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0 Chapter Directory 428 Big Ending
    Chinese Name: 超时空评测  Author: 三行的书(Sān xíng de shū, Three-line Book)
    Original: | Translator:

China, Jinzhou, Chen's family.

     "Brother is not at home, a rare opportunity! Action!"

     "Task code, 478."

     Chen Yike, who has been 18 years old, entered the house secretly, took out the unlocking artifact purchased from the virtual network from his pocket, secretly poked into the keyhole of Chen Yu's bedroom, and worked hard.

     "Dust secret, reveal your original appearance!"


     Suddenly a snapping sound inspired Chen Yike, and then opened the door in surprise.

     But she froze the next second.

     Because behind the door, there was a figure she knew slightly.

     Better face, full breasts, slender waist, white legs-it is Xiaotaohong.

     "You are..." Chen Yike frowned. "Wait a minute... I seem to have seen you..."

     "I have seen you too. Demacia!"

     When the words fell, Xiao Taohong brandished a big stick of amnesia and hit the head of Chen Yike heavily.


     Chen Yike "..."

     "Punch." The girl fainted and fell to the ground.

     "Happy summer vacation."

     With that, Xiao Taohong bent over and reached out to grab one of Chen Yike's legs, dragging it into the bedroom like a "dragging corpse".

     In the bedroom, Huskies held books and looked up lazily. "How many times this month?"

     "Thirteenth time." Putting down Chen Yike, Xiao Taohong straightened his hands and clapped his hands. "It's troublesome. Why doesn't Mr. Chen confess to Yike? He clearly knows his parents, Erke and Sanke. They only hide Chen Yike is too much alone.""Don't Chen Yu say it?" Husky closed the book and raised his mouth. "This is feelings. Everything that hasn't changed is the best gift for the audience."


     China, Beijing.

     In an unlisted courtyard.

     The middle-aged group leader slowly took off his badge and placed it in a delicate small box, then glanced at the side of the field and focused his attention on Wu Wu in front of him.

     "Little Wu."

     "Team leader..."

     The middle-aged group leader showed a smile on his old face, reaching out and patting Sister Wu’s shoulder. It was also questioned by Mother Yong. Be extremely careful.

     "Team leader." Sister Wu nodded solemnly. "I will not disappoint the trust of the organization and your cultivation."

     "Well, partner So many years, I can rest assured of your ability to do things. I can retire so easily because of you. I will go back first, and you don’t have to send it. Work first."

     After taking over the small box, Wu stood in place and watched the back of the middle-aged group leader gradually away, complexion turned complex, and gloomy eyes.

     When the back disappeared before the end of her sight, she finally couldn't bear said loudly, "Old Team Leader!"


     The middle-aged group leader stopped, but did not look back, "Xiao Wu, what's the matter ma?"



     Everyone on the scene also looked at the middle-aged team leader with the same eyes. It seems that thousands of words in the throat are hard to talk about."You..." Sister Wu took a deep breath, and was silent for a moment "What the hell are you?"

     "..." The middle-aged group leader raised his mouth and strode forward, blurring in the fog of morning mist in the capital "I..."

     "No name."




     China, May 7, 2020.

     In a small bungalow away from the suburbs.

     Three rows sat at the desk, knocked on the last symbol, and then leaned back lazily on the chair, to heave a sigh of relief.

     After a while, he opened his eyes and looked around the study room full of books, somehow feeling itchy.

     The dust from the old books is so conspicuous because of the sunlight coming in through the window.

     It is more appropriate to describe it as a warehouse than a study.


     Covering his nose and mouth with a slight cough, Sanxing left the study and came to the bathroom, unscrewing the faucet.


     The liquid splashed on his body made him stunned and his thoughts suddenly became sober.

     Holding up a pool of water and lifting it on his face, Chen Yu rubbed it, and then his heart sank.

     He quickly opened his eyes and saw a ray of blood flowing out of his right nostril, staining the pool red.

     "Is it too hard to wash my face? I haven't bleeded for days..."

     Drying his hands, he blocked his nostrils with a tissue and raised his head to look at the ceiling. He felt that there was not much blood in the nostrils, so he changed a tissue and kneaded it into a cylindrical shape, and stuffed it into the blood.After washing the blood stains on his hands again, Sanxing turned off the faucet and walked out of the bathroom with his chest suffocated.

     "Are you about to die?"

     In the living room, a man's voice suddenly came.

     Sanxing turned his head violently, looking in the direction of the voice "Who are you?"

     The man slowly stood up from the sofa. "You should be familiar. My surname is Chen, Mingyu."

     "Chen Yu?!"


     "That's it ."

      After 30 minutes.

     In the study room, Chen Yu finished everything, picked up the apple on the table, took a bite, and vaguely concluded, "I finally flew out of the edge of the universe, and I came here and found you."

     "Inconceivable..." The three lines were stunned, not woke up from shock.

     "Yeah, it's really inconceivable. I never thought I was the character you created."

     "I said inconceivable, didn't expect you to be able to fly out of the edge of the universe." Slowly calm down, pull out the bloody paper of the nostrils in three lines, dumbfounded "After all, in my settings, there is no such rule ."

      "Oh?" Chen Yu eyes slightly narrowed "So, you know you created our universe."

     "of course I know."

     "Are you a god?"

     "Why do you say that."

     "I think only God can have the ability to create the universe. The more I know, the deeper the fear of the universe." Chen Yu swallowed the apple and stared at three lines without blinking. "But look You look like a kidney-deficiency, and you really can't get along with "God".""Too much to stay up late, lack of energy." Sanxing covered his chest. "Just three months ago, I was a man who can change six a day."

     "Why don't you go to the hospital?"

     "Look. The doctor said it can only be raised."

     "A physician?"



     "Don't look at me like that." Sanxing took a breath and felt more comfortable. "It's not easy for me to find a doctor. The outbreak is not over yet."

     "I'll treat you." Chen Yu rolled up his sleeves. "I know medicine."

     "Don't touch me shoulder!" Sanxing anger.

     Chen Yu "..."

     "Can't die, just cultivate yourself."

     "Recuperate?" Chen Yu looked up and glanced at the schedule on the wall. "Five days later, I went to a shooting team to write a script. In late May, I wrote a plot plan and lines for a game company. I opened a new book in June. June 26th Go to Zhengzhou for a three-day class... Do you call this cultivation?"

     "If you push the time to open a new book to July, you will be able to cultivate yourself." Sanxing said seriously. "If you can't push the other books, the money will be collected."

     Chen Yu "..."

     "It's all work that is overwhelmed by the epidemic, there is no way."

     "Is this... a film reform plan?" Chen Yu looked at the table next to the schedule and raised his eyebrows. "This one with me as the protagonist, is it going to be adapted from the movie theater?"

     "Go on dreams, just like your protagonist, has the adaptation been ruined?" Sanxing tears off the schedule, and the group is in his hand. "It's a short romantic romance comedy I wrote last year. It has passed the third review of Wanda Pictures. , And then the epidemic came, raising the whole project team.""...Sorrow."

     "It's okay, just say it to pretend to be pretending. Can't you make it and won't let me get hooked? Maybe there is no chance in this life. This topic is end here, talk about something else. You have to live here day?"

     "Living for one day, leaving tomorrow."

     "Why are you so anxious?"

     "I want to see, what will be outside of your universe." Chen Yu expression was serious "This is about my ultimate understanding of the universe, not to travel here."

     "Then you give up." Sanxing sneered. "It doesn't make sense to continue flying out."

     "What does it mean?"

     Three lines has not replied, but stood up, took out the cell phone, opened the starting point reading software, and pointed to "Macro Review" and said "The answer is in this book, I have pointed it out to you before."

     "What did you point out?"

     "Like one of them." Three lines open the book "Wave-particle duality, you know?"

     "Yes." Chen Yu nodded. "Wave-particle duality refers to all particles or quanta. It can be described not only in particle terms but also in wave terms."

     "Yes. For example, light, when people do not observe it, it is like a ripple, and it can easily pass the double-slit interference experiment. But as long as people open their eyes to see it, it will remove the characteristics of the wave and become more Exact particle state. Why do you have not thought?"

     "I thought about it. But in our universe, even if the technology is very advanced, there is no accurate explanation."

     "Then you have played video games before."

     "Played, What happened? ""In video games, there is a rule that is very interesting." Three lines of smiles" The rendering of the screen and the system is only focused in front of the player. Where the player cannot see it, the screen will be static, the npc will disappear, events, matter Ministry is stagnant."

     "This is to save performance."

     "Yes. Then look back now and think about this problem of wave-particle duality." The three-line tone slowly sinks. "The invisible light will be in the form of ripples. Once we observe it with our own eyes, it will become more precise, More complex particle states..."

     "You mean..." Wen Yan, Chen Yu was cold all over.

     "Yes. In my this World, there is also wave-particle duality..."


     Ending testimonials

     This book is finally over.

     First of all, thank the readers who have supported you all the way, and thank you for reading indulge in flights of fancy in my mind.

     Secondly, thanks to my editor Sister Winnie. The reason, the details were mentioned the day when it was put on the shelves, so I won’t go into details here.

     This book, in fact, did not intend to continue at the beginning, because I have already signed a contract with the outer station, and I was going to the outer station to write a guarantee. This book is free. So how did you get it in the early stage, and even the settings are everything in disorder, so that the subsequent results burst, and if you want to modify it, it comes without enough time.

     Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I sat at the desk for a long time thinking about whether to continue writing.

     There is no outline or detailed outline in this book, but the follow-up story in my mind is quite smooth. For example, in the back, the audience in the protagonist's live studio apart from humans, there are many alien civilizations. The protagonist and the audience frighten the aliens together, acting weak to prey on the strong, pulling the banner crazy...But writing that way, although there is still a lot of money, the plot is severely severed. From urban black technology to interstellar adventure.

     As of the end of Chapter 415, the closed loop is great, and for completeness, it is a good ending.

     Subsequent stories will be updated in a special form, and the department is free.

      This period of time is a good time to recuperate, and the body state is really bad.

     As for debt, it can only be inherited. (Ah, nosebleed...)

     Once again solemnly thank all readers, thank you for supporting me in creating a world.

     This book is officially over.

     The next world, we Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave.