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Chapter Directory 701 The First Chapter Of "Tomato" New Book "Feijian Asked" Has Been Uploaded!
    Chinese Name: 星辰变  Author: 我吃西红柿(Wǒ chī xīhóngshì, I Eat Tomato)
    Original: | Translator:

Finally, another new book of Tomato started sailing again, let us enter a new Fiction Realm.

     The new book is titled "A Flying Sword Seeks the Way" and the first chapter has been uploaded.

     You can find my new book by clicking on my author name'I Eat Tomato', or you can directly search for'a Flying Sword Seeks the Way' on the website, you can also find the new book, the new book has been released, this new book Tomato is very hard to write, must Will write wonderfully and surprise everyone!



     The first chapter of the new book "A Flying Sword Seeks the Way" of "Star Change" has been uploaded! Being hit in the hand, just a moment please,

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