage is obviously the world’s attention, the entire world, for The same joy.

     "Husband and Wife Couple Worship!"

     In the sound of high drinking, Mu Chen in a big red robe, looking at the girl with the phoenix crown in front of her eyes, the two bent gently, and at the moment of raising their heads, their eyes met, and the corners of their lips were gently bent. Just as in the Spirit Road, the young and the young, in the forest, faced each other for the first time.


     Years are long and quietly passing by.

     In a flash, it has been 27 years.

     In the twenty-seventh year, Great Thousand World has become more prosperous, and many Super Powers more and more emerge. At the same time, it has also attracted the top powerhouses in Great Thousand World.

     However, no matter how brilliant people in that world are, everyone knows that in this Great Thousand World, there are still three people who are still unreachable.

      Heaven Luo Continent, Mufu headquarters.

     In that quiet above Azure Peak, Mu Chen sat lazily and slanted, under the Qingfeng, the Lingli River was surging, and at the end of the river, an ancient stone gate stood, it was the Dragon Gate.

     Before Nadeng Dragon Gate, many Mufu disciples tried to leap again and again, attracting a lot of exclamation.While Mu Chen looked at this scene lazily, suddenly a small figure stumbled, and then ran into his arms.

     "Daddy." A tender voice came.

     Mu Chen quickly reached out and hugged the little guy in his arms, his face was full of spoiled smiles, and the one who ran into his arms was a little girl who looked about two years old. The girl was extremely beautiful, lips red, Teeth white, big eyes, black and white, crystal clear, wearing a blue coat, on the head claw braid, smart look, so cute that almost made Mu Chen's heart melt.

     This was the daughter he had with Luo Li, and he had given his name as early as that year, Mu Yunxi.

     "Eh, Xiaoyunxi, miss your father?" Mu Chen hugged the little girl and said with a smile.

     "Think." Xiao Yunxi said naively, and then the little hand was crawling to the Linggua Lingguo on the stone table. The eyes in the crystals were full of covets. Obviously, in her eyes, his father obviously did not have these delicious. The fruits are more attractive.

     "Snack goods." Mu Chen saw this, cannot bear scolded.

     "I haven't seen it for a while, what do you want to think about?" There was a lascivious voice, coming from behind, only to see Luo Li wearing a black skirt, walking slowly, glanced at somewhat grudgingly beauty Father and daughter.

     Since the birth of Xiao Yunxi, Mu Chen's love for her has sometimes seen Luo Li taste it.

     Mu Chen smiled twice, also extended the palm, took Luo Li's jade hand, let her sit beside him, a family of three, it seemed happy and warm atmosphere.

     Buzz!And while Mu Chen was enjoying this atmosphere, his eyes suddenly narrowed, because he felt that there was a strange wave out of the world.


     Soon after Mu Chen sensed it, the entire Great Thousand World was suddenly shaken, and the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth was tumbling.

     "What's going on?" Luo Li also realized this and other changes, and immediately shouted.

     Mu Chen stood up, his eyes looking at the void, as if penetrating the space, seeing the place where the spiritual force wave came, immediately lightly smiled, said: "This day has finally come."

     When his voice fell, the entire Thousand World countless creatures felt something, suddenly looked up, and then they were shocked to see, the mysterious vertical cloud light curtain to drop from the sky, it was the sky list!

     At this time, in the distant Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm, there are two great shore figures up high in the sky. The real name slowly emerged.

     "Xiao Yan!"

     "Lin Dong!"

     On Qingfeng, Mu Chen lowered Xiao Yunxi in his arms, raised head up, and clenched his fists in the direction of Endless Fire Territory and Wu Jing, as if speaking loudly through the world.

     "Congratulations to the two predecessors, topped the sky list!"

     In that distant place, Emperor Yan and Wu Zu also smiled, and nodded and clenched their fists at Mu Chen.

      In the Great Thousand World, countless cheers sounded, and then many strong men showed respect and envy. They knew that from today, Great Thousand World, there will be two more strong men.

     Countless creatures, facing in the direction of the three, bowed far away.In the Great Thousand World, there are three people who will take care of each other, and it will definitely flourish for a hundred years.

     (season finale.)

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