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Chapter Directory 828 Pinnacle Chapter 43 New Name Finale Under
    Chinese Name: 盘龙  Author: 我吃西红柿(Wǒ chī xīhóngshì, I Eat Tomato)
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     Lei immediately swelled the power of Four Great Overgods. ★Biqu Court


     "Lin Lei, refining a fire system's lower master deity, it will increase that point of Will Power. Without Paramount Divine Artifact, you can't resist my move." Fate master Auf around the body suspended again. The four sword swords of various colors began to rotate.

     Lin Lei closed his eyes, his face muscles twitched slightly.

     "Here, these four kinds of master god power..."

     In the past, the special combination of the four divine powers made lei realize... Once the power of the Four Great Overgods is integrated, it will definitely be very special. But this special degree completely surpassed lei's imagination.

     "After the four master gods' powers are fully fused, they suddenly become a strange gray power. This gray power crazyly penetrates every part of lei's body, bones, skin, meridians, internal organs... and even the mind, Soul, etc.

     Lei's muscles were shaking and his body was twitching.

     "The most subtle and tiny parts such as muscles, muscles and bones are undergoing changes in sky and the earth turning upside down. Nearly every second, lei's body will be strengthened thousands of times, continuously rising and strengthening. In front of the gray power formed by the fusion of the four main gods, lei's body only knows to constantly improve and strengthen...

     "Be careful, lei." Beirut's voice sounded in lei's mind.

     Lin Lei open eyes.

      "Xiu!" The fate supreme divine sword, which circulated with four colors of light, came to Lin Lei.

     "puff!"Lei's clothes shattered. On lei's chest. This fate supreme sword left a bloody trace.

      "What!" Orf, the destiny master, waited for the eyes.

     "How can it be ?"

     All the landlord gods who watched this scene. Completely dumbfounded.

     Ofna unprecedented to move beyond reincarnation. In front of lei. Actually but... Scratched some lei land?

     "Oh." The broken blood stains were instantly repaired, while lei's body continued to ascend and strengthen. The most basic internal unit composition, such as bones and muscles, continued to fragment and re-condensed again, ascending again and again. Every ascension is so terrifying, and this ascension never stops.

     A lot of gray power is consumed by lei's body.

     "I have studied for countless years and created the strongest sword. Why, how can he not pierce his muscles? Impossible, impossible!!!" Orff growled, holding the sword of fate supreme again. Lei attacked, and the four-color sword shadow appeared again.

     A sword awfully.

     "Poof." The Supreme Divine Sword fell on lei again, this time...but it didn't even break the skin.

     Aof stared at lei before him.

     "Om lei around the body A violent earthquake opened an air wave, and the energy of the air wave even threw off the Auf earthquake, and lei in the center of the air wave stood silently with his eyes closed. Like an invincible god of war.

     "Inconceivable, inconceivable."

     After feeling the sword of the opponent, lei was completely immersed in his changes.Body sky and the earth turning upside down. Lei had long expected. But how did lei hadn't thought... the main character actually melted!

     Yes, it's like melting ice.

     Incomparably hard, in countless years, the main deity that has not broken a single one, has now begun to melt!

     Under the containment of gray power, the four main deities of lei refining land actually began to melt, revealing the four-handed sword shadow souls in the main deity, and the four-handed sword shadow souls and the deity's sword shadow souls are under the ash-gray energy tolerance, It is also transforming. It seems to break through a cocoon and turn into a butterfly.


     The suspended five-handed Sword-shaped soul actually merged together as if it were fluid, and finally turned into a Sword-shaped soul. The color of the Sword-shaped soul began to change, first cyan, then turquoise, and then It is aquamarine, and then red. In the end, it turned into a completely transparent, almost invisible transparent Sword-shaped soul.

     "Peng." Without the soul of the avatar and the main godhead, lei's four main god avatars completely dissipated.

     At this moment, there is only the only body and the only transparent Sword-shaped soul.

     In this transformation process, a large amount of ash-gray energy is consumed.

     "It's too inconceivable." Although the soul united, even without the main personality, lei still clearly sensed the existence of the Four Great Elements ocean. He can easily call the power of the four main gods. Not only that. Even Lin Lei returned felt, Light Element Ocean Dark Element Ocean... and so on.

     Lei just moved. You can call the power of various main gods.

     "Will Power, gone?"Lin Lei found that after the main divine personality melted, after the soul transformation combine as one, the original Will Power disappeared. But... lei has a special sense of control over the surrounding space. This sense of control is like... this heaven and earth is his own realm.

     No Will Power is needed, nothing else.

     He can use World Energy to restrain all enemies and kill all enemies.

     "No, not possible!" Ove, who has always been invincible, is like a lunatic at this moment, constantly using Paramount Divine Artifact to attack lei, but the blast of lei's body surface spreads, but he is forced to close.

     All the main gods who watched this battle were completely dumbfounded. What happened at this moment has exceeded their imagination.

     Lin Lei's strength has already exceeded the limits of the main god.

     "Is the Supreme God?" Ruler of Death murmured.

     The Lord of Destruction next to the ground has improved, and blinked: "Can life, too, be cultivated to become the Supreme God?"

     "Haha, great."

     In the green fires and Beirut in the Heavenly Festival Mountains, seeing the mad-like Auf keep attacking, but he can't even touch the edge of lei. Can't help ecstatic.

     "Are you enough?"

     A calm voice sounded, and lei, surrounded by the air waves, opened his eyes and looked at Auf in front of him. At the moment, lei is like a sword, and after the transformation of the soul, the billowing Sword Intent seems to be on the verge of eruption. Seeing lei alone makes people feel palpitations.

      "Em?" Orff, the destiny master, yanked the Supreme Sword in his hand, but he couldn't move it. Because lei Lei's right hand is holding this supreme sword."This supreme sword..." lei sighed.

     Lei suddenly had a feeling, it seemed that this supreme sword was not so hard, lei's right hand was a little hard.


     A clear voice.

     Paramount Divine Artifact, which stands for Supreme Existence, was broken into two pieces by Lin Lei.

     "It's also very general." lei threw it casually. In the middle of the hand, the high god sword fell from high altitude and fell to the ocean below, "slammed" into the sea.

     All the gods watching the battle were silent again, and even the master of fate, Orf, was shocked and looked at the half-end high god sword in his hand, "This, how is this..."

     The voice just fell.

      "Xiu!" Auf's figure suddenly changed into a ray of light, escaping towards the distance as quickly as possible. At this moment, Orff still has a hint of thought-his hometown is in the Material Plane, and he wants to escape into the Material Plane. He will continue to study until one day, beyond lei.

     he thinks. Lei's attack power becomes stronger, not necessarily its speed.


     "Want to run away?" lei figure flashes, even crossed the distance of hundreds of millions of miles in an instant, and came to the front of Aoffi.

     The speed is faster than Aof, I don't know how much.

     Orff, who was originally determined, instantly lost his mind: "I lost, the ground was completely lost." He knew that he could easily break to the high god sword land mine, and he would definitely break his defense Paramount Divine Artifact. Destiny's master, Ao Guang, suddenly gleamed, staring at lei: "lei. I killed me with the strongest attack."

     Although he was an enemy, lei still admired this auf, admiring him crazy."Okay, I will use the strongest attack to make you die."

     Lei also raised his index finger and middle finger, and became a sword finger.

     A gray fuzzy sword shadow pop up around 1.5 meters long, this gray fuzzy sword shadow has just appeared. It made the surrounding space tremble, and even cracked countless cracks.

     Off stared at the sword shadow, staring.


     The sword shadow crossed the sky, containing lei's strongest sword once again exhibited-the sword meaning of the fusion of the four series of laws!


     A terrible explosion sounded, an unprecedented explosion! The sword of lei seems to have caused terrible changes! I saw a scary black hole with a radius of nearly 10,000 miles in front of lei, from which endless rich ash-gray energy rushed to hell and diffused towards all around.

     "not good!"

     This ash-gray energy diffuses fast, almost instantaneously. It will be hundreds of millions of miles away. The slightly slower eleven main gods who had evaded were scattered. When dispersed by this ash-gray energy, these main gods instantly become nothingness. Even the main character turned into a nothingness, vanish from sight. One area became a dead area.

     "Just now, just now..."

     The Lord of Destruction, Ruler of Death, who survived one by one, were scared.

     The terrible black hole caused by the sword of lei just now, the infinite ash-gray energy that comes out of the black hole represents destruction. Anything scattered by this ash-gray energy, whether it is an ordinary god or a strong Divine Lord of Earth, even not Living water flow plants, mountains and rocks are metallized into nothingness.

     "We will die in one step." The Lord of Destruction is still nervous at the moment."Just now, what is?" The surviving gods were completely stunned.

     For countless years, even when I saw lei as powerful as before, they did not make them afraid to such a degree. The ash-gray energy suddenly gushing out of the black hole is terrible. "The Lord God who is near is dead, even the Lord Godhead is not left." Ruler of Death look pale, "And lei... he, he was also wrapped in that ash-gray energy and turned into nothingness."

      ash-gray energy is the area where the gods' consciousness cannot penetrate. These main gods don't know at all ...... just now what happened in the ash-gray energy spread area, but there is one thing, all the areas scattered by the spread are reduced to nothingness.

     "Lei!" Beirut looked pale.

     Qing Huo's face was also pale, and they never thought that... things would change so suddenly, lei, whose strength has jumped, disappeared in that terrible ash-gray energy. Turned into nothingness.

     At this moment, ash-gray energy has flowed back to the black hole and completely disappeared. Even the black hole has gradually shrunk until it disappeared.

     This terrible energy shock has shocked everyone in the entire hell.

     "Where am I??"

     Lei looked around. The surrounding space is full of gray Strange Energy, the power of his four main gods merged to form this energy, and finally changed the body and soul. Just now, my sword seemed to pierce the sky, and the influx of this energy actually killed many of the main gods.

     Lei looked back and saw the transparent diaphragm.

     At the end of the transparent diaphragm is Space Turbulence.

     "Me, where am I?" lei's eyes suddenly sharpened. Staring ahead.Because, a silhouette appeared in front.

     This man is wearing a plain linen gown. A long hair spread casually, not care about one's appearance, this middle-aged man now has a very excited smile on his face: "Haha... more than a thousand years, I waited until the end."

     "More than a thousand Yan Ji?" lei was confused.

     "Second brother, come with me." The middle-aged man stretched out his hand with a smile, grabbed lei's arm, and the two of them had an amazing race.

     What struck lei was that every step of this middle-aged man was an endless distance. The speed does not know how much faster than lei.

     "Why do you call me my second brother?" Lin Lei looked at him suspiciously. "And, who are you?"

     "Haha... Because, you are the first in countless years to break through the cosmic bondage and enter the life of the Grandmist Space." The middle-aged man smiled broadly.

     "Cosmos what is?" Lin Leilian asked, "You said that I broke through the cosmic bondage, what do you mean, is it? I live in an infinite plane, is it the universe? "

     "Accurately, countless Material Plane, and the seven god planes, the four largest to high planes and many scattered planes, and Space Turbulence. The whole as a whole is called the universe." The middle-aged man smiled, "As for These energies are collectively called Hongmeng Aura."

     Lin Lei took a breath.


     That fate dominates Orff. It feels that countless planes are under the control of an invisible hand. He wants to break the shackles. It seems that the invisible hand. It may be the mysterious middle-aged man in front of him.

     "Hongmeng Reiki?" lei also looked carefully at this terrible gray Chaos Energy."The front is my home." The middle-aged man pointed forward.

     In the center of the endless Chaos Energy, a piece of land with a radius of tens of meters is suspended. On this piece of land, a hut is built. In front of the hut, there is a thick and low laurel tree, under which is a stone table and Two stone benches.

     "We sat down and said." The middle-aged man sat down with a smile.

     Confident, Lei sat down.

     "Look." The middle-aged man waved his hand and suddenly a water mirror appeared in front of him. There was a huge ball in the mirror. Around this ball, there were four small balls with a lot of size. The young man smiled and pointed to a small ball on the right, "This is the universe you live in!"

     "What?" lei dumbstruck.

     "Like the home universe I live in, there are three other? There is still one bigger?" lei stunned.

     "This central universe, the main universe, the four universes surrounding the main universe, are the subsidiary universe, the subsidiary universe, only 10% of the volume of the main universe." The middle-aged man smiled and said, "This universe exists in Grandmist. Space! As for me... it's called Hongmeng."

     "Hongmeng?" lei looked at the middle-aged man.

     "Speaking of..." Hongmeng sighed, "Lin Lei, tell you this, I gave birth to me in this Grandmist Space a long time ago. I am the only life in the Grandmist Space."

     Lei nodded slightly."After a long, long time, I was bored. At a certain moment divine light flashes, I began to build the universe! First, I built the main universe, but I felt that the simple main universe was not stable enough, and I built four smaller universes. To form a stable system."

     Lei nodded.

     "The energy I used to create the universe is these Hongmeng auras." Hongmeng smiled and pointed to the gray Chaos Energy.

     "In the universe, I have created all kinds of life. Various races, in order to make these lives develop in a balanced way, I will also formulate many rules and so on." Hongmeng laughed, "If you are in your hometown, the four of the attached universe The Great God is actually the transformation of the four rules that I control. They only know the execution command, there is no trace of life."

     Lei thrilled.

     It turned out that the Four Greatest Gods were just the illusion of the random control rules in front of them.

     "The main universe is large in volume and high in stability. I let it become the five elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and the five elements of energy are the foundation of the main universe, and then the Yin-Yang Two Types power and lightning are born. The power of punishment." Hongmeng said with a smile, "As for the four subsidiary universes. It is small and does not need to be transformed into five elements. I then controlled Hongmeng's chaos into four basic energies: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. The two energies of darkness, and the birth of thunder and lightning energy. It is the power of punishment."

     "Hongmeng, turned into Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind?" lei was startled.

     Lei understood something.

     In the main universe, it is based on Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth Five Elements Power to build the universe.

     In the four subsidiary universes, the universe is built on the basis of four energies: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind."Although I created the main universe, and the four subsidiary universes. But the life inside the universe wants to break into the outside world. It is difficult and difficult." Hong Meng lamented.

     "It's difficult?" Lin Lei wondered.

     "Yes, the main universe is boundless, which is more powerful than your subordinate cosmic master god. It has very many very many many lives! Among them, there are god kings and even gods. They feel Space Law and Time Law. If you let them go to the subordinate universe, They are enough to break the constraints of the attached universe."

     Lei was startled.

     There are so many powerful people in the main universe.

     "However, the stability of the subsidiary universe is not as good as the main universe. Therefore, I will not let the life of the Space Law Time Law comprehend in the subsidiary universe. Therefore, in the subsidiary universe, space and time cannot be cultivated, at most through Innate Ability puts on some more." Hongmeng smiled.

     Lei nodded slightly.

     "However, your lei's strength today even surpasses Tianzun, the strongest person in the main universe." Hongmeng laughed.

      "Oh?" lei was somewhat astonished.

     "Because, you have a Primordial body!" Hongmeng laughed, "This body is divided into the strongest Xuanhuang immortal body and a slightly lower level Primordial body. You know that Strength of Primordial Chaos is the most original energy. It is the Lord Cosmic Heavenly Venerable enters into it. They must be melted down and become the original Primordial Chaos Energy."

     "Primordial body, because it is a transformation of Strength of Primordial Chaos. Primordial Chaos Energy of course not hurt him." Hong Meng introduced.

     "How did the Xuanhuang immortal come from?" lei asked."Waiting for you later. After building the universe like me, after split heaven and earth apart succeeds, Black and Yellow Qi will naturally be born. When you condense in your body, your body will improve again and become the strongest Xuanhuang immortal body." Hongmeng laughed.

     "Me, create the universe?" lei was startled.

     "Yes, just like me." Hongmeng smiled.

     "Life leads to Death in the universe, I don't see in the eyes, I can create countless lives at any time, only by myself to break through the cosmic bondage, and still live by myself. You deserve to be my Hongmeng brother." Hongmeng smiled With a wave of hand, a leaf immediately fell next to the laurel tree.

     The leaves shone brightly.

     "I have condensed the method of creating the universe in this leaf, you can understand everything by exploring your strength of soul." Hong Meng handed the leaf to lei.

     Lin Lei took a look at Hongmeng.


     Endless knowledge flooded into lei's mind instantly. linli knew the grandmist space in a flash and arrived at a deep level, and even used Primordial Chaos Energy in various ways, how to make it into five elements, or into earth, fire, Water, and Wind, lei both be very clear about sth.

     "It turned out that I broke through the universe, so unexpected, so difficult." lei completely understood.

     "Yes!" Hong Meng nodded and smiled, "You contain exactly four avatars of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. If one more is not good, one is not enough. After that, your soul mutation succeeds! This gives you a chance. But... the source energy of the four systems is the power of the four main gods. You must be able to control the fusion of the four main gods. Therefore, you must refine the four main gods."

     Lei nodded bitterly.

     He understands...There are four avatars of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, and the soul mutation succeeds. Moreover, it is necessary to become the main god of the four systems, so that the power of the main god of the four systems can be merged into Strength of Primordial Chaos. This is very difficult, no matter which one is extremely high.

     "It is not difficult to break out of the main universe," Hongmeng said with a smile. "That's why, more than a thousand years, only you alone come out."

     "Brother Hongmeng, you said more than 1,000 Yanji. How long does Yanji represent?" Lin Lei heard, Yanji represents time. How long can it be?

     "Yi Yanji is six trillion years!" Hongmeng laughed.

     Lin Lei took a breath.

     More than a thousand years, that is **10 billion years. In the universe of my hometown, one Planar War every one trillion years. It seems that this Planar War has been carried out ** million times.

     "It's really peculiar!" Lin Lei lamented, "Brother Hongmeng, you four subsidiary universes. Civilizations are also different. My home universe is Magic Civilization, and the other three subsidiary universes are Mechanical Civilization biological civilization fairy magic civilization. And the main universe is it doesn't exclude anything. Powerful."

     Lei was shocked at the moment.

     He only knows now...

     In addition to element law/rule, there are many other cultivation methods, completely different.

     Such as mechanical, such as biological itself. There is also self-cultivation in the fairy.

     "Haha, you will also create the universe in the future, and you can go to my universe with time, carefully examine." Hongmeng laughed, "Oh, before then, you have to see something."

     "What thing?"

     Lei is somewhat uncertain.Hongmeng waved his hand and suddenly a golden placard flew from hundreds of millions of miles away. Finally stayed not far in front of lei. This golden statement contained special coercion, which made lei feel palpitations. This golden list is about six meters long. The width is about half a meter.

     "Huh, there are words behind it?" lei found at a glance.

     Behind the gold list, there is a faintly floating, faintly handwriting that is about the size of the gold list. The handwriting is very strange. lei is sure that he has never seen this font. But when he saw this word, he inexplicably understood the meaning of this word----Mongolian!

     "This is the Hongmeng Gold List!" Hongmeng smiled. "It is also the birth of the Grandmist Space. You see the first row of this Hongmeng Gold List."

     Lei saw it.

     The first row of the Hongmeng Gold List only has one word----Hong, to be precise, there is only one word in the upper left corner of the Hongmeng Gold List.

     "As long as it is on the Hongmeng Gold List, it will be the Hongmeng Master. Once you become the Hongmeng Master, you can use the energy of any universe, and you can calculate almost the living destiny!" Hongmeng laughed. "To be listed on the Hongmeng Gold List, the minimum is Break through the cosmic universe and come to Grandmist Space."

     "Lin Lei, you control your land of strength of soul." Hong Meng said.

     Lei nodded, a trace of strength of soul extended over.

     Hongmeng Jinbang instantly absorbed this strength of soul, and immediately in the first line, after the word Hong, a word forest appeared.

     In a flash, many messages appeared in lei's mind, and he also gained a lot of magical abilities.

     "It turns out that Hongmeng's controllers are also graded." Lin Lei laughed. "I'm like the elder brother, who is the first-level Hongmeng's controller.""Of course, Grandmist Space is infinite, but for stability, like the main universe I created, Hongmeng Jinbang is limited to a maximum of four. Naturally, there are only four first-level Hongmeng controllers. The fifth one will be born in the future. Level In turn, they will be controlled by us."

     Lei nodded and became the supreme master of Hongmeng, he already knew everything.

     "Starting from today, I added a new place name----Lin Meng." lei sighed.

     "Yes, the universe you created in the future is also called Linmeng universe." Hongmeng laughed.

     Lin Lei glanced a little gloomy face: "Unfortunately, my grandfather Delin he..." Become the master of Hongmeng, Lin Lei knew that the soul flies away and scatters could not be recovered. Of course, he can also create Life in the future, and create one that is the same as Grandpa Delin and even has the same memory.

     However, that can only be regarded as a replica. Not really Grandpa Delin.

     "Grandpa Delin..." Lin Lei silently remembered Grandpa Delin in his heart.

     When he became the master of Hongmeng and knew a lot of knowledge, lei's state of mind had changed and became more calm than in the past.

     "Ah, brother, it seems. I have to go back." lei said with a smile.

     "Yeah, everyone in your family is beginning to be anxious." Hongmeng laughed, "Yes, your home universe... from now on, you help me manage it. You are now the controller of Hongmeng, and the magic power is not lower than me. How many."

     "I'm inexperienced, what if I ruin it?" Lin Lei teased and laughed.

     "Then you can help me build another one." Hongmeng laughed casually.Becoming the master of Hongmeng and knowing the way to create the universe, lei has many supernatural powers. Not weaker than Hongmeng. It is just that the universe has not been built yet, and some of lei's capabilities are slightly lacking.

     "Then I will go back first." lei immediately turned around and stepped out. Already already arrived do not know how far away. Joined Hell Plane.

     In the sky above the chaotic ocean, Lin Lei, standing in a sky-blue robe, smiled and stood with a smile: "So many master gods have died, this master goddess, I have to fill it in first." As soon as he reached out, Lin Lei's hands began to condense into a master godhead out of thin air. After all, the main deity was brilliant, and then Lei looked towards the Tianji Mountain.

     Step by step. Lei has disappeared in place.

     When lei left homeland universe, lei relatives were eager.

     One by one in the mansion, the silent mansion in lei mansion made people tremble.

     "Boss, Boss..." Beibei shed tears, "I, I can't feel the boss soul aura, I can't feel it!"

     Delia stood there, her eyes closed, and her whole body trembled slightly.

     Beirut and Qinghuo looked at each other. Can only smile bitterly.

     "Father!" Weidi, Taylor, and Salsa were all in pain.

     "The third boy." Yale, George, and Renault were also together, crying or laughing.

     Everyone still had a trace of thoughts, but when Babe said that he could not detect lei's soul aura, everyone was really desperate.

     "Why is this..." Lin Leidi's mother Linna had already cried into tears. "Everyone blames me, blames me." Hoag next to him was also darkly sighed and pale.At a time when everyone is sad.


      "Em?" Babe's eyes shined suddenly.

     Lei soul aura that was not even noticeable. At the moment he is sensed. In fact, Lei had left this universe before. How can Beibei feel the presence of lei? And now, back to this universe. Babe just felt it.

     Delia is also immersed in the memories of the past. Sorrowful, but within the blurred vision, Sudden Appearance has a familiar figure that appears out of thin air a figure.

     Delia even dried her eyes and looked carefully.

     "Boss!" Babe's cheering sounded first.

     Everyone else has eyes open wide, looking at this person who appears out of thin air, a sky blue robe, and that familiar face!

     "The third boy!!!" Yale, Renault, and George almost rushed over at the same time.

     "Lei." "Father!"


     End of the book! )