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0 Chapter Directory 465 Pinnacle Battle 4 (The Finale)
    Chinese Name: 贼胆  Author: 发飙的蜗牛(Fābiāo de wōniú, Lashing Out Snail)
    Original: | Translator:

Chapter 461 The Peak Battle (The Finale)

     Xiao Yu and Zhao Lanxin were strolling around the auction house. Tomorrow they will set off for the new star. They are just spending time in the game.

     "Night Castle, Coordinates"

     Xiao Yu received the coordinates sent by Xiao Ling. lightly smiled, I didn't expect Xiao Ling to hold back before him. The Castle at Night is a very famous building, located at the border of the Ten Spirit Empire Diya and Human Country Elasia. The castle is uninhabited and has no monsters, but I heard that ghosts haunt the night.

     "Enter at two o'clock in the evening at the lookout at the top of the castle." Xiao Ling said, he had been waiting for this battle for a long time.

     "I don't want to take advantage of you, the time is set at daytime, two o'clock in the afternoon." Xiao Yu said. Night is good for thieves, this is without a doubt.

     "Well, at two o'clock in the afternoon, I will leave now!"

     It is now twelve and twenty, and 40 minutes is enough for Xiao Yu to get there.

     "I'm going to meet a friend." Xiao Yu said to Zhao Lanxin apologetically, and could not accompany her again this afternoon.

     "Go." Zhao Lanxin's disappointed look flashed, and she smiled brightly, without asking who Xiao Yu was going to see.

     Xiao Yu explained him and Xiao Ling. There must be a battle between them, which cannot be pushed back.

     Zhao Lanxin looked at Xiao Yu with a smile and said, "I have nothing to tell you to explain, go quickly!"

     Xiao Yu touched his nose and said, "I'm sorry." It was Zhao Lanxin's tolerance and consideration. It made him feel more apologetic."I'm gone." Xiao Yu said goodbye to Zhao Lanxin. The teleport left, and with spatial teleportation, he made traveling around Enzes a lot easier. One teleport to the nearest teleport point, and then rode the black dragon horse to the night castle.

     The castle at night is very towering and majestic. Legend has it that it was the residence of an epic figure thousands of years ago. Once the family flourished, it was ruined until it became an uninhabited castle.

     The observation deck at the highest part of the castle at night was about tens of yards high, Xiao Yu drove forward, and the black dragon soared into the clouds and mount the mists, soared into the clouds and mount the mists, and leapt to the observation deck. At the top of the lookout is an open space of hundreds of yards, which can be used for sports.

     Xiao Yu turned over and dismounted, put the black dragon horse away, glanced at it, and felt that this place was good. Looking at the beautiful scenery in the distance from the observation platform, Shan Rumei, only felt heart untroubled, spirit pleased.

     In the picturesque scenery, in the distant blue sky, a golden light spot gradually approached. It was actually a golden griffin with awe-inspiring presence. There was a person sitting on the griffin's back. It was Xiao Ling.

     This guy is not less good than him, Xiao Yu couldn't help thinking, even Gold-feathered Griffin can get it. To know that Gold-feathered Griffin is a relatively rare thing, second to Sovereign-crowned Griffin known as the Griffon King among all griffins, the adult Gold-feathered Griffin and Sovereign-crowned Griffin, but even the dragons dare Fight the air dominator!Looking at the appearance of this Gold-feathered Griffin, Xiao Yu can conclude that it is not yet an adult. Even if it is not an adult, if it is in the hands of a knight, it is also a terrible weapon. Fortunately, Xiao Ling is only a legal system, Magic Class is sitting on a mount It is impossible to cast magic on it, but it makes Gold-feathered Griffin seem wasteful and can only be used as ordinary Flying Mount.

     The Gold-feathered Griffin fluttered its wings and landed on all fours. Xiao Ling turned over from the Gold-feathered Griffin and took the Gold-feathered Griffin back, saying, "We we meet again."

     "Yeah, this is the third time." Xiao Yu said, looked at Xiao Ling, a Dragon King's Mystic Might suit, very expensive, a little more noble щЁлхīлɡě first fa temperament than before. In the culture of Enzes, mages, warlocks, and Necromancer were nobles in ancient times.

     "Last showdown, regardless of victory or defeat. There is no need to cover up the strength, I hope to be able to play hard." Xiao Ling said, he has been waiting for a long time, he can not find any opponent in Angel Alliance. The whole Enzes, only Xiao Yu can fight against him, he hopes to play one's heart's content. But be defeated.

     "I won't keep my hand." Xiao Yu said with a smile.

     "me too."

     With a wave of Xiao Ling's staff, he summoned his Mechanical Puppet, Great Titan, Crystal Gargoyle, and Mechanical Puppet Snake. Xiao Yu could feel that the three puppets of Strong Combat Power, especially the crystal gargoyle, seemed to be a bit more than the Great Titan, even more so-called legend only.

     Xiao Yu entered the stealth state.Xiao Ling's eyes gradually turned red, turning on the demon eyes. His demon eyes look more advanced than those of ordinary players, passing by a photo of cold light flashes.

     Under Xiao Ling's gaze, Xiao Yu seemed to have nowhere to hide.

     His demon vision must have reached the full level, and it has been strengthened, thought until here. Xiao Yu couldn't help being vigilant.

     Xiao Yu summoned Bimeng the ghost, as well as the Shadow God of War. This period of time Bimeng the ghost has reached Level 76 and its attributes have been greatly enhanced. The blood volume is even more terrifying; 170,000. As for the shadow soldier skill, after being promoted to the lower god level, Xiao Yu was directly promoted to the next. Shadow War God Meishao `female`, possessing the combat power equivalent to Xiao Yu, and shadow assassination became a ghostly assassin, with extremely powerful combat power. Thus, Xiao Yu’s combat effectiveness is not inferior in the slightest Yu Xiao Ling.

     This is like a group fight, not like a heads-up.

     "Let's start!" Xiao Ling said.

     As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Yu and Xiao Ling moved at the same time.

     Long Xiang Shu!

     The Shadow God of War shot with a dragon flying technique, holding a fierce momentum, and a powerful dragon roar sound is sandwiched between the attacks, and the world changes colors with one blow.

     Xiao Ling calmly stepped back a few steps, and put a black light shield on himself. The Great Titan blocked Xiao Ling's body, and the great sword in his hand was wrapped in a fierce huge current and swung it down.Boom, the Shadow God of War kicked Great Titan's abdomen, kicking the Great Titan back a few steps. Xiao Ling was secretly surprised, he couldn't think Xiao Yu's Shadow God of War attack was so formidable. It should be noted that Xiao Yu is already a subordinate god level, and can be regarded as a stepping stone to enter the gods, but Xiao Ling is still an ordinary tire. The Great Titan machine is no longer strong, and it can't bear the subordinate God's strength.


     Ghost Bimon bumped into the past, but was stopped by the crystal gargoyle. Two huge creatures collided together and started a melee fight. For a time, the observation deck groaned tremblingly. Notice that these two Behemoth(s) are fighting. Power is quite scary.

     The crystal gargoyle was knocked out and crashed on the lookout platform, smashing the corner of the lookout platform into a corner, and after the landing, the ghost Bimon rushed over. An ice ring technique was cast out.

     Boom, the solid ice attacked Ghost Bimont's щЁлхīлɡě whole body, and immediately covered the ghost Bimon's body with a layer of frost. Ghost Bimon stunned the powerful magic resistance and rushed to the body of the crystal stone gargoyle, throwing the crystal stone gargoyle out.

     Crystal Gargoyle Close Combat is not weak. Hugging with Ghost Bimon, like two strong men playing wrestling, the power of slamming makes Ghost Bimon and Crystal Gargoyle out of the lookout. Falling down to the lookout.

     Crystal stone gargoyles flutter their wings and want to fly. But he was hugged by the ghost Bimon, his wings couldn't stretch at all, he could only fall down.With a bang sound, Xiao Yu and Xiao Ling standing on the observation platform can feel the trembling under their feet. Looking at the destroyed observation platform, if you let them both play on it for a while, the whole The watchtower had to collapse.

     There are two Behemoth(s) missing from the observation deck, but the battle has not stopped, Xiao Yu one after another assault skill, continuously and uninterrupted to attack Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling dodges while countering under the cover of Great Titan.

     Ghost Assassin!

     Xiao Yu summoned the ghost assassin, a dark shadow lurked in the past, assassinated Xiao Ling, Xiao Yu and Shadow God of War started at the same time, and kept causing trouble to Xiao Ling.

     A dagger suddenly appeared in Xiao Ling's throat, Xiao Ling's eyes suddenly shrank, and a flicker escaped. The dagger suddenly disappeared, and Xiao Ling only felt that a black shadow was like a possessed ghost, wandering around himself, waiting for the opportunity to start at any time, in the heart is astonished.

      The Great Titan is huge and powerful. But its Movement Speed is too slow to keep up with Xiao Yu and the Shadow God of War, being thrown away by Xiao Yu and the Shadow God of War.

      Great Titan can only play Offensive Magic to Xiao Yu and Shadow God of War.

     Summon Thorns and Tricks!

     Summon hellfire!

     Xiao Ling seems to have vast and limitless back strokes. A big green fireball smashed landed from the sky. The explosion exploded and bombarded the area near Xiao Ling, enveloping the ghost assassin in flames.

     Among the green flames, a giant with green flames stopped/stood, and the fist like an iron bowl smashed landed towards the ghost assassin.The ghost assassin was about to hide, and Xiao Ling trapped the ghost assassin in a hell cage. With a bang sound, a hell fire hit the ghost assassin and flew the ghost assassin out.

     Xiao Yu and Shadow God of War wanted to support the ghost assassin, but was dragged down by Xiao Ling's Great Titan and the thorny demon summoned.


     Crack burst!

     Xiao Yu and the Shadow God of War are on both sides. At the same time hit the thorn thorn demon

     28508, 129607, two consecutive Damage Value floated from the head of the thorn thorn devil, a full 150,000 blood thorn thorn devil was actually bombarded by the beautiful girl Xiao Yuxia and the shadow God of War, this attack was actually A little higher than Xiao Ling's legal system, Xiao Ling was terrified.

     Xiao Ling took several Control Magic shots to control the ghost assassin. A dragon flame and a dragon-shaped black flame bombarded the ghost assassin, knocking out most of the blood of the ghost assassin.

     Soul explodes!

     The body of the ghost assassin suddenly became dark, and the raging power filled it.

     not good! Xiao Yu wielded his staff with five shield magics.

     The ghost assassin suddenly exploded, and the powerful impact engulfed the hellfire. The hellfire screamed screamingly, turned into ashes, and the shock wave quickly spread and hit Xiao Ling's body. Three shield magics were shocked. Got scattered and smashed, quickly decomposed, the remaining two shield magic is also imminent danger. Xiao Ling was flew out by this shock wave, and fell heavily on the ground, 360000 HP was beaten to only 230,000.Xiao Yu and the Shadow God of War took advantage of several attacks. Actually pushed the Great Titan into the range of the ghost assassin's self-detonation.

      The Great Titan was also hit, and its blood volume was reduced by half. Hell Flame!

     Taking advantage of Xiao Yu and the Shadow God of War against the Great Titan, Xiao Ling's magical singing in the distance was finished. A wave of the right hand ignited the flaming black raging flames on the entire observation deck

     One by one Damage Value floated from the heads of Xiao Yu and Shadow God of War. This Hell Flame is a range magic. If it keeps burning like this, it is a very dangerous thing.

     Xiao Ling forced Xiao Yu into a dead end, and the battle must be resolved within a short time, otherwise Xiao Yu would have no chance. War Roar! locking! Xiao Yu trapped the Great Titan, and the Shadow God of War accumulated a long time of energy and poured out. It is a range energy technology. The Great Titan relied on Zhang Da’s mechanical will to break away from Xiao Yu’s lock, but what it wanted to run had come without enough time. The Shadow God of War energy bombardment came, and the raging energy lifted the Great Titan out.

      The Great Titan fell heavily on the ground, the blood volume bottomed out, and the energy characteristic gradually disappeared.

     The violent meteorite rain smashed landed from the sky. Xiao Ling cast another range of magic.

     If ordinary players cast magic, Xiao Yu has enough time to interrupt, but Xiao Ling is different. Xiao Ling’s equipment has reached the extreme, and the magic casting speed is far from ordinary players can imagine. At such a distance, Xiao Yu could not interrupt.

     Xiao Yu used a skill with full health, brought over the health recovery that was about to end, and then blessed all Skill Mode.



     Wild rage!

     Fast forward!

     Xiao Yu's Movement Speed reached its maximum point in an instant. Together with the Shadow God of War, he rushed towards Xiao Ling. With the metamorphic attribute of the lower god level, the speed reached its peak, and the player had no time to react.

     Before Xiao Yu's assault, Xiao Ling performed a range of magic, Day of Judgement. When Xiao Yu and the Shadow God of War rushed to his front, his magic had just been cast and no way to escape.

     "Quick speed!" Xiao Ling shifted her body abruptly, trying to avoid Xiao Yu and Shadow God of War, but had come without enough time, Xiao Yu hit Xiao Ling with a chisel, Shadow God of War A Counter Backstab, Xiao Yu is another throat wiper.

     There were six Damage Values floating continuously on Xiao Ling's head, both eyes went black on the ground, more than 20,000 HP, a high-level artifact set, and nearly eight thousand defenses, which actually persisted for less than three seconds. I am afraid that any player will not believe it. But the fact happened.

     Before Xiao Ling hung up, the Day of Judgement had already been shot. A huge beam of Black Energy was bombarded. Under this large range of Offensive Magic, Xiao Ling and Shadow God of War had no place to hide. The Hellfire on the ground has not burned out, the sky ↓Meteorite rain in the beautiful girl continues, Xiao Ling in a Dragon King's Mystic Might suit. How much damage does the magic exhibited. I am afraid that Xiao Yu has the best experience at this time

     After a while, Magic Damage floated from Xiao Yu's head, and Xiao Yu's blood volume fell to 12 for a moment, and he turned and jumped off the lookout.Dropped from the observatory of dozens of yards, and landed steadily, looked for a moment of blood, 11 sighed in relief left, if this is not the case has the attribute of subordinate god level, I am afraid he can’t stand Xiao Ling at all Attack, it seems that Xiao Ling also received a lot of rewards after killing the god Wharton. The attack was so terrible.

     After Xiao Yu fell to the ground, looking towards the distance, the crystal gargoyle and the ghost Bimon played with only one breath, falls to the ground, Qian Yan remnant gasp.

      After half an hour, Xiao Ling finally woke up with the help of a goblin pacemaker and saw Xiao Yu standing on the edge of the lookout and looking into the distance, walked over.

     Feeling that someone came over, Xiao Yu turned back.

     The two look with a smile, just like old friends who haven't seen them in years.

     "I lost." Xiao Ling said frankly, without a trace of unhappiness.

     Xiao Yu smiled, winning or losing is not very important, throwing Xiao Ling a bottle.

     Xiao Ling stretched out his hand to catch it and looked at Xiao Yu suspiciously.

     "Dwarven wine is very rare." Xiao Yu smiled.

     Xiao Ling opened the bottle cap and took a sip. A hot sensation was poured into his throat, and a squirted out, fanning his mouth: "What the hell is this thing, so spicy!"

     "I didn't say it was delicious!" Xiao Yu said.

     "Why don't you drink?"

     "I don't drink!" Xiao Yu spread his hand and said without a word.

     "You calculated me!"

     Tianhai Airport, hundreds of thousands of meters of runway. A giant aircraft was docked, and from time to time some aircraft flew up and went between the nova and the parent star.

     Airport lobby."Xiao Yu, remember to contact us when you get there!" A group of girls surrounded Xiao Yu, crying crashing sounds, and several male students also looked sad.

     "Got it." Xiao Yu choked with tears and said goodbye.

     Xiao Yu looked at Zhao Lanxin in silence. Take Zhao Lanxin's hand, squeeze, comfort her.

     Zhao Lanxin looked at Xiao Yu, smiled and said, "I'm fine."

     "Let's go!" Xiao Yu remembered many people. It turned out that there was so much place in this land that once hated, there will come a day, they will come back.

     Xiao Yu inadvertently glanced at the distant glass window, a girl dressed in white dress stood in place, staring quietly at Xiao Yu, it was Yan Lin, elegant and demure, delicate and thin cheeks, pitiful, no Knowing how to know the news that Xiao Yu was leaving, he came over to say goodbye and looked at Xiao Yu's eyes.

     Xiao Yu sighed, don't look too far to see Yan Lin, and turned around with Zhao Lanxin and Xiao Yu to prepare for boarding.

     Yan Lin looked at Xiao Yu with a smile, watched him go away, waved goodbye, but smiled reluctantly, until Xiao Yu's back disappeared at the boarding gate, and he bowed his head and wept silently. Many years after the beautiful girl years, you Will you remember me, maybe I will forget me soon. But no matter whether it is ten years, twenty years or more, I will wait for you to come back, so I will wait silently until I get old. I only hope that one day you can think of me inadvertently, it is enough.

     The powerful roar of the aircraft sounded. Accelerating on the runway, gradually leaving the runway, flying higher and higher, disappeared into the sky.

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