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0 Chapter Directory 2189 Take 1 As A Servant
    Author: 泡不起妞的残狼(Pào bù qǐ niū de cán láng, Wolf Can't Make a Girl)
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Chen Bufan also quickly urged the magic formula, using the technique of communicate with world to contend with these magic weapons.

For a while, the two sides struggled inseparably.

Liu Tao was very shocked.

You know, although the magic weapon in his hand is not the top, but in the upper realm, it is already the top.

Relying on these magic weapons, if Chen Bufan cannot be defeated, his current situation can really be called imminent danger.

You know, there is no magic weapon in Chen Bufan's hands, and he can be as long as himself by merely urging the tactics.

If this continues, it won't take long for him to be killed by the opponent.

He will never allow this to happen.

In addition to Fan Tianyin and Heavenly Ruler, he also has Xuanyuanjian and Sun Moon Fan.

Originally he thought that as long as relying on Fan Tianyin and Heavenly Ruler, he could defeat the opponent. It now appears that all magic weapons must be poured out.

In an instant, four magic weapons, towards Chen Bufan killed in the past.

Chen Bufan frowned.

Obviously, he is not an opponent of the four magic weapons.

If he continues, he will definitely die.

His soul finally traversed into this world. If he was killed again, he would really be over.

So, no matter what, he can't die.

"Stop!" He could not help shouting.

"What are you going to do with me again?" Liu Tao looked at the other party and asked.

"You misunderstood. I admit that I am not your opponent, how about the two of us making peace?" Chen Bufan discussed."Peace? That's impossible!" Liu Tao flatly refused. His heart is very clear, Chen Bufan is really a big threat to him! If he can't get rid of this threat, then his life will not be guaranteed.

"So what do you want? Do you really want to kill me?" Chen Bufan asked with a sullen face.

"Want me not to kill you, you have only one choice." Liu Tao said.

"What choice? You said." Chen Bufan said.

"When I am my servant, I will always be loyal to me." Liu Tao said.

"Impossible! I am a real immortal, how can I be loyal to you!" Chen Bufan flatly refused.

"Then I will kill you now." Liu Tao said here, ready to start.

"Don't! I'll be your servant!" Chen Bufan saw Liu Tao moving, and agreed quickly.

"Speaking is unreliable, you have to swear." Liu Tao said.

"Swear? You this ..." Chen Bufan hesitated. He knew very well that once he swore, it meant that he would always be loyal to each other. If he breaks the oath, he will definitely be punished by Heavenly Dao. At that time, even if he becomes a true fairy, he will have to die.

"Why? Are you unwilling?" Liu Tao glanced at him and asked.

"I don't mean that. I swear it." Chen Bufan said.

Then, Chen Bufan vowed to always loyal to the other party in front of Liu Tao. If he violated the oath, he would be condemned.

Liu Tao waited until he swore to take away the magic weapon.

"All right. From now on, you are my servant." Liu Tao said.

"Master." Chen Bufan shouted."You said that your identity before crossing was a true fairy. So many, you can help me, so that I can break through the practice environment as soon as possible." Liu Tao said.

"The practice of Qi is really very simple. I can teach you a set of practice skills, which will allow you to break through the practice of Qi in the shortest possible time and reach the practice mirror." Chen Bufan said very relaxedly.

"Really?" That's really great! You teach me now. "Liu Tao said.

"OK! No problem!" Chen Bufan said.

Then, he imparted this indomitable set of exercises to Liu Tao.

Liu Tao is very serious in studying and comprehending.

In the end, he completely mastered this cultivation practice.

"Master, how did you come down from the upper realm?" Chen Bufan asked with interest.

"Break through the air," Liu Tao replied.

"I didn't expect you to have such ancient artifacts as the broken sky ring. No wonder you can come and go freely between the lower and upper realms." Chen Bufan said.

"I didn't expect you to be a real immortal and crossed to the lower realm. If it's not my existence, I'm afraid you can agree to the lower realm soon." Liu Tao said.

"That's natural! But the lower realm is not attractive to me. I'm going to return to the fairy realm in the shortest time to find some old guys to take revenge." Chen Bufan said viciously.

"Old guy? Are they true fairy?" Liu Tao asked.

"They are not true immortals, they are immortal kings!" Chen Bufan replied.

"Why should the fairy king attack you? Is it possible that your strength can kill them?" Liu Tao asked with some confusion."My strength at that time, even if I could not kill them, was not far away. When I became a fairy king, they were definitely not my opponents. It was out of such concerns that they would attack me shamelessly." Chen Bufan Replied.

"Now they should have no worries. After all, omae wa mou shindeiru." Liu Tao said.

"Yes! Even if I re-cultivate and want to become a true immortal, it will take hundreds of years. In hundreds of years, their strength will definitely be more one step further!" Chen Bufan said here, subconscious clenched fists, forehead The blue muscles on the outburst were enough to show his inner anger.

"So what? You don't forget, I am your master. If you seek revenge, I will not stand by." Liu Tao indifferently said.

"Yes! I almost forgot this! You are a double pupil, and in time, once you become a fairy king, it is the invincible existence of the fairy world! By then, they all have to die!" Chen Bufan shouted.

"Your current practice can already go to the upper realm. When I deal with the matter of the lower realm, we will go to the upper realm." Liu Tao said.

"Master, do you have a sect?" Chen Bufan asked.

"Yes. I am now a disciple of Qing Yunzong." Liu Tao replied.

"Qingyunzong? Haha! I used to be a disciple of Qingyunzong! According to seniority, now Qingyunzong is in charge of me, a dozen generations away from me." Chen Bufan said.

"So, don't I want to call your wife and ancestor?" Liu Tao asked with a smile.

"That won't work! We are all talked about now. From now on, you are my master. Nothing will change in my lifetime." Chen Bufan said."Before I returned to the lower realm, the Qingyun Sect was almost destroyed. This time, I will go to the Sect Gates of the Jiuyin Sect and calculate the account." Liu Tao said.

"Master, a small sect like Jiuyin Sect, don't need you to shoot! I'll do it at that time!" Chen Bufan asked to take the initiative.