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Chapter Directory 479 After The "Postscript"
    Chinese Name: 盗墓笔记  Author: 南派三叔(Nán pài sān shū, Uncle of South Faction)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Story about the novel: The earliest thing happened was Dart's Ridge in Changsha.

     In the early days of the founding of New China, several grave robbers stole the most important object in this book, the Warring States Silk Book, from the ancient tombs of the Warring States Period.

     This is the story of Wu Xie's last generation, that is, the fifth generation of Dog Five. At that time, there were no rankings on the rivers and lakes. There are nine famous people-Chen Pi Asi, Gouwu, Blackback Lao Liu, and so on. The last one is Xie Lianhuan, the father of Xie Lianhuan.

     There are also so-called ten and eleven lords in the back, and the scope of recognition is very small, and they are sealed by themselves or their people. When it comes to others, they don't know at all. Some people say that Chen Pi Asi is now more than ninety, fifteen years ago, he is also more than forty, but he is still a little dog five. If he was seventeen at the time, he would have to become famous for ten years, then it was twenty. Seven, how can I rank behind Chen Pi Asi, who is nearly fifty years old, to become a dog five? In this way, did Xie Xiaojiu still wear crotch pants? This is a bit make trouble without reason.

     A little common sense knows that it is not age that ranks the rivers and lakes, but seniority and seniority, and these all are arranged by others.

      Grandpa Wu Xie's dogs are so high in five rows, which shows how powerful his wrists and courage were at that time, and people had to be convinced.The second story also happened in Dart Hill. It was Wu Xie Uncle Third’s Blood Corpse Tomb, which intercepted American Hu. It happened 20 to 30 years after the first story. This thing can be said to be a coincidence, and Wu Xie Uncle Third This knows what happened when Grandpa Wu Xie first stolen Blood Corpse Tomb for the first time. In this adventure, Uncle Third gained some experience points and got a strange panacea.

     Although this is only one episode, but this matter can be said to be the cause of Xi Sha Islands in advance.

     The third story happened in the open sea of Xi Sha Islands. This is the story of Wu Xie Uncle Third.

      The appearance of Zhang Qiling has formed the biggest mystery in this story. There are two versions in the story, one is the Uncle Third version and the other is the candid version of Uncle Third after the catastrophe.

     The final truth is that both versions of Uncle Third tricked Wu Xie. Because in Uncle Third's mind, there is still one huge secret, and this secret is related to innocence.

     The fourth story takes place in the Nine Stars Palace of Nu King in Shandong. This is the first story of this work, and the first time Wu Xie has gone to the ground. After this experience, Wu Xie has changed from a firm one who opposes the belief of God to a neuropathic patient, and is actually involved in this criminal activity. It’s curiosity, in this story, relying on Tight Oil Bottle pull strongly against a crazy tide Wu Xie and others eventually escaped alive.Thus, the previous three stories have a chance to be fused together through this story.

      Several clues such as Warring States Silk Book, Xi Sha Islands incident, inexplicable panacea, etc. aggregated, and the whole story began to become extremely impossible to unravel.

     The fifth story is back to Xi Sha Islands. This time, Wu Xie entered Wang Zanghai’s seabed tomb to find Uncle Third that disappeared in the tomb. At this time, Uncle Third had obtained the clue of the Tiangong from the seabed tomb, and started the Cloud Top Sky Temple project, while Wu Xie and others Like a fool, people entered the seabed tomb. This time the game with Wang Zanghai is thousands of years away, and finally Wang Fat Man's thinking of not turning around, let Wu Xie and others survive again.

     In this story, the three forces in this work finally converge and the mystery begins to develop. Pursuing the truth, Wu Xie and others, who have their own planned Uncle Third and the overseas power of the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed in the previous stories, face to face for the first time here. In the two main lines, the story follows the script written by Wang Zanghai thousands of years ago, while the other is temporarily interrupted.

     The sixth story is Qinling God Tree. This is the most criticized story-the editors think it is the best and most literary, and the reader thinks it is a story of ignorant.

     This story has little to do with the main line, it only leads to huge bronze monuments under the mountain, and also improves the protagonist's ability. In this story, Wu Xie independently led a childhood friend of evil plans to go deep into the Qinling Mountains.For Wu Xie, this story sometimes comes to mind, like a long dream, with a very unreal feeling. The seventh story takes place in Changbai Mountain, the Cloud Top Sky Temple forever. This is the most difficult expedition and the most painful article written by Wu Xie. People of all walks took their respective mysteries to the Road of Death, white snow as far as the eye can see, the painful trek in the narrow snow. Where, Wu Xie and others found the ultimate secret that Wang Zanghai tried to leave for future generations 1.000 years ago. However, the secret was with a grunting sound it stops before the huge bronze door underground.

     Zhang Qiling, who entered the underground giant gate, seemed to be the only one closest to this secret. Wang Zang's main line stopped here, and the main line of Tie Miansheng restarted.

     The eighth story is the story of Snake Swamp Ghost Town. The two stories stitched together by clues run through the entire Snake Swamp Ghost Town story. The first is the legend of Wang Zanghai. After Wu Xie sorted it out, she found it to be an excellent novel theme, written in ancient dragon's style, which must be a wonderful book. Wu Xie must write it out in her lifetime. The second is the story of the iron-faced student who is slowly forming. Now you can clearly see the origin of the story-the huge bronze miracle in the mountains and the secret behind Snake Swamp Ghost Town.In history, there are two people who transcended the times to see the secret: one is the iron-faced student in the Warring States Period, and the other is Wang Zanghai in the early Ming Dynasty. Judging from the existing data, Wu Xie and others do not know whether there is a direct connection between them, but what can be seen is that Tie Miansheng should have more abundant information. After all, his time is very close to Mythical Era . Judging by the kind of immortality in their graves, the two should have something in common. At the very least, both of them passed down their experience in some form-Warring States Silk Book and Snake Bronze Fish.

     And Wu Xie and others are following these two clues, gradually unveiling the veil of this impossible to unravel. About Wang Zanghai, Lu Wang Palace, Golmud and Cloud Top Sky Temple, is another system that has a very close relationship with Zhang Family's ancient tomb, Zhang Family's ancestors. For example, the story of Chen Pi Asi hanging upside down at Mirror House is a word.

     About dragging: As an author, the biggest external pain must be the contradiction between the pressure of the publishing cycle and the quality of your writing, especially when you are already very familiar with the issue of catching up, you know that this is irreconcilable of. However, as long as you face this pain long enough, you will find that this is not unbearable. The really uncomfortable thing is that when you endure these after suffering, you have to suffer more incomprehension.

     But I am still just dragging in as past in the past. I am a slow hand, especially in the later period, the writing speed will become slower and slower.It’s not because of not writing, but because the longer the story is written to the back, the more information will be in front of you, and the more you need to worry about it. After you write five books, the basic clue puzzles in front will become mountainous. There is no way for you to make every step of your life extremely difficult.

     In this case, many times, I can only choose a stable writing speed. However, because of my slow writing, I have received many infamy. These infamy accumulate from book to book, slowly overwhelming the cheers I could hear before and slowly becoming mainstream.

     I cannot say against my heart that my mind has always been calm when facing these words. Anyone who faces so much criticism in the early days will doubt their value. "It turns out that so many people don't like me." The frustration in my heart was as you can well imagine, "Jiang Yan has exhausted his talent" "reckless and impulsive", countless accusations flying around the sky.

     I only write for people who like me. I wanted to make such a sentence at the time, but I couldn't do it. Slowly, my anxiety with these information began to occupy my all. That year, I didn’t know what method I used to slowly calm down my heart. I would like to thank my friends, one of whom has become famous and experienced all this, she told me that writing is A kind of meditation. Writing is a process of staring at the heart.

     I worry about what I have lost. For me, there is no such thing. So, what I lost is just what I shouldn't get.I by no means lost everything I had before writing, as if a child picked ten apples from an apple tree and found that three of them were rotten. He should not be frustrated by the loss of three apples, but should see the other seven intact.

     Language has some power. I slowly understood the truth myself: Emotion is something that cannot be quantified. Sadness is sadness, and happiness is happiness. I am writing to find my initial happiness. If I lose my heart because of a small loss, it is very worthwhile.

     However, although I have my own frustration and perseverance about the draft, I still want to apologize to all my readers here. Five years of waiting seems to be a little reincarnation in life. I apologize for all the pain you have in this waiting. At the same time, I also hope that in these five years of waiting, this novel will become a memory.

     Five years is a long and short period in life. If there is a Fat Man that can make that many people struggle with their precious life for five years, this Fat Man is virtuous achievements come to their successful conclusion. So even if it is painful, while I apologize, I will secretly rejoice.

     Why do I like stories? Let me talk about my life first. On February 20, 1982, I was born in a small town in Zhejiang. I was born midnight. When I was born, whether it was the sky, the earth or the ocean, it didn't have any reaction.

     Something to think about, I blame God more or less a bit, because even when it was born, there was a thunder in the sky, I can reasonably think that I must be different from other people. Unfortunately, I can't go back.I can only be an ordinary person of genuine, in the world in this world. My family background is quite complicated. My grandma is from Taixing, Jiangsu, and my publisher is still a fellow. My grandma is a ship lady, in other words, she has no property, and all of her property is 91 small wooden boats. My grandfather died when my father was five years old. My father has an older brother and an older sister.

     I don’t know the reason for my grandpa’s death. My father doesn’t know, but vaguely knows that my grandmother should be regarded as my grandfather’s child-law. Grandma actually had a lot of children, but she didn’t support her at that time. My father was the youngest, so I loved it very much. In the 60s, because of famine, my grandmother's ship departed from Taixing and went to Shanghai. On the Huangpu River, his ship sank because of a collision with a big ship. My grandma took three children, and they weeping bitter tears at the moment when they came ashore, and their home was gone. Now she came to the land and looked at the vast Shanghai beach. All she could feel was that it was issued incomparably. Thanks to the party and the people, my grandma has been placed.

     In my father's memory, there is a particularly peaceful and beautiful memory of old Shanghai. I have calculated that if my father did not go ashore at that time, he might not be going to school, maybe there would be no later things. I don’t know what the reason was. My father later left Shanghai and came to the area near Zhejiang in Zhejiang Province. After the start of "**********", my father followed the railway soldiers into the Great Xing'An Mountain Zhibian spent his most precious youth in the Construction Corps. My mother was also one of the young people who went from the south to the northern branch.My mother, very pretty, was only 16 years old at the time. Together with the other three southern girls, they were called the four golden flowers of Great Xing'An Mountain. They were the father of the clerk who was caught by the special white rice. At that time, this pair of them should be quite glorious. In the construction of the Corps, people are divided into geographical factions. Ningbo, Wenzhou, and Lishui have their own small groups, and conflicts continued during the period. My father was able to fight since he was a child, and You Yishou worked hard to fight.

     My mother said that there was no scar on my father's body at that time. Because of his fight and loyalty, my father has prestige in all groups. As long as someone fights, as soon as my father shows up, everyone stops speaking. Until I returned to the south, my father once slammed a boat of watermelon, and when he met a mob of watermelon, my father used a lone on the boat to knock down dozens of mobsters into the water, although in the end the few are no match for the Many can only abandon melons, but his heroism at that time, I think it is enjoyable. Coupled with my mother's stunning beauty, the two were still quite jealous at the time.

     Speaking of my mother, his family is more interesting. My grandmother is the kiln owner of a thousand kilns in our hometown. Thousand kilns had a thousand kiln mouths, which was the core producing area at that time. At that time, my grandmother owned a big kiln in the local area, belonging to a very prestigious class. My grandfather escaped from the strong of the Kuomintang. After waiting for the founding of New China, the two talents were introduced into a pair after being introduced.My grandmother and grandfather must have stories by the thousands and tens of thousands. At that time my grandfather was inborn superhuman strength. One meter eight six is like giant-like in the society at that time. My grandmother said that she would marry my grandfather because she saw something that the grandfather could lift only when he lifted three people.

     Of course, there seem to be many episodes in this marriage. When my grandfather died, I vaguely heard my grandmother in the mourning hall sadly telling my mother about my grandfather's previous poetic and passionate. I have seen the pictures of my parents in the past. My father is so handsome that he can't look straight at it, while my mother now looks as a lotus flower breaking the surface. They are so beautiful and excellent that every time I look in the mirror, I feel how unfair the world is. So many good genes came to me and behaved so insignificantly.

     My parents established a relationship at Great Xing'An Mountain, then transferred to Daqing Oil Field, and then returned to the South. My father was the deputy food manager of the supply and marketing system at that time, and he was in charge of the materials, so my family was pretty good. After that, on a night with no special features, I was born. At the time of writing, many people will find it interesting, and some people will be bored. What does this mean and what does it mean? It actually makes sense.

     I want to tell you that my grandma, my grandma and grandpa, and my father and mother are all very storytellers. When I was born as the first child of two families, how did I spend my childhood in that era when there was no TV, no movies, no Internet, and no novels?tell a story. I grew up under the care of a circle of storytellers. Folktales, war stories, fairy tales, my childhood is full of these. Some stories now sound very contagious, and I have used them directly in "Grave Robbers' Chronicles".

     At that time, I have determined that all of our initial fun can only come from the story. This is also the most basic and reason why I was fascinated by the story, because I can enjoy the fun that the story can convey 100%. Later in my life, the poor pole was described as "boring", and failed in all aspects. In the present words, it can be called waste wood. Some people say that once a person is born, God will always give him some special skills so that he can help others. However, for a long period of time, I really felt that I had no special strengths. In my friend circle, there is always such a phenomenon: students with good grades are generally not very good in sports; if students with good sports are generally not what kind of results; students with good grades and sports are generally long Be ugly; students with good grades and sports, and those who are not ugly, will usually be prematurely loved and then expelled; students who are good with grades and sports, who are not ugly, and have special rules that do not love early, later become gay . What do I want to say? What I want to say is that I have nothing to do with the above, it is the sorrow of this society.

     No one has ever been concerned with a child who is not good at sports and performance, and looks ugly and skips discipline everywhere. Many times when I dream back at midnight, I think God is so unfair. Everyone around me has a legendary life. Why is my life like this?At that time, I was not in good health. Since an exam collapsed in the exam room in elementary school, every time the teacher focused on me, I would arrange me in a place with good ventilation and temperature. This place must be the Feng Shui treasured land of the whole examination room. When the teacher supervises the exam, he will always go to the place to rest except for inspections. I often ask my physical condition by the way. One set won't work either. And travel, sports, and I have no fate. I grew up with a pair of fishermen's feet-the toes are very long, and the big toes are the longest. It is particularly useful when swimming lazily, but it is completely useless once the explosive force is needed. In addition, as long as the sun is slightly larger, it is easy to suddenly foam at the floor. PE Teacher sees me as if he sees the principal’s son, and takes care of him. So most of my physical education class is spent in the shade, wearing a white shirt and holding a novel. To I'll handle it myself, this kind of life was quite comfortable in the early days. In addition to being hit by a banana ball kicked by a handsome guy on the court and rolling down the stairs, I still particularly like those quiet, not out. The days of Khan reading. I think many people have my experience, but it may not be as absolute as me.At that time, I was reading novels almost all the time. After hollowing out the library, I turned to a small private bookstore and looked at the first book on the shelf. Books were all borrowed, and soon the money was not enough. For me who have no special skills, earning living expenses is simply a fantasy story. I started to read books in bookstores, but I usually read three books and borrow one, so the boss was embarrassed to drive me away, because my early days In the end it is a big customer. Although I borrowed less in the future, the frequency is high, and the total amount is also not't bad. I think my EQ was cultivated at this time. By the end of junior high school, I had no more books to read, so I started to write something by myself. Although the quality is not high, but after completing a regular round of novel reading, I suddenly have a strong desire-I want to write a novel myself. The idea and any dreams at the time were It doesn't matter. I didn’t want to be a writer at all. At the time, I only thought to write a good-looking story that would make everyone grab a look behind me. Thing.That year, I started to really write. From the graffiti writing of the very beginning, to analyze the famous works by myself, abbreviations, outlines, setting techniques for suspense, and the basic rhythm of novels. In just two months, I slowly discovered that I wrote The novels come out more and more. However, I still dare not submit articles. The life of waste materials makes it difficult for me to encourage myself to take this step. At that time, there was no computer. I used paper and pen to write on manuscript paper. Slowly, I began to indulge in it. I wasted my studies (anything else made San Su's original words anyway). After graduating from college, the total number of words I wrote was more than 20 million words, most of which were written on various abandoned workbooks. I am a very diligent person who changes my workbooks, because my workbooks are homework in front of me, and the novels I write are often behind. This is convenient for me to write in class. Often two or three classes, I can finish all one book. Then I will do my homework the next day and weave a new one.

     To be honest, looking back now to see what I write is not part of the level can still make me speechless, not only can it be comparable to the present, many works even write better than the current. Because I paid attention to writing and sentences at the time, and now I am already an old fritter. I know that it is enough to express the meaning clearly, and I am often too lazy to think more about words. In the whole writing process, I have a particularly obvious feature, that is, only writing stories.At that time, there were many kinds of stories. I wrote martial arts, suspense, love, and even early on I started to write about the more popular genres, such as the novels of the traversal genre. But unlike other literature lovers, I just want to write stories. The one sentence I want to hear most is: "What's next? Did you write it later?" Because this is the best evaluation of my story.

     After the publication of "Grave Robbers' Chronicles", many people asked me a question: Do you think your success has elements of luck? I want to say, doesn't have any success is no luck. It is always good to have some good luck, although luck is not what people need most. Many times we also know that luck can't actually help you too much. Even if you win the lottery, if you are not able to process sentences, your money will quickly become a big problem. What people need is the ability to seize opportunities.

     At the moment when I decided to write "Grave Robbers' Chronicles", I had a mentality of also doesn't care. This kind of inattention can attract many people to watch. Among them, there should be credit for the 20 million words. So, if I really want to say where my luck is, I think my luck comes from my lack of intelligence, not good grades, and not good enough sports, but God prefers ugly ones. I accept everything nowadays calmly, and luck and talent first. It doesn’t matter, I just have been lead by the nose by the story.

     What I want to say is that if this person likes to eat, he has been deeply involved in eating since childhood, and she can succeed when he eats at the age of 30; if this person likes to fight, he starts from childhood He likes to fight, and he can be successful when he is thirty years old.Like one thing, stick to it, you can always succeed. Having said some polite words, probably something that should be written afterwards, now let me talk about what some grandma really wants to say. Open this page and do a little mental preparation.

      Wu Xie: Wu Xie is an indescribable person. If it must be said, I would like to say: He is actually an ordinary person. But this does not mean that he is not great. It is because he is an ordinary person, and all he has experienced is so admirable. I think that when many friends just saw him, they would hate his weakness, his hesitation and indecision. However, as the story step by step progresses, more and more people like him, he is a weak boy like water, but please don't forget that in the harsh winter, the most water without form will also change Into solid ice. Wu Xie is such a person. He is simple and has some small cleverness; he is cowardly and cherishes his life; he is sensitive and afraid to hurt the people around him. He is the most unsuitable person to experience danger in all the teams. However, I made him the protagonist of this story and went through the most terrible journey, which may be the most special place in this story. When everyone can retreat, he just can't retreat; when everyone can escape, he can't escape.I really want to say sorry to him and push this ordinary person into such a complicated puzzle. There is a period of time, and I can deeply feel the despair of everything in his heart. At that time, I was wondering how he would do this kind of ordinary people in the face of such a complicated despair. I hadn't thought He can hold it. In the development of the story, everyone has seen how an ordinary person can become a person he does not want to be in the struggle. What everyone likes is that in all places that can be the turning point of his life, he maintains his conscience, even if he finally wears a mask of extremely evil, his heart is still Wu Xie. He can have a lot of petty evils, and can have a lot of small moral issues, but when he faces the biggest choice, he will always be Wu Xie who wants everyone to be good.

     "I hope that along the way, everyone can live well and everyone can see their endings. We may not be able to live for a long time, please let us live the life we deserve." Wu Xie in Pan Zi's dying moment prayed to the sky, although he was in a dark cave. He blamed all his responsibilities on himself, and he couldn't face his meaning along the way. This is Wu Xie, the "free ride" in the team, the most wasteful leader in the iron triangle. He needs the protection of others and the help of others. He has infinite curiosity and desire, but as long as one person is hurt, His own nothing matters. He is an ordinary person who wants you to live no matter how much he hates you. Because he did not understand the killing, the wealth beyond life, he only understood the value of the word "alive".Tight Oil Bottle: This is a strong man like a god. In the space where he is, I can always write extremely easily, because as long as he is around, he can withstand all the disasters and pains for you. He has no words, will not be happy, will not be sad, he is always like a Like a porcelain doll, standing there silently, looking at everything lightly, however, you know that he cares about you. Never doesn't have any one person can bring you so much security like him. However, I don't know why, when I wrote about this man's various actions, I always felt a deep sadness in my heart.

     As he said, he is a person without past and future, and his only connection with the world does not seem to be much value. He did not know where he came from or where he was going. He only knows that he is in this world and has opinions about what he must do. "Can you imagine? One day, when you wake up from a cave, when you don't know at all, and look around in doubt, you have already had a responsibility that you have to shoulder, you don't have Right to see the scenery along the way, not to enjoy friends and loved ones, all the good things in your life, at the moment you are conscious, have no meaning to you."Zhang Qiling that's it bears his own destiny silently. What hurts my heart most is that he just bears lightly, as if all this is as it should be by rights, as if this is just an insignificant little thing. If you ask him, he will only shake his head silently and say to you: "It's okay." The man written by This is me. He bears the most painful fate in the world, even a thousand times more painful than death, but he is neither angry nor handsome, neither escape nor painful. He's there, telling you everyone he protects, it doesn't matter.

     At the end of "Grave Robbers' Chronicles. 捌", I let him fall asleep again, ten years later, there is no chance to wake him up again. This may not be a good ending, not for everyone. However, for him, I really can't think of a better ending.Fat Man: Fat Man is a person in crude in most matters, but subtle in some. On the whole, I think he is a thin person. Even on many levels, he is thinner than Wu Xie. Fat Man's impression has always been heehee haha, and always make trouble. He has his own stink, but I still think he is the most normal of the three. In other words, if you want to choose someone to be your husband, of these three people, only Fat Man can do the job. If Wuxie is the kind of person who escapes pain, and Brother is the kind of person who ignores pain, then Fat Man is the only one who can resolve pain. Among these people, Fat Man has undoubtedly suffered the most pain. The so-called bear means that Fat Man can feel the pain to hurt himself, instead of the endless pain like the younger brother, he just nodded his head. A person who understands the pain but has endured so much pain, and dissolves it one by one, is really happy and happy from the heart. We can almost be called a Buddha. Yes, Fat Man is the Buddha who sees through everything.To a certain extent, there is more in his talk and laughter. He patted the naive shoulder and said the sentence "naive and innocent", which is already very transparent to see Wu Xie. He can nod and tacitly understand any danger with the brother, indicating that he also fully understands the brother's heart. Blank. However, in the end, Fat Man finally couldn't bear it. After the cloud is dead, can his strong heart resolve the strong grief? He found that in his heart was unwilling to resolve, he didn't want this pain to be the same as his previous pain, and finally turned into that ethereal. Fat Man chose to keep this pain with him forever.

     I wrote Fat Man holding the corpse of the cloud weeping bitter tears, and said to Wu Xie: "I really like it, I have never made a joke." My tears couldn't stop. I regret that I did not write more for him and Yunyun in the front, so that he and Yunyun can have more memories. For Fat Man, his love is simple. To like is to like. There are not so many reasons and no need to get along.Audio-Technica: I don't know if the relationship between them is an explanation, is it a friend? I think they already transcend the relationship of friends. They have their own purposes, and in the end, they have given up their own purposes; are they loved ones? I don't think they are alienating and guessing each other, but this alienation is a kind of silent protection. Everything seems to be out of the most basic feelings: I hope you can be safe, whether it is Wu Xie's thousands of miles to persuade Tight Oil Bottle, or Fat Man does not want money to help Wu Xie in danger, or Tight Oil Bottle repeatedly rescues them both And put yourself in danger. "This is my friend. Please go away and tell your boss that if my friend is hurt in any way, I will kill him. Even if I run to the ends of the earth, I can find him. Anyway, I have time. Tight Oil Bottle said this lightly, with Fat Man and Wu Xie not knowing what to do behind him."I tell you, even if he wants to destroy all my property in the future, I won't frown. This is my Wu family's property. I want to let him lose to whoever owns it. Hand. I came here today, not to ask you to agree to this matter, but to inform you. Who would dare to say a nonsense to Lord Zhang again, this is the case!" Wu Xie used his not completely solid Fist, smashed through the desk. At that moment, his anger didn't make him feel the pain of the broken phalanx. "I’m staying here, Fatty. Only two people can let me go out here. One is naive and the other is your little brother. You guys must live well, don’t worry about fatty me anymore, you I know that Fatty is getting older. Of course, it’s a beautiful thing if we die together in a fight. If you guys really one day feel that there is one region/place that must go and everything bodes ill, no positive signs, surely If you want to call me, don’t let the fat man have any regrets in his life." This is the Iron Triangle.