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0 Chapter Directory 387 End-End-Reunion End (Last End)
    Author: 发飙的蜗牛(Fābiāo de wōniú, Lashing Out Snail)
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Xiao Ling came out of the nutrition warehouse and recalled the scene when he was on the ship and entered the nutrition warehouse. Everything seemed like a dream. However, this dream was so real. Going became a brand in Xiao Ling's life.

Xiao Ling was riding a high-level nutrition warehouse, and there were not many people around. Only a few people in the sparse Lala were walking toward the door.

Xiao Ling was waiting to follow the flow of people to the direction of the hatch, and a young man of 22-23 years old who looked like a waiter came over.

"Sir, someone has asked you to stay in place, you will get a surprise." The young man said.

"Who said this?" Xiao Ling asked, what was the surprise?

The young man shook his head and said, "I don't know. It was the instructions above that told me to tell you."

Xiao Ling was very puzzled. Who on earth was waiting for him? What does he want to do?

Is it father? Xiao Ling was thinking, and there was a cry of exclamation in his ear.

Xiao Ling looked forward and stayed for a moment, revealing an unbelievable expression, because in the distance of the cabin, a young girl was standing quietly, wearing a purple dress, like a purple rose, blooming quietly , Pretty and touching, she also looked at Xiao Ling with an unbelievable expression.

Despite some differences from the game, Xiao Ling quickly recognized it as Zi Yan!

Zi Yan's eyes were covered with a touch of tears. She didn't expect to meet Xiao Ling so quickly. The surprise came too quickly. She burst into tears and rushed towards Xiao Ling."Oh, I thought I would never see you again." Zi Yan sobbed in his arms.

"I said, you want to run, there is no way." Xiao Ling said smugly, holding Ziyan. He must be the father. Only he is so magical that he can meet Ziyan so quickly. Xiao Ling knew that he was sure that his father could help him find Huawu, Mu Lin and Fei Yu.

Suddenly a sudden pain came from his shoulder, which made Xiao Ling cry out in pain. Xiao Ling pinched Ziyan's clean face: "Why are you biting me!"

"I want to know if this is a dream." Zi Yan laughing.

"Want to know if you are dreaming or not biting me." Xiao Ling said bitterly.

"It hurts to bite yourself." Zi Yan raised her small face and smiled happily.

"Humph, little woman, dare to bite me, to see how I clean up you." Xiao Ling stretched out his wolf claws and said fiercely.

"Boy, dare to bully my sister, you don't want to live!"

Xiao Ling heard this sound and looked in the direction of the door aisle. The one in front was not Lei Yan. Unexpectedly, Zi Yan also had support. Xiao Ling was suddenly downcast.

Seeing Zi Yan's smug smile, Xiao Ling said bitterly in Zi Yan's ear: "Now let me go, let me see how I can clean you up tonight."

Zi Yan's face became red with a brush, and his embarrassed expression, like a ripe apple, could not help but want to take a bite, took Xiao Ling's arm, and pouted: " still does not know who cleans up who. "This fairy, suddenly heard a flame in Xiao Ling's abdomen when he heard Zi Yan's abdomen. If at home, he must pounce on this little woman to ravage the little woman.

"Where do you live?" Xiao Ling looked at Lei Yan and asked.

"No. 126 Yingfeng Street, I don't know what's going on there," Lei Yan said. He had just arrived at Xinxing. Although he knew his residence, he was just like other new residents who came here.

"I'll take Ziyan away first, and then I will contact you again." Xiao Ling said, pulling Ziyan out.

"You boy, you come back to me and dare to abduct my sister." Lei Yan shouted, but Xiao Ling had already pulled Zi Yan out of the cabin door, looking at the cheerful backs of these two young men, Lei Yan smiled slightly. .

"How about Ziyan?" Soul Flame and Emperor Flame came out of their respective nutrition bins, but did not see Ziyan, asked.

"She was abducted." Lei Yan said, looking towards the aisle of the nutrition warehouse.

"Ah?" Hearing Lei Yan, Soul Flame and Emperor Yan were startled. Following Lei Yan's gaze, they looked towards the aisle, and saw a tall female surname walking towards the other door. Wearing a professional female surname suit, the surnamed body is full of fatal temptations.

"You go back first, I still have something to do, so I will go first." Lei Yan dropped this sentence and immediately ran towards the female surname.

Soul Flame and Emperor Flame looked at each other.

"Hi, this beautiful lady, can I help you?" Lei Yan said very gentleman.

Soul Flame and Emperor Flame slapped their foreheads."Where are you going to take me?" Zi Yan sat on the seat, exposing sweet smiling, and met Xiao Ling again. She felt that she was the happiest person. No matter where you go, as long as you are with you, Zi Yan leans quietly on Xiao Ling's shoulder.

"Go around every corner of the nova, find Huawu, Mu Lin and Fei Yu." Xiao Ling said.

Looking out from the car window, there are all kinds of high-rise buildings that are built outside. The infrastructure of Nova is already very complete. Housing and so on have also been built and can be checked in at any time.

Next, what Xiao Ling had to do was to find Hua Wu, Mu Lin and Fei Yu. Five people lived together happily and safely, which was enough.

Xiao Ling was thinking that the car suddenly lost control, the speed was getting faster and faster, and ran toward one direction. No matter how Xiao Ling played the steering wheel, he could not control the fast Mercedes-Benz car, and the brakes also failed.

Xiao Ling's car is equipped with an intelligent control system. Is it a problem with the intelligent control system?

Seeing the scenes on both sides quickly receding, Xiao Ling's forehead oozed out a cold sweat before he reached the new star. This happened, did it just hang up so inexplicably? Xiao Ling was not reconciled.

"Zi Yan, sit down and fasten your seat belt." Xiao Ling said. His voice was calm. Only Xiao Ling knew how nervous he was at this time, but he didn't want to cause Zi Yan to panic.

"What happened?" Zi Yan asked suspiciously."Nothing, I'm going to accelerate." Xiao Ling said, he could only lie to comfort Ziyan. At this time, he couldn't control the car's Mercedes at all. Fortunately, the car's structure was very strong. As long as you wear a seat belt, even if you encounter it There should be no danger to life in a car accident.

Ziyan sat down honestly and put on her seat belt. She suddenly found that Xiao Ling was driving too fast.

Two red cars, one red and one blue, suddenly appeared at the corner in front. Xiao Ling's car slammed into the two cars quickly.

"It's over." Xiao Ling thought flashed in his mind.

Ziyan next to him was very quiet, holding Xiao Ling's hand tightly.

The three cars suddenly slowed down and the speed decreased quickly. With a loud crash, they collided together and stopped. Everything was calmed down. Although the three cars collided together, the collision was not serious. Could it be that the intelligent system suddenly took effect , Stopped the car?

"I'll take a look." Xiao Ling said with a lingering fear.

"Un." Zi Yan nodded, she was also in shock.

Xiao Ling opened the car door and looked for a moment about the situation of the three cars after the car impact. It was found that these three cars were not damaged. Xiao Ling was relieved. Fortunately, there was no car accident.

At this moment, the door of the red car opened, and a female surname with a good figure in a black professional suit came down from the car.

Seeing her face, Xiao Ling froze for a moment.

"Xiao Ling."

"Mu Lin."The two said in unison, Xiao Ling didn't expect to encounter Mu Lin here. Recalling the situation just now, I realized that his car didn't break down, but someone was indulging him, causing him to encounter Mu Lin. Come together.

Seeing Xiao Ling again, the eyes of Mu Lin's water eyes suddenly burst into tears. Although the separation time was very short, like a lifetime, countless thoughts flooded up. This meeting, she never wanted to be separated from Xiao Ling again.

"Brother Xiao."

Suddenly a clear whisper sounded in his ears, Xiao Ling looked to the side. Fei Yu, wearing a white dress by the white car, was standing beside the white car, and at this time, Fei Yuzi I was also fascinated by a light mist.

Women are made of water, especially in front of beloved ones.

At the top of the Emperor Building with the surnamed surname of the star, looking at the image transmitted by the satellite, Xiao Han showed an open smile, and Xiao Ling arranged the reunion with Mu Lin, Fei Yu and Zi Yan.

"Several daughter-in-laws come to the door together, this kid should be so happy that he can't sleep at night." Looking at the video image, Xiao Han said lovingly.

"Our son really has no way of saying, I am very satisfied with these girls," said a middle-aged lady next door.

"That is, of course, a father must have a son."

"You're proud." The lady looked at him whitely and said with a smile, "What about another girl? Did you find it?"

"No, she shouldn't have landed in the eight cities in the south. I'll ask people to call up the information in the north. I can definitely find it within a week."After about a week or so, Xiao Ling's Yuezi was relatively happy. He accompanied three girls every day to explore the scenic spots of Xinxing. The only regret is that he has not found Huawu yet. Xiao Ling knew that his father was helping him , There should be results soon, he is waiting patiently.

"Levin, did Huawu find it?" Xiao Han said, looking at the young man in black uniform in front of his desk.

"Chairman, I have found it," the young man replied.

Xiao Han nodded, waved his hand, and said, "You can arrange the rest."


"Wait, send this information to Xiao Ling." Xiao Han said, handing a file to the young man.

The young man took the portfolio in Xiao Han's hand, bowed to Xiao Han, and walked out of the office.

"My father just sent a message." Xiao Ling opened the mailbox and said after seeing the new mail.

"Has Uncle found Sister Huawu?" Fei Yu sat on the sofa next to Xiao Ling, and Mu Lin and Zi Yan also gathered around.

Xiao Ling browsed the information on the mailbox, somewhat disappointed, and shook her head, but then smiled slightly, and said, "It's someone else's. Tiankuan and Sister Lin Fei are now in Lincheng. They opened a technology company. The company is cooperating to develop an online game. Yeluo and Yueluo are already married. This kid does n’t even give us a drink. He will have to find him next time to see how I can clean him up. "

"Where are the two Elder Sisters without Lan Lan?" Zi Yan asked."They and Wuyan work together in a business company. It is said that the three of them live together. Hey, Wuyan is blessed." Xiao Ling smiled evilly.

Mu Lin gave Xiao Ling a white glance and said, "Without inflammation, you won't be as unreliable as you."

"Where am I not honest?" Xiao Ling looked at Mu Lin Le Road.

Mu Lin's pretty face was red, and she stared at Xiao Ling.

Xiao Ling chuckled and continued to look at the information. The members of the former Tiankuang team are now also not bad. The blood bath and the shadows are all in this city. They have found a suitable job. Fei Yu once said that the blood bath is in love. , Chaoying is also busy. Both Muhan and Makino opened a restaurant and hired some employees, which was quite leisurely. Liu Yu finally caught up with Yudie, and the young couple were quite sweet. Withered vines and withered news are also good, as they have taken root in Xinxing. Others also started their busy lives, and next time they had the opportunity, they had to go to each house, Xiao Ling thought.

With the rumored news, there is no reason to have no news of Huawu, Xiao Ling continued to look at the information, seeing the last sentence of the mailbox letter, Xiao Ling stood up and said: "I go to Huawu Waiting at home. "

Xiao Ling ran out of the door quickly, and Mu Lin was puzzled. Why was Xiao Ling so excited? Sister Hua Wu already had news? Looking at the notebook, the last sentence of the letter read: "The Huawu and Huowu flights arrive at Songcheng at 3 pm."

No wonder Xiao Ling rushed out so hurriedly, it is now 2pm.

At Songcheng Airport, the 3 o'clock flight roared and landed at the airport.Two beautiful girls walked off the flight, one was wearing a elegant white dress, like the blooming lotus in the summer, graceful and moving, the other was in a red fashion dress, holding a white small bag in hand With a pretty face on her face, she smiled like a flower.

"Sister Huawu, will the brother-in-law come?"

"They said Xiao Ling would come to pick up."

They are Hua Wu and Huo Wu. The two of them just walked out of the airport and immediately caught the attention of the people around them. Such a dazzling woman is really rare, and the people around them are not stingy with their appreciation.

Hua Wu searched for Xiao Ling in the crowd, but never found it.

"This beautiful lady, may I have the honor to invite you to drink tea?"

"Sorry for the inconvenience, I made an appointment." Hua Wu heard the voice from behind, unhesitatingly turned away, suddenly, feeling that the sound was a bit off, turned her head and found Xiao Ling standing behind her with a smile.

Seeing Xiao Ling, Huawu couldn't help but sobbing and weeping into Xiao Ling's arms.

"All right, don't cry." Xiao Ling lightly hugged Huawu and patted her comfortingly.

"You spear vulgar contract box armpit A do not care about the feelings of passers-by." Huo Wu said angrily.

"Why did you come here?" Xiao Ling said to Huowu with a smile when she heard Hu Wu's dissatisfaction.

"Sister Huo Wu has always been with me." Hua Wu said, how to arrange fire dance, which made Hua Wu difficult.

"Always together? Not right, buy one get one free?" Xiao Ling said with an exaggerated mouth, of course, he was joking."You want to be beautiful, your young couple will have Xiaoxiaozi, I will arrange my own." Huo Wu glanced at Xiao Ling, said.

"If you dare to fight the younger sister's idea ..." Hua Wu glared at Xiao Ling and raised her small fist.

"Joking, joking, let's get in the car, Mu Lin and they are still waiting at home." Xiao Ling said with a smile embarrassedly.

"Don't dare to forgive you," Huo Wu said triumphantly.

Several people got into the car, and Xiao Ling and Huawu sat in the front row, while Fire Dance sat in the back, and the car drove to the villa where Xiao Ling lived.

"Honestly, concentrate on driving." Hua Wu slapped the salted pig hand on his thigh and glared at Xiao Ling.

"Relax, this car is smart." Xiao Ling simply hugged Huawu and put it on her lap.

"Hey, I said brother-in-law, can't you be scrupulous if someone is present?"

"Who made you a light bulb."

"You said I was a light bulb?"

"Our young couple meet again after a long period of separation, you will not allow us to be intimate? You are not a light bulb."

"If you say that I am a light bulb, believe it or not, I will bite you."

"Who is afraid of who? Hey, you really bite."

The car was running on the new avenue of the new star, and the smoke disappeared at the end of the street. What will happen in the future? Who knows ne. However, one thing is certain, life will not give up everyone who strives hard.


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