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Chapter Directory 422 "Return To Cat" Simplified Xiaojian Said That The Publication Is In Pre-sale
    Chinese Name: 回到过去变成猫  Author: 陈词懒调(Chén cí lǎn diào, Old Lazy Tune)
    Original: | Translator:

It's almost two years to finish, and I don't know how many readers are still there.

     Simplified Chinese books are finally coming out, hi! Big! general! Ben!

     Huimao Simplified Novels are produced by Manyu Culture. Readers who have been waiting for the Simplified Chinese version can start by collecting or sending friends. Taobao searched for "Manyu Culture Official Store" and it is in pre-sale.

     Plus, there is now a signed version of the order.

     The first volume is expected to be available around the end of July. Readers who are inconvenient to receive goods due to the summer vacation can remark the time when placing an order or speak with customer service.

     "Return to the past becomes a cat", "Return to the cat" simplified novel published in pre-sale

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