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Chapter Directory 3407 (Chapter 6 Letting Go Of Hope (End))
    Chinese Name: 从零开始  Author: 雷云风暴(Léi yún fēngbào, Thunderstorm)
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Free Finale & Ending Speech


     After the entire crew was loaded, there were no flowers or applause. The evacuation is destined to be completed in obscure and unknown. There were a few officers from the center, but they all came quietly and didn't dare to say anything. The launch date was specially selected for a stormy night. The purpose was to cover up various sound and light phenomena during launch with a thunderstorm.

     Immigrant ships are not ordinary small planes, so lightning and wind and rain will not affect its takeoff.

     Several of the members who came to see off saw the spacecraft ignite, lifted into the air while shaking, and could not help tearing down. I didn’t turn to them until the watchship disappeared into the rain clouds and said, “Don’t be too sad, you can’t see it anymore. Although you can’t see you in reality, can you still see your family in Game World? "

     The reason why these people seeing off is so sad because their wives and daughters are on board. Although it is sensible to know that sending them away can give them absolute security, emotionally, when they think of their family being sent away, they are still on the earth. The huge emotional impact that most people can't afford. Fortunately, the people sent away did not immediately start interstellar immigration. They also had to wait for the subsequent fleet to launch in space, so the game network is still usable, and everyone can still meet.Although these people were launched ahead of time, but they really started interstellar navigation. It will need to wait until all immigration ships are lifted off. After all, our dragons do not have so many escort ships, so the fleet must not fly away, everyone must gather. Grouping, so that when in danger, it will exert a community effect, at least to ensure that some people are out of danger.

     As the first batch of spacecraft took off, not only did I not idle, but I was even more busy.

     After the launch of the first batch of government immigration ships, immigration ships from all over the world began to take off. This kind of thing can conceal common people and other countries. So everyone is launching, not to mention that we didn't plan to sneak away.

     However, with more launches, exposure becomes inevitable. It's just that things are much earlier than we thought.

     Originally, our idea was that it would take about six months for someone to realize that the government was evacuating the people on a large scale, but in fact, two months after I sent away the Frost Rose Alliance gang, it began to appear. this phenomenon.

     The first problem is India. One of their spaceships malfunctioned during launch. Actually, he lost his motivation just ten seconds after taking off. An immigrant ship with more than 30,000 people suddenly fell to the ground from a height of five or six hundred meters. The dormant cabin with dormant people scattered on the ground of several sq. km. Among them, a few people did not die. After all, the spaceship is very large, and the place where it first landed serves as a buffer. The impact of the personnel who landed later is relatively small, and the dormant cabin itself has anti-collision function, so many people still survive.It is also due to the fact that India’s technology is not good enough to build a large immigration ship, so this ship has a carrying capacity of 30,000 people. If this is our Long Yuan spacecraft, hundreds of thousands of people will be ruined if one falls. That is definitely a super tragedy.

     However, although only more than 20,000 people died and 7,000 or 8,000 people survived, this matter was completely exposed.

     Originally, if this incident happened in other countries and the news was blocked, it would have been delayed for at least another month, but the Indian government’s ability to execute is really painful and painful. Although Teaming up in the world uses their own news controlling ability to control the spread of news, but India is almost completely without any action, less than ten days all India knows about this. Then because more than one billion Indians knew about this, News Leak came out no matter how other countries blocked it. In the end, everyone knows this.

     The governments of various countries wanted to blockade them at first, but seeing that they could not be blocked completely, they changed their strategies. Start directly with the mud, all kinds of everything in disorder information stirs the news into a pot of porridge, anyway, it makes everyone confused about the detailed circumstances. However, various undercurrents still began to surging.

     The first problem was South Korea. There were demonstrations in the country, the people demanded knows the truth, and finally there was a large-scale conflict with the military and police. Dozens of people who died were controlled.

     South Korean high-level officials asked whether the immigration plan and the Command Center could announce the truth, but the countries still have no idea at all, so they can only drag them first.After more than a month, things finally broke out again, this time in India, and the situation was so strange that after we heard about it, managers in other countries felt somewhat confused.

     There was an immigration ship base in India that was occupied by a tribe of family history. News like this fantasy story almost fainted us. Even more curious is that the person with the highest educational background in the family is a returned overseas doctor. This person is supposed to be a cultural person, but he went to the United States to learn computer programming. Of course, he couldn't play such a noble thing as an interstellar immigration ship. However, he at least figured out that this thing was an immigration ship, and obtained the entire immigration plan from the computer on the ship.

     This plan is not an Indian plan, because we are now working together in the world, and the immigration plans are all formulated together and completed separately. India’s plan is actually everyone’s plan, so now all of our plans have been exposed.

     After the people of this family figured out the purpose of several spaceships in this base, they began to recruit soldiers and buy horses, expand their armed forces on the condition of promised boarding qualifications, and recruit people who can manipulate this immigration ship from the worldwide range to help. They sailed.

     Originally, this matter was done by the Indians themselves. In other countries, innocents lay down their guns and were cheated by their teammates. However, before we could complain to India, the other party came to us first.

     Based on the previous series of wonderful events, the reason why India is looking for us is still amazing.The matter is still the problem of the tribal armed forces. The other party recruited people in the world to fly spacecraft, and then a lot of talents in pilots and ships came, because everyone didn't know at all, this thing is more like a ship or an airplane, anyway, people from both sides are coming. A lot.

     I heard that there is an opportunity to board the boat and take the family together. Of course, everyone is very positive. However, after more than half a month, these people came to India, and then studied for more than ten days, and finally found that-this thing is fucking impossible.

     There are no control buttons or handles in the cockpit of the spaceship. There are only three sleeping cabins with transparent oval hatches. The doctor who studied in the United States confirmed that these three dormant cabins are driving systems.

     At first, they thought this thing had some kind of verification. Therefore, no one can drive except the designated personnel, but with the help of those technical personnel who have arrived one after another. They spent half a month and finally cleared one thing. This thing is that the control method of this spacecraft is actually the nervous system direct connection control. Moreover, the huge management network of the entire spaceship was actually controlled by only three people. This also means. Every driver has to bear a terrible flood of data.

     In order to survive, this group of people also risked testing. The result of forced activation is that the person lying in the control chamber will begin to bleed from the seven orifices at the moment of activation, and if he is not removed within ten seconds, he will be completely brain dead.After analyzing these situations, they concluded that to fly these spaceships, it is necessary to find people with super-developed brains that can withstand this huge data shock. However, they can't find this kind of person no matter how they find it, because the amount of calculation required for this thing exceeds the Human limit all too many, and even the brain like Einstein can't hold it.

     In fact, the reason for this is very simple, because countries have already decided on the immigration plan at the beginning. Our dragons will be the pilots of all humans. In other words, that control warehouse was actually prepared for our dragons.

     For our dragons, the calculation load is not very large, one person can control an entire ship, but it will be more fatigued. The three control bins are mainly used to share the pressure, so that everyone is more relaxed. However, ease is relative to us. Human's brain is absolutely unsustainable, so dare to lie in this control warehouse. And the only person who started it was brain death.

     These people found themselves silent for a few days after launching hopelessly, and then suddenly began to threaten the Indian government because they thought of a situation.

     Since the Indian government built such a spaceship. Then the Indian government must be prepared for pilots. They cannot make a spaceship that they cannot drive. Therefore, these people finally began to threaten the government, the content is that there are now eight spaceships in the base, they only need half. Let the Indian government provide 12 pilots, and then return the remaining spacecraft with the base to the government. If the Indian government does not agree, they will blow up the spacecraft and the base and then the whole family will attack the other bases together, everyone burns both jade and common stone.Placed in other countries, this threat will certainly not agree. It is estimated that the small country will bludgeon, and then hit it a few times to see the situation. It is estimated that the large country will directly attack without any saying anything further, and the general country will never happen to be occupied by the launch base. However, the Indian government not only agreed to the request of the other party, but also actually came with a thick facial skin and asked us for a dragon driver.

     This kind of idiot asked us to promise to fuck up. What has our driver used to be? captive? hostage? We can't afford to lose that person.

     In the end, of course, we refused the request. As a result, the Indian government did another wonderful thing. They did not dare to mobilize a small tribe of their own country, and actually threatened us. If we did not agree, they would suffer losses as a result, and they would launch nuclear bombs at us and let our spacecraft also be buried.

     This wonderful way of thinking makes several big hooligans in the United Nations feel that their heads are a bit insufficient. In other words, this is what do you think of this "solution method"?

     Helplessness is useless, anyway, people say so, we have to find a way. Although we have an interception system, nuclear weapons may not be useful to us, but at this time, the world is already chaotic enough, and everyone does not want to cause more trouble. So in the end, the troubles of the Indians became our troubles. The UN armed groups dispatched to resolve the US crisis had to gather again and then ran to India to fight tribal armed forces.The final result is certainly overwhelming. At first, the American traitors had been prepared for a long time, and they have super strong Technological Strength themselves, and they can mobilize the US military, which is naturally difficult. But the most powerful weapon of the tribal armies in India is the infantry fighting vehicle of unknown age, which seems to be only used as a fixed battery. We really want to know how they used these things to win the government army.

     Anyway, in the end, it was basically a group of Terminator killing indigenous people. We and the German commando spent two hours cleaning out the tribal armed personnel in the base. French and Japanese contingents swept out the surrounding villages. Although it took two hours longer than us, the time was actually delayed on the road, and the total combat time was less than ten minutes.

     The United States also sent its own special team this time, but did not come to participate in the mopping, but was split and arranged for various immigration ships inside the military base in India. They will be stationed there. Until the spacecraft all take off, lest this kind of egg | pain thing.

     Although the problems on the Indian side have been resolved, because of this toss, the news of various countries has been completely unable to control. In particular, India's own country is basically a mess.With a successful case, people from all over India began to imitate the extinct tribe and began to capture the nearby immigration ship base. It was only then that everyone discovered that the location of the immigration ship base in India was actually well known. Anyway, the locals can accurately find these bases. Even if those bases in other countries are exposed, the people outside will at best know that there is a Secret Base in this place, what thing is being built, but the specific content doesn't know at all. It's better for India, because an individual knows that it is the launch base for the immigration ship.

     The Americans left the combat group at these bases, but the combat group could not stop the ordinary people at all. Because there were too many people, they had more bullets, so they had no choice but to run away. The Americans do not have the habit of coexisting and dying with the position. Besides, this is the position of the Indians. They can be regarded as foreign aid if they survive.

     However, the Americans who ran out at least let us know why the first base in India was robbed. It turns out that the guards in the base are people from nearby villages, so the base shouldn't be considered occupied, but rebellious.

     Anyway, the final result of this large-scale riot was that it took the Indians a month to lose one third spaceship base. Moreover, because this was an unorganized riot, it was different from the previously organized situation. Occupying the base afterwards more weird things happened.The locals actually started to dismantle the objects on the spacecraft, and felt that what thing was useful, they took it home and used it. For example, take the cooling pipe on the spaceship home and repair the water pipe at home. There is also the removal of the wires on the spacecraft for their own use or sold to waste collection points. Anyway, the Indians demolished everything in those bases with the speed that made us dumbstruck everything broken and in disorder.

     India is currently the most populous country in World's First, and their industrial capabilities are extremely weak. Although the development of computer software is good, the computer does not raise. The immigration ship needs a heavy industry foundation. and so. Originally, India was one of the countries with a low immigration rate. The immigration ratio originally announced was a few tens of percentage points lower than other countries, and it is now even worse. The remaining spacecraft can only take a maximum of 800 million people, and at least half of the nationals can no longer be transported away. What's more terrible is that the remaining 3-February base is not necessarily safe, and the ghost knows what strange things will happen. After all, from the beginning to launch batches of spaceships until now. It has been 5 months since stumbling, and only has a spacecraft crash, which is Indian. Even if the remaining spacecraft are not robbed and destroyed, the possibility of flying all is not high.

     The chaos in India soon began to spread, and some backward countries, especially those with serious shortages of their own spacecraft, became more acute.

     Six months after the launch of the first spacecraft, large-scale riots occurred in Africa. Peacekeeping Force did not dispatch to maintain order, but withdrew their respective countries. The current situation is that everyone can only take care of themselves first, and have no control over backward countries.The situation in Africa and South America deteriorated sharply, and then a large number of refugees went to Europe and North America in private. Of course, there are also in Asia, but the number is not high. The main reason is that Africa and South America are relatively far away from Asia. Asia, that is, some small countries, gradually began to appear chaotic.

     Eight months after the launch of the first spacecraft, large-scale massacres of refugees occurred in Italy and France, respectively. This is mainly due to the influx of large numbers of refugees. European countries first wanted to repatriate, but there was not enough manpower. Later, I thought that anyway, with the continuous launch of personnel, there were fewer and fewer locals in Europe, and most of the area was vacated, so they divided some safe areas in Europe and let the refugees stay inside.

     However, the refugees came to Europe to board the ship, not to live in Europe, so they began to want to leave the area, and eventually a large-scale conflict occurred.

     Some of the refugees also brought weapons, and the military police in European countries could only shoot. But once the fire was opened, it stopped, and finally became a massacre, refugees heavy casualties.

     The United States and my country have said nothing about this matter. They are different now. There is no benefit in attacking each other, everyone can only pretend to be invisible.

     The European Union has also begun to break pots and shatters. Anyway, it has begun to slaughter refugees and simply let them go. Let the warship attack all Illegal Immigrant ships near the coastline and establish a separation zone near the main launch area. Refugees who enter it will be shot unconditionally.

     The situation in the United States is no different from that in the European Union, except that most refugees come from South America.Ten months after the launch of the first batch of spacecraft, North Korea suddenly used force against South Korea, and it was an open path for nuclear weapons. Although our killer satellite has hung up, there is still an Outer Space Battleship. The new star successfully intercepted nuclear weapons, but North Korea invaded South Korea on a large scale, the Americans had no control, the Koreans could not stop themselves, and finally asked us for help. We are also very embarrassed about this matter.

     Politically speaking, North Korea is closer to us, but now this is the case. We can’t take North Korea to play together. Koreans have their own immigration ships. Although they can’t take away the entire population, at least we don’t have to worry about them. So in theory, we still want to hug South Korea because the total immigrant population will increase. And if North Korea is allowed to invade, the Koreans will surely launch a part of the spacecraft urgently before the defeat, and the remaining estimates will be destroyed, which is definitely not a good thing.

     Finally, everyone discussed it and decided to support South Korea. But instead of directly dealing with North Korea, he first expressed his position and then persuaded him. Anyway, it is to let South Korea allocate 100,000 people to North Korea in carrying capacity. Then we in China also helped support North Korea's 200,000 people's carrying capacity, hoping that North Korea would abandon its plan to attack South Korea.

     North Korea agreed to the plan. One month later, they promised 300,000 people to launch. North Korea had 300,000 people in the sky, but these 300,000 people had just left, and North Korea began to attack again.

     This time it really made us depressed. What's worse is that the world is starting to have problems.A base in Europe did not know whether it was a terrorist attack or what's going on, and there was an explosion. The explosion destroyed the ceiling of the base, and then the falling construction materials smashed two 80,000 immigrant ships, and it took more than 3 months to repair, and it may never be repaired. After all, everyone knows the current social situation. It is really impossible to measure with ordinary standards.

     This situation was leaked out without knowing how to do it, and then the Europeans who had food at home who were not worried about it could not sit still. They thought they were 100% immigrants, but now they found that 80,000 people might not be able to leave. No one wants to be one of these 80,000 people, so demonstrations and demonstrations started everywhere, then the conflict escalated, and then a super serious situation happened.

     Because the public and the military and police clashed into a riot during the demonstration, the last spot government building was captured. In the chaos, a fled vehicle was overturned and the people inside were caught by the mob, and then those people were beaten. to death while still alive.

     However, what these people did not know was that the people they killed were the engineers who the Americans supported to repair the two spaceships. in other words, now the two spaceships can't really fly.

     At the same time as the chaos in Europe, problems began to occur in Japan, but it was not a human problem. It was the earthquake that caused the launch pad of a spacecraft to tilt. Because an earthquake occurred during the launch process, the spacecraft was dragged by the tilted and twisted launcher, and instead of flying, it hit the spaceship next to it. Although there was no explosion, both ships were finished and the launch port was blocked, and the remaining three ships at this base could not fly.This major event surely caused chaos within Japan and began a riot, but finally no bigger problems were caused. The United States is almost the same. The riots have never stopped. Recently, three large airships have been lost in succession. At least the capacity of 500,000 people is over.

     The fact that various countries conquered their lives in the past to cover up the facts is that they are afraid of this happening. As a result, the behavior of Indian pig teammates has now developed to this state. The only thing that can give some heads of state a little relief is that they have at least sent a lot of people up. Even if the following is completely finished, at least the seeds of Human are already safe.

     The 12th month after the launch of the first batch of spacecraft. The world is different from World War almost there, the difference is that everyone is dealing with the riots of their neighbors and the people in their country.

     At present, my country has completely abandoned the western region and concentrated its population in the eastern region. The truth about immigrants has been completely deciphered, but it can’t be concealed anyway, so let go, so that everyone can talk tranquilly and even-tempered.

     Although our people's obedience is better, it's not good not to hold the neighbors! I used to do nothing but dare not go. But now matter of life and death is not dead anyway, so the surrounding small South Asian countries have invaded our country.

     Actually, Prime Minister had expected this kind of situation, so when we launched. The spaceships that gave priority to launching bases near the national border are not far away from the last moment. The spaceship bases in most areas of the border have actually been completely emptied. The personnel have been evacuated to the Central Region and the population has basically moved.The population of our country is basically concentrated in the surrounding areas of Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Chongqing. Almost all other places are becoming no-man's land.

     This year we already one after another sent away more than 900 million people, and the remaining population is also waiting for the final launch time. However, we currently have only about 100 million carrying capacity, and the rest are obviously far more than that. However, what reassures us a little is that there are about 200 million of transportation capacity that can be completed within two months, in other words two months later we have 300 million of the carrying capacity. Of course, we will not wait for all to be launched together, but will launch successively within this period of time.

     India is currently completely anarchist, and their spacecraft has launched a total of less than 300 million people. All the remaining spacecraft are unable to be launched for various reasons, and India currently seems to have more than 100 million available carrying capacity, but they are all distributed in the hands of tribal forces and mobs across India, anyway, wasted.For that part of the spacecraft, Prime Minister means let us see if we can use it. The Indian government is now completely paralyzed, not because it was attacked by mobs, but because they fired all the members of the government into the air. A group of government officials were all lifted off. Do you expect the people below to control themselves? But anyway, they already gone, and it's useless to call them But those ships might still work. Although Indian spaceships are not reliable, but if you check it, you should be able to pick out some useful ones. Besides, even if we don’t want it, we can use it to distribute human relations to neighboring countries to reduce our pressure. Just let those surrounding countries see some hope. They won't kill us anymore.

     The countries spent two months in the war. During the trip, we really ran to India. Not to mention, we really recovered about 50 million people, but we only reserved 20 million ships, and the rest was distributed to North Korea and Thailand. , Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries. After these countries got these spaceships, they really stopped attacking us, and let us also relax.

     In fact, we intend to have all the 50 million carrying capacity. The reason why the 30 million people gave away is because of quality problems, and the take-off success rate is less than 60%. After all the pros and cons are good, it is still a good deal to give away.

     The first batch of spacecraft was launched 15 months ago, and 5 months before the last safety line. However, at this time, all major countries have already completed the main evacuation task, and countries have begun to evacuate government staff members and troops. The fastest action is Japan, which has been completely launched, although in the end, due to various reasons, the country only has 1. 6 One hundred million people took off, but at least they finished first.Major economies.

     The EU stumbling can be considered to have completed the task in general, but in the end has left almost 50 million people, not without capacity, but it is really chaotic and cannot be managed. Go for it.

     The Russian side has always played wordless and silent on its own, with the least support for countries, but their chaos is also minimal. In the end, most of the nationals launched safely, and only some old people or criminals who were scheduled were left behind.

     The Indian side continues to be anarchic, and the people do not know what they are happy about every day like the New Year. Anyway, we plan to give the earth to them, and we can’t control the rest. Thanks for grabbing their 50 million capacity. We helped a relatively stable place in the Indian region to complete the launch of a spaceship, and finally let the Indian region send away more than 30,000 people.

     The evacuation of the United States is basically completed, and what remains on the ground is either the army or the police. Anyway, it is already the final stage.

     South Korea is slower than Japan, but it also fired most of the spacecraft, but because of North Korea’s trouble, they were forced to detonate two bases, losing 800,000 people’s carrying capacity, and many people were killed in battle, but there was no shortage of serious injury. . Most people were lifted off.

     The Chongqing region of our country was the first to complete the launch mission. After the scheduled evacuation, most of the local Government Department personnel were also evacuated. The army and a small number of government personnel moved to the Nanjing area to meet our Long Yuan people.The Shanghai area followed the Chongqing area to complete the launch, and then all government personnel and the military evacuated. The Beijing area is the third. The Prime Minister was originally planning to stay and not leave, but because our transportation power is now inflated so much, since he is free, he has no plans to stay and die with the earth. The previous statement was to stay but I was afraid that he would leave first, and the following would be messed up. I want to stay in town, but now that everyone is gone, he stayed completely meaningless.

     After the launch of the ordinary people in the Beijing area, most of the government personnel were evacuated, and a small number of people and some of the more powerful troops were moved to Nanjing.

      Our nearby and other Beijing personnel began to evacuate when they arrived. The people have launched ahead of schedule, and most of the group’s personnel are already left. The rest are basically either dragons or armed personnel.

     Those of us who joined forces from Beijing and Chongqing did not stay in Nanjing but moved toward the Fourth Special Zone.

     After five days, all of us moved to the fourth special zone, looking at the land of the motherland for thousands of miles. Many people are crying, but everyone is just feeling, not too sad. At least we have put the overwhelming majority of our citizens on track. This result is already reckoned to be first or second best among countries, not to mention our large population.

     After the fourth SAR, the army and the last government personnel were arranged to enter the fourth SAR together, and then watched this mountain-like spacecraft take off, and a few elite dragons and me were waiting for them to spread out after taking off.Our task is simple. Perform a remote sensing scan of all over the country to see if there are any missing people. As for our evacuation spaceship is the Shenlong, he will be the last ship evacuated by our country.

     The inspection work took a full half a month. Even high-altitude scans are tiring enough. But the results are not without. Two half-year-olds and seven couples were picked up halfway along with a couple, and then the two old men and more than 20 middle-aged people were accidentally left behind for various reasons. This national evacuation. It's really good to lose so few people.

     After finally confirming that there are no omissions, we finally boarded the Shenlong. Long Yuan Nanjing base was lifted off half of the ceiling in a burst of explosion, and then the Shenlong rocked into the sky with the splashing gravel.

     After entering the synchronous orbit, the Shenlong began to enter a large immigration fleet of already completed formations, and then led the people who finally launched on the entire earth to advance into deep space.

     Although the fleet finally has only 4.5 billion people, almost half of the original population of the earth, but at least the seeds of Human are on the road. but. Unlike those who lie in the dormant cabin, our Dragon Clan still has to take these 4.5 billion people to cut one's way through thistles and thorns, and arrive at Human's new home all the way.

     Pilgrims’ information tells us that the road ahead is not smooth, but we have no choice in order to survive. I hope we can reach the place of hope smoothly.

     Lying in the special control room of the Shenlong, through the mind network, I announced to all the dragon pilots: "The entire fleet is anchored, let us let go of hope."================================================== =======================

     "Start from zero" is complete here. After writing for 11 years, really sorry everyone! Anyone who failed to hold on until I finished the book, can ask the family members to go to the tomb to burn books. The copyright of Netherworld has not been sold, and you can only help them buy alive.

     The above joke, the following is more serious. Regarding whether there is a sequel to "start from zero"... In fact, I have a set of creative plans, but whether it will really be written is temporarily uncertain.

     Storm I just received the giant's contract here, so the next book will be customized "Journey", you are right, that is the evergreen tree "journey" of the online game world. By the way, I'll report that "Journey" may soon be released in movies and TV series. Anyway, there is such a plan. When you can see it, you don't know.

     Finally, thank you again for your support in the past 11 years, and I hope you will continue to support and support the new book "The Journey" under the storm. (Ps: I will definitely not write for 11 years this time.) (To be continued.)