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Chapter Directory 387 "The Legend Of Star Peaks" Is Free To Watch!
    Chinese Name: 星峰传说  Author: 我吃西红柿(Wǒ chī xīhóngshì, I Eat Tomato)
    Original: | Translator:

My book "Legend of Star Peaks" will participate in a limited time free event on the free channel from October 16th to October 19th, giving back to fans and fans who have always supported Tomato, and then you can read the tomato book for free. I hope you will not miss this great opportunity!

     Special thanks to the brothers and sisters who have supported the tomato stand by (sb) over the years, so this time Tomato took out its six books at once to make a large-scale limited-time free

     "The Legend of Star Peaks" and "The Legend of Star Peaks" are free to watch! Being hit in the hand, just a moment please,

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