《Douluo MainlandII绝世唐门》brief introduction

Douluo MainlandII绝世唐门

author: 唐家三少

Legend of the mainland, famous in World War I; Phoenix maiden, Fenghuo Meteor Divine Realm Sword Technique; Shuangsheng Fusion, Golden Sun Blue Moon, Thunder Fury, there is no magic, no grudge, no martial arts, but martial spirit. On the Douluo continent ten thousand years after Tangmen was founded, Tangmen declined. A generation of arrogance was born, can the new generation of Shrek seven monsters revive Tang Men and compose a peerless song of Tang Men? Million years of soul beasts, holding the dead soul holy dharma of the sun and the moon to pick up the stars, led to the decline of Tangmen's new soul guide system. All the magic will be revealed one by one. Whether the Tangmen hidden weapon can revive the glory, whether the Tangmen can regain its glory, everything is in the second part of "Douro Continent"-"Peerless Tangmen"!

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