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0 Chapter Directory 478 After The "Postscript"
    Author: 南派三叔(Nán pài sān shū, Uncle of South Faction)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Guys, I finally finished

It is difficult for me to describe the mood at this time. It is not good, not bad, not calm, nor excited.

Really indescribable

In fact, I have been thinking a long time ago, what would my mood be like at this moment. I thought about all kinds of possibilities, but I did n’t expect it to be like this-even the most basic words ca n’t be expressed well.

I think, maybe because I think too much about this moment, my fantasy is beyond the reality

However, when I opened the curtains and looked at the gloomy sky in Beijing, I still felt that something had changed.

This is a five-year rally, five years of a hundred percent. It took five years to write nine novels to complete such a huge and complicated story. For an amateur author, it is really too much. At the end of my writing, I don't know if the story is good or not. I just want to let a few characters inside complete the journey they should take. In fact, this is not controlled by me. The biggest dilemma I faced in the end was that the protagonist was tired of his life, and I had to look for bait in this story to keep him going down.

Just a few minutes ago, I let them go, and it was calm.When I finished the fourth book, I already thought about writing a very long postscript, writing out all the doubts and ideas in my whole process of writing "Grave Robbers". While many memories have not faded, while all the characters are still alive in my heart, I must write immediately. Let me talk about some routine things first. About the origin: To be honest, I really ca n’t remember the original intention of writing this novel at that time. But I know that it must not be the noble and great idea. I have never been the kind of person who has the ideal of writing. I never want to tell others what kind of home I am. I have been pursuing something since childhood, and it is a sense of recognition, and telling a story is just a way for me to get recognition easily. So, although I can't remember it, I can almost certainly say that when I wrote down the first three thousand words at that time, it should be just to win some applause.

This is a very low pursuit. A long time ago, I was ashamed to open my teeth because it was so secular, although I understand that even if it is not a great person, he will do a career because of the happiness of many people, and I am not as noble as they are. The slogan became uneasy, and felt that his motives were impure.

"Grave Robbers" is derived from a folk tale that my grandmother told me. This story impressed me as a kid.The story is about a landlord who bought an empty house and wanted to plant some flowers and plants in the backyard of the house. It turned out that no matter what kind of planting could not survive, he went to ask the master Feng Shui. The Feng Shui master said that there seemed to be a problem under the yard, so the landlord asked the long-term worker to start digging the yard, and when he dug halfway, he began to see blood. He didn't know whether it was real blood or red muddy water. Finally, a large carved coffin was dug under the ground of the courtyard. I don't know who it was. They put the coffin in the ancestral hall, and the village has not even the chickens and dogs are left undisturbed since then. Not only are things in the ground inactive, but also the people of the landlord's family are dying. Various strange things have happened in the neighboring houses around them, so they have to continue to look for Feng Shui masters. After watching it, the master Feng Shui asked them to dig in the yard, dig a few tens of meters, and dig out a smaller coffin. It turned out that this was a burial tomb. The husband and wife were very affectionate, but because the wife's coffin settled more severely, the two coffins moved further and further away underneath, and the grievances became heavier. The village chief rediscovered a feng shui treasure, laid a stone slab underground, put down the two coffins, and buried them together again, and everything calmed down. I made more associations with this story and used the elements inside to write Chapter 001 of "Grave Robbers".I remember there are more than three thousand words in Chapter 001 of the story. I only wrote it for less than half an hour without any modification. I posted it to a place where everyone can see it, and then I wrapped my head with a collar and hid it. Closing ears, I hope to hear some cheering voices to satisfy my vanity. This listening is five years. During the five years, I have experienced changes that I had never imagined before. But now, when I look back at the previous pursuit that I think is very low, I find that it has become the current noblest slogan. Stephen once said in the preface of "The Dark Tower": I wrote this book and made a lot of money, but the initial happiness of writing this book has nothing to do with money. Five years later, I have become a so-called best-selling author, but I am glad that I am most happy when I hear some applause in the unassuming place on the Internet, and at the moment I finish writing, I look forward to it even more. that time.

About this novel: Actually, what I want to say is that when I wrote the second one, I already had a strong feeling that this is no longer a novel.

I always feel that there is a world already formed elsewhere. Because I knocked on the keyboard, the world grew up and developed slowly, and the characters in it began to have their own souls.

When I was thirteen years old, I read the biography of Alexandre Dumas, which stated that "the characters are alive". When Alexandre Dumas wrote the third part of "Three Fire Spear Hands", one of the characters died, he wrote while crying, and the paper was wet. I felt particularly strange at the time. What kind of state can the author write about the death of his character in this way?I tried to develop all kinds of imaginations with no results, until I started writing this novel myself, and began to consciously give the characters of the novel different personalities and give them different life experiences. Slowly, I found out that the plot of the story began to show some changes that I could not predict myself.

Soon, I can't control what the person should say or do. I found a very interesting phenomenon, as long as you set up a scene, such as heavy rain, put these characters in this scene, they will go to their respective seats and do what they should do.

I can't reverse the position of any two of them, because then there will be an irreconcilable sense of violation. Even if I forcibly reverse the behavior of two of the characters, I will arrive at a tea party in the future. Whoever speaks first, who speaks later, who will activate the atmosphere, and who is outside the world, everything has been concluded. I do n’t need to think about anything, I just need to approach them to know where the story is going. They really live.During the extremely long writing process, I changed from an author to a bystander. From the perspective of God, I observe everyone's actions. Slowly, I can even see the origin of many of their slight emotions and behaviors, which is a certain experience of their childhood. For example, I can really see everything he has done in the past, his pain, his vicissitudes, everything about him through the actions of the fat man shaking his ashes. a flower in the world I can turn a scene upside down, repeatedly, and observe it from any angle. I can even see the psychological activities of everyone on the scene, and the emotions of several people walk through my heart at the same time. I think few people can appreciate this pleasure.

At the time of writing "Troublemaker", I seemed to be in the box of the Crescent Hotel, as if I could walk upstairs and downstairs, watching the people around me in chaos. In the spattered fragments, among the fighting crowd, I stopped everything at any time, reversed a time at any time, stuck to the hearts of the characters at any time, and experienced all the emotional changes in their hearts. I can slowly advance everything in front of me at a slow rate of one frame per second, and then squat on the ground to see the characters' expressions change slowly. The whole world in this book, for me, is real. Every detail of him is real and cannot be changed. The parts I have built are as solid as reality. Although I am the creator of this novel, when everything is on track, I begin to have a great respect for the world of this novel.