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Chapter Directory 633 Season Finale
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆II绝世唐门  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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The left-most one of the three cabins is already open. At the door, a woman in common clothes stood there, her face covered with tears. She supported the door frame as if she would fall next moment. Her beauty is weak, but it is particularly lovable. Although it looks a bit vicissitudes, it is still awesome.

     "Mom--" Huo Yuhao suddenly shouted, and Fei flew up likewise. As if he was completely out of control, he threw himself directly in front of the woman, hugged her leg tightly, and cried loudly.

     Yes, this woman is Huo Yuhao's poor mother Huo Yun'er!

     Zhu Zhuqing glared at Dai Mubai, his eyes slightly red, and said, "You just hate it, you have to do all these things."

     Dai Mubai laughed and said: "This kid is worthy of my offspring and has a guts. I like this kind of kid, and it's not a white matter that makes me spend this effort. Good kid, good! Now, the Oscar guy must envy Blushing! Hahaha!"

     Huo Yuhao never expected to meet his mother here, and his emotions were completely out of control for a while. Under the cry, his suppressed emotions for many years have completely exploded. Even the recent Wu Tong left, and he has been released from the pain of the suppression.

     Huo Yun'er gently stroked his son's head, tears streaming down, trying to pull Huo Yuhao up, but how could she have such strength!

     Dai Mubai waited for Huo Yuhao to cry for a while, then strode to him and lifted him from the ground."Man husband, just cry for a while to vent, don't endlessly. This is a happy event, it should be happy." He said, he also patted Huo Yuhao's back. The vigorous divine power rushed into Huo Yuhao's body, suppressing the disorder of the divine power caused by his strong emotional outburst.

     "Thank you for your ancestors!" Huo Yuhao was too stupid if he didn't understand what was going on. He fell directly to the ground and knocked Dai Mubai three times.

     Dai Mubai made him do this, with a smile on his face, even with a bit of strong pride. Looks like that, he can't be more proud. Yes! Anyone who has such a descendant will be so proud.

     "Get up." Dai Mubai waved his hand, and Zhu Zhuqing pulled Huo Yuhao off the ground.

     Dai Mubai said: "Now that your mother and son are meeting again, are you still called Huo Yuhao? Yun'er, I'll leave it to you."

     "Yes, the ancestors." Huo Yun'er choked with a choked voice, her eyes full of gratitude.

     Zhu Zhuqing smiled and said: "Your mother and son have been separated for so long, there must be a lot of things to say, go to the house and talk. Go."

     "Yes." Huo Yuhao quickly and respectfully agreed. He only felt that something was stuck in his throat at this time, and his brain was even more chaotic. The matter of his mother's resurrection had a great impact on him. At this moment, he felt that nothing mattered, just wanted to stay beside his mother.

     After walking into the wooden house with Huo Yun'er, Huo Yuhao squatted down and hugged her, but he could not bear to let the tears flow down.Huo Yun'er gently stroked his hair and said innocently: "My Xiaoyu Hao has grown up, really grown up! Child, you must have suffered a lot over the years?"

     Huo Yuhao shook his head. Of course he has suffered a lot, and has experienced countless hardships, but now these are completely unimportant. What can you expect to see if your mother is resurrected, even if you are bitter and tired?

     He clearly had a lot to say to his mother, but at this moment he couldn't say anything. Being an orphan for more than ten years, suddenly became a child with a mom, this feeling is really too precious for him.

     The mother and son hugged each other, and their emotions gradually stabilized. Huo Yun'er told Huo Yuhao his own affairs.

     It turned out that Huo Yun'er did die more than ten years ago, but Huo Yuhao, as a first-class deity, enjoys the benefits that ordinary deities do not have-he can bring a small number of family members to God Realm.

     Neither Dai Mubai nor Zhu Zhuqing can do this, because only the first-level deities have such qualifications.

     After all, Tang San is a law enforcer of God Realm. Although he can't easily interfere with things on earth, there are some changes in God Realm. So, after discussing with Tang San, Dai Mubai found Huo Yun'er's soul in the underworld and brought her back to God Realm. Although Huo Yun'er was not even a third-level deity, he finally came alive.Huo Yuhao is a descendant of Dai Mubai. When Tang San tested Huo Yuhao and sharpened Huo Yuhao, how could he hide from Dai Mubai? Therefore, Dai Mubai knows everything about Huo Yuhao. He also knew that Huo Yun'er was Huo Yuhao's biggest heart knot. Only by unraveling this knot, Huo Yuhao can become a real deity, so this scene is in sight.

     Huo Yuhao took his family to God Realm only two places, one for Huo Yun'er, and the other naturally to Dai Hao. Alone in God Realm, Huo Yun'er's true feelings should always be rewarded.

     Huo Yun'er couldn't see everything that happened on Douluo mainland, but she could feel everything about 100 meters around her grave. These days are her happiest days because she hears the voice of her beloved man every day. The sorrow and hostility in her heart, accompanied by this voice and the good news of her son's coming, finally gradually dissipated. Today, when I met Huo Yuhao, wasn't her emotions completely released?

     Huo Yuhao naturally did not know that so many things had happened before, but after hearing Huo Yun'er say that Dai Mubai had resurrected her, she was very grateful. What could be more important than a mother living?

     After Huo Yuhao calmed down, he told his mother what had happened over the years. Of course, those sufferings were naturally ignored by him, and he only talked about happy things.

     God Realm does not seem to have the concept of day and night. I don't know how long it has passed since the knock on the door sounded.

     Huo Yuhao quickly stood up and opened the door, only to see Dai Mubai standing outside.

     "Old Ancestor." Huo Yuhao immediately knelt down to salute, but was pulled by Dai Mubai."Okay, how can there be so many gifts in this God Realm. How? Yun'er convinced you? Have you surnamed to wear it? You can rest assured that when your father's stink boy comes to God Realm, look How can I tidy him up and give your mother off. This bastard is right for the country, but how can he ignore his family?"

     From beginning to end, in fact, Huo Yun'er never told Huo Yuhao how to change his surname, but Huo Yuhao is so smart, some things need not be said at all. The mother's resurrection, the grudges in his heart have disappeared.

     "Old ancestors, I am willing to recognize the ancestors." He said, kneeling down again. This time, Dai Mubai didn't stop, he laughed and said, "Okay! You will be called Dai Yuhao in the future."

     Dai Mubai seemed very satisfied with the name Dai Yuhao, and pulled him out of the door to the courtyard.

     Since then, Huo Yuhao finally recognized his ancestors and became Dai Yuhao.

     A table of dishes is already prepared, and the family sits around the table. Dai Mubai picked up a jar of wine, poured himself a bowl, and handed it to Dai Yuhao.

     Dai Yuhao quickly took it, poured a bowl for Zhu Zhuqing and his mother, and finally it was his own.

     Dai Mubai picked up the wine bowl and said, "This meal today is a celebration for you to be a god."

     "Xie Old Ancestor." Seeing her mother, Dai Yuhao was in a good mood and drank a glass of wine.

     Dai Mubai also swallowed, and said with a smile: "Happy! Happy!"

     When the words changed, Dai Mubai asked Yu Hao: "Have you seen Tang San since you came to God Realm?"

     Dai Yuhao suddenly grimaced, and explained in detail what happened after he came to God Realm.Hearing this, Dai Mubai froze, Huo Yun'er worried.

     Zhu Zhuqing snorted and said, "It's against him again! We'll go find him later and see how he can treat you."

     Dai Mubai glared Zhu Zhuqing and gave her a wink, saying: "I also heard from Tang San about this matter, he still has a bit of resentment towards you. He is such a daughter, he has been very spoiled since childhood. . Daughter is so wronged, no wonder he will be like this. God Realm is a place where strength is concerned, you are a first-class deity, defeating him is of course impossible, but you have to show him enough strength. Only in this way, only May calm his anger and make him think that you have the ability to protect his daughter. Don’t worry about the rest. If he proposes to let you defeat him, you can let go of it, insist on as much time as possible, and leave the rest to We are."

     "Yes, thank you ancestors." After hearing Dai Mubai's words, Dai Yuhao was determined, thinking about the relationship between him and Babe, naturally understand the closeness between the old Shrek seven monsters. Two old ancestors supported him, and it was much easier to find Wutong.

     The meal was enjoyed by both the host and the guest. After eating, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing let Huo Yun'er stay in the wooden house. The two took off with Dai Yuhao together.

     In the god realm, the clouds are very low, and the misty clouds are over a thousand kilometers. There is a strong force of heaven and earth in the clouds. Between breathing, the divine power in the body will surge and boil.

     With Dai Mubai's instructions, Dai Yuhao was now converging his mind, mobilizing the divine power in his body, while silently feeling the changes in his body.Yes! He is already a first-class deity, a god of emotions, and if he wants his father-in-law to approve, he must show enough strength. How can we stay in front of our father-in-law for longer?

     Dai Mubai seemed to see what he was thinking in his heart and said lightly: "If you just want to resist Tang San, then you have lost this battle without hitting you, and there is no chance at all. Whether it is human Or God, if you don’t have the heart to conquer, how can you maximize your abilities? Since you can cultivate into God, there is no reason not to understand this truth?"

     Hearing this, Dai Yuhao was shocked. Yes! If the heart of victory is gone, how much of his fighting power can he play?

     "But that is Wu Tong's father!" Dai Yuhao said bitterly.

     Dai Mubai snorted disdainfully and said, "Don't you think that your brother could not be hurt with your ability? Believe me, you just have to give it all your effort when the time comes. Don't say you can't hurt him, even if You can, it's a good thing in God Realm."

     Dai Yuhao didn't say anything, but his fears were gone.

     When he first entered God Realm, the strange environment inevitably caused some fear in his heart. Fortunately, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing met at this critical time. His heart gradually stabilized and his confidence gradually recovered. After all, he was the strongest in Douluo mainland, and defeated the invincible mythical beast God Emperor Heaven. God Realm will bring him pressure, but when he completely calms down at this time, this pressure will gradually become motivation.Not long, the palace is already in sight. Seeing the palace, Dai Yuhao's eyes suddenly became eager, because Tang Wutong was there! Anyway, there are two ancestors here today. He must see Wu Tong and he must explain to her in person.

     Before approaching the palace, more than a dozen golden figures blocked their way, but after seeing Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, they bowed and saluted immediately.

     Although Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing are both second-level deities, because of their close relationship with the law enforcer Tang San, they naturally have a relatively high status in God Realm.

     Dai Mubai said: "Please come to Poseidon, we have something to discuss."

     "Yes, please wait." A man in gold quickly left.

     It didn't take long for a clear blue light to fall from the sky, it was Tang San. It's just that he is not what he was when he chased down Dai Yuhao before.

     Seeing Dai Yuhao, his eyes narrowed, and his cold murderousness suddenly rose, but when he looked at Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing again, his murderousness weakened a bit.

     "Mu Bai, why are you here?" Tang San asked lightly, his expression a bit cold.

     Dai Mubai said: "It's not because of this little guy. Primary three, you are too old, and how do you compare with your children? I know you love Wutong, but always give me a chance to explain to this offspring."

     Tang San snorted and said: "Due to the sentiment between our brothers, anything else can be done, but this matter will not work anyway. I am such a daughter, I have been so hurt in the world, I Never allow him to hurt Wutong again. Unless he can beat me."Dai Mubai snorted angrily, and said, "How about defeating you? Do you really think you are invincible? Yu Hao, go on, let him see the strength of your first-level deity!"

     Dai Yuhao's face changed slightly. He originally thought that with the relationship between Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing and Tang San, maybe Tang Wutong could be seen. But who knows, he didn't say a few words, but he was about to start, and he felt very embarrassed.

     Tang San looked at him coldly and asked, "Dare you dare to fight me?"

     Dai Yuhao took a deep breath, stepped forward, stepped forward, bowed to Tang San, and said, "I just want to see Wu Tong. If the senior insists on this, the junior is willing to give it a try."

     Tang San laughed suddenly, and laughed extremely contemptuously, said: "Well, then I want to see why you compete with me."

     The monstrous pressure suddenly erupted, and the overwhelming general rushed towards Dai Yuhao. Tang Sansen's cold voice echoed in his ear: "Your chance is only this time. I will not kill you at Mu Bai's point, but after this time, if you dare to come again, I will erase your Memory will make you forget Wuwu forever."

     Dai Yuhao suddenly widened his eyes. Everyone has his own scales, and so is he. Since coming to God Realm, he has been under the oppression of Tang San. He adjusted his mentality as much as possible. He didn’t dare to resist in the face of Tang San, but he heard Tang San saying this at this time. Suddenly it burned. In order to Wu Tong, in order to be able to see his beloved woman, he now can't care about anything.A strange layer of light suddenly burst out from Dai Yuhao, and his breath changed. A green figure lit up behind him, it was the Ice Emperor.

     In the mood of Dai Yuhao, Bingdi represents anger!

     Strong thoughts rose, Dai Yuhao's eyes lit up, and the eye of destiny on his forehead opened. In the eyes of fate, there is a strange light shining faintly. Suddenly, a circle of light appeared behind Dai Yuhao's head. The outer ring of the light wheel appears thorny.

     This is the ninth soul ring of Dai Yuhao's eyes-the aura of thorns.

     Although he has become a god, all the previous soul skills exist and have been sublimated. Under the influence of God's consciousness, this aura of thorns bloomed a strange glory. In the distance, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing felt the breath emanating from it, and couldn't help but be slightly surprised.

     What a powerful wave of consciousness! Worthy of being the power of a first-class deity.

     This aura of thorns naturally comes from the ruler of the evil eye tyrant. Dai Yuhao had never used it even before facing the beast-god Emperor Heaven, because he was worried that Emperor Heaven, through this soul technique, had discovered that he had absorbed the soul ring dominated by the evil-eyed tyrant, so he had a heart to guard against. Later, he directly launched the light of time and space, and the beast god really lost, thanks to his hidden strength in front.

     And now, in the face of Tang San's strong man, why dare he hide a little bit?

     Tang San has already shot. He raised his right hand in the direction of Dai Yuhao, everything around him suddenly turned blue, and the horror pressure rose instantly. As soon as he closed his right hand, his fingers popped out, and suddenly a turquoise light cluster flew in the direction of Dai Yuhao.Although Dai Yuhao did not know what ability Tang San used, but he did not dare to underestimate him by judging Tang San's strength.

     Soul power instantly transformed into the ultimate ice, a deep blue light suddenly cut out, it is the emperor sword, the ice is extremely unique!

     "Ding!" In the crisp sound, Bingji Wushuang even shattered instantly, and turned into countless pieces scattered in the air. The cyan light group still flew in the direction of Dai Yuhao, the speed was not fast, but during the flight, it carried extremely terrible coercion.

     Tang San said disdainfully: "The tangible and godless ability also wants to resist my azure and extinct god thunder?"

     Dai Yuhao took a deep breath, he understood that any ordinary soul skills in front of his father-in-law, I am afraid it would have no effect.

     His mind suddenly closed, and the figure of the ice emperor behind became instantly clear. Ice Emperor's eyes looked at Tang San coldly, no matter who his opponent was, his strong anger instantly rose. Taking Dai Yuhao's body as the center, a blue light rises into the sky, even breaking a gap in the surrounding blue space.

     Dai Yuhao's left foot stepped forward, his thoughts burst out. The eye of destiny on his forehead suddenly became black and white. Immediately afterwards, the two rays of light were emitted by electricity.

     At the moment when the black and white light was emitted, the sky was dark. Immediately afterwards, the blue world turned into black and white.

     A huge vertical eye seemed to prop up the entire sky, suspended behind Dai Yuhao. The black and white two-color light instantly flooded the entire space.Whether it was Tang San, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, his face could not help but reveal a look of surprise, but the degree of surprise was only slightly different. Not only they, but even Dai Yuhao couldn't help but be surprised. The power of fate he attracted was so powerful?

     The two great divine skills of soul deprivation and fate of fate seem to have their true brilliance in this god realm.

     Two rays of light fell on Tang San instantly. Although a strong blue light erupted throughout Tang San's body, there was no blocking effect on these two rays. His body also became black and white.

     And that azure god of thunder has already arrived in front of Dai Yuhao at this time.

     Dai Yuhao swung his right fist, and Tang Wutong's figure appeared in his eyes.

     Si Dong Quan, thinking like a spring, with emotional anger.

     All the forces that prevent him from seeing Wutong must die in his anger. This is his idea at this time.


     The black and white sky became darker after Dai Yuhao's two magical skills broke out, but then the turquoise light flooded the entire space.

     Dai Yuhao only felt that there was a huge green dragon wrapped around his body, and then burst out an unparalleled terrorist explosive force. The explosive force exploded from the body to the soul, and the violent pain seemed to tear him apart.

     The aquamarine figure was transformed into octagonal Xuanbing grass, and a touch of joy suddenly covered Dai Yuhao's body. The heaven and earth Yuanli in the clouds gathered toward his body at a frantic speed.

     Star anise ice source condensation!The huge world of Yuan Yuan washed Dai Yuhao's body and healed the injuries he suffered.

     In the distance, Tang San's body shuddered, and a low murmur came out of his mouth. The black and white fluctuations on his body also became a little bit sharp.

     But at the next moment, the black and white colors had dispersed, but Tang San's face looked pale.

     he is injured? This is Dai Yuhao's first reaction.

     Yes, Tang San was injured. Even Tang San himself did not expect that Dai Yuhao's aura of thorns would be so strong. He knows Dai Yuhao enough, but this is the first time the aura of thorns has been seen.

     The effect of the Thorns Aura is that, no matter how much damage the user has suffered, 50% of it will directly bounce back to the opponent, turning into mental damage.

     If under normal circumstances, this rebounded mental power could not hurt Tang San at all, but Tang San was also hit by Dai Yuhao's soul deprivation at that moment! At that time his mental defense ability dropped sharply.

     "Okay, you are fine!" Tang San said coldly.

     Dai Yuhao hurriedly said: "I didn't do it on purpose, and I didn't know it would happen."

     "It goes without saying." Tang San raised his right hand, and a familiar light from Dai Yuhao appeared in his hand. The brilliant golden light burst forth, and it was the golden trident.

     Dai Yuhao was hit by the azure god of thunder. Although he recovered a bit with the help of the octagonal ice source Ning, he still felt very painful. Seeing the Golden Trident, he couldn't help but change his face. With only thoughts, he could feel the terrifying power released in the golden trident.Tang San's eyes suddenly became empty and the surrounding clouds turned blue again, but this time it was blue like the sea.

     The golden trident in Tang San's hands moved. On the left circle and the right circle, a golden halo flew towards Dai Yuhao.

     Dai Yuhao's ability to perceive is extremely powerful. He knows that what he should do most now is to continue to release the aura of thorns and to exert the power of fate again. Only in this way, he can make Tang San afraid.

     But he didn't do it, after all, it was his father-in-law, Tang Wutong's father! How can he hurt Tang San?

     Dai Yuhao's figure suddenly retreated, and quickly flew backwards.

     But the golden aura followed, and immediately caught up.

     Dai Yuhao was shocked to find that when the golden halo reached the top of his head, all his abilities seemed to be completely sealed. No soul skills can be used.

     Immediately afterwards, the aura fell and fell on him. A circle of golden halos tightly hugged his body, making him unable to move anymore.

     "Tang San, don't go too far. You even used an uncertain wave against a child! What do you want to do?" An angry voice sounded. Immediately after the light flashed, a figure appeared in front of Tang San, grasping the golden trident he was about to pierce Dai Yuhao. Isn’t that the former emotional god Rong Nianbing?Tang San glanced coldly at him, and suddenly, the golden trident in his hand moved again, and a circle of golden halo was released. Rong Nianbing and Tang San were close at hand, and in any case, Tang San unexpectedly shot him, and was suddenly surrounded by the circle of golden halo, unable to move.

     Not only that, a circle of golden halo suddenly rose in the distance, and even Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were caught.

     Tang San looked at Rong Nianbing with a glance, and said, "What do I want to do? I want to kill this kid. What time is it now, and you still want to throw away the responsibility! I killed him, and my daughter's Think about it, and then erase her memory. As for you, the god of emotions will return to you, and you will stay with me in God Realm to help me. You should wait and see how he died. "

     "You--" Rong Nianbing was furious, he never thought Tang San would be like this. He was radiant all over, mobilizing his divine power with all his might, and wanted to break free from this golden aura.

     However, Tang San's indefinite disturbance launched by the Golden Trident, claiming to be the first control of God Realm, is it so easy to break free? If Rong Nianbing still has the deity in his body, and if he is prepared in advance, there may be a possibility of contending with Tang San, but at this moment, let him how to mobilize the divine power, and he can not escape from the powerful aura. come out.

     All this is seen in Tang San's eyes. Dai Yuhao only felt that the ring of halo on his body began to contract inward, not fast, but extremely firm. The divine power in him has been mobilized, but he still can't stop those auras.

     This pressure increased rapidly, and Dai Yuhao's whole body bones had been pressed into a "click".He had to erase Wu Tong's memory!

     He really wants to kill me!

     Wutong, Wutong!

     Dai Yuhao shouted frantically in his heart, and the divine power and consciousness in his body burned frantically.

     However, that golden halo is too strong, and he can't slow down the speed of those golden halos despite how he struggles.

     With increasing pressure, Dai Yuhao was already suffocating. He even saw his body begin to deform under the oppression.

     In the distance, Rong Nianbing seemed to be shouting to Tang San, but Tang San seemed to hear nothing, leaning the golden trident on the ground and looking at Dai Yuhao coldly.

     Are you going to die?

     Under the shackles of that horrible golden ring, even the Divine Consciousness cannot escape, and can only continue to feel the approach of death.

     Wutong! Wutong! Dai Yuhao shouted frantically in his heart.

     He did not want to die, let alone Wu Tong forget himself. The two ancestors were bound, and the teacher was bound. If he died, Wu Tong would forget him forever, and he would never see her again.

     Can't be with Wu Tong, what is the point of becoming a god?

     Without dying in silence, just erupt in silence!

     Dai Yuhao raised his head violently, and an indescribable light burst from him suddenly.


     The light and shadow of the octagonal Xuanbing grass emerged, and the emotion of joy was released. The intense emotional fluctuation instantly merged with his consciousness and divine power, and suddenly flicked out, so that the pressure on him was slightly reduced by a few points.

     angry!The emotion of anger erupted, and at this moment he had the most anger in his heart! Can't be with Tang Wutong, the man whom he regards as father-in-law wants to kill him again, how can he not be angry?


     Pieces of snowflakes flew, and endless sadness burst out. At this moment, Dai Yuhao seems to be back to the time when he created his own three unique winters.

     Si Dong Quan, Si Ru Quan spring.

     Remember Dongjian, never forget.

     Hao Dong's palm, life after life.


     Happy memories are always so beautiful. Once a roommate, the beautiful pink-blue Lingbo fairy at the sea god of Shanghai, and the lover who experienced the ups and downs together, they were so happy.


     Hate is a negative emotion. The day he left the Duke's Palace, he was full of hatred; when he lost Dong'er and Qiu'er, he was full of hate. Hate makes people crazy.


     Evil and insidious, this kind of emotion Dai Yuhao does not possess, but he has felt the evil of the Soul Master many times. Among emotions, this is the darkest kind. At this moment, the dirtiest things in his heart were being ignited by this emotion.

     Six emotions broke out at the same time! Emotional release, sublimation of soul!

     The octagonal black grass representing joy, the angry Scorpion Emperor Scorpion, the mourning ice sky snow girl, the happy ice bear king Xiaobai, the hate mermaid princess Liya, the evil evil eye Tyrant tyrant, appeared together!Six light and shadows appeared behind Dai Yuhao, and they suddenly overlapped and scattered. And just at the time of coincidence and dispersion, Dai Yuhao burst into a layer of six-colored light. This ray of light became extremely powerful, even pushing the golden aura slowly.

     Just then, a huge golden figure suddenly appeared after the six souls. The golden light seemed to be born out of nothingness, swallowing all six souls and six emotions, and a complex emotion mixed with softness, unrestrainedness, wildness and nostalgia burst out instantly.

     That is……

     the power of love!

     "Wu Tong! I love you!"

     Dai Yuhao shouted loudly. At this moment, his voice turned into a colorful light, puncturing the towering palace in the distance.

     The thick haze reverberated, changed, and lined up in the air. The circle of golden halo on Dai Yuhao's body began to show cracks in his shouts.

     Hate, sorrow, love, hate! In the end, the power of love conquered other emotions, and also integrated all emotions.

     At this moment, Dai Yuhao's divine power, consciousness and soul were completely sublimating.

     There was no Tang San's barrier in his heart, nor any worries and anger. Some were just endless love and reluctance for Tang Wutong.

     In the distance, Tang San waved the trident of Poseidon in his hand, and the golden light fluttered around, but this time it was no longer an attack on Dai Yuhao, but a solution to Rong Nianbing and Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.A faint smile appeared on Tang San's face. He naturally raised his hand and hugged Rong Nianbing's shoulder, but at this time Rong Nianbing's face was somber as if he was about to drip water, and his eyes were filled with endless grief!

     "Bang!" The golden halo that bound Dai Yuhao shattered, and he broke through the barrier. The colorful light turned into seven rings of aura, forming a strange light wheel behind him. His breath did not know how many times stronger than before. Seven kinds of emotional fluctuations continue to reverberate, and consciousness and divine power are completely integrated. After coming to God Realm, he finally had the feeling of controlling everything.

     Tang San looked at Dai Yuhao, nodded with a smile, and said, "It's almost the same, like my son-in-law."

     Dai Yuhao was still immersed in his emotions at this time. Hearing Tang San's words, he couldn't help but stunned and was a little lost.

     "Stupid boy, haven't seen my father-in-law yet!" Dai Mubai's voice came from behind.

     Dai Yuhao immediately fell to his knees and bowed down to Tang San, saying, "Well see my father-in-law."

     Tang San waved his hand and said, "Get up." At this moment, his face was smiling, his long blue hair fluttering, and his handsome appearance was moving.

     Looking at his warm smile, Dai Yuhao seemed like a dream. Is this still the father-in-law who is embarrassed by himself? How did everything become different between them?

     "Silly boy, if Tang San really wants to embarrass you, do you think you can still live to this day?" Dai Mubai said with a smile.

     Zhu Zhuqing said with some resentment: "Third Brother, you are too ruthless."

     Tang San smiled slightly and said, "Let me talk."He looked at Dai Yuhao and said, "I've known about you and the oranges in fact. This is not your fault. It's just a matter of making things wrong. Although we are gods, we can't interfere with human things. In the past Things are over, as long as your heart is on Wutong.

     "The reason why I have been embarrassing you is naturally a little intentional. At the time I chose you, I have been testing you in the way of inheriting my godship. Even Wang Qiuer, in fact, is also a trace of my knowledge of Wutong It was only in those three-eyed Jin Yan that it appeared. Otherwise, even if she was a beast of fate, she couldn’t have so much intelligence. So, you don’t need to feel sad about Wang Qiuer’s things anymore. She was originally part of Wutong It wasn't until Wang Qiu'er sacrificed it to you that part of the spiritual consciousness returned to Wu Tong again, turning Wang Dong'er into Wu Tong completely.

     "Later, some people took advantage of the emptiness to allow you to be a deity. But you have been practicing according to my way before. Although there is no problem in inheriting his divine position, it is somewhat lacking in the fusion of abilities. Enter After the Divine Realm, it is difficult for you to fully integrate your own abilities and the abilities of the emotional God. Therefore, I used this method to oppress you and allow you to integrate under pressure. It seems that the effect is good. . In the future, you should be able to outperform someone."

     Rong Nianbing said angrily next to him: "It turns out that this is all you planned and all your conspiracy. Tang San, you are so mean! You just lied to me to swear."

     Tang Sanyi said lightly and calmly: "Do you think it's so easy to get rid of my inheritors? How can you do it without paying a price?"Dai Yuhao whispered to Rong Nianbing: "Teacher, what oath did you swear?"

     Rong Nianbing didn't feel angry: "In order to prevent him from hurting you, I swear to stay in God Realm for thirty more years. Who knows what to do with this guy! He's not only acting for you, but also acting for me Yes. Dai Mubai, your husband and wife already knew, didn’t they?"

     Dai Mubai said innocently, "Huh? I don't know! How can I know? I'm just a second-level deity."

     Rong Nianbing said angrily: "Nonsense! With your violent temper, if Tang San really strikes hard at your juniors, you will be so calm, not doing anything at all?"

     Zhu Zhuqing snorted dismissively and said, "I know you are still fooled, I doubt your IQ very much."

     "You... hum! I'm so mad!" Rong Nianbing gasped gaspingly.

     Tang San hugged his shoulders and said, "Okay, don't be angry, it's not good to stay and help me? You don't know, our God Realm is not very peaceful recently, but you have to run away at this time, Brothers can’t do it? What’s more, you have robbed my inheritors and paid my daughter, what else are you dissatisfied with? Is it possible to find such a good seedling like Yuhao casually?"

     Dai Yuhao now fully understands that he was under Tang San's control from the beginning. I am afraid that the place like the star-studded forest was also created by Tang San and led him to meet the two old ancestors and his mother.

     Dai Mubai laughed and said: "You don't look at who is this descendant. Xiaosan, hurry up and release your daughter. Didn't you see this kid dying?"Tang San smiled slightly and said, "Go, Yu Hao, Wu Tong is in the palace. You go to find her along this road. I don't blame you, and she doesn't blame you, I don't know."

     "Yes, thank you father-in-law." No matter what emotion he has now, it is more important to find Tang Wutong!

     A golden light spread towards the palace in the direction of Tang Sanzhi, and Dai Yuhao hurried towards it.

     Watching him enter the cloud and fog, Tang San's eyes showed a bit of sorrow, and said: "The female university does not stay!"

     Rong Nianbing looked at him contemptuously and said, "Okay, don't get cheap and sell well. I don't know you yet? God Realm is in a troubled autumn, your precious son-in-law inherited my deity position, and It must be your big help. Does he go anywhere else in God Realm? Your daughter won’t leave you, what are you sighing about here?"

     Tang San sighed and said, "Nian Bing, do you know why I must have you stay for another 30 years?"

     Rong Nian Bing froze for a moment and said, "Aren't those guys always unconvinced and want to take advantage of the fact that the two gods aren't making trouble? Are we afraid that they won't succeed?"

     Tang San shook his head and said, "For them, I don't worry much. In any case, it's just something inside our God Realm. What I worry about is another thing. The two god kings left, God Realm The control is in my hands, so only I can feel all the changes in God Realm. Within thirty years, God Realm will probably have a big change. As for what it is, I still can’t see clearly. But I can feel that it will It is a catastrophe that may destroy God Realm.""Huh?" Rong Nianbing looked awkward, he knew Tang San would never talk nonsense.

     Dai Mubai said in a deep voice: "Primary three, no matter what the situation, we are all together, working together, will always get through the difficulties."

     Tang San smiled bitterly: "I hope so. This disaster is not easy. This is also the reason why I did not pass my deity to Yu Hao. Nianbing, don’t you think I really don’t know that you secretly went to see the rain Hao's thing? Even if I am busy, I will always pay attention to my successor. I deliberately gave up this opportunity of inheritance. Because I must maintain the strongest strength to be able to deal with this unknown crisis."

     Rong Nianbing asked: "Is it possible to resolve this catastrophe?"

     Tang San narrowed his eyes and said, "It's hard to see. It's hard to dissolve, but there is a line of vitality. Let's try our best."

     Rong Nianbing said: "Okay. However, I have one thing to remind you, you must first settle inside and outside."


     Dai Yuhao followed the golden light all the way to the depths of the clouds, and the scene in front of him gradually became clearer. A majestic palace appeared before him.

     He couldn't help admiring the palace, and quickly walked into it.

     As soon as he entered the door, he saw a man and a woman sitting in the hall, playing chess.

     They don't look very young. The man is dressed in black and looks handsome, and the woman has a beautiful face, and the white is pure as snow.

     Dai Yuhao walked in and seemed to alarm them. Four eyes cast at the same time.The man stood up, nodded to Dai Yuhao, and stepped forward: "Hello, my name is Ji Dong. Are you Yu Hao? Welcome to the God Realm Committee."

     "Ah! Hello." Is this the God Realm Committee? Dai Yuhao couldn't help being surprised.

     The woman in white also stood up and said, "My name is Flame."

     "Hello." Dai Yuhao hurriedly saluted. Although he does not know who these two people are, but if the deity committee is really here, the status of these two people is definitely not low.

     Lieyan smiled slightly and said, "Go and find Wutong."

     "Thank you two." Dai Yuhao thanked the two of them and continued to follow Jin Guang.

     Looking at the figure he left, Flame said with a smile: "Yu Hao is single-minded with emotion, but it is very similar to you in those days."

     Ji Dong chuckled and said, "I doubt that Big Brother Tang recruited son-in-law according to my standards!"

     Flames "fluttered" smiled, said: "Smelly."

     Ji Dong hugged her into her arms and said: "In fact, the taste of bitterness is the most beautiful. I believe he will experience it soon."

     (For the story of Ji Dong and Blaze, see the humorous work "Bacchus", also known as "Yin and Yang Coronet.")

     The golden light spread to the top floor before stopping. There was a door in front of him, Dai Yuhao raised his hand and knocked on the door.

     "Come in." A gentle female voice sounded, very beautiful, but Dai Yuhao's face slightly changed, because he heard that the voice did not belong to Wu Tong.

     Dai Yuhao pushed the door in and his eyes shrank suddenly.There are two people in the room, sitting one by one. The standing woman was wearing a pink long dress, a long scorpion braid with long hair combed down, and she could see her delicate, slender white and beautiful neck, and the waist of the long skirt squeezed from the side and back. Her touching figure was perfectly outlined.

     At this time, she had turned around, and Dai Yuhao couldn't help but look slightly dazed.

     Although the person sitting on the bed can only see the side face, Dai Yuhao still recognizes it at a glance. Isn't that the person he is thinking about?

     "Hello." Dai Yuhao hurriedly said hello to the woman in front of her, but her gaze remained fixed on Tang Wutong.

     The woman came to him and looked at him carefully, but Dai Yuhao didn't realize it.

     "My name is Xiao Wu, "Dance", "Dance"." Xiao Wu said with a smile, her eyes full of satisfaction. That was the eyes of mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law. She patted Dai Yuhao's shoulder gently, and then walked past him to take the door.

     "Wu Tong!" There was no one else at this time. Dai Yuhao screamed and threw himself in front of Tang Wutong.

     Tang Wutong sat there with no expression on his face, as if he had been immobilized.

     "Wu Tong, it's all me bad, I'm wrong. You let me explain, okay?" Dai Yuhao crouched in front of Tang Wutong, holding her cold hands in her hands.

     Tang Wutong's eyes seemed a little more radiant, turning his head to look at him, but his eyes were still full of confusion.

     "who are you?"The simple three words are like three giant hammers, which are hammered hard on Dai Yuhao's heart. He suddenly looked pale and sat on the ground. An indescribable fear rose instantly from his heart. He unconsciously released Tang Wutong's hand, his body trembling uncontrollably.

     He would rather Tang Wutong scold him, even drive him out, rather than hear her say that.

     She lost her memory and didn't know me anymore! She doesn't know me anymore!

     Dai Yuhao was in chaos with unparalleled fear.

     "Who are you?" Tang Wutong asked, tilting his head and looking at him.

     Looking at the fear in his eyes, Tang Wutong suddenly smiled: "I remember. You are Huo Yuhao and Dai Yuhao. You are my man, my husband, the father of my future child, and that silly, Calling the fool who loves me outside! My fool!"

     (End of the book)

     Author language:

     After two years, I finally finished this "Peerless Tang Men". As the second part of the Doulu Continent series, when I first started writing, I was really a little nervous, but I was still determined to write. A full two years! More than 700 days and nights. Perhaps there are still some unsatisfactory places in the entire creative process, but I can say that these more than 700 days and nights are my days of painstaking efforts.As I get older, my body is not very good, but whenever I write, I am always full of passion. Yu Hao's sincere feelings for Wu Tong, from wanting to avenge his mother to resolve his hatred as he grows, although thorns along the way but bravely move forward, this is all I want to show you. I always hope to write something positive. Justice is justice. The only thing that can overcome everything in this world is love, parents’ love, men’s and women’s love, and friends’ love. This is the obsession in my heart. I want to pass it on to you-every brother of Tangmen sisters.

     The end of "Peerless Tang Men" will undoubtedly mean the beginning of a new journey. My new book "Tianhuo Avenue" will meet you soon. "Tianhuo Avenue" has always been a work that I especially wanted to write, and has also conceived for a long time. This time, I want to break through myself and write a theme that I have never written.

     I am used to the inspirational growth story, this time I want to show everyone what invincible Gao Shuaifu is. Perhaps this book can be called "Gao Shuaifu Development Plan". There is a lot of knowledge in it, all of which exists in reality. I believe everyone will help if you read it. Powers, mechas, invincible flow, and countless fun things will be shown to everyone in this work. Hope you like it.

     As for a question that Douluo fans have always cared about, I can now answer everyone formally. I will always write a single book, about 200,000 words, about the story of Douluo Mainland God Realm that I have always wanted to see. I will meet you next year. The background of the story will be set after "Peerless Tang Men", which also paves the way for the third part of our future "Duro Continent".In this "Legend of God Realm", you will see many familiar faces-Tang San, Xiao Wu, Dai Yuhao, Tang Wutong, Ji Dong, and Blaze... they will all appear.

     I believe everyone has seen the end of "Peerless Tang Men" and must be very curious to know what is the crisis of God Realm? Can Tang San lead the gods to resolve it? These will be revealed for everyone in "The Legend of God Realm", I hope you like it.

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